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Freakout 12-20-2008 05:38 PM

My Fanfic: The Future of Konoha Part 1 Chapter 1
So many disasters came upon Konoha in the last months after Naruto left for his Sage training and he still have to return. What will he say if he arrives and finds out that during Pains attack so much of the Village were destroyed and so many people died and how will he react if he hears about the dead of his Sensei Kakashi. But while he finally finished his training with his own unique way and walks home Madara prepares to land the final blow by enveloping Hidden Leaf, Hidden Mist and Hidden Rock in a new Shinobi World war, only to get the Kyuubi for his own evil deeds.

There also is someone walking another path to Konoha along with Team Hawk and that one is completely disguised. Who is this mummified one? What will Sasuke do when he sees Konoha already is pretty destroyed?

While Team Hawk head for Konoha a disgust one is about to join them.

Karin notice that they are followed by a suspicious person since quit a while and with a threatening “hey you over there” she speaks to this Person.

“You already followed us the whole way, is this some kind of observation or are you one of Akatsukies spy’s to look where we’re moving? Or may you even work for the Hidden Leaf or the Hidden Cloud?”

Sasuke gets angry over Karin yelling out so much information at once and with that a strong breeze blows in her direction.

“Shut the fuck up Karin, whoever this is don’t belongs to any of the villages this would be to obvious. This is just a traveler who also walks in direction of Konoha.”

Suigetsu also lectures Karin for shouting all this out while they continue their steps.

“How could a Kunoichi be that dumb? Why not shout all over the world what we’re planning if you even mention something about secret things like that we hijacked this annoying wannabe rapper or that we spoof Akatsuki and that.”

For Karin, this was a hard punch in her face and she angry responded to this offense.

“Don’t lecture me water head, I know this I just wanted to be careful.”

This doesn’t hit Suigetsu and he reacts with less care.

“Don’t blabber around you just tried again to impress Sasuke.”

This respond heathens Karin up even more and she shouted back.

“NO I DIDN’T and you know that.”

‘Karin throws a bomb to Suigetsu but Suigetsu just became watery and the bomb got through him and hit a tree’

Juugo just sighs.

Calmly Sasuke stop them from fighting with a small sentence.

“Both of you now be quiet, I don’t want to draw so much attention”

Juugo agreed with him and then the stopped.

“Right or didn’t you notice that the people were looking for what just exploded.”

The smoke of the explosion vanishes and reveals a big crater and a group of people watching.

“Karin blushes”

Suigetsu and the group stopped a second and then he showed that he is offended and defend himself.

“Who cares besides she started it, I just pointed her faults to her. If she goes agro over that she should reconsider of being a Kunoichi cuz something like that could kill you on the field.”

This let Karin speechless and they continued to walk. They accelerated a little to get away from the crowed and then get back to there normal speed but the masked person had no problem following them ((Masked Guy still following them giggled; „Seems like they aren’t that dusky like they first appeared, well at least not the others but the last survivor of the Uchiha Massacre around 10 years ago still remains mysterious and dark, Uchiha Sasuke….”) which made them wonder a little. Then Karin apologized to Sasuke.

“OK, alright Sasuke, I'm really sorry please forgive me I will never do this again.”

Sasuke seemingly is not interested in what she said and still silent continued walking. Karin thought about this as silent approval and brightens up. Then she asked the masked one who he is.

“You didn't introduced yourself yet and it seems we will still travel quit some time if you also going to Konoha. It would be nice to learn about your name ‘Karin blushes a little again’ and you already know our names.”

Suigetsu lectured her again which doesn’t make her very happy.

“Yeah thanks to you and it would be better if he wouldn't.”

Then Karin glares at Suigetsu and Sasuke at Karin with a look saying "Behold or you will regret this" and this worked.

Who is this guy, will he say his name and if, will it be his real one? See at the next part.

