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junior3605 08-12-2012 12:55 AM

Naruto 598 Predictions/Spoilers
Predict away! Most likely getting the Tobi reveal this chapter or 600. At least it's confirmed he's not Obito lol.

Rikudounaruto 08-12-2012 02:16 PM

Re: Naruto 598 Predictions/Spoilers
598 - Fatal mistake
The first scene shows Naruto in bijuu mode, who is rushing at almost light speed as light blur at Tobi, Tobi become intangible in last second. Naruto pass through Tobi stopping himself few feet away. Gai is shocked and spechless, Kakashi is heavily breathing while Killer Bee is rapping about yellow flash
Naruto: Damn you..., it was so close
Killer Bee: I only see yellow flash you are the best, wee!
Tobi thinking: Shit, it was so close I felt his chakra on my mask, one second more and he would hit me! even using sharingan with abillity to predict...
Tobi: You are really fast Naruto, You have almost equal speed to Fourth Hokage Hirashin, but difference is you are moving so I can see your path of moving but I couldn't when I fought with your father beacuse Hirashin is Space time Ninjutsu as mine, it make you disappear from one place to appear in another in same seconds. I mean While you are using physical speed you lose few mili seconds enough for my sharingan to barerly see.
Naruto thinking: Damn, Father you was really awesome, but I will get him somehow because I am your son!
Naruto: Let see If you can counter my next attack
As Naruto see Gai and Killer Bee begin to rush: Please, Don't interfere in my fight with him while I am in bijuu mode, because it would be too dangerous.
Gai:?!, ok
Killer Bee: Shit, you are so mean.
The scene shows Naruto, who rush at Tobi again with great speed. Tobi become intangible again, suddenly Naruto stop moving before Tobi and stretch many chakra arms to surround Tobi from all sides. Naruto is shouting in Kakashi direction to send all his rasengans kept by kyuubi arms with Kamui but Kakashi respond after moment and do what Naruto asked him to do. As Tobi is physical in other dimension, suddenly rasengans begin appearing in his dimension from all sides.
Tobi:?! oh no,shit!
The scene shows Tobi bodys slowly disappearing in other dimension at slowly appearing in real world at the same time. As Rasengan almost connected with his disappearing body in other dimension ,he appear in real world is about to be smashed by Kyuubi arms from all sides Tobi use
Tobi: Shinra Tensei!
The scene shows Naruto send flying back but he stops using kyuubi roar to cancel Shinra Tensei. Shinra Tensei repelling force created dust cloud which cover Tobi completly. When dust of cloud dissappear Tobi is not visible anywhere. Naruto focus to locate him, Killer Bee changes back to v2 bijuu mode and jump to protect Kakashi, Kakashi switches back his Mangenkyou sharingan to sharinagan and close this eye, opening his normal eye while sweating and heavy breathing, Gai notice Kakashi about to fall and rush fast to keep Kakashi standing.
Naruto thinking: Shit, I understimated him because He didn't use Rinnengan. Now I have to be more careful and I know he can use Rinnengan.
Naruto turns to falling Kakashi, while Gai rush to catch Kakashi: Are you alright Kakashi Sensei?!
Gai thinking: This is bad, Kakashi used all chakra amount and worse He and I took soldier pills, so he can't fight anymore. Should we retreat?!
Gai turns to Kakashi: Kakashi, all you allright?!
Kakashi barerly conscious while sweating: I am fine besides all chakra I used. Worse is bad side effects of using soldier pills I begin to feeling now.
Killer Bee: Yo, weird beast and sharingan man, I will protect you man, wee!
Hachibi: Shut up Bee, and focus on fight!
Killer Bee: Easy firend I will do my best,wee!
Naruto:?!, shit!
Killer Bee:?!
The scene shows Tobi, who is appearing from ground comming between Killer Bee and Gai, stretch fast arms with one pointed at Gai other at Killer Bee and use
Tobi: Shinra Tensei!
Killer Bee:damn!
Naruto: No!
The scene shows Gai and Killer Bee send flying away from Kakashi, Naruto rush to help Kakashi when Tobi is about to kill barerly conscionous Kakashi, Naruto comming closer , Tobi move fast his warfan while waving chain which is connected to warfan. When Naruto is about to hit Tobi, Tobi become intangible, so Naruto pass trough him again. As Tobi become tangible war fan is flying at Naruto back but at the same time Kyuubi arms created and comming from Naruto back are bout to hit Tobi with Rasengans in once in all Kyuubi arms. Tobi notice this fast turns back to Kakashi and use Pretta Path absorbing Naruto Rasengans. When Naruto is about to hit by war fan Kakashi use last chakra and cut chain which move war fan with last Raikiri, war fan fall on ground. When Naruto is about rush at Tobi with amazing speed, Tobi finish absorbing Rasengan and noticing incomming Gai, Killer Bee and Naruto about to rush, Tobi use Asura Path and create three mechanical arms, which shoot projectiles and lasers at them. Naruto stops moving and protect himself with both arms, Gai is activating fourth gate and protect himself while Killer Bee protect himself with tailes. Attack of Asura path create dust cloud which cover all battlefield.
