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thegodfather2450 01-30-2013 12:12 PM

619 prdections l spoilers

predict away

jericho Uzimaki 01-30-2013 12:27 PM

Re: 619 prdections l spoilers
There will be a Jericho prediction for this!

I will post it (them?) later.

That it is all...

MR VSU 01-30-2013 12:38 PM

Re: 619 prdections l spoilers
so will minato change sauke for the better with the whole naruto has lost his family too bit
and how there not that different

Konnaha_yellow_flash 01-30-2013 01:25 PM

Re: 619 prdections l spoilers
I predict that Juugo's zetsu will daddy reunion moment with hashirama... Sarutobi will just feel stupid for givinghis life just to become a pawn of Oro in the end and minato who is just too much for Oro to control, FTG's himself the hell out of there in order to help his son and meet obito for a mature talk no jutsu that will change his mind...

hillhawk 01-30-2013 03:40 PM

Re: 619 prdections l spoilers
Here's my theory. At some point, the ten tails will have to become complete, as there would have been little point bringing it in otherwise. For that to happen, Bee is going to get captured. However, even though Naruto would most likely be able to survive a tailed beast extraction, I doubt they'll do that to him because he'll need all of the power he could get in order to stand even a remote chance of winning. Therefore, most likely, the other half of the nine tails will come out of the reaper, but it won't go back to Naruto. Instead, it will somehow be captured by the ten tails in order to make it complete. Knowing Kishi, he'll make it so Naruto and Sasuke have to team up in order to take it down.

Vengeance 01-30-2013 04:44 PM

Re: 619 prdections l spoilers
Hoax Prediction 619-622


After the Hokages answer Sasuke's questions Sasuke is in a state of distress. He isn't sure what he should do & starts pondering to himself all emo like. Orochimaru sees this as an opportunity & decides to give the attack signal to the Kages. Sarutobi uses some fire jutsu on Suigetsu turning him into steam while Minato teleports to Juugo & Rasengans him in the face. Tobirama & Hashirama rush Sasuke. Tobirama starts off with some uber water tec pushing Sasuke back while Hashirama restrains Sasuke using wood. Sasuke brakes free using Susanoo & tries to genjutsu Orochimaru. Suddenly the area goes black & Sasuke finds himself trapped in "The Bringer of Darkness".

Sasuke thinking: What is this? My sense of sight has been dulled? It can't be... a genjutsu that can actually overpower my sharingan!

Orochimaru: Kukuku You were a fool to trust me Sasuke-kun!

Sasuke attacks in the direction of the sound but misses. Suddenly Sasuke is tapped on the shoulder & reacts by stabbing his sword behind himself.

Orochimaru: You've relied on your eye sight for to long boy that your other senses have been dulled. You who was born gifted could never survive if those gifts were to be taken away.

Sasuke: Arrrhh!! FUCK YOU!

Sasuke in a rage of fury summons Susanoo again & expends its size by forcing in extreme amounts of chakra.

Sasuke: Even if I can't see you I can still feel your presence using Susanoo!

The expansion of Susanoo forces the Hokages back. Suddenly Sasuke is stabbed in the back with a Kunai & restrained by the wood element.

Sasuke: ahh b..but how...

The Darkness is dispelled revealing that Minato stabbed him from behind. Sasuke is surrounded by the four Hokages restrained by wood & on his knees. Orochimaru walks up to Sasuke kneels down & grabs Sasuke's face while starting at him in the eyes. Orochimaru then licks Sasuke's face as Sasuke looks on in horror.

Orochimaru: In case you haven't figured it out yet Sasuke-kun Minato over here is a master of space/time techniques. It was easy enough for him to teleport us into Susanoo without you realizing it.

Sasuke tries to reactivate Sharingan but he devolves quickly after reaching three tomoe.

Orochimaru: You really didn't do any research at all on these guys have you? If you did you would never have let me summon them. Take Hashirama over here for example. He's got the abilty to suppress chakra. Restricting your sharingan once you're put in a weaken state is a simple task for him. Why do you think Madara fears him so!

Sasuke: You.. you bastard!

Orochimaru: You're mine!

Orochimaru enters Sasuke's body for a full body takeover.

Orochimaru: Kukuku this is glorious!

Orochimaru actives EMS.