This is my first attempt to go public and get feedback about it. I ask you to read at least chapters 1-5 till you give me feedback cause I vary a little how I write though I mainly focus onto dialog.

Freakout 12-20-2008 05:41 PM

Re: My Fanfic: The Future of Konoha Part 1 Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Who is that guy and how does he know that Sasuke is the last Survivor of his clan and when did that happen, learn this now.

They pass a small pond with a small whirlpool in it and the masked guy answered a little distracted but not suspicious to that.

“Oh I’m sorry that you have to ask me for an introduction. I was just a little careful cause you looked so dusky especially your leader, the last Uchiha there.”

The mentioning of the last Uchiha surprised Sasuke and with a very surprised expression he asks how the masked one can know this.

“How did you know I’m the last Uchiha, I never saw you before and I didn’t tell it to you till now.”

Without breaking a sweat he confident tells him how easy this was to find out.

“Well this wasn’t hard you have the Uchiha crest on your clothes even it’s little it’s easy to see and tell for trained people.”

Then Juugo put himself in the conversation because he wonders how a random traveler can know of this.

“But this didn’t explain why you know the story of him being the last?”

The disgusted person sweats a little but answers without showing concern.

“True but even when they tried to hide the true it’s a well known secret among traveling-nins what happened and guessing from his age he only could be the surviving kid.”

The term traveling-nin let Karin wonder what this is and Sasuke explained it before she could ask.

“Traveling nins are also called free-nins. They do not belong to any of the villages but they are neither nuke nor missing-nins.”

This reminds Karin to what they are now.

“Kind of what we are now.”

But Suigetsu remarks the situation of Sasuke in that.

“Well, besides of Sasuke who left his village and went to Orochimaru and therefore is consider at least as a missing-nin if not a nuke-nin meanwhile.”

Now Karin is seemingly confused and ask what a free-nin is and how you can become one.

“But how became they free, I thought as soon as they leave the borders of their country they either missing- or nuke-nins?”

But Sasuke can also give a proper explanation of this.

“The leader of their village gave them free hand for their deeds, the bought themselves free or they kinda get kicked out of their village cause the suck too much in useful skills…”

Karin happily uses this to tease Suigetsu.

“Like Suigetsu got.”

For Karin disrupting him Sasuke became angry.

“Don’t disrupt me? Got that?”

Suigetsu grins (hehe scolded)


After that he continues the explanation.

“…or they learned their Skills out of a village reach. Like all you three.”

The masked one just simple agrees.

“Well that’s right. So let me introduce myself. My name is…”

Switch Scene to Naruto arriving Konoha.

Naruto heads to Konoha and is accompanied of a friendly breeze of wind which let him and his new cloths look really cool and then he arrives at the entrance of Konoha, or let’s say the entrance were most of all is still in tact.

Very eased Naruto enjoys the returning to Konoha.

“Aaaah finally there, Konaha is as beautiful as ever. I’m eager to show Kakashi-sensei what I learned at Myoboku mountain and that I even surpassed Ero-Sennin in the sage arts.”

Then he happily approach the north entrance of Konoha were the most beautiful and impressive trees of Konoha are located. Then he next thinks about Sakura and his friends.

“I also wonder how Sakura and the others will react if they see what I’m capable of now. Granny Tsunade surely will get mad if she learns that I surpassed Jiraya and even her in mutual strength at least while I’m in Sage-Mode. I just remember the first time we met Tsunade.”

Now a flashback of the scene where he and Jiraya met Tsunade rushes through his mind. After that he just laughed about it and proudly comments something.

“Hihi… something like hat will never ever happen again.”

Then he arrives at the north gate of Konoha but something isn’t right there but he not really thinks something bad could have happened to Konoha while he was away.

“That’s kind of fishy there is no one guarding the entrance and there are many big columns of smoke in the village. Hah I know, they already heard of my improvement and they party cause they know that I’m now unbeatable.”