Naruto: Damn him!
Gai: Shit!
Killer Bee: it is damn Rinnegan again!
While Cloud of Dust is floating around after explosions
Kakashi: ekh..., ekh... What did just happen
Kakashi lifting head up:?!, you!
Tobi: I am about to kill Kakashi, you was dangerous foe so I want you to not bother me anymore.
Kakashi is noticing black rod appearing in Tobi one hand: I see..., so Why did you become so evil, why Obito!
Tobi:?!, You are wrong Kakashi, I am not Obito. However now when you about to die I will tell you.
Kakashi throw Kunai at Tobi ,but Tobi dodge easily:?!
Tobi: Don't try Kakashi, it is futile. Now I will tell you, I am Uchiha as well as was your friend Obito... but I am more experienced and more old. I had grudge against Uchiha clan but once I got this eye, I wondered why he give you sharingan and accept promises from you.
Kakashi:?!, so you have to be Kagami Uchiha, Obito dad!
Tobi: You are wrong again..., however Kagaimi Uchiha once was my spy, and work for me. Changing back to topic, He entrusted you some things, one was care about girl named Rin, but you failed and only did more and more regrets after all
Kakashi: I see, so you found out about Obito Sharingan ability thanks to his dad working for you. But how could you know about my promise and more?! tell me!
Tobi noticing slowly falling dust of cloud: Alright, but it was last. Zetsu spied you all time, it was try for this world, if someone from Uchiha can entrusted something to someone who isn't Uchiha himself and you failed, forcing me to act as you can see now!
Kakashi: Damn..., but Who are you?!
Tobi: No more questions!
The scene shows Tobi piercing Kakashi close to heart with black rod, Kakashi use all power left him to dodge so Tobi didn't pierce his heart. As dust cloud completly dissappear Naruto, Gai and Killer Bee notice Kakashi pierced by Tobi. Gai begin to cry and rage rushing at Tobi with all his power, but Tobi become intangible so Gai fly through him. Naruto become mad and rush with light speed hitting Tobi, who thanks to using Shinra Tensei at Naruto decrease his speed deacreasing strength of punch which send Tobi flying back. Naruto and Gai appear fast around Kakashi and looks sad, while Killer Bee in bijuu mode v2 charge at Tobi get back to feet. While Killer Bee attacks Tobi. Naruto and Gai are listening Kakashi last worlds
Naruto: Kakashi sensei, how do you feel?
Gai: Kakashi, Tell something, please don't leave us!
Kakashi: Ugh..., Gai don't cry, death will come for everybody it is natural. I have only regrets that I couldn't rescue Rin and I can't accept that my friend eye, Obito sharingan is enemy weapon which help him destroy and evil win...
Gai, Naruto: ;(:(
Kakashi turns to Gai: Please smile, You are my great friend and eternal rival, so don't die too fast. You are strong please take revenge for me and kill him. Use your Youth is and always will be great power
Gai<tears falling from his face>: Kakashi...
Kakashi turns to Naruto: Naruto, I happy as your sensei, because I grown up in great Ninja, your thinking is even better now, hehe. Just joking You need to learn more versality, discover second affinity and learn more jutsu. I am sorry that I couldn't be good sensei so Sasuke would be here but you inherited will of fire, you are future Hokage, you are almost ready to be Hokage. <getting serious> Please kill this man and try to restore his sharingan for hidden leaf vilalge. You can do this, and remeber you can't fail because you are his son<image of Fourth Hokage appearing behind Naruto>
Naruto<tears begin to fall from his face>: Sensei...
Kakashi: fight well and give everything to stop these guys. I believe in you, goodbye...
Gai: Rest in peace my friend, I will take revenge for you!
Naruto: Thanks for everything Kakashi Sensei...
Meanwhile Tobi vs Killer Bee
The scene shows Killer Bee in v2 bijuu mode charging at Tobi, Tobi use Shinra Tensei but Killer Bee stop himself thanks to tails impaled in ground, then he charge again Tobi become intangible and Killer Bee fly through him. Tobi become tangible and turns around fast using Asura Path to creates 8 mechanical arms, which every mechanical arm catching one of Killer Bee tails. Tobi use then pretta path and absorb Killer Bee chakra. As Killer Bee can't move Tobi is absorbing Killer Bee chakra
Killer Bee: Oh no, I got in shit!
Hachibi: Damn, it is all your fault, you shouldn't try to attack alone. Worse I can't even comunicate to Kurama or Naruto. He probably blocked this with Rinnengan somehow
Tobi: hehe, Nice for you eight tails to help me with my plan.

