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jekyl_hyde 09-17-2013 11:03 AM

Naruto_648 Predictions/Spoilers
Hope you guys enjoy this one. Haven't done a serious one in a while. But I was able to find some inspiration in this chapter.

The Trump Card

*The opening scene shows Naruto and Sasuke standing side by side, Sasuke in his Susanoo and Naruto in his Kurama-Sage cloak.*
Naruto: Time and time again, I overcame obstacles, both known and unknown. And I was able to do so because of my friends and loved ones.
*Next few panels show pictures of Sakura when he was fighting Gaara in part 1, a few panels of his training with Jiraiya, Neji during the chuunin exam, Team 10 and Konohamaru at Asuma’s funeral, Tsunade at Jiraiya’s funeral, Gaara after Chiyo’s sacrifice, Hinata fighting for Naruto against Pein, Killer Bee during their training, and finally Sasuke fighting Obito in his Susanoo cloak.*
Naruto: You’ve pissed me off for the last time!
Sasuke smirking while in thought: It’s about fucking time.
*Both leap towards Obito. Scene switches to Madara and Hashirama.*
Hashirama: So if I keep you busy for 15 minutes, then you too will fall under the genjutsu.
Madara smirking: In theory, yes. In practice, it will never happen.
*Madara grabs the black chakra rod that formed from his palm.*
Madara: After our fight, I became quite the master at shogi. In the promoting of my silver general, I learned quite a few things.
*Madara grasps his fan and charges at Hashirama. Hashirama takes a defensive stance.*
Hashirama: What is he doing? And what… or who does he mean by silver general?
*Just as Madara reaches Hashirama, swinging his fan horizontally, Hashirama leaps, landing on the fan, using his chakra to balance himself on the flat blade of the fan. Hashirama smirks at Madara as he becomes enraged.*
Madara: You piece of Senju garbage! You toy with me?!!!
*Madara enters his full Susanoo mode, towering over Hashirama.*
Hashirama in thought: What do you have up your sleeve this time Madara? You do not have the kyuubi.
*Hashirama does several handsigns and slams his palm on the ground. The next panel shows the famed thousand armed Buddha. The next panel shows Obito glancing over his shoulder in Madara and Hashirama’s direction.*
Obito in thought: So that is the jutsu Madara told me he was defeated by….
Obito: Take a look boys (referring to Sasuke and Naruto). They’re power far outshines yours, but pales in comparison to mine.
*Scene switches back to Madara in his Susanoo cloak with Hashirama sitting atop his Buddha summon*
Hashirama: Does this not seem familiar Madara? Must we revisit this event?!
Madara chuckling: No, Hashirama, we do not. As I’ve stated, I’ve learned quite a few tricks from my silver general.
*Another Madara is seen landing on his feet behind Hashirama on top of the Buddha.*
Hashirama staring at Madara: You think I would fall for that?!
Madara, revealing his rinnegan: No… but I knew you would fall for this Senju dog!
*Suddenly the five Madara clones that fought the kages flicker in to the picture, all holding Hashirama. The fight in Hashirama can be seen leaving him. Madara approaches Hashirama still in his Susanoo form. Finally, the one behind Hashirama walks up to him and opens his mouth. The real Madara dissipates his Susanoo, leaping on top of the Buddha. He takes the black chakra rod and shoves it down Hashirama’s mouth. Hashirama’s eyes go blank. The next panel shows the Hashirama clones with the alliance army with a blank look on his face now. Several fodder shinobi approach him*
Fodder: Shodai-sama, are you ok?
*The clone can now be seen with a smirk on his face.*
Hashirama clone: Yes, we’re all going to be just fine now.
*Scene switches back to the Madara and Hashirama, with all of the Madara clones dissipating.*
Madara: Now, come friend, it is time we molded this world as we see fit.
*The last panel shows the Buddha facing the direction of Obito, Sasuke, and Naruto, with Madara and Hashirama stand on top, side by side.*


apacolypz 09-17-2013 01:08 PM

Re: Naruto_648 Predictions/Spoilers
It's been almost a year since my last fan fic....

