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Solus Bringer 11-02-2007 04:49 AM

EV Prologue The Story of the Phoenix
This takes almost Fifty years before the events in Eldest Vampire

The story of the Phoenix.

Prologue: The Birth of Fire

“Quick hide him he must stay safe he cannot be found,” said a man in a black cloak.
“We must hide him where his power can’t be read,” panted a second man holding a black cloth that is holding special contents on the inside.
“Here leave him here it will be safe here,” said a final man in the trio.

All three were cloaked in a black cloak with a unique symbol in red woven in the front of the cloaks. Each man stopped at a small house in a small truck town. It was a two story house with a red door and red shutters on the outside of the big window in the front. There were two columns that erected from the porch where the front door was.

The front porch lights were on for the night and the street, which turned up on to a hill, was silent and still. The men glided up to the front door and placed the cloaked rapped bundle on the door step. They placed a small feather on the cloaked and one of the men recited, “Imbunne.” A small silver light grew from the middle man’s hand. The golden feather sunk into the cloak and created a design on the side of it where the feather was place.

The men turned to one another and started to walk away. One of the men turned to the one next to him as probed, “Do you think it was wise placing him here, he maybe in more danger then we would have hoped.” “He will be safe, this place maybe in the heart of the realms but it is also a place where his power will be hard to find,” replied the other man.

“Well this will be a hard task to help him, we must monitor his progress so he is always protected,” said the third man.

“Yes true Arai, we must but we cannot reveal ourselves in front of the boy,” said the middle one again.

All three walked down the hill in the street only showing their presence when the street light shined on them. The cloaked men walked into the town which took a while. There they changed their clothes with another strange light that came from their hands. The approached a diner and entered through the see through door.

They walked over and sat into a booth where they were greeted by a small waitress with a smug grin on her face with a red carrot colored hair growing from her head. The waitress outfit was plain with a blue white striped dress and a plain white apron with what looks like a grease stain towards the top right of it. “What can I get you boys,” she said tiredly.

The first man, whose face was now exposed, which was a plane face with a semi-happy smile placed upon it, spoke first, “Just some tea, or lemonade if you don’t have that please.” Arai who was sitting to the first man’s right said, “Um I will have a cola and some, hmmm ah some crumb-cake please.” The leader just waved his hand to signal nothing for him.

She floated away to the kitchen leaving the men to themselves. “So what do we do when he finds out, Retui” said Arai. The leader, Retui turned to him and answered, “We train him like the boss said and when he has reached a higher level we take him to the academy, just like we were told.” “Okay here you go,” the waitress said with a tray in one hand a cup of lemonade in the other. She passed it to the first man, then the cola and crumb-cake to Arai.

“Enjoy,” she muttered before retreating into the back again.
“Okay the training will be as followed, Omnen, you will teach him the basics and small stuff. Arai you will teach him the elements and advanced basics. And I will teach him spells and the stuff he must learn before going into the academy,” Retui explained.

“Well what do you we do if he awakens before his time,” asked Omnen

“Then we let him be expressed it is not as if he is a bad thing to happen to the boy,” replied Retui

Arai and Omnen, who looked fairly alike, besides the smile that Arai always wore, were now quenching their thirst and hunger. Arai was wearing a plain red shirt and jeans. Omnen was wearing the same outfit as his twin except for a blue shirt. They both had the same messy brown hair that parted to one side, for Arai to his right and for Omnen to his left.

Retui look much different from his brothers. He was wearing a black shirt with an eagle flying in from the left and plain jeans just like his brothers. He looked calm and collected which reflected his personality. His eyes were a faded silver eyes and bright black hair.

“Okay so its decided what will happen, and now we wait for him to grow and mature so we may watch his abilities as they show themselves,” explained Arai

The other two nodded and sat as the waitress came back and asked softly, “You done with that,” pointing to the crumb-cake. Arai nodded and she took the plate and again retreated to the back. So they all were left there thinking, thinking of the future hero of Earth.

Solus Bringer 11-02-2007 04:50 AM

Re: EV Prologue The Story of the Phoenix
I will be posting more chapters later for now here is chapter one
Chapter 1 The First Release

The morning came and the sound from the highway can be heard on top of Crestfall Hill. A figure is moving about his bed tossing and turning with sweat drooling from it. The figure rose fast from the bed. He was panting heavily sweat rolling down his face.