Rikudounaruto 08-12-2012 02:16 PM

Re: Naruto 598 Predictions/Spoilers
The scene shows Killer Bee , who reverts back to normal. As Killer Bee was released he used all eight tails and attack Tobi with them, Tobi avoid all attacks but is unable to counter. Killer Bee even land few cuts on him, Tobi is suprised that even with sharingan he can't avoid sword attacks. Tobi uses asura path and creates eight arms again and catch all Killer Bee swords,then he absorb all Killer Bee swords in same way as Gai nunchaku. Killer Bee notice samehada and rush to catch it, but Tobi is faster and absorb Samehada too
Killer bee: Damn you masked freak for me you should be weak, wee!
Hachibi: Bee, I have no more chakra left it is bad in many ways.
Tobi thinking: Great, eight tails is almost captured so even if Gai and Naruto coperate and attack me, there will be two enemies at max. Besides Jyuubi process of ressurection is half done, it will take probably little longer than before because Jyuubi have to merge with Hachibi.
Tobi: Time to give up, eight tails
Killer Bee: No way!
The scene shows Tobi using Banshou Tenin on Killer Bee pulling him. Killer Bee try to use Ink but absorb this while Killer Bee is pulled.Tobi catch killer bee for throat and choke him ,Killer Bee use Raiton element to paralyze Tobi but Tobi use Pretta Path and absorb Raiton element. As Killer Bee is almost choked out Tobi throw him at Gedou Mazou direction. Gedou Mazou catches Killer Bee almost lifeless body with hands and throw him in Gedou Mazou mouth.
Killer Bee: Forgive me, Naruto you are saviour so only you can rescue this world...
The scene shows Kakashi is dying slowly after last words. While Gai rage more and more. Naruto notices Killer Bee thrown by Tobi and catched by Gedo Mazou hands. Gedou Mazou swallows Killer Bee before Naruto eyes. Naruto is shocked and shouts
Naruto: No!!!, Killer bee!
Tobi thinking: Damn I used half of my amount of chakra, I need to save my chakra. Controlling tailed beasts, using six paths Jinchurki and now Rinnengan techniques adding some space time Ninjutsu...
Tobi: he...he...That it, Now Jyuubi will be more powerfull
Naruto: You will pay me for that!, <turns to Gai>?!
Gai is about to open eight inner gates: YOU!, I WILL KILL YOU!
The last scene shows Maito Gai, who is about to open eight gate. Powerrfull energy emitted while opening gate push everything away. Tobi barerly stand up with chakra in feet, even Naruto feet power comming from this, but bijuu mode is even more power so.
Gai: Eight gate: Opened!