Orochimaru: Still not enough... It seems I need more than just a mear cloned DNA after all.

Orochimaru scans the area using his new found power.

Orochimaru: Come on out girl I know you're there.

Minato vanishes & reappears with Karin restrained.

Karin: Orochimaru-sama is it time...

Orochimaru: Yes Karin it's time you knew this day would come.

Karin: Did you really... have to kill him...

Orochimaru: O Sasuke isn't dead he merely lives on inside my mind like all others I've taken before him. Don't worry you two will be reunited soon.

Suddenly Orochimaru's arm transforms into wood piercing Karins chest. Karin's body & essence is sucked into Orochimaru's being. Orochimaru's eyes start to transform again this time turning into Rinnegan.

Orochimaru: I can see... I can see... Everything!

Orochimaru creates some fire, then water, than earth, then lightning, & finally some wind.

Orochimaru: HAHAHAHAHA perfect I can finally master all jutsu I can finally know everything. With this power nothing can stop me!

Orochimaru senses something leaking out of the Death Gods stomach.

Orochimaru: So Minato was able to do that as well. What an extraordinary shinobi he was.

Orochimaru pulls the death god towards him & absorbs the Kyuubi's chakra into his own being!

Orochimaru: Such power such power! I want more! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Back at the Shinobi battle field
Naruto, Madara, & Obito all have shocked looks on their faces.

Naruto thinking: But how... is this even possible. That son of a bitch was supposed to be dead! Why why do I sense Sasuke within him!

Orochimaru astral projecting to Naruto: Kukuku hello Naruto-kun. Don't worry Sasuke is safely inside of me. I won't interfere with your little war, I have no intention to. If you want to save your friend then seek me out. Just know you no longer have a home to go back to!

Naruto: You... monster!

Kakashi: Naruto what's wrong?

A huge flash of light can be seen in the distance.

Guy: what the hell was that!

Naruto crying: Konohamaru... Ramen dude... everyone... they're all dead!

Kakashi: What happened Naruto?

Naruto: It's Orochimaru... he... he... obliterated Konoha!


kluang 01-30-2013 07:47 PM

Re: 619 prdections l spoilers
Hashi vs Madara

LonelyNinja 01-30-2013 07:56 PM

Re: 619 prdections l spoilers
I predict the Hokages telling Sasuke about how shit the Uchiha clan is, covering everything from numerous betrayals and assassinations of Leaf nobles, people, etc., how the Hokages tried to come to some kind of compromise with the Uchiha leaders and how they responded with a nice "You want peace? Too bad, fuck you, here Sharingan attack!" and about how legitimately shitty the Uchiha clan was to everyone.

All for Sasuke to say, "Don't care, gonna kill everyone anyways!"

Oh, and some silly wankery with Orochimaru abusing the Zetsu clones for their DNA or something.

jericho Uzimaki 01-30-2013 10:14 PM

Re: 619 prdections l spoilers
Jericho Prediction

"Conversations" part I

Hashirama and the other Kages stand before the abstract 4man team.

Hashi "it seems we are in a familiar situation again brother."

Tobirama, " yes it does. Hey Sarutobi, i thought you took care of this last time?"

Hurizen, " i sealed us into the death demon, i am sure of it!"

Minato, " i sealed myself as well. Looks as though all the Kage before are here. Only one answer."

Orochimaru steps forward, completely possessing the Zetsu form now.

Hurizen and the first two Kages look on.*

Minato "Orchimaru-sama, you have used the Uzumaki mask of the death God to undo this haven't you?"

Orochimaru, {4th Hokage, you really are a genius. With little information he figured it all out} "yes, *that is correct. "

Hashirama, "hmm so i guess you down on the end, your te fourth Hokage?"

Minato looking at him and bowing, " yes first Hokage -sama."

Hashirama, "now now were all Kage. Is this your pupil Sarutobi?"

Hurizen, "actually he is a student of my student, if you will."

Tobirama, " either way, a fine shinobi and Kage. Now why are we here?"

Hurizen, " what did you bring us forth to did Orochimaru, fight another battle for you?"

Tobirama, " if so, let's get it over with."

Minato, "i don't think so. By the way they are standing, there is distrust but no one is showing hostility to any other."

Sasuke stands forward, " i have questions that only you four can answer. After that i will have Orochimaru cancel this jutsu. I need you not to fight any of my battles."

