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Kina 04-21-2007 01:52 PM

The Roleplay FC

: Don't ask to join in the thread, PM me with a sample of how you roleplay and I'll give you a yes or no with a why. As far as if I say no... it'll most likely be because of how you roleplay. It's my firm belief RP-ing should be in past tense and 3rd person. It infuriates me when someone doesn't.


1. NO SPAMMING!!! I don't care about the whatever you want everyone in my thread to see. The exception to this rule is informing others about good RP-ing sites.
2. E-mail giving should be done in PM form, I care about safety and I don't want and creepy stalk people to rape and kill you.
3. I really don't mind if you swear/curse. Just, please, not every other word. I can tolerate a few words here and there, but try and keep it in clean speech.
4. Please, for the same reason as number 2, don't give out your personal information on this thread.
5. Random dance parties are permitted... >> << >> ignore that XD
6. While on the topic of random, keep chats about things on topic.
7. NO RACISM, NO SEX TALK!! I don't like those things talked about...
8. MOST IMPORTANT OF THE RULES: Have boat loads of fun, don't be afraid to have it.

Ranking system:
Members will be ranked in accordance to skill and creativity. The ranking will be decided by the co-owners and myself, but I have final say in rank. Your co-owners and myself are above members in rank. This means that if you try and instigate a fight, we can smack you down without major problems.

Location: Currently, we're doing a vampire roleplay. Its fairly alright, but progress is slow.

Characters: You will think of a good character that isn't too overly powerful, has weaknesses, personality and flaws. You will name him or her accordingly.


Owner: Uchiha Kina
Co-Owner: Seal_Master

________________________________________ _________________

1. Ichigo Usaragi
2. Order Out Of Chaos
3. Space Marine (Currently in training)
4. Tetra
5. TooKaiPai
6. Magister
7. Kaine (Currently in training)
8. Pink_Genocide
9. TeaTee
10. dirk667
11. Harrada
12. sasuke_power
13. Naruto100%

Join and spread us around.... :o

Heres the banner I whipped up:
Heres a better one:

Ichigo Usaragi 04-22-2007 06:38 PM

Re: The Roleplay FC request
Okay ill join okay is that cool?

Kina 04-22-2007 06:40 PM

Re: The Roleplay FC request

Originally Posted by Ichigo Usaragi (Post 1074883)
Okay ill join okay is that cool?

PM if (if you already haven't) and gimme a quick example of you RP style, it's all in the first post. Thanks for asking! thats been 2 people in an hour, that makes me happy.

Ichigo Usaragi 04-22-2007 06:44 PM

Re: The Roleplay FC request
Story or myself which one?

Kina 04-22-2007 06:49 PM

Re: The Roleplay FC request
a sample of how you roleplay... okay... an example: He walked down the dusty road, wind kicking up the smally, grainy paarticles. A scarf was wrapped around his nexk to protect it from the dirt. He also had goggles firmly secured around his eyes. He wasn't taking chances, as usual, he couldn't afford too.

A little thingy like that. I'm stepping out for a bit, so I'll check on it in a couple hours.

Ichigo Usaragi 04-22-2007 07:01 PM

Re: The Roleplay FC request
Okay ill say somethinking about naruto:

Naruto walking through the shadow gates of death slowly walking and checking each gate carefully. "Crack" he heard when he saw someone or something."Crack" he heard again when he felt pressure on his neck. He turned around with jiraya sceaming ,"Sexy jutsu" he cried,"Do the sexy jutsu" he said while he strangled him." "Do the sexy jutsu and ill show u the way out." "No pervy sage,no i wont." He screamed high piched." Naruto to sprinted away from the pervy sage leaving tracks. Jiraya followed the tracks, and found Naruto laying on the ground knocked out with is blood all over the gate and the floor."

Its all i did for now its probably horrible but i tried i ll try to make another one.

Trust me i no its horrible ill make another better one wen i get da chance.

Ichigo Usaragi 04-22-2007 08:31 PM

Re: The Roleplay FC request
Ok ill try to make better ones but do we do them here on fc or do we pm u with the stories?

Kina 04-22-2007 08:33 PM

Re: The Roleplay FC request
Well, I'd prefer to keep the FC about hoe you plan of developing the roleplay and charatcer and counsulting others about how to further the plot rather than the acual roleplay being done in here. But the key of this FC is also to bring people who RP together... so PM XD.

Kina 04-22-2007 08:55 PM

Re: The Roleplay FC request
Really strong ones, eh? I go for the deceptively powerful type. They have strength and brains, but don't like to let it on. Thats a good stratagy in my opinion.

Kina 04-22-2007 09:10 PM

Re: The Roleplay FC request
I see... brains or telepathic? One of my Chars. was telepathic, she had lots of problems handling the voices in her head.

Ichigo Usaragi 04-22-2007 09:11 PM

Re: The Roleplay FC request
Was she .....Special?

Kina 04-22-2007 09:13 PM

Re: The Roleplay FC request
no, she was overwhelmed, she wasn't born with it. She started hearing them at school and passed out from a headache.

soundgal88 04-22-2007 09:14 PM

Re: The Roleplay FC request
ouch... that really had to hurt. I have a lot of characters. My Characters ages range from 5-222 years of age. The young ones are normally silly and playful.

Kina 04-22-2007 09:17 PM

Re: The Roleplay FC request
Mine usually range from 10- 40... mostly female, but i like playing males 2... XD that sounds dirty

Kina 04-22-2007 09:20 PM

Re: The Roleplay FC request
It is, we're on topic... anyway, whats your viewpoints on doing RPs basied off of anime? I think it's nice to have some ground rules already put down, but I prefer to have my own charatcers

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