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cheanster 09-04-2008 02:05 PM

Avatar: The Last Airbender Pairings FC
Avatar Pairings FC

In the world of avatar there is peace, hatred, but also, Love. Some have found it, others may not have, but there is always a chance, right? KatAang, ZuTara, toKka, those a re just some of the different pairings there are in Avatar.

If you a are a fan of a pairing, join. Why not? You can discuss your favorite pairing, talk with others about them and meet other fans, See the gallery, with Pics, AMV's, Fanfictions and more.

All Fans Unite
Please not hate, if your a Zutara fan, dont dislike the Kataang fan. We come here to be Pairing Fans, not enemies.

*No Sapmming
*Do not disrespect other fans
*Do not disrespect Pairings
*Let all fans of different pairings unite as one
*Follow all Forum Rules


Vice President


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