Apacolypz Prediction 647

Shattered Dreams II

Scene shows Madara's Susanoo swinging his mighty sword at Hashirama's wood Dragon. Slicing off the Dragon's head Madara turns his attention towards Obito's position.
(right eye peeking at Hashi)

Madara-You know something....I have worked hard to get to where I am today. I want to save these redundant people wrapped within a clouded world with my vision. A real world where I can govern peace and justice on one scale.

Hashirama-Madara it is not too late! We can still establish the dream we sought together! It is not one man who will shape this world. Look at me, I failed even with all the support and power I possessed. I never wanted to truly lead, I wanted to share that headache with someone who thought along the same lines as myself.

(Facing one another)

Madara-Hashirama we have not been working towards the same goal for some time. You were delusional and forged your strength behind Konoah..when I was attempting to shape the world through my eyes. I befriended my foe and called him my brother when my own flesh and blood rotted in the ground. I even loved and admired you Hashirama. Those fairy tail days are far over with now. I have little love for this world as I have admiration for you. This blurry reality that keeps men cycling a circle of hatred will cease to exist once the Moon's Eye Plan succeeds.

Hashirama-It pains me to have to fight you again after the VOTE. Though Madara I once warned you of the consequences if you harmed my family. (Hashi faces the ground in silence) (When he looks up he is in Sage mode)

(Hashirama powers up) (Madara using his RG can sense energy being absorbed at a rapid rate into Hashirama)

Madara-That's it Hashirama get serious!!!!

Hashirama forms a wood sickle that extends towards the torso of Madara. As Madara engulfs himself in his Susanoo cloak Hashirama pulls the ground Madara is standing on toward himself. Free from his cloak the wooden sickle stabs Madara right into his gut.

Madara-???? How is this possible?
Hashirama-You absorbed part of my power Madara..but you are not capable of controlling it like I am.

-Scene Switch-

Obito looks around and notices some of the Alliance party still lingering. Tobirama is standing beside Minato and a weakened Naruto.

(inside the mind of Naruto)

Kurama-Naruto that damn god tree has sucked up my chakra along with my other half's. It will be at least seven minutes before i'll be able to even assist you. Voice- Well in that time we will need to figure out the best way to restrain Obito so we can seal away the Juubi. Naruto- Dad! Is there a possible way?
Sasuke-There is a way, (Naruto-Minato)-!!!(surprised)
Sasuke-while you play catch up let me show him the power of a true Uchiha. Naruto and Minato glance at one another. Minato-Sasuke kun tell me what is your plan?

(Outside we see Juugo standing before Obito with Sasuke at his side.)

Obito-(sigh) Sasuke you don't have enough power to stand before me....let alone Naruto. You have wasted your strength being an Avenger all these years. At this moment I have the same power as the Ancestor of Shinobi. You're just a piece of a power I already possess.

Sasuke-We will have to test your theory...won't we? (Smirking)

apacolypz 09-17-2013 01:10 PM

Re: Naruto_648 Predictions/Spoilers
Sasuke-(bites his lip) Tobi or whatever you wanna call yourself...You lied to me multiple times....Now I realize the part you played in our clans massacre. An Uchiha without a identity isn't an Uchiha at all. You have played the role of an enigma for so long you don't even recognize yourself. (Sasuke scowling) You are utterly pathetic! (Juugo places his hand above Sasukes chest.) (The Kyuubi cloak grows and grows and suddenly we see Susanoo covering Naruto's bright chakra. ) (Scene shows a childlike Juugo standing beside a monstrous looking Susanoo with a glowing yellow core.) (Sasuke's Susanoo is shaped like the kyuubi but covered in blackish purple chakra.)

Obito-What do you plan to do? You aren't a senjutsu can't reach m-------
(Sasuke uses speed step and is right in front of Obito.) Sasuke smashes a violet chidori in Obito's gut. Obito-????? Sasuke continues with a jump kick to the face catching Obito on his chin twirling him in the air. As Obito falls toward the ground he sends out his black spheres shaping them into sharp points. Sasuke stands as his power continues to grow. Sasuke sends out purple ration arrows covered in black flames.

