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The Assassins Curse 06-24-2008 04:21 PM

The Kuroikoukon
This is not an RP

We are the Kuroikoukon we are an organization taking over forum sites. All ten positions of the original Kuroikoukon have been taken. We have opened a second branch in ML and we are opening the third branch here. More branches of our organization will be opened in other forum sites. Some members of the Original branch aren't from this forum site just so you know. Anyway I'd like the third branch to be all NL members. All members have to pick a kanji to represent themselves.

All members of the Kuroikoukon must have this flag on their sigs

Also all members may list the branch they are in and the members that are in it. heres an example:

The Kuroikoukon: Branch #1

#. Username/Name - Ring Kanji

1. Fire Ninja - Zero - Leader
2. Jimmer45KHB - Power
3. Kilik113 - Chaos
4. Kuneria - Death
5. Lelouch - Fire
6. Underdog - Sky
7. Ally - Dance
8. Carly - Wolf
9. Seal_Master - God
10. Heather_Hitsugaya - Dog

jimmer45khb 06-24-2008 04:25 PM

Re: The Kuroikoukon
pillage plunder loot you filthy black hearts out sound fun to you then join The Kuroikoukon

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