Naruto steps happily in and a few steps later he sees the destructions… a despairing expression adorns his face while he wonders what could have happen here and worrys about his friends.

“What the hell happened here? It looks like there was a really big bomb explosion all what’s left of the center is a big deep and waste crater. I hope they are all right…”

Switch back to Hawk and the masked one.

The masked one just finished his introduction

“…and I’m a long time free Kunoichi.”

Karin is happy and surprised that the masked guy actually is a woman with a name she likes much.

“This is a nice name for a Kunoichi. My name is Karin, this is the annoying idiot Suigetsu, this big guy is called Juugo (careful sometimes he tends to go crazy and kill what he can kill until someone stops him) and that is the pretty, wonderful, godlike Ninja and the leader of our Team Hawk, the last, the one and only Uchiha Sasuke.”

After finishing this sentence she asks Sasuke if it was okay to tell her all their names.

“Is it OK that I told her our names including yours?”

Sasuke seemingly don’t care about this.

“I don’t really care, besides she already knew it.”

Karin happily thanks her beloved Sasuke though he showed no romatic, love like interest in her up to this point and then goes back to the woman.

“Nice to meet you, it’s good to have another girl around. This watery shit-head can really be annoying and neither Juugu nor Sasuke talks much and if, then they very coldhearted…”

“Nice to meet all of you too.”

After that Suigetsu compliments her for being that good in disguising herself.

“I must say you can pretty good disguise you. I had never estimated that this masked guy would really be a woman.”

The girl happily and proud thanks him for that.

Well As I said I am pretty long a Kunoichi even if I don’t look so and I’m a skilled one. Besides of my experience a free-nin is able to learn many things he or she couldn’t learn if stuck on only one village. You just have to put effort in it and never give up if it won’t work but I also had a good teacher in the past as well though he used this mostly as an excuse for peeping.”

This made Karin laugh.

“Pretty spirited you are but I kinda like this on you and we just met but somehow you just caught me.”

Now the woman becomes even prouder while she respond to this.

“You aren’t the first one; people say I’m just very charming for male and female alike.”

Well now we learned a little about this masked girl but what was her name and how will Naruto react if he hears what happened? You will see in the next chapter.

Kina 12-20-2008 05:47 PM

Re: My Fanfic: The Future of Konoha Part 1 Chapter 1
Your little fanfic might be more popular if you wrote it as a story, with details and emotional back-up, than as line after line of dialogue.

Freakout 12-24-2008 04:06 PM

Re: My Fanfic: The Future of Konoha Part 1 Chapter 1
Chapter 3:

Naruto is seeing all this damage and his despair springs out of his face and in his words: This can’t be. Konoha seems completely destroyed and no one is in the streets of the remaining outer skirts. I really hope everyone is alright, especially Sakura. But something tells me some of the people who are very important to me are harmed.

“I don’t now where I should look no one is around to ask. I think it would be the best to visit granny Tsunade to hear what happened but I should look in the hospital first because Sakura mostly works there in the last time. If I know Sakura is all right I can ask Tsunade for what happened without fearing something happened to her.”

While Naruto runs for the Hospital two shadows sneakily follow him through all the ruins he passes but he does not realize this. What will these shady persons do and who are they?

Then Naruto arrives at the Hospital but it seems to be badly damage so no one would be in it.

With hope and fear as well Naruto searches the entire hospital for Sakura but there seems no one is around.

“Hallo there, is there someone? Hey Sakura-chaaaaaaaan do you hear me?” And fear vibrates in his voice.

“I can’t see someone here it’s really damaged, what ever happened I hope my friends are in good shape and the culprit of this was caught. But I want to know who did this and I want to see him judged. I should go and ask Tsunade for what happened here now.”

While he’s heading to the Hokage office two Shadows were added to his pursuers and the steadily follow him along and surely they don’t plan to say “Hallo” to him if you look at the fact they don’t want himself to be discovered, who are they?