Hurizen, " Sasuke Uchiha, is that you?"

Hashirama, "Sasuke, huh? Your name after a great Sarutobi clan ninja, did your parents tell you that?"

Sasuke, "my clan is dead."

Hashirama, Tobirama & Minato, "dead?!"

Hurizen just lowers his head, " what are your questions, Sasuke."

Sasuke looks at Hashirama, "first Hokage, founder of the Leaf, *leader of the Senju, revered as the strongest ninja known . What is a clan?"

Hashirama, " i see. Your eyes give you away. Your face is solid emotionless, but your eyes are full. Loneliness pain, anger, and but mostly confusion."

Sasuke goes EMS, " answer the question."

Hashirama, "Eternal Mangekyo Sharinghan, that has no effect on me and most Senju are very resilient. But i will answer your question, none the less."

Suigetsu, {i don't think provoking these guys is a good idea, *Edo Tensei *or not!}

Hashirama,"the Blood flowing through our veins shared with others is the base of a clan. You live and die for your clan, you keep the interest of the clan before your own."

Sasuke, " before yourself? What if you can't? What if you put something before the clam, before yourself?!"

Hashirama is quiet for a bit then, " well then if you put something before your clan. It must be very important or special to you just make sure it is worth it and the exactly what you want to do."

Juugo, " them you will be alone, like Sasuke."

Hashirama, "hmmm, why because the people with your name sake are no longer by your side? If your cause is just then you will have a new clan."

Sasuke, " a new clan?"

Hashirama, "exactly, for instance, all the Kage, everyone in the village and you... Are part of my clan. The Konoha village clan!"

He smiles and scratches the back of his head.

Hurizen, " Hashiram-sama, you are still as sentimental as ever."

Sasuke is quiet then looks at Tobirama, "what is family, what does it mean to be brothers?"

Tobirama, " I am not as long winded and delicate as my older brother. So i will say this, a brother is someone that will not only die for you and you for him he is someone that... Will live for you as well."

Sasuke, "live for you?"

Tobirama, "someone that will dedicate his life to help you even when you don't think you need it or even want it."
Sasuke thinking of naruto.

Flash back:

Sasuke, " why are you so fixated on me?!"

Naruto, " because your my friend."

Another flash of Naruto, " your the closes thing I got to a brother."


Tobirama, " clans, names, villages mean nothing when it comes to family and brothers. Eveyone in konoha is my brother or sister, even you little Sasuke, even you with so much hate in your heart."

Naruto inside Sasuke head, " i will take on that hate with you..."

Sasuke looks at the 3rd Hokage, " now I have two questions for you. One,what is a village? I want you to tell me this first...why did Itachi put the village before our clan, our family?!"

Hurizen is surprised.

Sasuke, "tell me!"

Next: "Conversations" part II

jekyl_hyde 01-31-2013 06:08 PM

Re: 619 prdections l spoilers
Great jobs j_u and veng. Shame neither will be even close to what Kishi and his editors shove down our throats.

jericho Uzimaki 02-01-2013 01:14 PM

Re: 619 prdections l spoilers
Jericho Prediction

"Conversations" part II & III

Flash back:

We see many ninja fighting. It is Uchiha *and Senju.

Random Senju, " damn it, why do the Uchiha always cause trouble?!"

Several Uchiha surround him but are taken out by wood element.

Hashirama, " they were hired as we were. They are shinobi just like us, no difference."

Random Senju, " just like us, then why are we enemies?"

Later we see Hashirama and a younger Tobirama meeting with Madara and Izuna.

Madara, " what are you saying Hashirama? You want us to join forces, to strengthen our forces?"

Hashirama, " well not exactly, we are the most skilled and feared clans. But we are still looked at as just ninja, hired dogs."

Izuna, " who are you calling Dogs Senju?!"

*Tobirama readies himself, but both Madara an Hashi stop their brothers.*

Madara, " so what exactly what are you proposing?"

Hashirama, "a village...."

We see the clans meeting face to face.

"our clans come together to create, not destroy. We have only fought due to being hired by opposing clients."

See the village being built Senju and Uchiha side by side. Hashirama using his jutsu to create the forest around it and the some buildings.

"we will live together work together in this village. Then we can invite other respected clans, even those that are not as renown."

