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Emissary of Justice 11-06-2013 12:55 AM

Naruto 654 Spoilers
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NARUTO 654 – うちはオビトの答え
うちはオビト強制的に彼の体内のほぼすべての尾獣​​のチャクラをドラッ グ
スピーチの任意のフォームをナルトはうちはオビトを説得しようとしたがうちはオビト言 及アクションは大きく、その後話す
うちはオビトは須佐能乎 の剣は彼を通して貫くとき勝つために近接しています。

My translation of this script:

Naruto 654 – Obito’s answer
Obito recalls flashbacks of the Rin’s death
Obito refuses to take Naruto’s hand while reason.
Shinobi Alliance got upper hand in pulling tailed beast chakra out of obito’s body
Madara notices situatation while fighting against Hashirama
Madara forms tiger handseal then Rinnegan glows along with his body (Something like that, but I am not sure)
Obito drags almost all tailed beasts chakra inside his body forcefully(something about Obito winning and tailed beasts chakra being drag inside his body… I am not sure myself)
Naruto try to reason with Obito but Obito states (I am not sure but it may be like that)Actions speaks louder/means more then speech
When Obito is close to win then giant Sussano’s Sword pierces through his chest from his back.
Rinnegan’s eyes are shown glowing behind Obito’s body.

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