Eventually he got out of the bed and looked around the room. It was a fairly small room with a big window overlooking the hill. There was a desk, a TV stand, and a wardrobe. He walked over to the wardrobe and picked out a grey and green plaid button up shirt, and a pair of black shorts.

He moved sluggishly with his long blonde hair waving in front of his green-blue eyes. He was short being only about five foot three. He wasn’t physically built like his brother but he didn’t want to be, he was happy with who he was.

His sluggish movements stopped as he reached the sea theme bathroom with its lime green walls, fish toiletries and a blue fish bath/shower cover. He turned on the faucet and the water spill out in to the shell sink. He dipped his hands into the cool water and brought it up to his face. He dropped it on the top of his hair, with his face over the bowl.

He took a brush and brushed his normal bed head down to its normal straightness. He shut the door and locked it to do the rest of his morning routine. The door opened revealing a livelier and better looking man. He rushed down his stairs to his kitchen where he ran into his mom eating her pop-tart and drinking her coffee.

“Oh hey mom,” he said as he walked by her sitting on her couch. She turned to see him pass the kitchen table and into the cupboard. “Good morning sleepy-head,” she said with a welcoming tone in her voice, “you know, John, if you keep getting up late you will miss school, again.”

John pulled out a bag of muffins and then closed the door to face his mom, “Uh yeah sorry it’s just, you know I stay up real late, and this time I had a bad dream and couldn’t sleep.” He finished as he started to open the bag and eat the blueberry muffins that lay inside.
“Well these bad dreams have been more frequent then they used to be, they might be because of ‘something’ that happened at school,” she probed at him. His face was twisted and he irritably replied, “No mom nothing bad happened at school, can you stop asking,” he turned back to grab his muffins and headed towards his back in the welcome room

His mom got up and moved toward him. Her features became clearer her red curly hair, her many freckles and her paper white skin. She walked over to John and hugged him tightly as he tried to get his backpack. She stopped the hug and turned to face the front door.

A loud car horn could be heard twice from outside. John quickly grabbed his bag and shot out the door leaving his mom behind to watch him enter the car and go down the hill. She closed the door and walked back inside.

“I wonder what is wrong with that boy,” she said to herself before heading up stairs and into her room.

She closed the door behind and looked at the curio and dropped down to her knees and opened up a drawer and inside laid the black cloak from fourteen years ago. The feather mark on the top of it was redder then it had ever been. It was almost glowing. She tucked it back into the drawer and returned to getting ready for work
**************************************** ********************************

John stepped out of the car to with his friends, Leon and Spyk. They all walked past the iron gates that led into the school. The campus security greeted them a good day and then looked back for possible threats.

Leon and Spyk both stopped at the closest classroom where a group of people were standing around speaking. They stopped there as John kept moving on past them to a pathway that led into the back of the school. The path was marked to his left and then a right.

The path took three more turns before reaching a small wall near classroom with the room number labeled 407. He reached to one of the points sticking out from wall and pressed it seven times revealing a secret stairway which led into a black pit.

John entered making sure that no one saw the secret way to the bottom of the school. The way down was dark, but ever ten steps a motion light would turn on. After about fifty lights the stairs flattened out to a walkway.

The walkway was designed like the stairs, though the lights were ten feet apart. The end of the walkway leaded into a large room. The room was draped with light so that the features were clearly visible. It was a white and grey room; the walls were marked with the sign of a jackal. The round table which filled the center of the room seated twelve chairs; seven of the chairs were filled with people.

“Alright everyone let’s get this meeting started,” John raised his voiced through the hall.

John walked over to the chair facing the door. He sat down and began looking around, he saw that only two were missing, “but they are never here on time,” he said quietly to himself. Then a shutter came from the door, two people appeared from the doorway and began walking over to their seats.

“Okay now that Spyk and Leon are here we can start,” He started as he looked at his friends.

“Sorry, we had to listen to the news of the day,” said Spyk in his usual calm and cool tone.

“Alright well let’s discuss what we are to do this week for the school,” said John to the entire student council. The people at the table started to stir as if the statement was a secret code. Spyk reached in front of him and grabbed a sheet of paper that and started, “Alright when I call your name say here; Michael,” Michael in the back raised his hand up to signal that he was there.

“Okay then next, um, oh Desiree,” Spyk said as he looked around. “I’M HERE,” screamed Desiree in her normal loud voice. “Alright then screw this I see your all here lets get this on with,” Spyk said dropping the sheet and himself.

