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Vengeance 08-10-2013 03:07 PM

Soul Eater 113 (Finale)

Boob Madness!

Senkradlol 08-10-2013 06:42 PM

Re: Soul Eater 113 (Finale)
Ok boobs are nice, but what an awful last chapter. Half of it was used for boobs.

Spiegel 08-10-2013 08:57 PM

Re: Soul Eater 113 (Finale)
I think it was a fitting ending for this particular series.

ACt 08-10-2013 09:03 PM

Re: Soul Eater 113 (Finale)
Yeah... that was a rather peculiar end. Wrapped up way too quickly and without any real feeling. Seemed like a better series than to wrap it up with boob jokes.

Also, does Soul have a penis? Seems like Tsubaki appears to be sexless from her scene.

Vengeance 08-11-2013 04:40 AM

Re: Soul Eater 113 (Finale)
Black*Star should get a spinoff series. I wanna see just how far he can go with his training. Dudes learning flight by the end of the series. The story can focus mainly on Black*Star with Kid acting like his boss in the way Shinigami-Sama was. Have them maintain their rivalry in a comedic way. Totally remove Soul and Maka from the picture by explaining that Soul went on to be a musician and married Maka or something. Like they got their happy ending now the story revolves around Black*Star with some Kid interaction.

apacolypz 08-12-2013 03:52 AM

Re: Soul Eater 113 (Finale)
odd ending....No Mother of Maka reveal or even show...horrible mother Soul or Maka kiss.....kinda thought that was gonna real connection or embrace of maka and papa...Good little tidbit with Marie and Stein....sure Witches and Humans..yay! Same stupid mask...why not your own take on the mask...SO moon remains black? Crona? i mean boobs became the theme of the final chapter when they could of focused important details....Black Star def is my fac character and a spin off series with Kidd-Shinigami as his boss would work out for me...Have it be like a timeskip of 8 years...very disappointing end..

NeoKakarott023 09-04-2013 12:54 PM

Re: Soul Eater 113 (Finale)
Kinda disappointing, and after all the flak the anime received for how it ended, one would think the creators would've gone farther. But honestly these characters were less into they're power ups as crutches for personality flaws like other characters in other series. Nobody took anyone overly seriously beyond the Kishin, and it did keep a goofy childlike form of humor popping in regularly and frequently, so it kinda ended like DBZ after the tournament and bad guy has been knocked off. The whole world is a new Utopia, it kinda works for them, many characters were depthless.

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