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The Special One 09-12-2013 12:09 PM

Well, been giving it some thought, so here goes.


Another Specialist Prediction

-Whatever it Takes!

(Obito looks down upon the beaten and battered alliance as he stands upon his perch without peer.)

Obito: “This world will never know peace, I am the only way.” (As Obito begins to make a handseal, he is engulfed in black flames. The flames soon dissipate as Obito looks down and locks eyes with Sasuke. Meanwhile, Sasuke steps forward.)

Sasuke: “I can’t let Naruto have all of the fun.” (The scene switches over to Naruto and the group’s location from below Sasuke and Juugo. Naruto struggles to get to his feet, but he does so.)
Naruto: “Sasuke!?”

(The scene focuses on Sasuke. He closes his eyes, he remembers Naruto going into Sage mode, and with the help of the 2nd Hokage, nailing Obito with a Rasengan. Sasuke also recalls Naruto and Minato in their cloaked states bumping fists, and then fast forwarding to the combined Rasengan attack utilized by Yin and Yang Kyuubi forms. The flashbacks cut just as Sasuke opens his eyes and comes to a realization. Sasuke looks back at Juugo.)

Sasuke: “There’s a favor I have to ask.”

Juugo (Juugo smirks then shakes his head): “You don’t have to ask me anything, consider your wishes of me as an extension of my existence.”
Sasuke: “Hmph.

(Sasuke looks over to the group and calls out Sarutobi.)

Hey, old man, cover me and Juugo, I have a plan to even the playing field a little!"

(Numerous large tree branches erupt from the ground to strike at Sasuke and Juugo, by that same token, Minato and the 2nd Hokage rushes off with Naruto, to take him to safer location. Sasuke encases himself and Juugo within Susano-o and launches into the air, using the flaming arrows from his bow to pick off any and all tree branches that make their way at them. Meanwhile, Sarutobi expertly ducks, dodges, and hops over reoccurring branches that are coming his way. He then spots Sasuke in the distance on top a cliff and rushes towards that direction as he mows down any and all tree branches with his pole in hand by viciously slashing vertically and horizontally.

The scene switches over to Obito’s location. He appears annoyed.)

Tobi: As much power as I’ve gained since becoming the Juubi’s host, I can’t use the God Tree to attack while also using it to activate the Tsukuyomi. Fine, it will be the last time I’ll ever get to enjoy using its might, once the new world is upon us, such a thing known as ninjutsu will be pointless.”

(Elsewhere, Naruto’s arms are around the necks of Minato and the 2nd Hokage as they proceed. From all angles, sharpened branches intend to shred them into pieces. The 2nd Hokage lets go of Naruto.)

2nd Hokage: “Stay close to me at all times. (The 2nd begins making handseals.) Baku Suishouha!”

(An enormous amount of water is expelled from the 2nd Hokage’s gullet and once it hits the ground it rises up and twists and spins as it shatters and washes away the branches that aim to impale. Shortly later, the entire area, even up to about a quarter of the way up the God Tree’s trunk, is encased in a large body of water. Naruto, Minato, and the 2nd Hokage floats to the surface of the water. Naruto is immediately concerned.)

Naruto: “Hey, what about everyone else!?” (The 2nd Hokage smirks.)
2nd Hokage: “No concern necessary. The waves move as my hands do. Everyone is safely washed to shore.” (Both Minato and Naruto are simply amazed.)

Minato: “The history books don’t give enough credit to my predecessors.” (As stated by the 2nd Hokage, hundreds of ninja are washed out of the water, a top view of the surroundings attests to the fact. The scene switches back to Obito’s location. He looks down upon the large body of water that his risen so far up the trunk of his perch.)

Obito: “2nd aims to counter the God Tree’s attacks. I’ll deal with him first, the kid can wait.” (Obito jumps off of the summit and heads straight towards the 2nd Hokage’s location, meanwhile, the 2nd Hokage turns to face Naruto and Minato.)

2nd Hokage: “Get out of here, he’ll likely end me.” (Naruto shows deep concern.)

Naruto: “BUT!”