Sneaky and whispering the shadows from before still follow him.

“Did he really don’t notice us? How typical for him, he’s still to dumb for a Shinobi. The training with this Frog hasn’t helped much, the only thing which changed is his cloths but they look kinda cool though...”

“Pscht Kiba, you know Danzous pawns are around the village and we don’t want them to notice us or Naruto or we can forget it to get him at first place. He really selected a good time to take the route to the office of the Hokage even when most of the village was destroyed...”

Fear comes out with this and also a warning tone.

The shadow which seemingly was Kiba agrees to this note of the second shadow and he is not amused.

“Yeah, but I really wonder that he wasn’t noticed yet and no Root member has shown. Don’t you agree Shino? He’s just too loud as ever.”

Then the other shadow which obviously is Shino responses with a warning.

“True but thanks to Shikamaru and Sai’s advice we know a little about them and their methods of searching but they don’t know that we know this so we have a small advantage but we still should be careful and hit soon. We know one thing for sure if he comes in sight of the scanty established Hokage office he’s finished as well as us.”

As the pass small pile of debris and ashes the third Shadow interrupts this briefing and he doesn't sounds to happy as well.

“But is it really necessary to hit him hard enough to knock him unconscious? I mean he’s still our friend and surely will come with us if we ask him and tell what happened…”

Shino with a cold logic voice, as most of the time reacts.

“You know this is too risky Hinata don’t you?”

Hinata in her shy way to speak tries to defend herself.

“Well but…”

Kiba with a mighty advising tone

“Hinata you know it as well as we know that he would be too noisy and if we would encounter an enemy he surely would rush at him without thinking and this is something we absolutely don’t need yet. Don’t forget our enemies are Anbu with no emotion and the weakest of them still would take us out in no time. We would be already lucky if Naruto wouldn’t rush straight to the Hokage office to take Danzou down anyway.”

Hinata knows that this is true and so she isn’t able to say more to protect her beloved from even a little harm by his friends.

“ …”

Because both of em got distracted with this Shino catches there attention with a commanding shout.

“OK you two stop that and pay attention to the task at hand. It’s not long till he would be in the danger zone where only a wide waste field remains we have to strike soon so prepare.”

Naruto still hurries to the center without knowing Team 10 wants to hit him unconscious and soon he will arrive. Will Team 10 be fast enough to get him or will they even be able to do so? See in the next Chapter.

P.S. @Uchiha_Kina This is more for playing around and get feedback thank you for that I will try to improve.

Freakout 12-27-2008 04:09 AM

Re: My Fanfic: The Future of Konoha Part 1 Chapter 1
Here comes Chapter 4:

We left when Shino, Kiba and Hinata were about to strike Naruto down to get him out of town easier, what will happened now, you’re about to learn it.

“Ok you two, are you ready?”

The wind blows in a favorable direction for the planned sneak attack at Naruto then Team 10 is slowly approaching him and Kiba seems to be happy while Hinata not really wants to do what their leader commands.

“Yeah let’s do it. This will be fun don’t you think so Akamaru?”


Hinatas hesitates, she is not willead to hit Naruto but at the other hand she has to follow the orders her leader giver her so her heart beats in strange patterns ones it beats fast and a second later it quietly beats before it starts anew.

“Hinata, hey Hinata did you hear me?”

This shout from Shino let her snap in and her heart beats again in a permanent and slow pattern.

While Hinata got a hold of herself, Kiba talks to her in a somehow understanding way, a way which is different, strange for him, like he somehow understands her.

“Come on Hinata I know how much you love him but now it is inevitable to do this else it would be too risky. Besides aren’t you angry that he never noticed this all the years? I would and I would be happy to do it if I were you.”

This statement didn’t change anything and Hinata answers.

“But he sure will start to hate me if I do this.”

Now Shino also comments and with another sentence of Kiba this brings Hinata back to do what is necessary.