We see many different clans coming in.


Hashirama, " I see no problem with both of us being leaders of this village. As it grows, one will not be enough to look after everyone."

Madara, " let's not forget are military strength, it must not weaken. Now that we are together and established, there are other hidden villages that have followed our lead."

Tobirama, "i have heard of them brother, but some are made of clans with no specialties or just one, like one teaches their ninja lightning jutsu. Another, in a dessert that have no specific specialities."

Hashirama, "it is good we inspired others to come together. We should usher in peace as soon as they are all on their feet."

Madara, {no we should make sure they fear us. Make sure they do not test the might of the Uchiha and Senju, they should respect the Hidden leaf village as the strongest.}

Present time.*

"Posed with a question of the heart"

Hurizen, "very well, young Sasuke. You may not like what you hear."

Minato, " one moment before you start third. You are the son of Fugaku Uchiha? I see. Go on Third, i just have thoughts at the moment."

Third, " itachi Uchiha was one of the most talented shinobi I have seen in a while. His dedication to the Leaf was never questioned."


A young Itachi is standing on a building that has an excellent view of the Kage Monument.

Itachi, {you all gave your lives for this village. }

voice, "considering applying for the position?"

Itachi turns, "Third Hokage-sama, uhm no i would never."{ I didn't even know he was near me, his skill is so sharp.}

Third, " i can tell in your eyes, you would be an excellent Hokage. Trust me I know these things."

Itachi, " I want to be an ANBU lord Hokage we are entrusted to protect you and the village at all costs. It i my job, my honor to die for you."

Third, "hmmm, interesting way to look at it. You are my family I would die for you before you had the chance to die for me."

Itachi shocked, " what? What do you mean, Third Hokage-sama?"

Third, " the idea of the Hidden Leaf is no matter who you are, what clan you come from. We are all family, and family always protects each other."

Itachi looks down and sees *Sasuke around 2 years old walking hand in hand with his mother..

Third continues, "do you know why there are not many Senju left in the village, considering they along with the Uchiha started the Leaf?"

Uchiha, " I do not, Lord Hokage."

Third, "it is because, at some point a great number of them decided they could no longer interact with the Uchiha clan. There was an Ultimatum brought up to the First Hokage."

Itachi, "ultimatum?"

Third, " yes, expel the Uchiha or lose the Senju clan as residents if the Leaf. As you see Hashurama-sama, chose his family over the Senju clan."

Itachi, " family?"

Third, " his words, see he felt that neither blood nor name made you family. It was striving to the same goal. Protecting each other, and he was willing to do anything to protect that."

Itachi, "I see...that is my belief too, Hokage -sama."

Third smiles.


Sasuke, "this is true, about the Senju uprise?"

Hashirama, "yes I expelled the remaining Senju from the village. The ones that felt negative towards the Uchiha clan."

Third, " you think that Itachi chose buildings and strangers over his clan? No he chose his ideals and his family over hatred."

Sasuke, "i am his family!"

Third, " you are mire than his brother, you Sasuke, are his hope."

Sasuke, "hope?"

Third, " his hope for a better Uchiha clan his hope for a better future. A stronger and better legacy started when he spared you."

Sasuke turns his head and closes his eyes. After a moment he turns his head towards Minato.

Minato, "i see, forgive me but i will not be directly answering tour question. *You are a friend of Naruto Uzumaki. Your only a couple months apart. If i am correct if you were not on the same team you were in the same class."


Sasuke, "i was on his team but we are not friends, not anymore."

Minato, " you are wrong you will always be friends. He is dedicated to those he loves, at least I hope I passed that down to my son."

Sasuke, "your son?!"

Third, " yes Naruto is the son of Minato Namekaze, the Fourth Hokage. It was a village secret."

Minato, " i do regret leaving him without a mother or father. He even was robbed of having a clan."

Sasuke, { no parents no clan, all before he could even talk. Dammit, why why did you never tell me this !}

Minato, " if I can guess he never even shows that he lost so much. He is probably very determined and hot headed at times."

Sasuke, " you said he was robbed of his clan but i travelled with an Uzumaki."

Minato, " the Uzumaki village was destroyed and the survivors were for to go into hiding, their are a few that do not even know they are Uzumaki."

Minato, " dedication, makes an excellent shinobi. Dedicated yourself to whatever you believe in, protect those that are dear and you will be as powerful as you dream to be."

