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jekyl_hyde 09-14-2013 03:17 PM

LoK S2 Ep1 & 2
Ep 1

Ep 2
Enjoy peeps.

Dagoro 09-14-2013 03:44 PM

Re: LoK S2 Ep1 & 2
Thanks for posting this, I completely forgot about it.

Just saw episode 1 and overall it was ok. Lots of cliche events, korra/Makko teen crap and plenty of jokes regarding the South's lack of knowledge and abundant stupidity (subtle guys). The animation was really nice and the spirit thing is interesting enough to keep me wanting more.

PS: Bowlin and what's her name better not hook up.

Eps 2: a bit disjointed to be honest, and Oh snap ! Illegal military occupation incoming. Social commentary much ?

Spiegel 09-14-2013 04:26 PM

Re: LoK S2 Ep1 & 2
It's a was a pretty good set up for this new season. Episode 1 was a bit all over the place with non-important events. Korra has become more self-centered for some reason, even going as far as being a bitch to Tenzin who saved her ass on several accounts in Book One. But I do like this spirit world story, I hope she communicates with the past avatars more like Aang did. According to Wiki, this story is supposed to go further into the Avatar lineage and talk about Wan, the first Avatar.

jekyl_hyde 09-14-2013 06:37 PM

Re: LoK S2 Ep1 & 2

Originally Posted by Spiegel (Post 2138309)
According to Wiki, this story is supposed to go further into the Avatar lineage and talk about Wan, the first Avatar.

Before the episodes on Nickelodeon, they showed a 30 second teaser involving Wan. That piece alone looked so promising.

Looking at the "big" picture including both series (AtLA and ALoK), I was hoping that the series wouldn't go this way (just another spin on the Fire nation trying to "culturalize" the world), but I won't making any outstanding judgments yet. I actually am looking forward to the progression with Tenzin, Bumi, and their sister (can't remember her name... but she's drawn kinda hot). I'm also hoping for more flashbacks on Team Avatar in their "adult" years.

apacolypz 09-16-2013 12:20 AM

Re: LoK S2 Ep1 & 2
thanks can't wait to watch

really enjoyed it...loved watching Tenzin completely overwhelmed by his siblings...also is the big rich seller that Bowlin insulted part of Katara's family also? Korra's uncle seems like he will be a threat for the water tribes future. I really don't want to see another brother vs brother battle. Also having the spirits represent her first hurdle I think was a good idea. Korra lacks in spiritual training but Tenzin overlooks that and wants her trained hard in the ways of air bending. She has to be a more rounded Avatar.

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