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woody_3162 10-24-2012 08:08 AM

Set up to continue previous predics and continue any other fan fics.

EDIT: added link for the predics in previous thread

woody_3162 10-24-2012 08:10 AM

Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread
continued from 514 prediction. it was getting longer and longer so just stopped nad the rest willl come shortly in 516 (probably tonight) enjoy.

The Last Words 2: The Truth Reveals Itself

Scene opens in the cave Ichigo is lying in. Ishida Ryuken is standing leaning against the cave wall next to Yoruichi who is still seated on the floor. He has a lit cigarette in his right hand and a pile of cigarette stubs on the floor next to him. Uryuu is kneeling next to Ichigo with a worried look across his face.

Uryuu: what do we do now?
Yoruichi: we wait. There are still too many variables, we need to see what happens next.
Uryuu: what happens next?!! The whole of soul society is rubble!!! What is there left to happen?!!
Ryuken: calm yourself down boy.

Uryuu Stands abruptly and storms towards his father. He slaps away the cigarette from his fathers face and grabs him by his jacket.

Uryuu: You train me like mad from the moment we return from Hueco Mundo and tell me nothing. You forbid me to say anything to my friends and yet tell me nothing! Soul Society comes crashing down around us and you STILL say nothing! My friend lies dying there and all you tell me is to calm down! Who the fuck do you think you are?!!
Ryuken: He's not dying

Uryuu has a surprised look on his face. Ryuken removes Uryuu's hands from him and lights up another cigarette. He begin starts walking slowly towards Ichigo leaving behind a trail of smoke. Uryuu stands in shock still staring at the wall.

Uryuu: what do you mean...he's not dying?
Ryuken: If he couldn't handle the power of Ryu-Jin Jaka then he would have turned to ash there and then, the fact that he is still here means he survived.
Uryuu:...Then why is he like that?! Why is he sealed in that circle?! Just what the hell is going on?!!
Yoruichi: Ryuken, I don't know why you've chosen to hide this from your son, but I think it's-
Ryuken: I know I know (sighs). I guess we have time to kill.

Ryuken turns around and looks towards his son, Uryuu has now turned around as well and is looking at his father in confusion. Uryuu drops his cigarette to the ground and tramples it with his boot.

Ryuken: To answer your first question, your friend is in the situation he is now because of you. When you disregarded my instructions not to meddle with the affairs of the shinigami and came to rescue Kuchiki rukia you set this all in motion.

Scene changes to the inner world of Ichigo

Ichigo is standing atop a skyscraper. The sky is blue and no one is around but him.

Ichigo: ( I'm back here, I've not been here since my powers returned... I wonder where old man Zangetsu is??)

The whole of the sky suddenly turns to roaring flame, as if it had all become into a wall of fire destroying any sign of the blue that had been there before.

Booming Voice: you will not find Tensa Zangetsu here Kurosaki Ichigo, do not look for him, do not fear for him, fear for your soul which is now at stake!!!
Ichigo:!! Who is that? Where is old man Zengetsu? What have you done to him?!!
Booming Voice: He is safe, but he has no place here today nor shall his opinion be taken into account. Today you will show whether you are worthy of the gifts you have been given...or perish into nothingness!!!
Ichigo: Show my worthiness?! Gifts? What the hell are you talking about?!!
Booming Voice: Did you not think for a second that there would be a price to pay for the return of your powers!

Scene change back to the cave

Uryuu is looking at his father in complete shock.

Uryuu: I caused this?!!
Yoruichi: Ryuken this-
Ryuken: If he wishes to become a man then he needs to shoulder the responsibilities too.
Uryuu: what the hell are you talkin about?! How in hell could I have caused this by going to soul society.
Ryuken: You showed the Quincy how weak the shinigami had become.
Ryuken: when there is no fear, no need, during times of peace a societies military power naturally decrease, they stagnate. This is what has essentially been happening to soul society for over a thousand years.

Ryuken lights up another cigarette and takes a long drag.

