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Kitki Uchiha 05-06-2008 10:30 PM

hello and welcome to you all, i am kitki, (aka aalyia) i am of the yodaime clan and would like to start a role-playing experience. . .so to start this you must first introduce yourself, and tell us your element of chakra, you can fight, form groups, create a school, and graduate from the acadamy! i will set the dates and tell the storyline of important events. . .there is no god-whording allowed, and no purposefully misspelled words. . .other than that i hope you will all enjoy!

name: Kitki Uchiha (kit-kee oo-chee-ah)
element: fire, wind
personality: very fun to be around, loves ramen with beef, short-tempered, and very unpredictable
look like: tall dark hair, in a pony-tail, wears: face mask, headband on forehead, green shorts, tall necked forest-green short-sleeved shirt, mesh gloves and has entire body wrapped in bandage except face and right hand,
curses, blessings: cursed with a demon-mark, from orochimaru

story starting-line:
she walks down a narrow road with trees on both sides, scuffing her feet as she goes, she wonders: 'where is everyone?' she keeps walking untill she bumbs into someone. . .

not part of the story: well i started it, now you fill in, create a new world!!!

LonelyNinja 05-06-2008 10:36 PM

Re: role-playing
There are Naruto RP fanclubs if you wish to join those, but we don't have RP outside of them.

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