Obito- You fail to remember that my powers are far superior compared to standard ninjutsu. Sasuke's arrows pierce through Obito's spikes.
Obito-!!!! The arrows tag Obito throughout his body replacing his pale tissue with a bombardment of holes. (Ugh!)
Obito-(Somehow he is fueling natural energy into his ninjutsu. So much that I am unable to break it down?) (Obito then notices Sasuke's arms.) (Sasuke has transformed his upper torso partially into Juugo's beast like appearance.) Obito-So that's it! (Standing furiously!)

(Back in the minds of both Kurama's... Scene shows Naruto bumping fist mentally with his father.) Minato-That was pretty sharp of Sasuke kun. Using the same principle as Shadow Clone jutsu he established a way for us to funnel Kurama's chakra and Natural Energy. Naruto- By Sasuke using me as a source of chakra I am enabling him to act as a clone of mine. Minato- Though his friend really gave him the edge physically. Let's keep pumping it out, our originals should be arriving back to the battlefield!

Kurama-Ayye brat! (Talking to Sasuke via link) I really don't trust you....but that knucklehead Naruto does. So that is enough for me! Let me enter your mind so I can help you out during battle. With you the way you are, you can fight as a pseudo jink.

(Flashback through time...from the start of the series ;Sasuke sitting lonely by the river, Sasuke in the academy with Sakura and Naruto, forming team Seven under Kakashi's guidance, Sasuke rivaling with Naruto as competition, Sasuke rivaling with Naruto as his brother, Orochimaru and Itachi appear as his hurdles, Sasuke and Naruto at VOTE,witnessing the kyuubi within Naruto, Sasuke abandoning Konoah,Sasuke fighting alongside Orochimaru, becoming the snake and fighting his former Team Seven, becoming the Avenger and striking down Danzo, attempting to resolve his future by facing Naruto once again with his former sensei Kakashi, taking Itachi's eyes out of desperation, emerging from darkness anew, finding Itachi and fighting against Kabuto,brotherly love, talking with the former edo-d Kages, witnessing the change in his former teacher Orochimaru and team mate Naruto,) (Sasuke smirks)

Sasuke-Fine, i'll permit it. Suddenly Sasuke's EMS pupils take a slightly different form. A vertical line appears within the kaleidoscopes. With it the red hue disappears and is replaced with an orange-red glow. Kurama-A true Sharingan...Uchiha Sasuke.....the eyes of hope and love...not eyes fueled by power, hatred and fear. Sasuke-This feeling is unlike before......
Kurama- I got your back now brat so cut loose!

Sasuke's susanoo becomes a god of golden fiery armor. Sasuke has been reborn from his shadowed possession. Sasuke-These are my brothers eyes..and with them come many gifts. Susanoo is holding the shield and it's infamous gourd of sealing within the lower arms.

(As he slowly heals himself.) Obito- No matter how much you struggle against my will, you will never change the course of tomorrow.
(Suddenly)Naruto- R A S E N S H U R I K E N!
Obito turns left and lifts his staff to nullify Naruto's attack. While doing so Obito's wrists are held down by chakra arms from behind him? Obito-(A distraction...)
(In base cloak mode) Naruto-Didn't I tell you! You won't see tomorrow as long as i'm here!!! OODAMA SENJUTSU RASENRANGAN!

Nine arms burst out from Naruto's cloak with humongous rasengans ripping into Obito. (Minato appears suddenly beside Naruto with his dead limb replaced by a chakra arm.) (Tobirama appears beside Sasuke and places his arm on his shoulder.) Minato- Naruto and Sasuke take the front lines, from this point on we will assist you. Naruto thinking back ( Sasuke we can never understand each other through sheer words....) Naruto looks out at Sasuke and places his fist out. Not knowing how the lone Uchiha would take it he shyly smirks. Sasuke remembers the words Naruto echoed during their last exchange. (Sasuke- Why are you doing this? Naruto-Because we're friends.....) The lone Uchiha connects fists with the blazing Uzumaki..... They both look out at the gloomy horizon as Obito hovers into the sky and lands on his bare feet.