“Hinata we have no time for this now if you happy with this go a little away and watch there if someone is coming.”

“I promise we won’t tell him that you also were here when we did it if he should, which I really doubt realize that we did itand now prepare, got that?”

With a somehow unsure but dutiful tone she say’s that she’s ready.

“O... OK I I’m ready.”

Shino commands to execute their commands.

“Now start.”

Naruto gets badly hit at the back of the head and falls unconscious pretty fast.

Kiba joyfully says what he thinks.

“Oooh this was fun I longed for hitting him ones that bad for his dumbness and luck like in the Chunnin exam…”

Shino then shouts with a warning sub-tone: KIBA!!!

Kibas answer to that is in his usual tone.

“Ok, Ok man this was just a joke but I forgot you have no humor…”

As Hinata sees how bad Naruto was hit she nearly becomes unconscious too but she just could hold on herself. Kiba again takes the word.

“So that’s it now we just have to get out of here without being noticed.”

Shino instructs the group how they no will continue.

“We know the patrol routes of the Root and cause of the destruction we have a few places we can hide for the time the patrols cross our path, luckily Danzou has his own way of rebuilding the village, mainly as a fortress. In addition we have my bugs and Akamaru’s nose, not to forget the Byakugan which should make it easy to get out here.”

Kiba proudly praise their abilities.

“Yeah Akamaru and I will miss nothing. Team 8 is perfect for spy and rescue Missions like this one.”

One of the few moments where Hinata is confident in her skills appears as well.

“I will make sure no one will come near Naruto… I mean us without being noticed by me.”

Then Shino makes a spiriting speech but still says what they should hope to be.

“Good, I just hope Naruto will not wake up until we reached the exit.”

Kiba in an enthusiastic way of speaking tidies up the negative thoughts of Shino.

“Even if, I just will hit him again so he keeps quiet.”

Shino just react with a warning like way and what they shouldn’t forget.

“Ok Team let’s start or our time schedule will be screwed and we have to face the enemy. But because we cannot run in a proper manner if we have to carry someone please use the harness Kiba. Kiba lay and fixate Naruto on Akamaru so we can go as fast as possible.”

The next moment Kiba starts to fix Naruto as good as possible but it isn’t fast enough for Shino and he becomes impatient.

“Fast Kiba we have not much time left. If it isn’t perfect it doesn’t matter at all , We have enough time at the next hideout so you can fix it then with better. It just has to hold until then.”

Kiba becomes a little angry after this but he endures it. Still he answers a little strobe.

“One moment please he’s heavier than he looks. He surely should change his habit of eating. Okay, ready.”

Shino don’t react to this and just says what he thinks.

“OK let’s go.”

Step-by-Step they venture through the half-build fortress like ruins and the empty space of waste which still reminds to Pains attack. A few minutes later they reach their first hideout, a damaged house who still have some intact walls and roofs where they can hide pretty well cause Danzou stopped to rebuild it for military purpose yet and don’t care if it caves in or not.

“There it is the first hideout. It seems all is clean so far, you two agree?”

“We sense no enemies here yet like it should be.”

“Hinata, you see something?”

“No, the first patrol is as far as Sai told us it will be all is right.”

With holding as much of their breath as possible they wait until the Patrol they know should cross here soon passes them without noticing. Their hearts beat fast and they have fear but they don’t panic cause they know this would be their end if they get noticed. Then Kiba points out that it was just time for a break.

“Very well, the harness for Naruto already is loosely. Good that I now have enough time to adjust it while they edge away.”

After awhle Shino pinpoints that the have o move now.

“Okay they are gone, you finished Kiba?”

“Yeah this time it’s perfect and should hold tight till we’re out of here.”

“Fine, heading for the next Checkpoint.”

After a few more stops in more nearly caved in buildings with nothing happened the have reached the checkpoint at the half of the way to the south entrance.

Shino with a clearly audible easement checks their current position of his group.

