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Dagoro 11-25-2012 01:53 PM

Magi 164


I knew that was coming after reading the first few pages of the chapter. I won't be surprised if Mogamett is counting on this, it would explain why he hasn't done anything about Titus yet since he knows about his connection with the little magi girl.

He has no choice but to cooperate if he wants Marga to live.

apacolypz 11-26-2012 09:17 AM

Re: Magi 164
Being that Mogamett knows of Aladdin and Titus as Magi/Representative of a Magi. I am sure he is betting on them siding with the Magicians and helping their fight against the Kou and outside forces. Interesting though, looks like he will be meeting up with possible Mor and Alibaba sooner than later. The provinces/Countries involved in this feud will put our allies in some serious cross fire. A lot of shit is going on and Aladdin needs to clear his mind and figure out a plan. Just what will Mogamett do now that he is aware of them. His view of Humans will certainly push Titus alongside Aladdin to take action. Aladdin sees him as a good guy but seriously flawed. He is like the father figure to Yamu. So what will exactly happen? Only Magi left to be revealed is the old wandering Magi. Can't wait for next chapter.

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