Ryuken: The tediously slow growth of the Gotei 13 over the last thousand years can't even be noticed compared to the rest of the world. Surely you noticed was it that you were able to defeat a captain, that Ichigo Kurosaki got as far as he did when you went after kuchiki Rukia yet when they fought Aizen any given one could have defeated you you think you could have defeated Kurotsuchi mayuri when you were in Hueco Mundo?
Ryuken: That drastic need, that immediate and impending threat developed their skills in such a short time. Even when you fought the captains none of them had a killing intent which shows the change peace has brought upon them. A thousand years ago you would have been mercilessly slain without even knowing who had cut you down, such questions as who, what, why had no meaning back then.
Uryuu: but what has their decline got to do with us?!!
Ryuken: because no one had dared to challenge them until you came along!! You showed the world how weak they had actually become, no one was willing to risk annihilation before to even attempt it. Yes eventually this fight may have happened somewhere down the line but it was your actions that made it happen now and so fast.
Ryuken: the only reason it has taken this long for them to come out of the woodwork is most likely because they wanted to see what Aizen could accomplish. If he managed to destroy soul society and the zero squad he would have done their job for them.
Yoruichi: I think i should tell him the rest Ryuken, you need to focus on Ichigo.
Ryuken: hmph, sure if you want to school the boy.
Uryuu: why exactly have you been feeding him spiritual energy of he's not dying?
Yoruichi: to keep his energy up, he's going to have a tough time as it is.
Ryuken: and if he doesn't manage to overcome his trial, this seal will turn him to ash.
Uryuu: what?!-
Yoruichi: listen Uryuu, you need to first know how all this started, how the Quincy were betrayed by the shinigami.

Scene change to 2 days ago back in the captain commanders chambers with Ukitake, kyoraku, Mayuri and the captain commander.

Mayuri: my experiments led me to certain revelations, at the request of the captain comander I halted them but had to be made privy as to why.
Yamamoto: Ever since it's creation all shinigami of the Gotei 13 have known the effect Quincy have on on the balance. They were to be monitored and were not to be allowed to actively seek and destroy hollows.
Ukitake: yes, until they decided to revolt and actively chose to oppose us-
Mayuri: leading to their annihilation.
Yamamoto: what has not been recorded is why after centuries of adhering to the rules they suddenly decided to revolt.

Scene change back to the cave.

Yoruichi: The Shinigami and the Quincy have a longer history than is recorded anywhere in the record books. Long before the Gotei 13 were formed the two were allies.
Yoruichi: yes, warriors tend to gravitate towards each other whether to battle against each other or alongside each other. The shinigami and Quincy both fought hollows, the shinigami fought them seeing them as monsters against which they could test out their skills and develop the Quincy fought against them to protect the human world from their attacks, over time a camaraderie grew between them. They began to train together to hone and improve their skills and both groups prowess increased.
Ryuken: The next step eventually cmae when they began to share Their powers to further enhance their skills. You've seen an example of this when Kuchiki Rukia shared her powers with Kurosaki Ichigo and when the Shinigami again shared their powers to allow Ichigo to regain his.
Yoruichi: Another example is how you tapped into Ichigo's power when you first met him to defeat the Menos that appeared in Karakura town.
Uryuu: does this matter?!
Ryuken: The shinigami began to keep Quincy disciples. They shared power and began to train with them, the Quincy grew fast, some even awakened their own shinigami powers due to this process. The Shinigami in return got highly skilled and capable fighters to fight alongside them and due to a Quincies ability to break down spirit particles they excelled in healing which was a great asset on the battlefield.
Yoruichi: ...and then one day they almost destroyed world.

Scene change back to the Captain Commander 2 days ago.

Mayuri: The constant killing of the hollows by the Quincy eventually led to a turning point.
Kyoraku: I see, the world was almost destroyed.
Mayuri: Technically that is incorrect, the world could not have been simply destroyed by such actions.
Ukitake: what?! But-
Mayuri: what you know is incorrect, the truth is something that is not even recorded in the archives of 46 chambers. New souls are born all the time, old souls eventually vanish that is the nature of the universe. The imbalance caused by the destruction of hollows would not have destroyed the world...
Yamamoto: ...It would have caused all 3 worlds to merge.