“Half way made, still everything’s clear Hinata?”

Hinata answers this but not without concern because she saw something which is really alarming.

“Yes all clear as far as I can tell but I noticed a patrol, we didn’t hear of at start but they seem to heading in a different direction anyway.”

Shino listen this but he shows not as much concern as Hinata.

“Well that’s good to hear but we should be more careful from now on.”

After this the gang goes back to there way out of the village. After a few stops in other hideouts without any more accidents. Finally they reach their last hideout before a huge free field where the easily could get attacked begins.

Kiba at ease says what he thinks of their position now.

“Only slightly more than one-third left I think we’re safe now.”

Hinata with still much concern for what she saw at the hideout at half

“Don’t let your guard down yet we’re not out of here.”

Shino shares her concern but is way more concentrated and prepared like a group leader should be.

“Okay this is the final hideout we have, from now on we have to go without any proper wall or something else to hide which prevents guards to see us so we should prepare well. We in addition will have to sneak around a few patrols. It’s good that Naruto hasn’t waked up yet and I hope this will remain so until we’re finished.”

In the middle of the way short after they sneaked around the last patrol Naruto wakes up.

Naruto noisy as ever:

“Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuch, who hit me that hard whoever it was, will regret it.”

Kiba surprised and concerned

“Shit he woke up.”

Naruto has snap in and feels that there is something strange.

“Where am I and why do I move? One moment this is a dog I’m bound to? Wait a moment it looks like Akamaru and did I just hear Kiba?”

Kiba hits him a second time to knock him out.

Hinata couldn’t see that and looked away.

“Was this necessary, I mean we’re nearly at the entrance…”

A not so happy Shino carefully said

“It was like you heard but I hope no one else heard about this or we’re in big trouble.”

Did really no one hear them or we’re they discover what is it read in the next Chapter.

Freakout 12-28-2008 04:00 AM

Re: My Fanfic: The Future of Konoha Part 1 Chapter 1
Chapter 5

Unfortunately one Root of the last patrol they passed heard the noise Naruto made and is heading for there position.

Hinata has noticed this with her Byakugan and immediately warned Shino and Kiba but the panic in her voice is not so salving.

“Shino, Kiba we got a problem one of the Roots in the last patrol heard us and is heading for our position. I fear we have to fight.”

Kiba was catched in this panic too but at least not as bad as Hinata. Shino at the other hand remained calm.

“But we can’t at least as long as we are with Naruto as unnecessary baggage. Any suggestion what we can do now Team?”

Hinata has to negate this but Kiba seem to have some kind of an idea.

“No as well. If we just could get rid of Naruto for a moment we could use Akamaru to lure the Roots away. Since the destruction many homeless pets and even Ninja-Dogs are around Konoha and Akamaru sure wouldn’t be noticed by them as a trained Ninja-dog and even if there are enough of them who lost there partners during the destruction and aimlessly searching for something to eat.

Danzou only cares about rebuilding Konoha more fortress like and didn’t even made a list where the dead villager and ninjas are listed so he also can’t say much about Akamaru as well as his subordinates. They only would say ‘just another dog let’s go back to patrol’ and that’s it.”

Shino believe this is a good plan and he allows it.

“This listens like a plan even if it’s a risky one and it’s our best chance to avoid a fight but someone has to carry Narutos body then.

Okay cut his harness and sent Akamaru to lure them away.”

Kiba smells by “someone” he was meant and argues like normally.

“So it will be me, I should have known this and shouldn’t have suggested this plan… or at least an other Version of it”

A few seconds which he needed to open the harness later.

“Okay ready Akamaru? You heard about the plan, you will act as a street dog here and follow us after we’re safe.”


“Good boy Akamaru.”

“Okay Team let’s get out of here ASAP.”

So Kiba sent Akamaru away and they get in a different direction to finally arrive at the south gate. Or at least so it’s planed.