Sasuke, " dammit, why did the Leaf turn their back on the Uchiha?!"

They all look confused.

All at the same time, "that never happened."

Hashirama, " i fought Madara Uchiha, he wanted to controll other villages and felt he should be sole leader of the Leaf, because of it."

Tobirama, " no other Uchiha ever followed Madara when he made his intentions known. After he was gone they were appointed as the protectors of the village. Everyone respected their ability and dedication"

Third, " yes, in my day the Uchiha were still protectors if the people. They even made up much of the ANBU. The uprise was only a few that followed your father Fugaku Uchiha, not your entire clan."

Minato, " when I was around, i actually sent the majority if the police force away on a training mission. If I knew the 9 tails attack was gonna happen i would have reconsidered that."

Orochimaru, " that attack was lead by Tobi, your new leader hey Sasuke?"

Sasuke, " so there was no hatred towards the Uchiha clan. Itachi didn't chose his clan he chose his ideals and me as he vessel for those ideals? I have a lot to think about."

Orochimaru, " well this conversation is over then? Good, now it's my turn."

Sasuke slightly turns looking at Oro.

Orochimaru, "I have the most powerful and skilled ninja in our recent history at my disposal!"

All the Kages just look on without a word.

Sasuke goes Ems.

next: "New War, Old Soldiers"

jericho Uzimaki 02-01-2013 02:07 PM

Re: 619 prdections l spoilers
Jericho Prediction

"New War old Soldiers"

Tobirama, "Edo Tensei: contract release!"

Suddenly all their eyes and bodies look natural.

Orochimaru, " what?!"

Hashirama, " my brother created this jutsu, putting him under it without a new seal of control was wreck less."

Minato, "yes me and the Third were never placed under this jutsu before, no control seals were placed."

He makes a hand sign, " summoning jutsu!"

He has FTG kunai in both hands and wrapped around both legs.

He places his hand on Hurizen shoulder , he touches Tobirama shoulder and Tobirama does the same with Hasirama.

Orochimaru, " no!"

A root comes up and wraps around Sasuke, Suigetsu and Juugo's ankles.

The *everyone disappears except Orochimaru.

We see Naruto performing their last attack on Madara and Obito. The links are severed and the Juubi starts roaring.

Kakashi surprised, {wait, it can't be} " sensei?!"

Not too far away on a cliff we see the four Kages and Hawk.

Minato, " Naruto?! But who is that he is fighting?"

Hashirama, "Madara?!"

Sasuke, why are we here? I want no part in this war!"

Hurizen, " look around, everyone is in this war!"

Tobirama, "wrong, this isn't our war. Our wars are gone, we should not interefere."

Minato is staring at the *battlefied, he sees many fighting and dead. He sees Kakashi then looks at Obito, whom is fighting Naruto.

"Obito, what has happened to you?"

Obito, " I am tired of you, no more trying to convince you. Your just gonna have to die!"

He sends sharps roots heading strait for him and roots from different directions.

Minato, {dammit.}

Hurizen, "mina..."

As he says that Minato appears behind Naruto and flashes out with him.*

Obito, " was that?!"

Kakashi, " was that
*another Edi Tensei? But he saved Naruto, what is going on?"


Naruto in Rs mode," whats going on here?!"

Minato comes from behind him, " hello son."

Naruto, "Dad, are we inside my head again?"

Minato, { i see he has already meet my chakra presence. Okay then i will continue as id i already told him what i wanted to.} " no Naruto I am.."

Naruto steadies himself but his eyes start watering, " your an Edo Tensei, who is making me fight my dad?!"

Minato, " calm down i have full control, we have little time.
The guy you were fighting..."

Naruto, " Obito, he knows Kakashi Sensei too!"

Minato,{so there is the confirmation} " i see you are using the 9tails chakra."

Naruto, " yeah me and Kurama are partners now!"

Minato, " Kurama huh? Well I have something for you and him."

He makes some hand signs and places a seal on Naruto's for head, it flashes then disappears. Naruto's eyes open wide, with surprise.

Then he places one hand on his stomach and the other he grabs Narutos hand.

Kurama inside, " wait is that, it is!"

Minato inside, " Kurama is it? Well i took something from you a long time ago, i think it's time you got it *a back. Take care of my son, Kurama-sama."