Pritha 10-24-2012 01:38 PM

Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread
wow woody .. i like this idea , never thought like that before. Brilliant work, cant wait for others more importantly the trail :)

woody_3162 10-25-2012 04:33 AM

Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread

Originally Posted by Pritha (Post 2128755)
wow woody .. i like this idea , never thought like that before. Brilliant work, cant wait for others more importantly the trail :)

Thanks dud, the remainder for this will hopefully be up tonight, touch wood after that i can get some action into it ;-)

apacolypz 10-25-2012 05:59 AM

Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread
Just super! only problem is Ichigo became a Sub Shinigami because Rukia shared her HOLLOW powers? I thought she shared her spiritual energy or basically weakened herself to give her power to Ichigo?? maybe I missed or misread something..either way great job!

woody_3162 10-25-2012 07:05 AM

Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread

Originally Posted by apacolypz (Post 2128878)
Just super! only problem is Ichigo became a Sub Shinigami because Rukia shared her HOLLOW powers? I thought she shared her spiritual energy or basically weakened herself to give her power to Ichigo?? maybe I missed or misread something..either way great job!

My stupid mistake, hollows just turn up anywhere uninvited.
Has been edited now.

apacolypz 10-25-2012 07:11 AM

Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread

Originally Posted by woody_3162 (Post 2128883)
My stupid mistake, hollows just turn up anywhere uninvited.
Has been edited now.

When you are writing a brilliant prediction (forget prediction) you are writing a Bleach Spinoff for the better lol. Mistakes as simple as that happens..eps if you don't make it perfect and edit it over and's cool because honestly there is nothing that bothered me from reading was a great and engaging read.

woody_3162 10-26-2012 07:50 AM

Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread
The majority of the talking ends here. Enjoy

Bleach 516: The last words 3: The truth revealed.

Scene opens in the present in Ichigos cave

Ryuken is sitting in front of Ichigo cross legged, he is holding his hands out towards him. They have a faint glow around them. Uryuu is standing with his back to his father facing Yoruichi who is sitting, leaning against the cave wall.

Uryuu: They almost destroyed the world??
Yoruichi: The fall of the Quincy arose due to two main events.
Ryuken: The first was the balance.
Ryuken: You’ve been told that Quincy destroying hollows could upset the balance and irreparably destroy the world…that is a lie.
Uryuu: What?!
Ryuken: The truth is that the imbalance of the souls in the world would have caused all the worlds to merge into one...Can you imagine, Soul Society, Hueco Mundo and the physical world trying to cohabit together?
Ryuken: Yamamoto, who at the time due to his strength and power was the unofficial leader of the shinigami received his first missive from the soul king.
Uryuu: the soul king?
Ryuken: Yes, the order was not to allow for the worlds to merge under any circumstances. the Quicy were no longer allowed to that is why they revolted.

Scene change back to the captain commanders quarters 2 days ago.

Yamamoto: No, if only things had been so simple.
Kyoraku/Ukitake: ...
Mayuri: Yes the Quincy could no longer kill hollows, but this did not mean they had no place on the battlefield anymore. They were still skilled companions who could be trained with, exceptional medics whose skills were greatly needed out on the field and could always provide support to the shinigami in battle without having to strike the killing blow. No, though it required a drastic change from the norm and for the Quincy to take on a supporting role but this was not a reason for the eventual revolt that happened.
Ukitake:...I thought that could not be the case since the timelines did not match, the battle with the Quincy happened a lot closer to our time...
Kyoraku:...but yamaji if that was not what created the conflict then what was?

Yamamoto takes a deep sigh and drops his head as if in shame. was our arrogance.

Scene change back to the present in the cave.

Yoruichi: The Shinigami never thought to consider the strain that sharing powers with humans would have on them.
Uryuu: strain??
Yoruichi: Our powers come from within us but they have their own presence, in a way they have their very own existence and consciousness and are very much individual as they are a part of our spiritual energy.
Ryuken: When they transferred their powers over to the Quincy they also transferred over some of that presence.

