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Whitefang12 11-23-2008 02:55 AM

Hitsugaya FC
I made a new fanclub The Hitsugaya FC who want to join leave a message the one that joins first is the co-owner the other will be members I already have a signature just copy it



3.Fire Shadow of Konoha
5.Naruto Fox9

Total 8 Members

-Never post in this thread how old Hitsugaya is
-Be active for two months or I will remove you of the list
-No spamming no flaming blablabla

Club Banners:

Fire Shadow of Konoha 11-25-2008 11:08 PM

Re: Hitsugaya FC
Hey can i join Toushirou is my favorite captain

Whitefang12 11-28-2008 09:25 AM

Re: Hitsugaya FC
sure you are co -owner congrats the rest will be members

Fire Shadow of Konoha 11-28-2008 11:32 AM

Re: Hitsugaya FC
sweet thanks

CamzyD 11-28-2008 01:08 PM

Re: Hitsugaya FC
may i join? hes a fav chaaracter :D

Fire Shadow of Konoha 11-30-2008 09:24 PM

Re: Hitsugaya FC
yea welcome aboard its good to have u so post often and have fun

Whitefang12 12-01-2008 02:47 AM

Re: Hitsugaya FC
fine u can join Stay active!

Fire Shadow of Konoha 12-01-2008 01:04 PM

Re: Hitsugaya FC
so we only need 5 more members to be official

Whitefang12 12-02-2008 10:53 AM

Re: Hitsugaya FC
Yeah ur right

Marshmallow73 12-07-2008 02:20 AM

Re: Hitsugaya FC
Cool, may I join? Toushirou's really cool... ;)

Whitefang12 12-07-2008 04:24 AM

Re: Hitsugaya FC
sure why not

Marshmallow73 12-07-2008 04:53 AM

Re: Hitsugaya FC
Thank you... Any topic???

Fire Shadow of Konoha 12-07-2008 01:41 PM

Re: Hitsugaya FC
before we start a topic everyone should let us know what episode of bleach they're on so we dont worry about spoilers for anyone

me im completly caught up to the japenese version

plus only four more members so tell your friends about us

Whitefang12 12-08-2008 02:24 AM

Re: Hitsugaya FC
Uhh wait Do we have only 2 Members and 1 Co-Owner?
that need to be changed
Fire Shadow of konoha u have a plan we need more members

Marshmallow73 12-08-2008 10:43 PM

Re: Hitsugaya FC
I'm only at episode 165 or something....

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