What would happen next?!
What power will Gai release with eight gate opened?!

599 - Power of Inner eight gates

Eh..., I probably rushed it in few places, so it is not exactly described as I wanted to wrote, but I used my only free time to wrote this so please enjoy. I hope You enjoy reading this, I tried my best:), so Have a fun. Please give me comments, what did you like or dislike in my predcition and give me thanks or send me idea for continuation.
If you want to me write continuation just write this in comment:).

Sharingan17 08-12-2012 02:36 PM

Re: Naruto 598 Predictions/Spoilers
Hopefully we found out who tobi is? and he get his ass kicked about lol.

KiddJutsu 08-12-2012 02:41 PM

Re: Naruto 598 Predictions/Spoilers
Rikudo, you're doing a great job with these prediction posts. I only really have an opinion on Kakashi being killed so early. What happened to using the ability of healing that Naruto has since he is a complete jink? Seems like if Kakashi avoided the killer blow Naruto could have used that. Hate seeing Kakashi go even in a fan fic/prediction. Dude is the truth even with a low chakra reserve. But everything else is stellar. So we need that next one sir. Your drops are now essential must reads in this forum. Great stuff....

Rikudounaruto 08-12-2012 02:54 PM

Re: Naruto 598 Predictions/Spoilers

Originally Posted by KiddJutsu (Post 2119182)
Rikudo, you're doing a great job with these prediction posts. I only really have an opinion on Kakashi being killed so early. What happened to using the ability of healing that Naruto has since he is a complete jink? Seems like if Kakashi avoided the killer blow Naruto could have used that. Hate seeing Kakashi go even in a fan fic/prediction. Dude is the truth even with a low chakra reserve. But everything else is stellar. So we need that next one sir. Your drops are now essential must reads in this forum. Great stuff....

Hi and thanks very much:), I really apprectiate your comment. I Know that I made Kakashi killer too early but I wanted to give so drama besides we could know more about Tobi, slowly revealing mystery to destory his mask in 600 chapter. I think this is way as Kishi will do, slowly revealing more and stalling for 600 chapter. Besides Kakashi have done a lot, so I think it would be his time. This should be Naruto battle, now it is 4 vs 1 so there is no drama, besides Alliance shinobi will come there soon, so I wanted to decrease Tobi enemies:) and Tobi rather couldn;t have infinite amount of chakra, Rinnegan techniques take a lot of chakra so wanted to make it reallity no fanfiction. I could let Kakashi survive and Killer bee be not captured but then I have to give Tobi huge gigantic amount of chakra or fill most scenes with talking and it would be boring, what do you think?
I even give Kakashi with no chakra great moment where he used last raikiri to cut Tobi chain which is connected to war fan. Besides it was Kakashi and Naruto coperation to force Tobi to use Rinnengan.

I hope rest of guys in this forum enjoy reading my predction:), I will think about write more but when I got more free time

Yes, Naruto could heal Kakashi, but i make Kakashi badly injured and overused chakra, besides soldier pillss bad side effects are working on Kakashi, so even then If Naruto heal him, he still would be only burden and I wanted to create reason for Gai to use eight gate:)

jeanericuser 08-12-2012 03:02 PM

Re: Naruto 598 Predictions/Spoilers
598: Shockwave

Naruto is charging towards Tobi. Naruto inside his mind is looking at the kyubi.