Uryuu looks at Yoruichi with a very confused look, Yoruichi sighs

Yoruichi: Try to imagine how it is Uryuu, our Zanpaktou are a part of us but they still don't give us an easy ride, we have to show, to prove that we're worthy to wield them. Now imagine a part of that, a conscious, proud part that is being trapped in something else, something completely alien to them that they have no consideration for.
Uryuu: ...
Yoruichi: and then try to imagine more than one presence being trapped in one person.
Ryuken: It was something akin to schizophrenia but a lot more real with a lot more real and serious consequences.
Uryuu: But Ichigo...he's never mentioned anything like this happening to him.
Yoruichi: Kuchiki Rukia's powers weren't developed enough at the time for much of the presence to transfer through when she transferred her reitsu to him. He also never had them long enough to find out what might have happend as Byakuya removed them on his first encounter with Ichigo.
Uryuu: ...but now-
Yoruichi: the technique Kisuke devised to return Ichigo's powers removed the presence from the reitsu for the most part, though it was'nt foolproof the affect they have on him should have been much less...anyway by the time it became apparent what was happening and why, the number of shingami any given disciple might have shared powers with could easily have topped 100.
Ryuken:...It drove them mad. Imagine extremely powerful and deranged Quincy loose all over the world.
Uryuu: so they had to be killed for the sake of peace
Ryuken:...No, not just that...

Scene change back to the captain Commander

Yamamoto: Every single Quincy that had shared powers, no matter if just once, every single disciple however strong or weak, every single one of them was cut down.
Mayuri: Every single one...but one!
Mayuri: the disciple of Genryusai Shikeguni Yamamoto, Juha Bach was left alive.
Yamamoto: 1000 years ago I met him on the field of battle and defeated him...but I was not strong enough to land the killing blow on him, I could not, would not, and so he still lives today.
Ukitake: Juha Bach? Just who is he??
Yamamoto: A man of royal lineage, destined to be the next king of the Quincy, a man of unique skill and power chosen to be the sole disciple of the leader of the shinigami, a man born once in generation...that was my disciple, that was Juha Bach!

Scene change back to the cave in the present:

Ryuken: the strong write history, the strong rule the weak. The shinigami made their choice...and I cannot say they chose wrong.
Uryuu: But they massacred hundreds of-
Ryuken: They were wild animals!!!
Ryuken: the only mistake they made was to let HIM live and now he's come back to exact revenge.
Uryuu: Him??
Ryuken: a light that sunk so low that now it only spreads the darkness. Juha Bach...

A man suddenly appears on the other side of Ichigo, he pulls back the cowl of his cloak revealing a battered hat.

Kisuke: he's your uncle in point of fact.
Uryuu: Urahara-wait? What?!
Kisuke: well, add in a few greats for the sake of accuracy and you get the idea.
Uryuu: my uncle?!!

Ryuken: (sighs) you always know how to spoil a good story don't you Kisuke.
Kisuke: aha sorry,
Ryuken: fine then, you finish off the story, I was getting tired of it anyway.

Urahara walks over to Yoruichi and puts a hand to her shoulder as if consoling her.

Urahara: You are the last in the line of the Quincy royalty dating back to over 2000 years.
Uryuu: Royalty?!
Kisuke: yes, and Juha Bach, your...ancestor, was the man destined To be the next king a thousand years back.
Kisuke: The massacre of the Quincy is what led to the tipping point. Only the brightest, the strongest, the leaders and members of the royal family were chosen to become disciples of the Shinigami. Without them the remaining Quincies, no not just them but everything fell into disarray. In an attempt to bring that disarray to an end the Gotei 13 were created.
Kisuke: By decree of the soul king the thirteen squadrons were formed. Their job was to maintain the balance and supervise and manage the passing of souls. Yamamoto allowed the Quincy to manage and police themselves, the only rule laid down to them, to never fight again.
Kisuke: for a while this seemed to work, many Quincy built normal lives and disappeared into the world, but some could not let go of the past. Eventually that resentment built to a boiling point and you know the end result.
Uryuu: the Quincy began to kill hollows and the shinigami were forced to kill them all.
Kisuke: Yes...
Ryuken: Bach was the only man a thousand years ago that did not become insane, though he may have lost his sanity. How he managed it we don't know.
Kisuke: whether through power, dominance or sheer will, from what we do know he was certainly capable, but, the process did not leave him unchanged.
Uryuu: ...why?
Ryuken: He wished to let the worlds collide and become one. He felt it was better for us all to become one and the shinigami and Quincy to rule and govern them.
Kisuke: for that reason he stood against the captain commander a thousand years ago, to decide the fates of the worlds.
Yoruichi: and now he has come back to fulfil his ambitions.

