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ShinobiKnight 10-29-2006 06:29 PM

The Light-ness thread!
The Darkness thread is boring. I can't see a thing, and keep stubbing my toe. So here's the Light-ness thread, where fluffy happiness abounds! *skips merrily in a field of flowers* Feel free to join me!
WARNING: If you are a creature of the darkness, screw you. Also, feel free to purge your soul of evil and live here!

D4rKR34v3r 10-29-2006 07:34 PM

Re: The Light-ness thread!
Woot Go Us Woot Ftw Darkness U Suck Big Manly Nuts!!

Mal 10-29-2006 08:02 PM

Re: The Light-ness thread!
Never before have I seen such an unrivaled grasp of the English language. Two adjectives? Astonishing.

D4rKR34v3r 10-29-2006 08:27 PM

Re: The Light-ness thread!
LOL MS, let there be LIGHT!! light not darkness, Screw my username lol!

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