2nd Hokage: “Stop it, live to fight another day. Even a low survival rate is better than no survival rate at all. (Naruto resists but Minato grabs him tightly and rushes off.) Ha. I’m always picking up the slack of these whippersnappers, first Sarutobi, now this punk kid. But… It’s better they survive. Because if they die, who’s going to pick up everyone else’s slack?”

(Sarutobi floats on his back as he watches Obito free fall towards the 2nd Hokage.)

Sarutobi: “If it all ends here, there’s no doubt that we fought to the last breath, but will it really end? (Sarutobi looks over towards Susano-o’s location that sits in shallow waters.) Can this lone Uchiha rally the fire we need to keep our will in the fight?”

(The scene switches to Sasuke’s location within the Susano-o. Juugo’s arm is joined to Sasuke’s chest. Sasuke has a flashback to Juugo saving him from Killer Bee’s onslaught by giving him is body material. The flashback also cuts to Kabito’s speech about Juugo’s clan having ties to natural energy. The flashback cuts to the present. Juugo is the size of an emaciated child; he collapses to the ground and shivers uncontrollably.)

Juugo: “There, even if I go, I’ll always be a part of you. The one who represents all that I am worth. Maybe at some place in time, we can…” (Juugo envisions him and Kimimaro shaking hands, shortly later, Juugo’s eyes close. Sasuke’s eyes are closed as he goes into thought.)

Sasuke (in thought): “Juugo, I’m sorry. One life for the survival of countless more, you would have made ninja like my brother proud. And now, for the first time it’s my time to make my brother proud.” (Sasuke opens his eyes, revealing the Rinnegan.)

Next Time: Sparks

KiddJutsu 09-12-2013 12:47 PM

Re: Naruto_647_Predictions/Spoilers
Best prediction on this site in forever. Although I don't like all the Sasuke fans making become the hero. Still, the veteran is back posting predicts. Thanks boss

The Special One 09-12-2013 10:38 PM

Re: Naruto_647_Predictions/Spoilers
Thanks, though I'm not technically a Sasuke fan... I just think Naruto had his chance. But of course, they'll have to join powers at some point.

MrBIG 09-12-2013 11:55 PM

Re: Naruto_647_Predictions/Spoilers
really liked it until the end.

"Sasuke opens his eyes, revealing the Rinnegan."

I was either expecting a Snake Sage or Sasuke being able to use natural energy cause of Juugo.

But rinnegan? how'd you to jump to that?

apacolypz 09-13-2013 01:53 AM

Re: Naruto_647_Predictions/Spoilers

Originally Posted by MrBIG (Post 2138268)
really liked it until the end.

"Sasuke opens his eyes, revealing the Rinnegan."

I was either expecting a Snake Sage or Sasuke being able to use natural energy cause of Juugo.

But rinnegan? how'd you to jump to that?

I get what you're saying but don't complain when someone offers a free read. That is one of the many reasons people don't submit predictions/fan fictions hardly anymore...people literally dissect them to pieces..just enjoy what you can and move on..Criticism is fine...and accepted...just appreciate that someone took their time to reveal a different perspective than what Kishi is offering.

Senkradlol 09-13-2013 04:29 AM

Re: Naruto_647_Predictions/Spoilers
^ He just asked how he jumped to that is all. .

apacolypz 09-13-2013 04:42 AM

Re: Naruto_647_Predictions/Spoilers

Originally Posted by Senkradlol (Post 2138272)
^ He just asked how he jumped to that is all. .

Since you are coming to the defense of someone who doesn't need defending....

I just said respect people's work...

I am not saying Mr. Big disrespected The Special One's fan fiction......I even thanked his post. The point to my post was that this site used to get numerous people working hard on you barely get one a week.....

If people would just read them and enjoy the fact someone took their time to produce something from their spare hours....probably would be more material to come with the first plate of offering..

Understand Now?

The Special One 09-13-2013 10:05 AM

Re: Naruto_647_Predictions/Spoilers
Yeah, I'll re-word this.

I'm just assuming that since Sasuke has obtained a Sage's body, all of his attributes are increased. With his doujutsu being at such a high level, pms, a chain reaction caused Rinnegan, I'm saying there is an alternate route.

Konnaha_yellow_flash 09-13-2013 12:19 PM

Re: Naruto_647_Predictions/Spoilers

Originally Posted by The Special One (Post 2138242)
Well, been giving it some thought, so here goes.

