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Naruto NR 01-26-2007 04:26 AM

*~ Kingdom Hearts II FC ~*
Welcome To Kingdom Hearts II FC
Welcome!!This is it....The new "Kingdom Hearts II FC This fanclub is for people who like Kingdom Hearts II FC.In this fanclub you can be the (KHII character you want and You can only Call your friend with his/her codename.In this club anybody can be KHII Character and not only me.There would be KHII discussions like your fav character or telling others about what game you are up to and what happens next.Join now and Have Fun !!!!

Rules :
1. Be Active
2. No Flaming,Racism & Spamming Please
3. No Double,Triple or....... Posts
4. Kingdom Hearts II Mania

How to Join :
1.If you want to join just tell me and choose your character.
2.Example: Can i join? CodeName:Roxas
3.There is no same CodeName...So quickly before
the other member get your CodeName
4.Put FanClub's Banner in your signature
or just write in your sig. that you are member of this club

How to Become :

Member of Atlantica
-Tell me that your codename is Sebastian,Flounder,Ursulla,Ariel,Prince Eric,
King Triton

Member of Beast Castle
-Tell me your Codeneme Beast,Belle,Cogsworth,Lumiere,Mrs.Pott, or Chip

Member of The land of Dragon
-Tell me that your CodeName is Mulan,Mushu,Shanyu,Captain li shang,yao,chien-po,ling,or the emperor

Member of Port Royal
-Tell me your codename ,Jack Sparrow,Will turner,Ellizabet Swan,or Barbossa

Member of Halloween
-Tell me that your codename is Jack Skelington,DR.Finkelstain,Sally,or Oogie Boogie

Member of 100 acre wood
-Tell me that your codename is Winnie The Pooh,Piglet,or Tiger,

Member of Agrabah
-Tell me that your codename is Gennie,Aladdin,Jasmine,Tago,or Abu

Member of Olympus Colloseum
-Tell me that your codename is Hercules,Megara,Pegasus,Hades,or Auron

Member of Disney Castle
-Tell me that your codename is King Mickey,Queen Minnie,Daisy,Goofy,Donald,Pluto

Member of Twight Light Town
-Tell me that your codename is Pence,Hainer,Olette,Vivi,Seifer,Fuu,or Rai

Member of Organization XIII
-Tell me thet your codename is Xemnas(I),Xigbar(II),Xaldin(III),Vexen(I V),Lexacus(V),Zexion(VI),Saix(VII),(VIII ),Demyx(IX),Luxord(X),Marluxia(XI),Larxe na(XII),Roxas(XIII)

Member of Pride Lands
-Tell me that your codename is Simba,Nala,Mufasa,Timon,Pumba,Rafiki or Scar

Co Owner OF Each World
-The most posts non spam in each world and only one co owner of each world

Easy right !!!!

[I]*~ Kingdom Hearts II FC ~*[/I]
Owner :
Naruto NR = Sora =All Worlds*
Co Owner :
Church = Zexion = Organization XIII
Rasengan08 = King Mickey= Disney Castle
MasterNinja02 = Ping = The Land Of Dragons
Cory = Geine = Agrabah
Member :
Code = Riku = Disney Castle
Jackman = ...........
Em_leingod = Marluxia = Organization XIII *
kakashi_sound_girl90 = Demyx = Organization XIII *

Just tell me if you want to change your codename !!!
New Member : kakashi_sound_girl90
Total Member :9
Target Member :75
* = Banner Maker

Pride Lands : "Lion King"
Owner :
Naruto NR : Simba

Co Owner :

Member :

Atlantic "The Little Mermaid"
Owner :
Naruto NR = Ariel

Co Owner :

Member :

Beast Castle : "Beauty And The Beast"
Owner :
Naruto NR = Belle

Co Owner :

Member :

Port Royal : "Pirate Of Carribean "
Owner :
Naruto NR = Jack Sparrow

Co Owner :

Member :

Olympus Coloseum : "Hercules"
Owner :
Naruto NR = Hercules

Co Owner :

Member :

The Land Of Dragons : "Mulan"
Owner :
Naruto NR = Mulan

Co Owner :
MasterNinja02 = Ping

Member :

Agrabah : "Aladdin"
Owner :
Naruto NR = Aladdin

Co Owner :
Cory = Geine

Member :