Naruto: "So you understand what Im gonna do?"
Kurama: "Yeah its risky but it should work."

Naruto powers up a rasengan as he is mere feet away from tobi.

Tobi: "You still are gonna try the same stupid trick after that. Didn't you learn anything?"

Naruto begins to phase through tobi as he makes impact with him. Suddenly a huge explosion occurs as naruto's rasengan suddenly expands massively then hits the ground less than a foot behind Tobi causing him to crash forward towards kakashi and guy.

Tobi: "!!!!"

Tobi turns himself around as he crashes down in time to see naruto charging towards him from behind. Tobi franticly parries a punch from naruto as they both land on the ground. Naruto vanishes instantly as tobi struggles to push back naruto. Naruto suddenly appears charging with two rasengans from several feet away. Naruto looks to kakashi and kakashi nods his head as Tobi suddenly ports away. Naruto suddenly charges into tobi getting sucked into the dimension as well.

Guy: "Naruto! What happened?"
Kakashi: "I think I know what naruto is trying to do."

Kakashi uses kamui causing a huge portal to appear. Naruto suddenly charges out of it backwards and powers up a rasenshuriken. Tobi comes through the portal just in time to see a rasenshuriken heading straight for him. Tobi tries to dodge it but it explodes just as the portal closes.

Tobi: "Shit!"

Tobi ports away at the last second but the blast hits him regardless. Tobi ports in a few feet away with his clothes heavily damaged from the blast with several cracks on his mask. Naruto stands there breathing heavily as Tobi looks on at him.

Tobi: "Now its my turn and its time I ended this!"

Tobi does a handsign but then nothing happens.

Tobi: "!!! What is going on!"
Kakashi thinking: "Its over now for tobi."
Naruto: "Its the effect of the rasenshuriken. Several of your chakra valves have just been severed. Your ability to use chakra is fading away. Now its time I ended this."
Tobi: "Noo!"

Tobi charges towards naruto as naruto charges at high speed towards gedo maza.

599: Tobi's last stand

KiddJutsu 08-12-2012 03:11 PM

Re: Naruto 598 Predictions/Spoilers
Jean - very short but easily super entertaining. The main criticism is you CANNOT end the battle with the arch villain that easily. Tobi is just too good and too well equipped to go that quickly. But I love your fight sequence there. We must have more. Keep them coming!
This lead up to #600 is gonna prove to be ridiculous and actually throw us all to a loop.
Looking forward to more Jean.

Vengeance 08-12-2012 03:21 PM

Re: Naruto 598 Predictions/Spoilers

Originally Posted by junior3605 (Post 2119095)
Predict away! Most likely getting the Tobi reveal this chapter or 600. At least it's confirmed he's not Obito lol.

Actually nothing is confirmed until the mask gets removed. Tobi could have easily been referring to his sharingans awakening & not simply taking it off a dead kid. Tobi could have very easily been referring to a promise to protect Rin which Kakashi failed to do. The dialog in the past few chapters at least hint towards an Obito connection if not Obito himself.

Though personally speaking I'm going with Obito's father or brother.

jeanericuser 08-12-2012 04:13 PM

Re: Naruto 598 Predictions/Spoilers
Actually there is a planned 599 that im thinking of doing. I focused less on the chatter and more on the action since typically that is what you would find in a chapter of mostly action instead of a lot of dialogue. As for tobi being wiped out, dont count him out yet but my prediction clearly is that by 600 tobi will be dead and gedo maza will be destroyed.

jeanericuser 08-13-2012 08:12 AM

Re: Naruto 598 Predictions/Spoilers
599: Tobi's last stand

Tobi and naruto are both rushing towards gedo maza.

Tobi thinking: "Let this work!"