Sasuke is watching the War, " what is he doing?"

Hashirama, " whatever it is all the ninja of the bidden village are fighting together with the Samurai of the Iron country. Must be disastrous ."

Kabuto from behind, " it is, he wants to put the entire world under a genjutsu to bring his own version of peace."

Sasuke looks at him.

Kabuto , " don't worry i am no threat anymore."

Tobirama, " peace?"

He looks at Hashirama, "Madara loves war and bloodshed he loves to show he is stronger than others. This isnt for peace, not with that monster!"

Third, " you know, Madara isnt form this era either. Looks like he is in this *War."

Hashirama looks at Tobirama and they *both knod their heads.

Kabuto, " it stand that if you still wish to destroy Konoha, you would have to fight the alliance to do it. They all share a common ideal now."

Sasuke, {ideals}

Obito facing Kakashi in Naruto cloak, " was that some trick to throw me off? Make me think I saw Minato, you did that?!"

Kakashi, " i saw him too, wasn't us."

Suddenly he charges Kakashi.

Kakashi, { i' m not gonna dodge i have to hit him at the same time, just gotta take him out with me!}

Just as the two collide Obito is extending a sharp root from his hand which is longer than Kakashi's reach with *chidori.

Kakashi, {damn.}

voice, "flying thunder rasengan!"

Naruto wearing Minato's coat(without Hokage print) crashes down on Obito. Minato grabs Kakashi before impact of the root.

At a FTG *kunai a few feet away.

Minato appears with Kakashi.*

Kakashi, " Sensei?!"

He flips up and gets ready to fight, there are other ni ja around as well.

Ninja, " he looks like..."

Minato, " don' worry you don't have to fight me. It seems i am done here, you trained my son well. Narto is a fine *inja and man. I heard I also have Jaraiya sensei to think as well. "

Minato is starting to crumble.

Kakashi, " yes he is, just like you."

Minato, " He is far better than i could be, you are a great sensei. But keep watch over him, i did release the chakra strain on his intellect gate though."

He blows away with the wind.

Guy is behind Kakashi, " intellect gate huh? That Minato sensei, that is not an easy task. "

Naruto glances over to see his dad disperse, {rest easy Dad, Mom is waiting} " Obito Uchiha, student of Minato Namekaze, i am the son of Minato and will from this day forth cary on his legacy!"

Obito is getting up, Naruto sees his fingers touchin the ground and...

"Double Flying Thunder rasengan!"

Obito, " ughh!!" { i just barely touched the ground so i could stand up. Minato wasn't even that fast!}

Naruto, "this fight is over for you."*

He notices something and disappears.

Many spikes erupt around Obito.

Madara looking from atop the juubi, " he is fast. I cant let him take away my doorway to resurrection and becoming the Jinchurikki for the 10 tails."

Voice from behind, " so thats what this monstrosity is."

We see Hashirama standing with Tobirama.

Madara, "Hashirama?!"

Shikamaru, " don't tell me we have to fight thise two as wel?"

Voice from the side, " no, the Kages are with the Alliance."

Everyone around kooks to see Third Hokage.

Kabuto on he cliff with Hawk, " seems everyone has their own goals and beliefs."

Sasuke looks down at Naruto whom is making shadow clones and they are all FTG attacking the Juubi with huge rasengans.

Kabuto to Sasuke, " what is *your goal and belief now Sasuke?"

We see Sasuke standing with EMS and Naruto standing in his Dad's coat making *a rasengan with one hand and no shadow clones.

Sasuke/Naruto, " things are different now."

Next issue: "Goals"

jekyl_hyde 02-01-2013 02:59 PM

Re: 619 prdections l spoilers
Love the sig pics j_u. If you don't finish this out, I would like a cliff notes version of how you would have Hiruzen, Hashirama, and Tobirama all phading out.

KiddJutsu 02-01-2013 03:49 PM

Re: 619 prdections l spoilers
J_U, epic stuff man. I'd like to critique it but dammit it's that good and complete minus spelling. I'm with J_H, if u don't proceed on it I wanna have domes cliff notes too.

BoyThisIsAwkward 02-01-2013 09:40 PM

Re: 619 prdections l spoilers
Jericho, that was great. Can you please continue this I was extremely intrigued.

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