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v1etguy08 08-19-2007 01:53 AM

NARUTO age contest =]
okay here is my second contest. I know it sound weird but here it is.


Ages are : 12 , 16 , 25 , 50

Here are the rules :
1. Hand draw of course
2. Black and White OR Color (anything u want)
3. Custom Naruto outfits
For 12 and 16 years old Naruto , you can use their outfit from naruto/naruto shippuuden if u want. But 25 and 50 has to be new outfits.(just giving some advice, the most creative will be the best)
4. Need 2 more ppl to join ( including me is 3 contestants)
5. Need 4 votes to win. No voting for urself plz haha
6. Need 2 judges

Aighty. U think its kool ? join and have fun. If not, u can be voters hehehe

ps looking forward to see a bigger contest than the first one I made

D.weerA 11-19-2009 11:34 PM

NARUTO age contest
can you add an extra vote to mcbongs please. i forgot to click the second one

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