Obito-Flies determined to overcome the storms of my breath. Come children, let us play!


Took me a couple of hours to write this up....hopefully this will jump start my engine into writing more material for you folks again :)

EDIT: I posted this earlier today but the newest chapter is out so I posted it here.

jekyl_hyde 09-17-2013 01:50 PM

Re: Naruto_648 Predictions/Spoilers
When I read the title of your pred, my first thought was of Goldust, the old WWF wrestler from back in the 90's. In some ways, very appropriate for this story.

Sensei-Q 09-17-2013 05:09 PM

Re: Naruto_648 Predictions/Spoilers
The first would never let himself be deepthroated like that.

jeanericuser 09-17-2013 05:18 PM

Re: Naruto_648 Predictions/Spoilers

Originally Posted by jekyl_hyde (Post 2138421)
When I read the title of your pred, my first thought was of Goldust, the old WWF wrestler from back in the 90's. In some ways, very appropriate for this story.

He still wrestles from time to time. He was recently on RAW last week as well as the royal rumble. As for shattered dreams, gotta love a finisher like that. Too bad its not used more often any more. hehe

MrBIG 09-17-2013 11:04 PM

Re: Naruto_648 Predictions/Spoilers
All these predictions do is make me disappointed with the manga.

You read these thinking "Hey thats makes sense, i hope kishi goes in a direction similar to that"


apacolypz 09-18-2013 12:02 AM

Re: Naruto_648 Predictions/Spoilers

Originally Posted by jeanericuser (Post 2138442)
He still wrestles from time to time. He was recently on RAW last week as well as the royal rumble. As for shattered dreams, gotta love a finisher like that. Too bad its not used more often any more. hehe

J-H and Jeanericuser....I love freaking Gold Dust...probably one of my fav characters outside Stone Cold, HHH, Rock and Goldberg. Just so damn funny....awesome wrestler...just those damn drugs and good eating gets him....Man shattered dreams was my fav move to use in the video game...and in real life lol. Gold Dust with Booker T towards the end of his full time road schedule was funny as fuck..they did an awesome job with that angle.

jekyl_hyde 09-18-2013 10:54 PM

Re: Naruto_648 Predictions/Spoilers

Originally Posted by MrBIG (Post 2138458)
All these predictions do is make me disappointed with the manga.

You read these thinking "Hey thats makes sense, i hope kishi goes in a direction similar to that"


Man, if you think these are great, or are a lot, you should have been here over a year ago.

I was just getting started, but we had Num, Special One, jeanericuser, kluang, jericho, and vishnu (apologies if I forgot anyone).... really great reads.

Hopefully, with time, this site can return back to it's "old glory" days with prediction/fanfic writers.

apacolypz 09-19-2013 12:58 AM

Re: Naruto_648 Predictions/Spoilers

Originally Posted by jekyl_hyde (Post 2138533)
Man, if you think these are great, or are a lot, you should have been here over a year ago.

I was just getting started, but we had Num, Special One, jeanericuser, kluang, jericho, and vishnu (apologies if I forgot anyone).... really great reads.

Hopefully, with time, this site can return back to it's "old glory" days with prediction/fanfic writers.

I am like frickin just kidding

apacolypz 09-19-2013 04:08 AM

Re: Naruto_648 Predictions/Spoilers
Apacolypz Fan fic continued from my OP

Shattered Dreams II

Scene switches back with Hashirama and Madara...
Hashirama has stabbed Madara in his gut with a wooden sickle.

Hashirama-Hikari no Motarasu (Bringer of Light) Madara I am blessed to have met and befriended you all those years ago..Due to our friendship I was forged to become Hokage of the Village we built. I know what causes you pain and it saddens me that my own blood had a part to play in your misery. Hashirama-Tengoku no seikatsu haisui (Heavenly life drain) Hashi's arm that has extended his wooden sickle starts to glow white.

Madara- I never thought in a million years you would use such ninjutsu on me Hashirama. Funny, I was going to do the same to you through my will. The black rod falls to the ground alongside Madara's war fan.