Tobi ports away at the last second and appears in front of naruto who is mere feet away from striking gedo maza.

Tobi: "I will not let you destroy gedo maza. In mere seconds gedo maza shall be complete and I will be the juubi's jinchuriki."
Naruto: "Not if I destroy it and you first."
Tobi: "That will never happen. I will trap you forever rather than let you destroy gedo maza."

Tobi attempts to suck up naruto but naruto moves backwards really fast thus tobi continue to increase the intensity of the suction. Naruto moves back and then suddenly a kunai wizes by naruto almost striking Tobi. Tobi looks behind naruto to see kakashi, guy, and kirabi rushing towards them. Tobi stops the suction.

Naruto: "Even if I don't get to gedo maza in time the others will. You are running out of options tobi. If I don't succeed Im sure the others will."
Tobi: "Than I will just have to flee this battle and take gedo maza with me."

Tobi attempts to port gedo maza. Naruto charges forward and tobi suddenly turns around porting naruto away. kakashi and the others seconds later reach Tobi.

Tobi: "Its too late. I have sent that brat to another dimension."
Kakashi: "Hachibi stay back and cover me. Guy Tobi is all yours."

Guy rushes in to attack at tobi with several punches and kicks which tobi parries with his fan. Kakashi heads over to hachibi and stands behind him.

Hachibi: "What are you doing?"
Kakashi whispers: "Im attempting one last kamui so I can port naruto back to here."

Kakashi struggles to build up chakra as guy is starting to get beat up by Tobi. Suddenly a portal appears over head near gedo maza.

Tobi thinking: "Damn it not again! Damn you kakashi!"

Tobi jumps up in front of gedo maza in front of naruto as naruto flies out.

Tobi: "Back inside you go and next time I will kill kakashi so you can't come out."
Naruto: "Hachibi! Guy! Do it!"

Tobi looks down to see both guy and the hachibi attacking gedo maza. Tobi suddenly yelps in pain as naruto hits him point blank in the stomach with a rasengan. Tobi screams in agony and shock as the rasengan pushes him straight into the open jaws of gedo maza. Naruto then uses a rasenshuriken, guy opens the gates to use morning peacock, hachibi uses bijuu bomb, and kakashi uses kamui all at once on gedo maza. The blasts all hit at once causing gedo maza to be ripped to pieces. Naruto lands and starts running away fast as do the others from the tremendous explosion as gedo maza explodes to pieces.

600: The fate of the 7 bijuu.

