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kluang 09-22-2012 11:46 PM

Man Posed as Disabled to Get Caregiver to Change Soiled Diaper


A Hooksett man has been charged with attempt to commit indecent exposure after police say he posed as a disabled person with a brain injury in order to get a female caregiver to change his soiled diaper.

Eric Carrier, 24, was arrested Thursday by Hampton Police for one count of attempt to commit indecent exposure, a Class B felony.

Police began investigating a report last week that Carrier had solicited the aid of an in-home caregiver by responding to an ad on Craigslist. During their investigation, police said they learned that Carrier had committed similar crimes in the past.

Police said it is believed that Carrier used Craigslist to find "an unsuspecting adult care giver who would work with a disabled adult male." Carrier is alleged to have posed as a 22-year-old man who could not control his bowel movements due to a brain injury. He indicated that he required assistance changing soiled undergarments, according to police.

On Sept. 12, Carrier allegedly met with a female adult caregiver in Hampton and asked her to change his soiled undergarment. The woman became suspicious and notified police.

Investigators said they later learned that Carrier was actually 24 years old and not disabled. They also learned that he had been arrested in 2011 in Hooksett for a similar offense, and was convicted of indecent exposure this past July.

According to a 2011 Union Leader story, Carrier also placed advertisements on Craigslist last year seeking an in-home caregiver who could change his adult diaper. That caregiver also became suspicious and notified Hooksett Police. Carrier apparently posed as his own father in the Craigslist ad, saying he needed help caring for his son. He was later charged with four additional counts after more victims came forward after seeing news reports.

"Eric stated he has a sexual fetish involving getting his diaper changed," Hooksett Police Detective Janet Bouchard wrote in court papers in 2011.

Anyone with information about the case is urged to call Hampton Police at (603) 929-4444. Anonymous tips can be made through the Crimeline for the Hamptons at (603) 929-1222 or by email to

jekyl_hyde 09-23-2012 10:42 AM

Re: Man Posed as Disabled to Get Caregiver to Change Soiled Diaper
This dude needs to be shot, in the nuts, with one of those rubber pad bullets at point blank range.

Kinda like this quote for Immortals by King Hypherion:
"You ran here because you are a coward. And the world does not need any more cowards. So I shall do this world a great favor, mark you as one of us. .... Enrich you with the ability to populate the earth. Traitor, although you will not hear them, your forefathers weep from their graves with the future of their bloodline ends with you here tonight."

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