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Gaara1996 11-27-2006 06:24 PM

the academy students only hokages power fc
if you would like to join send me a private message of the answers to these questions

1.what is your goal to do in naruto in general?
2.what made you come here?
3.what does naruto want to become

if you would like to be a chuunin in the hokage power fc answer these secondary questions

1.Who looks up to Naruto?

2.Who was Naruto's teacher?

3.Who is Konohamaru's grandfather?

4.What rank is Naruto?

5.What rank is Konohamaru?

6.Why did people ignore Naruto?

7.What do people see Konohamaru as?

8.Who teaches Konohamaru besides Naruto & Iruka?

note-when you send me the private message it will be forwarded to sharinganchakra5551 if you have any questions private message him

before we can do much the members sre going to have to get more members
you should join because if academy students were in any other club they would be the oddball probably everyone would at least ba a genin everyone in the hokage power fc will be academy students so u wont stick out like a sore thumb.

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