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Hokage4354 06-12-2008 11:41 AM

SOTW Official Rules

Official Rules!
(Anybody may enter if rules are folowed)
1. Folow the Forum Rules when posting.
2. Your signature must follow the assigned theme.
3.Your signature must be your own work. If you are asked to prove the
authenticity of your entry, you must do so.
4. Your signature must be of a reasonable size.
5. You may not vote for yourself in the voting thread.
6. Do not vote multiple times.
7. Sig stealing is unacceptable.
"Where do I Post?"
~Entry threads are to ONLY submit entries. If you have questions
concerning the rules, they should be posted here.~
~Voting threads will be ONLY used to post your vote upon the sigs you vote for.~
~Discussion threads for each SOTW will be posted at the start
of that SOTW. The winners will be posted here and this will be the
ONLY area where you are allowed to discuss the entries/winners.~
"Who Do I Contact?"
Hokage4354-Host of SOTW/GFX Section Mod
Uchiha1412Toshi-Co-Host of SOTW/Mod
Forum Rules must still be folowed and failure to adhere
to those rules will result with the corresponding punishment.

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