Twight Light Town :
Owner :
Naruto NR = Hainer

Co Owner :

Member :

Halloween Town : "Night Before Chrissmast"
Owner :
Naruto NR = Jack

Co Owner :

Member :

100 Acre Woods :"Winnie The Pooh"
Owner :
Naruto NR = Pooh
Co Owner :

Member :

Organization XIII :
Owner :
Naruto NR = Ansem

Co Owner :
Church = Zexion

Member :
Em_leingod = Marluxia
kakashi_sound_girl90 = Demyx

Disney Castle :
Owner :
Naruto NR = Donald

Co Owner :
Rasengan08 = King Mickey

Member :
Code = Riku

Banner :
If there is a broken link just tell me !!!!!
Official Banner :
1. Co Owner
Thanx to Naruto NR
2. Member
Thanx to Naruto NR
Thanx to Em_leingod
And if you are a sigmaker please make us banners

Go Ahead And Join Now !!!!!
And Dont Forget.....Have Fun And Be Active !!!!!

church 01-26-2007 02:06 PM

Re: *~ Kingdom Hearts II FC ~*
I'd like to join this!

CodeName: Zexion from Org. XIII and I'd like to be the co-owner of Org. XIII if ya dont mind.. thanks!!

Naruto NR 01-26-2007 04:09 PM

Re: *~ Kingdom Hearts II FC ~*
Welcome are the leadre of Org. XIII now!!!
Feelfree to put fc's banner in your sig !!!!
We still need more member to join !!!
Have fun and be active !!!

church 01-26-2007 06:18 PM

Re: *~ Kingdom Hearts II FC ~*
hey no prob. I think most memebers will come 2nite since thats when its mostly active for some reason lol...

MasterNinja02 01-26-2007 06:31 PM

Re: *~ Kingdom Hearts II FC ~*
i'll join the "land of the dragons" group if i could use the codename Ping. also co-owner please?

rasengan08 01-26-2007 06:47 PM

Re: *~ Kingdom Hearts II FC ~*
Ill be in this
codename:king mickey
Co-owner of disney castle

church 01-26-2007 06:59 PM

Re: *~ Kingdom Hearts II FC ~*
Alrite u guys will be added ASAP!

rasengan08 01-26-2007 07:02 PM

Re: *~ Kingdom Hearts II FC ~*
ok cool so what do we talk about here

church 01-26-2007 09:04 PM

Re: *~ Kingdom Hearts II FC ~*
Anything thats Kingdom heart II related. Such as the characters, who would win in a battle, how long it took ya to beat, and so on.... Just keep it within KH2 basicly...

rasengan08 01-26-2007 09:20 PM

Re: *~ Kingdom Hearts II FC ~*
yo think riku could beat sora in a keyblade battle no help from anyone no heartless no donald no goofy

Jackman 01-26-2007 09:47 PM

Re: *~ Kingdom Hearts II FC ~*
can I join?

church 01-26-2007 10:31 PM

Re: *~ Kingdom Hearts II FC ~*
ya just gotta wait 4 da owner to add yall!!!

Em_Leingod 01-26-2007 11:35 PM

Re: *~ Kingdom Hearts II FC ~*
i'll join, here i re made the banners

Naruto NR 01-27-2007 08:27 AM

Re: *~ Kingdom Hearts II FC ~*
Welcome !!!MasterNinja,Rasengan08,Jackman, and Em_leingod !!!!

I. MasterNinja = You are Co-Owner Of The Land Of Dragon and Co Owner of
Kingdom Hearts II FC

II. rasengan08 = You are Co Owner of Disney Castle !!!!!And also you are
co owner of Kingdom Hearts II FC

III. Jackman = Welcome !!!You have to choose you codename !!!!

IV. Em_leingod = Welcome !!!and thanx for banners !!!!you also
you have to choose your codename !!!!
and please can you resize the banners into
300x100 !!!i will add the banners if you do that !!!

Welcome All !!!!Have Fun And Be Active !!!!

YondaimeUzumaki 01-27-2007 08:44 AM

Re: *~ Kingdom Hearts II FC ~*
Just a suggestion but I think you should just own the FC as a whole and leave owning all the different worlds to members rather than being Sora, Belle, Ariel, Mulan etc in each world, that way there can be an owner and co-owner of each world rather than you having to own each. Also Your sig is terribly pixelated perhaps you should use Em's.

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