“Alright this meeting is a normal meeting where we do absolutely nothing but sit around and do nothing so, as always let’s get out the training materials,” John said pointing to the wall behind him. Part of the pure white wall broke forward from the rest of the wall and then to the right.

Pouring from the newly made hole was weapons, books, desks and training dummies. “Alright let’s get to it,” John said as he made his way to the weapons rack a long with Spyk and Leon. They all chose a different weapon; John a Bo staff, Spyk grabbed two kunai knives, and Leon selected the tonfas.

Leon and Spyk started the daily sparring match as John started single training; the rest of the people either when to martial arts training or into studying old books and articles. The entire consol was good at something, Spyk was talented with knives and small swords, and Leon was an expert at special attacks that could disarm or render someone unconscious. John was a weapons master, with an ability that no one else had, the ability to master any weapon given to him.

The rest were equally skilled with knowledge or hand to hand combat. Though not all of them were the leaders of the consol. This came as a surprise to the three when they were given the highest positions in the school.

The kids were all doing there activities quietly. Leon and Spyk stopped their sparring and John began sparring Leon as Spyk started to work on a training dummy. John was beating Leon as always but got hit a couple of times.

When the sparring stopped they turned to watch Spyk try and perfect the trial he has working on for some time. He made the first to slashes turned around for a back slash then missed. He tried that many times and failed all. He eventually became frustrated.

His anger could be heard his skin turned pale and his eyes began to show signs of blood. He became so angry his aggression became his abilities and achieved his goal then he continued with a side slash then a powerful stab. The stab passed through the dummy and stayed.

“I DID IT,” he yelled as he stayed focused on the spot that he hit.

John and the rest of them applauded his achievement. Spyk looked at his feat once more as his angry started to fall. Before it reached the bottom something inside Spyk stirred and grew.

“NOW,” exploded a double voice which poured from Spyk’s mouth.

The scream produced some powerful enough to blow a clean hole through the training dummy. In place of where the body once was, there was now a black flame. Spyk looked scared as if he did something he should not have done.

It was almost as if the power was a trigger, for a man in a black cloak flew down from the ceiling and at Spyk, “You’re coming with me,” Omnen bellowed as he grabbed the boy and took him into a blue portal.

“NO, brother he is not the one,” replied Arai as he too went through the portal.

Everyone watching had looks of terror and awe place upon them. What ever happened with Spyk caused something to happen and John and Leon couldn’t sit still to know what. Both of them looked at each other and bolted for the closing portal; they made it, but just barely.

Solus Bringer 11-22-2007 07:00 PM

Re: EV Prologue The Story of the Phoenix
Chapter 2 The Past

All five were cast into a blue vortex. Each one following the other in a line. The line had breaks in it where you would see a split image and then blue again. Omnen thrust his hand out to open the end of the portal tossing everyone out.

“Let me go,” said Spyk as he struggled to break free.

“Do you know how you became what you are,” ask Omnen pulling him in to stop the moving.

“No, you can’t, not in front of them, never in front of others,” panicked Spyk.

John got to his feet to see a place in the middle of the forest. Leon was sitting up right next to him. “WH-where are we,” probed John as he looked at the two men. They looked to him and freaked out. “HOW DID YOU GET HERE,” they yelled as they looked at each other.

“NO, no this can’t happen you weren’t supposed to come; damn Retui is going to have out heads for this one,” said Arai as he paced.

“Just tell me why must I live through this nightmare again?” Spyk said angrily.

“Because you must not become what you were in the presence of the Phoenix when he appears,” piped Omnen releasing Spyk’s shirt.

John, still confused decided it was better not to ask questions at the time. “So let’s begin to see the history and beginning of Spyk Ciar,” Omnen said in overlord like tone. He held up his hand so no one would move.

From the right of the forest a caravan was walking through. In front was none other then Spyk himself. He looked like a proud soldier covered in the finest old age armor John had ever seen.

The armor was red and black with a long black and red striped sash, marked with ten stars rising up through it, was strapped across his body and up on his shoulder. There was no weapon on him just his armor and his spiked red hair.

“Forward men we must make it to Egypt before Phoix does, or the war is hopeless,” he announced to his men. He had a saddened face as if he was doing something he knew was wrong. When he reached center stage an ambush of twenty people shot from the tops of the trees. “TO ARMS MEN,” cried Spyk as he charged into the ambush.

In the back there was a man wearing unique robes or blue and silver. He held in his hands a weird scroll that started to light up as the man started talking. Spyk shot lights from his hand killing all who touched them.

