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Vengeance 10-26-2013 10:50 AM

Mirajane & The Nine Demon Gates with a touch of Gray (Fairy Tail)
Finally something interesting to discuss in this manga.

Anyway the first thing I'd like to talk about is Mirajane. Her Takeover magic "Satan's Soul" allows her to take the form and abilities of a demon. Question is which demon(s) did she actually acquire these abilities from?

As seen in her original transformation in C117 she dawns a demonic stripper outfit baring fangs, elf ears, and most notably "Demonic Gauntlets". Her wings however are not a part of this original transformation. As seen here she manifest them almost instantly when needing a method to fly. What this tells me is that her "Satan's Soul" may be a collection of different body parts from different demons used together to create her ideal fighting form. Meaning her "Gauntlets", "Wings", and "Tail" may(or may not) come from different demons. Now lets fast forward a bit and have a look at "Satan Soul-Sitri" said to be her strongest form that Ezra is aware of. In this new and improved Satan Soul transformation Mirajane no longer requires Wings in order to fly and tail to maintain balance because of her rocket feet. Mirajane however does appear to have retained her Demon Gauntlets from her original form while also adding in a nice head piece to her dominatrix outfit. Now ask yourself who does "Satan Soul-Sitri" remind you of? The answer should be fairly obvious.

Ok now that the obvious is out of the way let's talk a bit about what we know so far.

1. Mirajane's takeover magic is based on parts from demons.

2. Kyouka's Magic can make people stronger.

Now seeing as Mirajane's Sitri takeover looks like Kyouka and Kyouka apparently has the ability to grant humans power what if in the past Kyouka actually granted Mirajane the ability to preform takeover on actual demons? Using this power Mirajane would then be capable of stealing (at the very least) Kyouka's arms and stripper outfit. If this is true I would suspect a Mirajane/Kyouka confrontation with the possibility of Mirajane gaining even more power if she's allowed to fight other demons.

Side Note: While writing this up I also thought of another glaringly obvious connection. Ur and Sub-Zero I mean Silver. Grays ability to easily learn of a method to control Silver's Ice, the fact that the same magic was able to kill Deliora(A Demon), while Silver's magic is referred to as "Demon Slaying Magic" suggest (at least to me) that Ur shared some connection to Silver. What I suspect is that Ur may have been "awakened" by Kyouka and trained by Silver. Yes I am suggesting that at some point Ur was a member of Tartaros. Ultear was born with high levels of magical power which could have been the result of Ur being "awakened" ether before conception or while she was pregnant. Ur already has an established connection to dark guilds because of Brain. While what we know of Ur is that she's simply a wondering mage. Ur may have left Tartaros because of guilt brought on by the idea that her awakening caused the supposed death(Ur was tolled that Ultear died) of her own daughter.

Add on Side Note: Just noticed something else. In his first appearance Silver appears to be visiting the grave of someone in an abandoned town covered in snow. Could this grave be Ur's? I think it is.

Buck09 10-29-2013 08:53 AM

Re: Mirajane & The Nine Demon Gates with a touch of Gray (Fairy Tail)
I must say I am very digging the possibilty with Mirajane, she really is under used and this would be a great chance for the character to be spotlighted.

Also one of the 9 Demons looks alot like Elfman Lizard Form, but I dont know if that will come into play.

I like the connection between Ur and Silver your making. Though I dont think that she was in the guild but perhaps once something happened to Ultear Silver resorted to joining Tartaros feeling that they might have had some way to have helped there child (( Still a work in progress but you see were im trying to go)) And Ur would have not wanted to be in a Dark Guild set off to wander as you mentioned, eventually meeting Gray yada yada. But then once she was killed by Delloria ( Think thats its name spelt right ? ) Silver heard mention of this and went on to develop his Ice Make Magic into Demon Slaying, intending to destroy demons, but I think that to make his magic into Demon slaying he may have had to make a pact or deal with END, making him half demon or something ?

But let me know your thoughts on that :P

DRAGONBPY 10-30-2013 04:03 AM

Re: Mirajane & The Nine Demon Gates with a touch of Gray (Fairy Tail)
If Mirajane takes over all 9 of those demons she will be totally OP and on the more serious note more hotter.

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