Hashirama- Your intentions were clear the moment you spoke about replacing your accomplice. I have no choice in the matter...I need your help in order to save this reality.

Madara's attire starts to fall apart, as his edo form begins to break down. The face of the dormant Hashirama clone is visible on his chest. We see the clone's face break down and is consumed into the sickle.

Madara-Even with your power I underestimated your resolve....I always thought you were too weak. Looks like time has proved me to be the fool. Madara looks into Hashi's face and he notices tears being shed. (Madara grins) Madara-Promise me Hashirama, promise me you will eradicate this unending cycle!

Hashirama-I promise my friend! I will help these youngsters change the course of our history...they will shape a brilliant future! Until we meet in the afterlife...farewell my brother! Madara (thinking) (Brothers..even to the end huh?)

Hashirama-OWARI! (End!) Hashirama falls to his knees....(thinking) (I don't have long....I have to transfer this power to the next generation.)
The panel looks closely at the ash body of Madara as it falls to the ground with his empty eye sockets being the last to be seen of him.

Scene switch-----------

Tobirama notices an ominous feeling coming from his brothers location. Tobirama-Brother!
Minato-What is going on with the Shodai?
Tobirama lowers his head...Tobirama-He will be here soon, he will tell you himself. Suddenly both Hashirama and his clone arrive beside the group. Tobirama- You did well brother! (smirking)

Hashirama-Guys I wish I could help you out till the end but this is as far as I go. (Everyone looks shocked except Tobirama.) Minato-First your chakra is incredibly unstable! (His chakra network could go off any moment!) Hashirama-Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto...I guess it's fair to call you my family since we all come from the same source. Hold out your palms so I can read your future. (He grabs hold to both of their hands using his clone for Sasuke.) Hashirama-My hopes and dreams lie within your hands.
Naruto/Sasuke)-!!!!!!!!! Tcht!
Hashirama- Tobirama I will see you on the other side. (Grabbing his brothers shoulder Hashirama smiles big.) Finally i'll be able to join Mito in the afterlife....(He fades into dust throwing his thumb up.)

(Smiling) Minato-So that was the God of all Shinobi!
Tobirama-My brother has gifted you two with his last bit of life essence. He was able to join with Madara by use of Tengoku no seikatsu haisui. He consumed Madara's life force through his senjutsu. Madara probably didn't realize that too much natural energy can solidify a person but also the opposite can occur. With this new two will be able to achieve great things.

Naruto-Wow I feel unlike I ever did before...I feel unstoppable!
Sasuke-With his power i'll be able to perfect that technique!

Hurizen-Come on lads, we don't have all day! Obito won't sit idly by while we do what we li-------
(slash!!) (Obito has cut Hurizen in half using an extended black blade made from his nullifying jutsu.)

Obito-So you still want to fight?....Even though this entire dance has been pointless....I will give all your deaths.................................. ....MEANING! He lunges toward Minato but is caught by Naruto's chakra arm.

Obito-This pressure?? HOW?!
Naruto- Good bye old man Hokage....( with a calm composure)
(Naruto turns Obito around, they are face to face.)
Naruto- I will make you regret every life you have taken from us today! Starting with Grandpa!
Naruto punches Obito dead in the face knocking him back hundreds of yards on his ass!
Sasuke-Let's go Naruto! (smirking)

They both head out into the battlefield while the moon lingers on in silence.


Hikari no Motarasu-Using Natural Energy...allows the user to force and manipulate ones chakra network. One is able to suppress or boost another's chakra. If too much Natural Energy is distributed the body will solidify or break down.

Tengoku no seikatsu haisui -a combination jutsu with Hikari no Motarasu. Allows the user to absorb his foes complete chakra network and life essence. This is a forbidden jutsu as the user is at risk of overwhelming his network to a volatile state. Not only that the foe will die from not having any chakra at all.