Dammit, I had a sasuke prediction too... oh well... Here is mine... It is not my best by far, kind of rushed, and would likely take 5 chapters to do what I did this one chapter, but I like it..

Naruto 647: "The Third force awakens"

(so many shinobi are shown dead, drained of chakra as sasuke and Juugo look on while mInato, hiruzen and tobirama tend to naruto's injuries)

Sasuke: "This is the only future for the world as long as this "thing" is allowed to exist".

Juugo: "This is horrible sauske, but what will you do with your level of..."

*Sasuke glares at Juugo with the Eternal Mangekyo*

Sasuke: "Where there's a will, there's a way... Juugo, absorb as much of the tree as you can..."

Juugo: "Oh, so that is your plan.. Ok!"

*Juugo puts his hands on the God tree and starts absorbing it*

(Suddenly, the scene switches to Hashirama going all out to summon his ultimate buddha summon to stop the god tree and infinite tsukuyomi... But madara just smiles)

Madara: "Finally! I have been waiting for you to go all out so I could use my trump card"

*Madara closes one eye and shows his right eye while he forms a specific hand sign and starts his jutsu and hashirama is stopped in his tracks, coloapsing to his knee's as he begins to give off smoke*

Hashirama: "It can't be, this is..."

Madara: "Gedo Rinne Tensai!!!! Now revive first Hokage..."

*Hashirama's edo cracks disappears, color returns to his face and is now flesh and blood again*

Madara: "Finally, your back and easy pickens for me..."

Hashirama: "Apparently you have forgotten who you are dealing with.. Huh...?!?!"

*Unable to move that much and form a hand sign, hashirama is baffled*

Madara: "Stop struggling hashirama, you have been hit by the Tsukuyomi before I revived you so you cannot put up a fight. And just for good measure.."

*Madara uses demon path to grow four extra arms while using bansho tenin to draw hashirama right to him, grabbing hashirama to hold him down with the extra four arms*

Madara: "Now you cannot go anywhere and are ready to finally become, A PART OF ME, so we can become a Being just like that of the sage of six paths"

hashirama Thinking: "So this is why he revived me after paralyzed me...He is already infused with my cells so he has my body so he means to completely integrate me into himself to gain a body the same level of the sage of six paths since the other Uchiha became the juubi's JINK"

*Madara makes his super evil smile and he grows two more arms and forms a four handed hand sign*

Madara: "Now we Become ONE... Using the same Jutsu the Sage of six path's used to split his power, but in reverse... SHINBUTSU SHUGO!!!

(Hashirama is being absorbed into Edo Madara to hashirama's Horror...)

Hashirama as he is almost drawn into Madara: "Huh, you did always want to become me Madara, hahahaha..."

*Madara in anger to Hashirama's taunt completely draws hashi in and suddenly is surrounded in a very bright aura of light as everyone on the battle field notices what just happens*

Tobirama in Panic: "Brother, what happened, Brother....????"

Minato: "Tobirama stop, I know you can feel it too. The First was completely absorbed by Madara... Which means Madara may very well be even more powerful then Obito now... What a fucking mess".

*Obito realizes what Madara has done and actually looks concerned*

Obito: "He actually did it... He absorbed the first Hokage who had the pure body of the sage to recombine with his eyes of the sage to become just like me now... If his goals are not the same as mine, I will have to fight him myself".

*suddenly, Obito can sense what Juugo is doing and rushes over to stop him*

Juugo who is 10x bigger now and full of the God tree as well as it's power: "I am almost full, should I go ahead and give it to you in a condensed faaaaah"

*Obito kicks juugo off the tree and into some rubble with great force as sasuke tries to counter attack with a blitz from behind, but is knocked right onto Juugo*

Obito: "Well now traitor, looks like all that Kyuubi power made you really fast and powerful. Still nowhere near my speed and power level though, too bad... Time to put you out of my misery trai..."

