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YoshiToshi 08-29-2007 05:35 AM

Reputation FAQ
This was originally made by SugoiNaruto162, so credit goes to her.

How can I see how many reputation points I have?
There are four ways:

1. The number of green or red bars next to your posts.
2. The message you see displayed when you place your mouse over the light bars.
3. Click your own "give reputation" icon.

How do I give someone reputation?

On every post, there is a scale icon beneath one's avatar and personal information. This is the reputation button.
Click it on the post you wish to leave reputation for, select either "Approve" (positive reputation) or "Disapprove" (negitive reputation) and, if you wish, leave a message. Then click "Add to reputation" to complete the process.

What is reputation?

A system designed to rate the posts and actions of other members.

What does reputation do?

Besides identifying someone as a good member or a bad member, not much.

How do I see the reputations I've been left?

In the userCP, under latest reputation recieved.

How can I figure out who gave me a reputation comment?

Unless you're a mod, or a Super Moderator or an admin checks your profile for you, there is no way to be certain. The only other way to know is if they leave their name in the rep, or you can figure it out by the comment they left.

What do the colors in the reputation recieved window signify? Rep: You lose points. Rep: Member who repped you doesn't meet the requirements to give rep away. Your points stay the same. Rep: You gain points.

For every year that your a registered member, you get one point of reputation power.
For every 1,000 posts you get one point of reputation power.
For every 100 points of rep you get one point of reputation power, you must have at least 50 posts for your rep to count (when giving it to others).
You must have 10 rep for your rep to count (when giving it to others, and that means if you have negitive rep, it wont count).
You can only give 10 reps per day and you must rep 10 people before you can rep the same person again.

Tsuna 08-29-2007 03:45 PM

Re: Reputation FAQ
A couple of other notes:

Those with negative reputation cannot give reputation to others. It results in a null.

When giving a negative reputation, your rep power is cut in half. So that means that if you give, say, 10 positive rep points, were you to give someone a negative rep, you would only do -5 points of damage to their rep points.

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