A while later, short before the south entrance is reached something happens and Hinata becomes very scared.

“You remember the unknown Patrol from before?”

Kiba was caught of guard.

“Yeah what is it?”

“Well I told you they heading for another route as we were but they soon will arrive at the south entrance and there is nothing where we can take shelter.

Shino with much concern states his opinion.

“That means if we’re not fast enough we either have to fight them or will at least be noticed. Not really a promising thing.”

Kiba unusual cold and concerned gives his statemet.

“Either case would be bad especially since Akamaru hasn’t returned yet I hope he’s alright.”

Hinata who has calmed down also says what she thinks as well.

“He sure is, but right now we have a bigger problem at hand they are faster than I first thought, they must be some of the more elite ones.”

The Roots approach the position of Team 10 faster and faster and Shino seems to be narrowed.

“No time to worry yet we can come back later and search for him but right now we should run as fast as possible.”

Kiba don’t hesitate.

“Right let’s go.”

They heading to the entrance with full speed but the Roots seem to become even faster like they sense something. One of the Roots obviously has felled something.

The first Root states that he feels something.

“Something is not right today I just can feel it. There is something that will happen soon.”

The second Root doesn’t think much about this and states what he thinks.

“Hat are you talking about, are you paranoid?”

Though a Root shall not have any Emotions the first Root seems angered.

“No and you know this. I’m just careful which wouldn’t damage you too. “

The other Root cares less about this advice.

“Hah I’m fine. I just don’t think something can happen in this rubbish here. Danzou is a military genius, no doubt but who would attack this rubbish left of Konoha. Honestly I would prefer helping to rebuild the village instead of build a fortress this would be at least more interesting than patrolling through this garbage and all this animals here. In the end one will bite me as bad as that one of this afternoon who really bad hurt one of us.”

Now the first Root seems to show not much of care.

“It was his own fault I don’t know the use it has to catch and train all this wild animals, they won’t obey anyone else than their former master they trained with.”

Root 2 just agrees while they consistent approach Team 8.

“I agree but he thinks they could be useful, well maybe he learnt something at this but the dog is who-know-where now.”

Shino seems even more concerned and unfortunately with a reason.

“This will become close. Hinata please watch again in their route.”

A little eased Hinata states the current position of the Roots.

“Affirmative, it seems they slowed down a little which only is good for us.”

Kiba becomes pissed.

“Oh no Naruto again starts to awake, not now we’re so close but with that they surely will notice us right away.”

Shino coldheartly commands to hit him again.

“Then hit him one last time we can apologize later.”

Now they reached the entrance but just when they want to leave they get noticed by the arriving patrol.

Kiba even more pissed

“Oh fuck we were so close, if we just weren’t slowed by Naruto waking up again. In addition I have only half fighting power without Akamaru.”

Shino advises Kiba to throw Naruto in the forest while he hopes the Root didn’t saw him.

“Kiba throw Naruto in the Forrest they don’t saw him yet I believe and it would be better they don’t or they tell Danzou which would make everything more difficult for us. Besides Sakura and the others are already waiting a little further so they can get him out instead of us.”


The next moment the Root starts to attack without saying something.

“There they are ‘Needle storm Technique’”

Thousand of needles are flying in the direction of Team 8 and in addition the other Root attacks as well.

The second Root throws a letter bomb in their direction.

Team 10 doges and defends, luckily Naruto already lies in a bush at the forrest and wasn’t seen by the Roots.

So the battle began but Team 10 really is at a disadvantage here especially since Kiba can’t use many techniques without Akamaru.

Shino and Hinata are able to keep up with the Root but they will not win in the end cause the Root has more experience and are better trained yet than they are.

During that Kiba just can prevent to get killed without Akamaru it really looks bad for them.

While Shino and Hinata doges the senbons of the first Root Kiba is hit by many hard knocks of the second root.

Shino uses Bug-Bunshin to give Hinata the Chance to prepare for her 64 Guardian Hands but she gets interrupted by a hail of Shuriken.