The cave suddenly shakes as a tremendous amount of reitsu is released. Ichigo's back arches up off of the floor and a loud roar of a scream fills the cave.

Kisuke: I guess its about that time, at least we've managed to give him a fighting chance.
Uryuu: a fighting chance??
Ryuken: to bring them under control, to make them a part of his own reitsu and Zanpaktou.
Kisuke: unfortunately not all our plans went as expected. Ryu-Jin Jaka joined with Ichigo directly without any filter...
Yoruichi: and the strongest Zanpaktou for the last 2000 years is not one to be trifled with.

Scene change back to the captain commander.


woody_3162 10-26-2012 07:51 AM

Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread

Ukitake:...once again we seem to be dragging him into our conflicts, how pitiful.
Yamamoto: No, he chose the path of being a protector when he could have walked away. Since it is the physical world that would suffer the most it is fitting that its protector also be human.
Kyoraku: i don't think he would want it any different, don't you think Ukitake.
Yamamoto: If you have the resolve to protect you must have the resolve to endure and he will have to endure much. I have not left him alone in this... if he survives there are those that will rally around behind him and you must too.
Yamamoto: He will need your guidance and your support if he is to defeat Bach and his army.
Kyoraku: Yamaji, you sound as if you've already buried yourself.

Yamamoto turns his back to all 3 captains, he walks out onto the balcony once more as the bright light glares onto his face. He places his hands on the stone rail and looks out.

Yamamoto:...If he comes he will come directly for me, if he comes he will have prepared for everything, if he comes I will die...and if i die, the whole of soul society will be turned to rubble.
Yamamoto: But this must not stop you, this must not slow you down, not a tear must be shed, not a step back must be taken. Bones can be mended, stone can be rebuilt, do not think on yesterday but stand tall and true, for the peace of tomorrow will rest on you!!

Next Week: Bleach 517 - Ichigo vs Ryujin Jaka

op101 10-26-2012 08:47 AM

Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread
Wow woody. You write incredibly well. Ever thought of taking it up as something more than a hobby?

woody_3162 10-27-2012 01:00 PM

Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread

Originally Posted by op101 (Post 2129035)
Wow woody. You write incredibly well. Ever thought of taking it up as something more than a hobby?

Thanks dude.
I write as a hobby. Have the ideas, Never really had enough time to develop a full novel lol I barely get time for predics. Maybe in the near future I can share some good news ;-) until then predics will always be at hand.

op101 10-28-2012 11:35 AM

Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread
Seriously though, probably the best predictions I've read on this site with regard to actual writing skill/content/technique. Please keep going!

Vishnu 10-28-2012 03:14 PM

Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread
Well done Woody. It reminds me a lot of the good ol' times. The trio of Woody Vishnu and Jericho on the predictions. Now it seems that we covered every area. Jericho is still the boss of the predictions, i'm involved in the Naruto fanfic area and you are the pioneer of the bleach fanfics. Good joob and keep it up!

woody_3162 11-06-2012 04:40 AM

Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread
Sorry for the delay guys.
Wrote most of the next prdiction on my work computer, but have been on hol the past few days, I'm back in work tomorrow so the next predic will definitly be up Tomorrow night.

woody_3162 11-07-2012 05:27 PM

Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread
Right guys here it is, sorry for the delay and hope you enjoy!

Bleach 517: Ichigo vs Ryujin Jaka

Scene opens on the inner world of Ichigo. Ichigo stands looking out into the sky of flames. His look is serious and sombre.