Rikudounaruto 08-13-2012 11:53 AM

Re: Naruto 598 Predictions/Spoilers
599 - Power of inner eight gates
The first scene shows Gai, who is emitting powerfull green energy which push away everyone, Tobi barerly can stand up, Naruto in bijuu mode is standing close to laying Kakashi. Naruto is little affected by power comming from Gai. Powerfull blows of winds occur around Gai creating whirls , and heat incomming from Gai cause earth to evaporate. As thounder clouds are creating in sky Gai lift his head reavling his furious eyes, Gai is sending powerfull killer intent and glare at Tobi. Tobi is little schocked and frozen, but he restore calm after moment
Naruto: Wow..., It power even exceed my kyuubi chakra shroud v1 and is little below my kyuubi chakra shroud v2..., amazing
Kurama: I am impressed as well for human to reach that power...
As Naruto release from thoughts, he turns to Kakashi
Naruto: Kakashi...., if I only could rescue you I would do it instant
<inner Naruto talks with Kurama begins>
Kurama: ...Naruto, you should use your regenerative ability with my chakra to accelerate healing process.
Naruto:?!, what?!, yes Why I didn't think about it, nevertheless. I can use your chakra to heal him, but why did you say my regenerative ability...
Kurama: sigh..., I will explain only once. Regenerative ability is your Uzumaki clan trait as well as Fujinjutsu powerfull chakra and strong life force which let you live longer. However let's return to topic, thanks to my chakra you can changes your regenaration in healing ability so you can heal others and my chakra accelerates this process as it worked all this time. Now when we cooperate you have acces to all my chakra so healing would even be stronger and faster...
Naruto: Wow, I knew about Fujinjutsu and strong life force but regeneration too. Amazing so that was as it worked, I am happy knowing more about mother but what about my father?!
Kurama: This is topic on other time, now hurry up or your sensei couldn't be rescued
Naruto: Right, thanks Kurama
<inner Naruto with Kurama talks finish>
The scene shows Naruto put his hands on Kakashi body and focus his chakra. Kakashi is barerly breathing but still alive. Naruto hands begins to glow in yellow light and healing Kakashi. Kakashi begins to restore energy, but he is weak. Gai is about to attack Tobi
Tobi: just come here fast and die...
The scene shows Gai disappearing in second and appearing before Tobi, Tobi become intangible when Gai try to punch Tobi but He pass through Tobi.
Gai: What?!, How?!, you couldn't be able to react to my speed
Tobi: Human speed can't be greater than what bijuu can grants, besides you are no sensor shinobi, you don't have sharingan or rinnengan as well so you can't control this speed.
Gai: Damn you!
The scene shows Gai speed blitizing around Tobi trying to punch or kick him, but Tobi is intangible all time. Naruto is healing Kakashi with Kurama help, Kakashi begins to restore consciousness
Tobi: It is useless, time works for you disadvantage, soon you will die and I will win.
Gai: NO!!, I WILL KILL YO ?!,<turns to see Naruto healing Kakashi> Impossible, Naruto can heal?!, nevertheles I have to stop Tobi right now besides<turns to see Gedo Mazou statue changing> I have to rescue this World even at cost of life.
Tobi: It isn't working, it is futile<thinking> Why he turns his head in Naruto direction,?!<notice yellow light covering Kakashi>Damn you Naruto you try to heal Kakashi<thinking> just die Gai...
Gai: Never!<thinking> I can't even attack him, I lost two miuntes now to get him, probably he can be in ghost mode for infinite amount of time, so I need to attack statue instead or I will die using last power without accomplishing anything.<thinking>
The scene shows Gai, who is charging at Tobi and suddenly he change direction and charge at Gedo Mazou statue which is covered by barrier. Gai begins to focus all his energy in last attack with pointing both hands at statue. Tobi become tangible and is confused by Gai act but after moment he realize that Gai is planing to destory Gedo Mazou statue. When Tobi begins to disappear, Gai release all green energy in last attack shouting
Gai: Mindnight Dragon!
Tobi: Damn,I have to get in time!
The scene shows Gai releasing all green energy from his hands wich take shape of asian dragon and fly at Barrier. Power of energy shaped in dragon form cause powerfull whirlwinds, shaking ground, even lightinings appear at sky. Dragon of green energy hit Uchiha fire barrier and begins to make it cracking, after few seconds destroying barrier completly. As Dragon destroy barrier, it is flying fruther at Gedo Mazou. When mindnight dragon is about to hit Gedo Mazou Tobi appear before dragon and use Preta Path to absorb this, but fast he realizes that this attack isn't made from chakra so Tobi use
Tobi: Chou Shinra Tensei!
The scene shows Powerfull repel schockwave comming from Tobi two hand which are open in Dragon technique direction. Chou Shinra Tensei and Dragon Mindnight attack both cancel each other, creating powerfull earthquake and even stronger schockwave which push everything and everyone away. Naruto catch Kakashi in last second and use Kyuubi arms to keep ground and protect himself and Kakashi. Gai is send flying as well as Tobi. As schockwave is about to dissappear Naruto release Kakashi, focus all his chakra in feet and rush at Tobi with light speed, who is catched by suprise after last attack. Tobi try to become intangible but he can't react in time and result is Naruto finally breaking mask in pieces and send Tobi flying in rocks.
Naruto: That right you masked bastard finally you left your guard!
Kurama: Idiot, don't celebrate just yet, you only destroyed his mask...
Naruto: That was great, but ok
Gai: he...., he...., ARGH!!!<thinking> shit I am feeling bad side effects of using eight gate. I am about to die, I have to come to Kakashi<thinking>
Kakashi: hehe..., exactly as your father, I only saw yellow flash...
The scene shows Naruto happy and little distracted. When Gai is comming to Kakashi, and fall on ground, Kakashi and Gai are looking happy and smilling at each other. Suddenly Tobi appear from ground where Kakashi and Gai are. Kakashi barerly restore little his health and chakra and Gai who just used eight gate, both unabled to react are pierced straight in heart by Tobi black rods comming from Tobi hands. Naruto notice him comming from ground but it is too late to do something. We see Tobi back view of panel , so he is in front of Kakashi and Gai with face , who are dying. In the same moment we see Alliance shinobi arived finally with rookies in front. Tobi is going underground lefting black rods impaled in Kakashi and Gai hearts. When Naruto is about to hit Tobi, he disappear completly in ground and appear close to Gedo Mazou statue, which have eight tails formed completly, nine tail is small and tenth tail is medium size on it's back with All Statue in chakra cloak while skin is all cracked and glows. It is emitting gigantic chakra which cause more frequently earthquake as well as very strong blows of winds which wipe out everything and everyone in its way, so you can't come to close
Kakashi dying<looks at Sakura>: Sakura... <turns head at Tobi>:?!
Sakura: Kakashi sensei!!
Gai dying<looks at his team, with stopping eyes on Lee for moment>: Lee...,Neji and tenten...<turns head at Tobi>:?!
Lee: Gai Sensei!
Neji: sensei...
Tenten: sensei!
Naruto: Who in the hell are you?!
The last scene shows someone flying over everyone heads as flash of light and land close to Tobi

