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Yamato-sama 01-14-2008 12:14 PM

Old English Speaking Thread
You don't need to speak old English or medieval English fluently. You only need to know enough to speak.

*\/Old English\/*
"We'll have a jolly good time eh wot?"

*\/Medieval English\/*
"Thou hast insulted me for the last time, knave!"

Just try it, you'll probably get hooked on it pretty quick.

I'MNOTCRAZY 01-14-2008 12:20 PM

Re: Old English Speaking Thread
that would be middle english, not old english. old english is completely different.

Yamato-sama 01-14-2008 12:29 PM

Re: Old English Speaking Thread

hakushiro 04-10-2008 11:16 PM

Re: Old English Speaking Thread
What joy, an Old English thread! Must I speak then in thus manner? Hast this thread died? Is there anyone at all still viewing this thread, yole?

sand_illusions 04-10-2008 11:51 PM

Re: Old English Speaking Thread
what a parculiar thread that thou has proposed!

hakushiro 04-11-2008 01:45 PM

Re: Old English Speaking Thread
Oy, Illusions of Sand. From whither doth thou hail (XD I'll never get the hang of this)? And to find that thee be a Christian... Pray do pray for me. I have grave need of it. And may thy faith never be lost from you; the world we live in has great need of it.

OniKage 05-10-2008 08:49 AM

Re: Old English Speaking Thread
Alas. I hath arrived in thy thread! Prepare for thy bargain! Or shalt I leave!? It appears that I do not belong to thee, because I ain't old! Nitre am I that fluent in speaking to thee... Oh the pain of youth! Oh I cannot!! This cannot!! Oh the heavens wither, the deeps of hell become shallow!! I am leaving!!! I don't even understand what i'm saying! LOL!

hakushiro 05-12-2008 11:34 AM

Re: Old English Speaking Thread
Be lost, knave! Thy comments are worth aught!

OniKage 05-16-2008 10:59 AM

Re: Old English Speaking Thread
Alas! A monstrous sight. Wither! Wither! Go back teh where oblivion do thee belong! Thou shalt be lost, naught me!

miho_san 05-22-2008 02:05 AM

Re: Old English Speaking Thread
"sin from my lips won't tresspass, sweetly earth give me my sin again!"

what? I can't speak much OLd english so I just borrowed one from ROMEO AND JULIET.. hehehe...

kakashi1300 05-23-2008 09:20 PM

Re: Old English Speaking Thread
hi folks. this is the true old english:

HWÆT, WE GAR-DEna in geardagum,
þeodcyninga þrym gefrunon,
hu ða æþelingas ellen fremedon!
oft Scyld Scefing sceaþena þreatum,
monegum mægþum meodosetla ofteah,
egsode eorlas, syððanærest wearð
feasceaft funden; he þæs frofre gebad,
weox under wolcnum weorðmyndum þah,
oð þæt him æghwylc ymbsittendra
ofer hronrade hyran scolde,
gomban gyldan; þæt wæs god cyning!
Ðæm eafera wæs æfter cenned
geong in geardum, þone God sende
folce to frofre; fyrenðearfe ongeat,
þe hie ær drugon aldorlease
lange hwile; him þæs Liffrea,
wuldres Wealdend woroldare forgeaf,
Beowulf wæs breme --- blæd wide sprang---
Scyldes eafera Scedelandum in.
Swa sceal geong guma gode gewyrcean,
fromum feohgiftumon fæder bearme,

hakushiro 05-26-2008 03:26 AM

Re: Old English Speaking Thread
The be the real thing.

Sevi 05-29-2008 10:03 AM

Re: Old English Speaking Thread
Lol. This is great! Although I doubt I'll ever get the hang of it...

miho_san 06-15-2008 05:33 AM

Re: Old English Speaking Thread
@kakashi: how strange thy language... arth though old english? nitre do I know of thy language... peculiar thy abominational words...

hesd 06-19-2008 11:15 PM

Re: Old English Speaking Thread
Sounds like the King James version to me, this thread. ^^; I beseech thy brethren to continue posting.

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