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DarkAztek 12-31-2007 02:54 PM

Infraction for mrpiimpnn: Flamming Other Member(s)
Post: Seeing as Sasuke Is pwning itachi
User: mrpiimpnn
Infraction: Flamming Other Member(s)
Points: 10

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Cool your jets.
Original Post:


Originally Posted by Anbu-Kakashi (Post 1384079)
Oh really thanks for pretty much repeating everything i said about those 2 oh you alos left out the fact that kakashi shitted his pants once itachi started to fight along with the other 2 jounins so please don't run that mouth of yours.

You didn't reply to the rest because you obviously have nothing to say because i shoved your entire post down your throat.

Right lmao I didn't read cause you sound retarded, and you still sound retarded. Shove my post down my throat? Ha Ha. I didn't even read what you said jew.

Learn what your talking about first.
Suck dick less kid.

Im just going to block you to decrease the flame of you talking shit :) Good-bye kid.

Grimmjow 12-31-2007 02:58 PM

Re: Infraction for mrpiimpnn: Flamming Other Member(s)
lmfao, you beat me, I got "post has already received an infraction".

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