Ichigo:…If you mean protecting my friends-
Ryujin jaka: Protecting your friends is a DUTY not a cost, and I’m sure you well know that it is not that to which I refer.
Ichigo: I thought so (sighs) so what exactly do you refer to…and who are you?!

A piece of the flaming sky suddenly splits from the rest moving towards the ground in front of Ichigo. It forms into the semblance of a burning man. Every now and again the flames seem to give off the appearance of Samurai clad warrior.

Rujin Jaka: Do you not feel me Kursaki Ichigo? Does not my reitsu itself declare who I am to you?!
Ichigo: …You’re his Shikai aren’t you?
Ryujin Jaka: I am

Ichigo’s eyes take on a withdrawn saddened look remembering the death of Yamamoto.

Ichigo: …why am I here? I should be out there, fighting them.
Ryujin Jaka: Avenging them you mean

Ichigo’s voice is quiet, hard and bitter as he replies

Ichigo: Yes!

Ryujin Jaka: The man who led the Gotei 13 for over a thousand years. The man that commanded the strength of the strongest flame type Zanpaktou in the whole of soul society. The man who had had never lost in battle until the day of his death
Ryujin Jaka: …That man fell not long ago Kurosaki Ichigo, do you believe you are ready to stand where that man fell?
Ichigo:…It doesn’t matter if I can or not, or if I fall or not. Nothing else matters apart from the fact that I can’t just stand here and do nothing!!!

The last few words leave Ichigo’s mouth in a shout loud and angry. Suddenly the ground behind him and on either side of him erupts in flames. Ichigo tries to jump out and away from them but Rujin Jaka draws out what seems to be a sord of flames and points it directly at Ichigo’s chest forcing him to stay in place.

Ryujin Jaka: Always the child.
Ryujin Jaka: this has been your one great failing, rushing into situations without thinking.
Ichigo: …
Ryujin Jaka: Always thinking you have to take action, always thinking that the weight of the world rests on your shoulders alone. To think I would have to face such childish notions once again.
Ryujin Jaka: Kurosaki Ichigo! Out of respect for the last wishes of the only man ever to truly wield me I offer you this chance!
Ichigo: chance? Chance for what?
Ryujin Jaka: a chance to learn what I have to teach, to let my powers merge with yours.
Ryujin Jaka: but beware!! You shall be tested, and there shall be no leniancy, there shall be no mercy! You will either show you are deserving and stand against the destructive tides or be found lacking and suffer horribly before you die!

Scene change to a room somewhere in soul society

All the captains are stood together apart from Byakuya, kenpachi, Mayuri and Unohona.

Kyoraku: it seems we were unable to change anything, everything went just as the captain commander predicted.
Ukitake: but to think, that Byakuya and Kenpachi would suffer such serious injury...
Kyoraku: we knew very little about the enemy and their capabilities, we should be grateful that we came out as we did.
Shinji: tch, to think you old guys had already prepared for all this-
Hitsugaya: You never expected us to be able to defend soul society, you let the captain commander walk out to his death!!
Kyoraku: Hitsugaya san, do you think you could have stopped the captain commander?
Ukitake: Those were the last instructions of the captain commander and we now have to move forward.
Shinji: And what exactly does moving forward mean?

Mayuri suddenly appears amongst them

Mayuri: It means we now prepare for the counterattack.


Scene change back to Ichigo

Ichigo: You know my decision without asking, there's no way I could stand doing nothing when there's a chance I could protect my friends.
Ryujin Jaka: Yes...but the choice had to be given, the decision made. Now...PREPARE!!!

As Ryujin Jaka shouts out the last word he spreads his arms out wide. The sky of flames that was surrounding them suddenly disappears. Ichigo scans the sky confused.
Ichigo: so now what, do I have to fight you to prove that I am worthy?
Ryujin Jaka: fight me?! You are 1000 years early to stand against me Kurosaki Ichigo!
Ryujin Jaka: I shall be testing your endurance!
Ryujin Jaka: yes, I will merge myself with you and will begin to release my flames slowly, increasing my power slowly to its fullest
Ichigo... And if I take too long...
Ryujin Jaka: then you will be burnt alive by my reiatsu until there is nothing left!
Ryujin Jaka: Understand this Kurosaki Ichigo, this will not be your body that is burning away but your spirit! It can last much longer against my flames but that also means that your pain and suffering will also be much greater!!
Ichigo: Pain holds no sway when faced with despair...(sighs) I accept! So what is this test?