What will happen next?!
Who did just arrive ?!

600 - Tobi identify finally revealed and mysterious man appear

What do you think about this prediction. Did you enjoy reading this or no, what should I change in my predictions?, what attract you to read and what don't attract you? Do you want continuation, if you want me to write continuation give me thanks. If I get 5 thanks for prediction then I will write continuation althought I won't have enough time probably;/. In my prediciton I assumed that Raikage, Tsuchikage and Hokage died by Madara hands, and He was about to kill Mizukage and Kazekage but let them live while being forced to leave and capture Kyuubi. If you want to read Madara vs 5 Kage fight just read my prediction in this: prediction with number 596.
Interested in history of shinobi, just read there too: but prediction with number 595

These as my ideas for titles for next chapters and what they could include, I would like to write them but it isn't possible for having that much free time;/, however you can get glimpse:

601 - Konoha Rookies vs Madara clones

602 - Sasuke meets with parents. Return Hokages
603 - Scroll and it's power
604 - New Kages vs Madara comment:<current Kazekage and current Mizukage + new 3 kages>
605 - Izuna vs Naruto
606 - Madara vs Hashirama flashback
608 - Battle of centuries comment: continuation of flashback Madara vs Hashirama
608 - Kabuto plan comment: upgrading Yamato with Hashirama cells to stop Madara
609 - Orochimaru and Sasuke power up
610 - Heroes fail
611 - Jyuubi about to ressurect
612 - Jyuubi Resurection complete

odisseumau 08-14-2012 01:52 PM

Re: Naruto 598 Predictions/Spoilers
thanks to Rikudounaruto For This Useful Post

Narut0360 08-14-2012 04:13 PM

Re: Naruto 598 Predictions/Spoilers
odisseumau i see your new, So Welcome to the Forum. :)

odisseumau 08-14-2012 04:14 PM

Re: Naruto 598 Predictions/Spoilers
Thanks Narut0360 !!!

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