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OG 10-31-2006 09:59 PM

What is a FC?
A FC also known as a fanclub is where you create a place to talk about something that you are a fan of [it can't be about a member(s) here].....for example: a naruto fc, a devil may cry fc, a fullmetal alchemist fc, a music fc, etc.......the list goes on. Some of the things that are NOT considered FC is a thread created for a group of friends just to talk about whatever they feel like. If a further explanation is needed please PM[private message] me.

DarkAztek 01-16-2007 09:13 PM

Re: What is a FC?
It has come to our attention that there are many people who are not obeying the FC rules. ONLY FIVE FAN CLUBS PER PERSON. That doesn't mean "only 5 listed in my sig." It means you can only be in F-I-V-E fan clubs. We're going to start checking people and handing our infractions if people don't stick to these rules.

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