For all those I guess who find it hard to understand this fan fic.... a little color may help

Yellow=occurrances within the panel/ Action

jeanericuser 09-19-2013 08:48 AM

Re: Naruto_648 Predictions/Spoilers
Free advice on the prediction writing apoc, when you write try to spread out text from the action as much as possible with proper spacing between the two. You managed to clean it up a bit better with the writing as you progressed but its still a little bit heavy on the massive paragraphs. One other thing that also helps is to use quotation marks as it automatically tells people that someone is saying something. Its not exactly a requisite but it does help.

apacolypz 09-19-2013 11:22 PM

Re: Naruto_648 Predictions/Spoilers
Though I understand the use of quotations, I usually post these from my iphone. Yeah it gets annoying placing quotation marks when I am trying to type as fast as possible. Also I actually attempt at spacing my predics out. You singled out my prediction as if it is the only one lacking spacing and quotations...but that's cool. Isn't like this is my first prediction or I signed up yesterday. Anyhoo back to business.

The Special One 09-20-2013 01:23 AM

Re: Naruto_648 Predictions/Spoilers
Just thought I'd throw up another one.


Another Specialist Prediction

-What We can Do

(Naruto, in his Bijuu-Sage form, and Sasuke, in his completed Susano-o form, are side by side, they then turn to face the direction of the God Tree.)

Sasuke: “We make our choices now, to attack the tree, or go after that man, we can’t do both.”

Naruto: “Or can we?” (Naruto makes the shadow clone jutsu handseal and makes a shadow clone version of his Bijuu-Sage form. Meanwhile, Orochimaru comments from below.)

Orochimaru: “So the Kyuubi-Host has finally tapped into his potential. Pity Jiraiya can’t be here to see it.”

(Obito, floating around is agitated by such defiance.)

Obito: “I’ve given you your last chance to stand down, now I’ll force you down!”

(Obito clasps his hands together, immediately, numerous large branches spring up in front of the alliance and are headed towards them. Orochimaru clasps his hands, expels numerous amounts of snakes from his mouth, each one barring a sharp long sword from their mouths. They slither around and slice up the continuous flow of branches. Naruto and Sasuke look on as they formulate their assault.)

Sasuke: “Hmph, at least that’ll buy us some time.” (A drop of sweat drips from Naruto’s forehead.)

Naruto: “I’m going to infuse natural energy into the Bijuu Bomb, though since my chakra is split in half, it’ll take much longer to balance the ratio. I’m counting on you, Sasuke, to work well with my shadow clone.” (Sasuke smirks, the real Naruto retreats backwards as the shadow clone stands next to Sasuke.)

Sasuke: “Ready when you are.” (Naruto nods. The two of them stare intently at Obito. Karin and Suigetsu make their way to Sakura’s group.)

Sakura (in thought): “She’s the girl that was with Sasuke.” (Suigetsu makes a sadistic snicker.)

Suigetsu: “You leaf ninja sure know how to get roughed up. First, your village is reduced to shit, now roughly a 1/3 of your military force is dead.”

(Sakura looks pissed, Chouji jumps up and punches Suigetsu's face, however, it just dissolves into water.)

Chouji: “The hell’s with this guy?” (Suigetsu’s face reforms.)

Suigetsu: “Relax, we’re just the help.”

Chouji:” Then why the shit talk? My friend’s here on his death bed and you want to be a dick!”

(Karin comes in between the two of them.)

Karin: “That’s Suigetsu, he tends to be like that, but he’s just pushover. I have healing powers, I can bring your friend back, but on only one condition.” (Ino looks concerned.)

Ino (in thought): “What’s up with these guys. What’s their deal?”

Chouji: “Whatever’s in our power, we’ll do, just bring my friend back, he’s, he’s almost closest thing to me as a mentor left and even more than that, he’s my best friend! (Chouji drops to his knees.)

Do the right thing.”

(Karin smiles uncontrollably.)

Karin: “Alright, don’t harbor any ill-will towards Sasuke. And you slimy skanks say the hell away from my man!” (Suigestu face palms.)

Suigetsu: “Good lord, and that's two requests, not one.”

(Sai, Sakura, and Ino all have blank stares on their faces.

