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Maiku 10-28-2006 09:05 PM

English verison of Naruto
The english verison of Naruto has to be the worst english dubbed anime in the existist of dubbed anime. Things are pronouned wrong, the voices sound horrible, the voice reactions are off, I have never seen a worstly translated anime in my life; I have seen over 250 anime series, and 50 anime movies, the japanese audio of Naruto is by far one hundred thousand times better than the english.

Sauceka.... Sasuke is the correct way as you all know

Naruuuuto.... Naruto again, is correct

Hoocakee.... Hokage and the list goes on.

Juusuuu.... Jitsu

By far the worst anime dubbing in the history of anime dubbing.

Post here if you have anything to add

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