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ULTRA TEDDI 09-11-2007 06:23 PM

The New Satan Sam

This game is like cave story, If it were for adrenaline junkies
you NEED to play this game, End of discussion
The screenshot does NOT do it justice

Cave Story

Cave Story is an amazing old-school side-scrolling adventure that is reminiscent of games like Castlevania or Metroid. Created by some Japanese guy who calls himself Pixel over the course of four years, his hard work and creativity has come together to create a game of utmost quality. I'm not just speaking for myself here, this game has quite a cult following. As far as I know, this is the only freeware game that has spawned it's own high-quality music remix project.

If you're into old-school games at all, you should download this game. If you're not, you should download it anyway.

The game doesn't really have an official site so the only places it can be downloaded are third-party sites. I recommend the following because it already has the english patch installed. Oh, and having a gamepad wouldn't hurt, but I've beaten the game on a keyboard so it's not impossible.

Cave Story

Within a Deep Forest

Within a Deep Forest is a Metroid style game with a unique twist... You play as a ball that can only bounce. No attack, not nothin'. Just bouncing. Surprisingly, it's actually really good! You use your amazing bouncing powers to explore the world and collect different ball materials to get into more areas and so on and so forth. Also, the game has some really neat music that will immerse you into the game. It's all electronic but it gives the game a really nice atmosphere.

If you're looking for a challenge, you've found the right game.


Toribash is undoubtably the most unique fighting game in existance. It's a turn-based ragdoll fighting game that makes Super Smash Brothers seem like Street Fighter II. While at first the gameplay may seem overwhelming, you will quickly learn what each of the different joints do and how to use them. There's both singeplayer and online play, both play fairly differently. In singleplayer, your opponent has no AI and your goal is do as much damage as possible to it. Obviously, in multiplayer you will be fighting a live human who will make his moves at the same time as you.

Toribash is a pretty damn fun game. It lacks somewhat in variation, but expect that to change as soon as there is some better mod support.


While being one of the most frustrating and mind-blowingly difficult games that I've ever played in my entire life, N still manages to be very likable. You control an agile, yet pacifistic ninja (WHAT KIND OF OXYMORON IS THIS???) whose life goal is to collect gold and, well... live to get to the next level. There are more ways to die in N than there is atoms in the galaxy. Now, if I wasn't just clear - you're going to die a lot, but it's quite a good feeling when you actually manage to beat a level.

N is worth a download. However, after a while you won't be able to play anymore because you lit your keyboard on fire due to frustration. I recommend you have some music playing in the backround or else the silence will get on your nerves.

The game also has a built level editor, but I forgot how you unlock it. Look on the N forums or something.

F.E.A.R. Combat

What's that? You never got around to buying F.E.A.R.? Well, isn't today your lucky day?! Not all that long ago, the multiplayer portion of F.E.A.R. was released for free! While F.E.A.R. multiplayer has never been the best multiplayer around, it's far from the worst. Fatal clost combat moves, intense gunfights, on the fly grenades, a fair assortment of maps and weapons, and mind-blowing graphics make the game one of the best free online shooters available. If you already own F.E.A.R. already, however, there's nothing new to see here.


If you've played Super Monkey Ball or Marble Madness, you know what you're getting into. If you haven't, you don't know what you're getting into. Basically, you try to get your ball to the goal by tilting the playfield. Sounds easy, right? Well, it really isn't, I'm afraid to say. There's plenty of things out there that can cause your innocent little ball to fall of a ledge. Games like this can get really challenging, but for some reason you won't stop playing!

I can really only see someone getting a whole lot of satisfaction out of this game if they have a joystick. Controlling with the mouse seems a little bit troublesome, but I only tried using it for about a couple of seconds so I don't know. I'd also like to let you know that the production value here is spectacular!


One thing I can't believe is that there are people out there who think Resident Evil 4 is scary. Apparently they've never played games like Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, or Penumbra. Penumbra is not your standard survival horror game. It's all about puzzle solving since you don't actually get a gun. That's not to say there aren't monsters though. The game has some pretty kickin' graphics for a freeware game which certainly adds to the horror.

Are you man or woman enough to play? Of course you are!

Little Fighter 2

Little Fighter 2 has a couple different modes and I'm not really sure which one is supposed to be the main one. My personal favorite mode is the one that plays like Streets of Rage or Final Fight. The game throws generic enemies your way and it's your job to beat the everloving snot out of each and every single one of them. Then there's the mode where you fight characters that are just as powerful as you are. Each character is fairly different and has a couple different special attacks which you need to look up how to do on the main website. It's also possible to play online so you can knock the stuffing out of some dudes you totally don't know!

Grand Theft Auto 2

If you call yourself a gamer, you know about the GTA series. If you're not a gamer, you probably know about the GTA series also because of all of the controversy. You play as some random thug who is dropped into a large open-ended world to do as you please. Complete missions that you get from different gangs, reek havok on the hapless citizens of the city, or just drive around... whateva. In my opinion, GTA 2 has held up rather well over the years even though the series has been 3D-ified for a while.

Black Shades

Black Shades is just about anything but your standard FPS game. First off, it has the blockiest graphics I've seen since the original Star Fox. Some people may be turned off by this, but I like it because it brings me back to a time when games weren't all about graphics. You're a psychic bodyguard whose goal is to protect the VIP (guy in white) by any means necessary from various kind of assasins and zombies. Even though there's almost absolutely no variation in the environment whatsoever, Black Shades somehow manages to keep things fresh by mixing up the enemies you fight and the weapons you can use.

Not only do you get a variety of weapons to protect the VIP, you also get some useful psychic powers! You have the ability to increase your thinking speed momentarily (bullet time), or you can use Soul-release to get a view of the situation.

The only problem I have here is that there's no save feature, so it's either you use the debug mode to skip levels or you start at the beginning.

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