Meanwhile, the shadow clone’s Bijuu form is launching towards Obito’s location with a massive Rasengan. Obito simply glides to the side, however, the tails of the Bijuu form attempts to wrap around and constrict Obito, however, he ducks, dodges, slips, and glides out of the away. The Bijuu form lands to the ground, turns around to face Obito, withdraws the Bijuu form and just stays in the cloaked, Sage Mode.)

Shadow Clone (in thought): “He’s still very fast. At least in this powered down form, my attacks aren’t as visible.” (Obito focuses his sights on the real, Naruto, gathering power, but he before he can make his move, he is seconds away from being impaled by the large, black enflamed arrow from Sasuke’s Susano-o. Obito just puts his hand up and rejects it.)

Sasuke: “hmm.” (Sasuke’s Susano-o then unloads a constant barrage of flaming arrows, one after another. Obito continues to reject each one. The shadow clone looks over to Sasuke with confusion.)

Shadow clone (in thought): “What is he doing? He’ll just waste his chakra that way."

(Sasuke takes deep breaths as he continues to commission his Susano-o hands to craft dark energy to form arrows to sling off at Obito.)

Sasuke (in thought): “C’mon, Naruto, take a hint.” (The shadow clone continues to ponder about why Sasuke is doing what he is doing.)

Shadow clone (in thought): “I don’t understand, that freak is just going to absorb each one, it’s all he’s going to do, it's all he does, just sits there and… Wait a second!” (The shadow clone charges off with blinding speed, meanwhile, Sasuke smiles.)

Sasuke (in thought): “Finally, was afraid I’d give myself up.” (As Obito is rejecting the last arrow, he hears a twisting of wind noise from behind. As he turns around, he witnesses that the Naruto shadow clone is wielding a humungous Rasengan.)

Shadow Clone: “Senpou, Oodama Rasengan!”

(Instantly, Obito is engulfed within the Rasengan. The sphere then fires off and crashes into the ground. Everyone is up on their heels from the display. As the dust settles, Obito struggles to make it to his feet. Blood pours from his nose, mouth, and ears. He is severely scarred up from head to toe. Obito is very angry, he spits blood from his mouth, wipes his nose, and holds his abdomen.)

Obito: “Damn it all… DAMN IT TO HELLLL! NOW YOU ALL DIE!" (Just as Obito declares his final warning, five people from the sky drop to surround Obito.)

You again. My patience is no more.” (The people surrounding Obito are revealed to be the 5 Kages.)

Next Time: Enter the Kages

jeanericuser 09-20-2013 08:28 AM

Re: Naruto_648 Predictions/Spoilers

Originally Posted by apacolypz (Post 2138596)
Though I understand the use of quotations, I usually post these from my iphone. Isn't like this is my first prediction or I signed up yesterday. Anyhoo back to business.

First of all I didn't know you were doing it on a phone. That is some what admirable though I find doing it from the interface of a phone can be somewhat limiting. That's why I use program such as Microsoft word for doing some of my writing. It gives me all the benefits of editing and other tools though it also some times screws up a little when copied over to here but that's manageable.


Originally Posted by apacolypz (Post 2138596)
Yeah it gets annoying placing quotation marks when I am trying to type as fast as possible. Also I actually attempt at spacing my predics out. You singled out my prediction as if it is the only one lacking spacing and quotations...but that's cool.

First of all I singled you out cause your prediction was the largest with the most glaring of issues. While I admit jekyl_hyde was also a little guilty; your posts were particularly large with more issues of it. I singled you out but it was more to give advice and example to others as well as you. If I must single someone out again I would say its TSO but for doing a very clean and nicely written prediction.


Originally Posted by apacolypz (Post 2138596)
Isn't like this is my first prediction or I signed up yesterday. Anyhoo back to business.

I know its not your first but part of doing great predictions is evolving your craft and skills in predictions. It always improves your work in little ways whether it be setting a scene, inspiring people with interesting dialogue, or coming up with an idea that is so out of left field that no one else thinks of it till much later. These little things help to create great predictions. Speaking of that last part here is a little thing that has been drastically overlooked. There is one person in the group that is capable of eliminating the tree without using any physical attacks on the tree. When you figure out who that is you will be one step closer to what I have predicted.

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