*Juugo suddenly shoots his C2 chakra beam that hit's Obito directly sending him flying as sasuke Smirks*

Sasuke: "DO not worry, I will have all the power I need in a moment from Juugo to take you own... Now Juugo, lets begin"

*Juugo forms his hands into syringe and first gives sasuke his Kyuubi cloak and then starts to give sauske his CS power plus god tree power which causes sasuke's skin to whiten, hair to lighten and start to form wings on his back.
but Obito suddenly blitzes Juugo from behind, slicing him in half with his sage staff of five elements and instantly fires a Bijuudama between sasuke and juugo's two halves, sending juugo all over the place and sasuke to a crevice in the god tree made by juugo, after drawing out a portion of the tree.
Sasuke only got a small amount of god tree and curse seal/sennin power from Juugo though*

Obito: "And that takes care of that, Hahaha".

Naruto: "You bastard, I will never forgive you for this, Just as soon as I am healed, I... WIll...."

*Instantly the power of Madara's new form is felt across the battle field as the Light aura dissipates Revealing Edo Madara with White hair, and the exact same form as Obito, but Madara's SKin coat, spikes are black while the tomoe and RG seals on his back are whites. AS well as his Armour still remaining on his shoulders and thighs, integrated into his RS form, showing the tomoe Plus RG designs on them..*

Madara: "ANd a New Sage of six paths is BORN, This is exactly how I imagined it to feel... I am a god!!!"

(Scene switches to sasuke barely conscious in the crevice of the god tree where he cannot see due to the darkness, but his EMS can see an immensely powerful energy in the form of a fruit... He reaches for it..)

obito: "Wow, you can even rival my power now Madara. And I assume our DEAL still Applies..?"

Madara: "But Of course..."

*Madara instantly blitzes to obito and slices him in half with his own Sage Staff of five elements, but it was a Obito's tail made into a clone of him and the real Obito bursts form under ground and head buts Madara into the God tree*

Obito: "We May be the same now, but I will not let you Ruin my plan just so you can rule this world"

Madara: " SO you figured it out, did ya. Still, I doubt you know my full plan. Either way, it doe snot include you being alive so lets get this over with so I can cast My Ultimate Illusion then gain my true power form the god tree".

Obito: "Lol, You act like you can actually kill me. Well, if you feel like your up to the task, then bring it..."

*both blitz to each other and just before they clash, the Crevice of the god tree sauske was in explodes and a form blitzes out, Blocking both madara and Obito's attack at the same time...*

*With White skin and gray long hair, wings on the back, Horns on the head, six RS tomoe across the chest and a RG design on the stomache as well as the ultimate eyes Only possessed by one other person. The Sharinnegan...*

Obito is stunned to see it is sasuke: "But how, I stopped Juugo from giving you his and the god tree's power he absorbed... and those eyes... HOW did you get those e.."

Madara: "You found some fruit of the god tree inside there didn't you, you little bastard... And Gained the Ultimate chakra... to Gain the ukltimate doujutsu even Beyond what the sage of six paths had...
The KAGUYAGAN (=sharinnegan)... The power of the SG and RG together in one doujutsu, not in different evolution like what we have....
D you realize what you have boy... That is a power not seen since the Original god of this world Kaguya, the...."

Sasuke: "Mother of the Rikudou sage who passed on her power to him... I had the eternal mangekyo and read the tablet so I know just as Much as you Madara. And now that I have stumbled upon the power to gain the ultimate doujutsu plus the dragon sage senjutsu Juugo gave me and the god tree's power enhanced many folds.

*Naruto, Minato, tobirama, hiruzen, and everyone else are shocked, most of all Obito who thought he knew everything about the origin of the sage of the Juubi's power*


DRAGONBPY 09-13-2013 03:41 PM

Re: Naruto_647_Predictions/Spoilers
Hate to admit it but I give you 5/5 KYF. Sasuke with Sage mode and sharinnegan is what I want as well. Hate when KYF makes epic predictions

jericho Uzimaki 09-13-2013 08:02 PM

Re: Naruto_647_Predictions/Spoilers
Welcome back Jericho Prediction

"The Time is Now"

Hashirama facing off with Madara," you ate full of it as always. First of all,that is too much information to be on the Uchiha Tablet. Second, The sage of six paths was a hermit that hundreds of years ago. He taught people how to use Chakra,he created jutsu. Third, the Juubi was a huge force of evil and chakra that he defeated by becoming it's Jink. Our clans descended from his two sons."