“OVENATOUS,” the man finished and a blue light hit Spyk square on.

Spyk fell coughing up blood as the ambush retreated. He looked up and saw no opponent, he felt fine now and decided to move on. He walked down the path that was in front of him not looking back at what had just happened.

“There was the first part where the curse was made, the next is the transformation,” Omnen remarked.

Everything faded black the only visible things were the five of them. John couldn’t grasp what he just saw but he knew that it was something Spyk regretted very much. Spyk who was no on the floor could only hope that this would not be as bad as what he just saw of his past.

“Ah here we are three days later,” Arai said as he turned to Leon and John.

Everything faded back, this time it was and old style candle lit room. The walls were brown with stones and the light cast shadows on the columns supporting the ceiling. Spyk could be seen restless in his bed which was placed in the back of the room.

He began sweating; his face turned to a pale white his teeth began to turn jagged. He was becoming what he was to this day a true vampire, the first one to this day. He woke up panting heavily clutching his head in a vice grip.

“NO, this can’t, what is this, what is happening to me,” Spyk yelled painfully as guards entered the room.

“Sir we heard yelling is everything okay.”

“I’ve been curse by that man.”

“Sir about that man we know who he was”

“TELL ME WHO IS HE,” Spyk screaming in pain as he placed his hand over his failing heart. “He was Osai Killen, he is with the light realm army,” the guard replied to his dying master.

“OSAI,” bellowed Spyk as his chambers rattled from the scream.

Spyk raised fast to his feet fetching his armor and equipping it quickly. He reached for a chest which was lined with knives of all sorts. He picked up the first two and put them in holsters.

“Men when the final battle comes we will kill this Osai and make him suffer,” he manically razed.

Again the sight faded, John and Leon were terrified at what they had just witnessed. Spyk was not okay either he was trembling with fear. He was too scarred to look his friends in the eyes.

“This is the final one,” then you must choose who you wish to side with,” Omnen finally said.

This time the faded picture was placed above a battle field just enough to see who it was fighting. Spyk was in the center taking out the surrounding foes. He shot rays of blue, red, yellow, and green lights from his hand.

“For the dark realm,” he said as he took down another spell user.

Spyk, who was watching himself kill, looked in terror at the sight in which befell him. The other Spyk kill countless as he made his way to his target, Osai. He reared toward his foe knife in hand.

Osai saw the threat before it could kill him. He set a shield around him to protect from the knife. It did its job perfectly. Spyk frustrated with Osai, stretched out his hand and screamed, “ARAIKANAI,” where Osai once stood now an explosion took his place.

Pieces from Osai began to rain on the battle field, which John just recognized as Egypt. Spyk looked around at the pieces of his enemy and laughed at his weakness. Spyk wiped off the blood from his should as a golden bird Figure raised to the sky.

Something began to stir inside John. Like a bubble ready to pop. The golden bird opened its wings to reveal that is was part man. At that time red and gold light shot from John’s eyes. His mouth opened to shine the same light.


“No it has begun,” said Arai.

“No, that’s a yes it’s a good thing now he can help,” Omnen acknowledged.

The placed turned black again as John collapsed to the floor. Arai ran over to catch him. He as Arai placed him gently on to the ground he turned to Omnen. “I told you NO, if master Osai was to hear of this he would replace us,” Arai complained.

“Well I am willing to risk that,” he said now facing Spyk.

“What was that for,” Spyk raised smugly.

“Now which side do you choose, the side with your old master Phieno, or our side with Phoix,” asked Omnen.

“I choose, I choose, Phoix. He showed me mercy in later years and I should repay him. He walked over to John. “Phoix I will help you train in the ways of the old Psyics, and in later time you will see my full power and hopefully match it,” Spyk finished as he appeared back at the table in the school.

**************************************** ********************************

John’s mom moved to the drawing containing the feather cloak. The feather was now golden and shining brightly. She was in fear, “What is this a sign of.” She pulled the cloak out of the drawer and prepared for John’s arrival.

“He will want to hear of his past,” she said hugging the blanket tightly.

**************************************** ********************************

Spyk, Leon, and John all appeared back at the school table right when Spyk was doing role call. They looked at each other then back at the members. “Are you okay,” Desiree asked calmly. “Oh yeah sorry um you know lets all just go to our daily activities alright,” he said sitting back down.

“Guys I’m sorry I should have told you but I have never been able to trust anyone that much, I will tell you more just not here and not now, alright?” he asked. They both nodded and returned to sparring, wearily though.

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