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Shino 10-25-2006 03:42 PM

How to use Spoiler tags.
This is how you do a spoiler [spoiler="any title here"] Images, Text or whatever here [/SPOILE] (NOTE: There is an “R” in the last tag the “[/SPOILE], so remember to add that, the only reason I’m not adding the “R” is so I can show you how the tags are supposed to be written, if I added the “R” it would just show how the spoiler looks like when it’s done.)

Grimmjow 07-19-2008 08:25 PM

Re: How to use Spoiler tags.
To make it more simple.

HTML Code:

[spoiler="title of spoiler"]Your spoiler content.[/spoiler]
The above code would look like this if applied.

Your spoiler content.

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