Madara laughs,"ha ha ha, okay you got me, the only truth to that was the Sage' s name and his mother having an unworldly amount of Chakra. But history tells us that the Juubi is drawn to huge amounts of chakra. But it is going to cast the Infinite ..."

Suddenly Juubito ot appears behind Madara and shatters his body.
Juubito, "talking is over,nothing matters,only what happens on a few moments. You undead have no place in my new world. Madara no longer fits there either."
Hashirama is facing off with Juubito.
Over to Minato,Tobirama, n Naruto.
Kurama, [Naruto, it absorbed everything at once.what now? !]
Minato looks across the battlefield at everyone and the situation, then to Naruto, "we have to go."
Tobirama, " where to and how can u when your out of chakra? "
Naruto,"wait what do you mean...?"
Minato, "hush son,just rest. I have a plan,should have done this some time ago. I just need a place safely away from here."

Suddenly, Hashirama is crashing into Sasuke and then Tobirama but Minato manages to barely get out of the way.

Hashirama has one arm and leg that is slowly regenerating.
Saratobi, blocks an incoming attack from Juubito bit is still being pushed back.

Minato,"dammit,i will just have to use what chakra i have. This body is recovering chakra fast but not fast enough."

Sasuke stands in front of Naruto and Minato along with Juugo,"do what you have to do! "

Juubito, "you will not see the new world."
Suddenly Two meteors coming crashing,not quite as big as before.
Sakura,Hinata,Shikamaru, Kiba,and Bee, "Naruto"

A huge crash that destroys the area except for
where the Tree is.

We see darkness.

"Everyone okay? "

We see Kakashi standing in front of Minato,Sasuke, Naruto and Tobirama.

Naruto,"Kakashi Sensei. ..?"

Minato,"Kakashi...Sensei? Should have known, couldn't have a better teacher! "

Kakashi, "Sensei? I have been gone from the battlefield for a while. Soon as I was coming to find Obito I saw the meteors so I expanded Kumai to bring you all back to this dimension."

Sasuke, "Kakashi sensei...where are we? "

Kakashi,"Sensei huh? Well,this is the dimension me and Obito's SG are connected to."

Minato,"no time for this Second Hokage, I need you to transfer the other half of Kurama to Naruto."

Tobirama, "understood. But I have a question. Naruto,why don't you use water jutsu,i sense the dual Affinity for wind and water in your base chakra? "

Naruto, "really, I do?"

Tobirama , "don't worry Hashirama didn't know he had more than at first either,Lol. Naruto,I will put you under a Genjutsu whike I transfer Kurama."

Minato, "link me as well,i have something to show him."

Battlefield,everyone is panicking or laid out due to being drained. Madara has recovered and is looking at Hashirama in pieces and is furious.

Madara, "how dare you! He is mine to defeat, you had no right! Your time is up. "

Juubito, "i don't think so. You are alone and weak"

Madara goes complete Susanoo, "i am not weak!"

Voice,"and he is not alone."

We see the 5 Kages standing behind him.

A huge black flame fireball hits the tree.
Sasuke in Susanoo, "you should know, Uchiha are far from weak. "

Next:"Team Madara vs. Juubito! "

Aman Shahur 09-13-2013 09:09 PM

Re: Naruto_647_Predictions/Spoilers
i predict double flashback because off the extra page chapter edition............

apacolypz 09-14-2013 07:51 AM

Re: Naruto_647_Predictions/Spoilers
Great job KYF

k-lai 09-14-2013 08:43 AM

Re: Naruto_647_Predictions/Spoilers
The epic predics are BACK!! More of the same please and Aman stfu will you....

Senkradlol 09-14-2013 03:08 PM

Re: Naruto_647_Predictions/Spoilers

Originally Posted by apacolypz (Post 2138274)
Since you are coming to the defense of someone who doesn't need defending....

I just said respect people's work...

I am not saying Mr. Big disrespected The Special One's fan fiction......I even thanked his post. The point to my post was that this site used to get numerous people working hard on you barely get one a week.....

If people would just read them and enjoy the fact someone took their time to produce something from their spare hours....probably would be more material to come with the first plate of offering..

Understand Now?

I'm not defending anyone, I was just pointing out how little triggered such an unnecessary response from you. You're taking it really personal I think.

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