Ryujijn Jaka holds his arms out wide to either side. The sky behind him suddenly begins to fill with countless figures appearing. A close up of some shows them to be shikai of some the captains and vice captains.

Rujin Jaka: I shared some of my power with them to allow them to take form. they also desire to test you to see if you are worthy.
Ichigo: !!! I don't sense...
Ryujin Jaka: they are not like me Kurosaki Ichigo, my power has given them some semblance of awareness but it is like that of a dream once awake, flitting and disappearing slowly even as we speak, they are like...memories of themselves, here just long enough for this test before they merge themselves back with your reiatsu.

Ryujin Jaka's form slowly begins to dissolve, turning into formless flames in the air. The flames that were surrounding him slowly lose shape as well drifting and merging into Ryujin Jaka.

Ryujin Jaka: are you ready Kurosaki Ichigo?!
Ichigo: I'm ready.

The flames shoot towards Ichigo and strike him in the chest. ichigo staggers back as the flames surround his body and slowly merge into him until they completely disappear within

Rujin Jaka: Then let us begin!!
The motionless forms standing in the sky suddenly shoot down towards Ichigo.
Ichigo: !!!

Scene Changes back to the captains

The captains apart from Ukitake and Kyoraku look towards Kurotsuchi Mayuri in surprise.

Hitsugaya: Counterattack???
Soifon: We were totally defeated!! How will we be able to counterattack in our current situation?!

Mayuri laughs and clicks his finger nails together as he moves through the captains. He ends up standing between Kyoraku and Ukitake.

Mayuri: You weren't defeated, you were used as guinea pigs (small laugh).

Mayuri: We were aware that the enemies ability may be more than just simply sealing our Bankai. (laughs) No, In fact our hope was that it was more than just sealing and that turns out to be the case, as you are now aware they were stolen.
Soifon: you wanted this to happen?!!!
Mayuri: (chuckling) such passion from a captain that actually hates her Bankai, yes we did want it to happen, and we wanted it to happen to you!
Kyoraku: Mayuri San, is this anyway to do a debriefing.
Ukitake: Please keep this civil.
Mayuri : tch fine. We knew that the enemy would come prepared. If it was possible then we would try to defeat them but this seemed unlikely knowing whocwe were about to face. Our main aim once they came was *to whether the storm of the first onslaught and try to gather as much intel as possible. To this end we chose our course of action.
Mayuri: You three captains were chosen and placed where we were sure the enemy would attack. The hope was for you to lose your bankais first.
Komamura: What?!!
Mayuri: there were 2 reasons for this. Firstly it was due to the nature of your particular Bankai.
Mayuri: as strong as they are we have the abilities to counter and fight against them. Hitsugaya's as strong as it is is still the youngest and it's power is limited by time. Komamura and Soi Fons as powerful as they are are slow and easy to avoid and counter. Kuchiki Byakuya was an unexpected victim of this when he decided to release his at the same time as yours.
Kyoraku: Mayuri saan, such a disrespectful way to address Captains and their Bankai. Must you be asked again to keep this civil?
Mayuri : tch (pointedly ignores him) We had hoped to find out the nature of the enemies ability before there were other casualties.
Shinji: (sighs) fine ok, you've explained that well enough, as much as I dislike it, so what was the second reason?
Mayuri: To track them back to their base once they had finished. I set up a separate lab specifically attuned to the reiatsu of the stolen Bankai, I know exactly where the Stolen Bankai are at this very moment....though considering what we saw when they attacked there was no need to go to such trouble
Ukitake: Where are they Kurotsuchi Mayuri san?
Mayuri: Surely you didn't overlook the people we were fighting against? (laughs). They are precisely where they are getting all their soldiers from to fight this war, deep in the bowels of Hueco Mundo!

Scene change back to Ichigo


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