Kiba still has to endure the Taijutsu of the other Root. It doesn’t look good for our friends.

The fight continues but Team 10 becomes weaker and weaker with each minute passing.

Suddenly a shadow runs out of the village straight to the battleground, who is it, friend or foe? What becomes of Team 8? The next Chapter will tell.

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Re: My Fanfic: The Future of Konoha Part 1 Chapter 1
Chapter 6

While the fight between the two Roots and Team 8 continues they become weaker and weaker and everything seems to speak against them. In addition another foe seems to joins the already over helming Roots. This looks really bad for our heroes.

A threateningly howl, sneaking through marrow and leg sounds. And with this howl Akamaru jumps in and fierce attacks the Root nearly killing Kiba.

The second Root gets surprised.

“What? “

The pretty wounded Kiba at ease is happy that Akamaru is OK. Akamaru I know you would come and help me if you are all right; you’re a really good friend. Now we will strike back.

“Human Animal Cloning Technique”



With a hard strike Kiba and Akamaru were able to land a small hit at him but they didn’t hurt him much.

“Shit this hasn’t worked. Here Akamaru, take a soldier pill. We have to use Sou Tou Rou if we want to stand a chance.”

While that Shino and Hinata got the prevalent cause the other Root shortly lowered his guard while Akamaru was howling. Shino sent his bugs after the Root.

The Root screamed for getting surprised but quickly got his concentration back.

“OK Hinata seems this gave us a little chance to hit him I will try to lure him in your range so prepare the Guardian Hands.”

“Understand leader.”

With that Shino took all his bugs and sent them to the Root while luring him to Hinata.

The Root is able to doge this attacks but there are too many bugs before him so he doesn’t notice he slowly gets in Hinatas range.

Hinata is preparing and her heart is beating irregularly.

“Soon he will be here I hope I will be able to hit him hart enough to give us the chance to flee”

A few moments later he hits the border and now is in Hinatas range but he is too busy with the bugs to notice it. Then it starts Hinata attacks and hits him. The hit is hard enough to knock him back into the village. The Root is now out of sight.

After that Shino ordered her to come with him and support Kiba. OK let’s help Kiba ASAP so we can retreat and regroup.

Shino and Hinata coming to Kiba just to see the other Anbu gets knocked far into the village by Kiba and Akamaru’s Double Headed Wolf Technique.

“Wow Akamaru came back and now they hit the second Root way into the village with their strongest Jutsu.

“Yeah Akamaru we did it but now lets vanish before they come back.”

“OK Team let’s go and rest.”

Exhausted as hell the slowly vanish into the woods. A short while later the Roots came back to the battleground just to see their Enemies have left.

The second Root noticed they are away.

“Where did they go?”

Then the First Root tells him where they probably vanished.

“They probably somewhere in the forest but even when they were in a rush they pretty good cleared their trace.

The second Root wonders what to do.

“Shall we follow them?”

But the first Root reminds him that they have strict orders.

“No, our orders are strict. If anything is happen we immediate have to report it.”

Root 2 does not argue but still is curious about their ‘visitors’

“Okay but I wonder what they wanted.”

“We can think about this later right now we have to report.”

“Understand, let’s go.”

The operation to get Naruto out of trouble has succeeded but not without being noticed. What will Danzou do and what will Naruto say when he finally heard about what’s happened. Look forward to the next chapter to learn.

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Re: My Fanfic: The Future of Konoha Part 1 Chapter 1
Chapter 7.1

It’s been quite some time since Team 8 left the half rebuilt ruins of Konoha with Naruto now the hiding in a place deep in the forest. The fierce battle with the Roots still remains in their memory. It was close but even when they get noticed the Root seemingly didn’t saw that they were carrying Naruto. Now the rest in their hideout while the other check on Naruto.

A familiar voice with a slight tone of concern; „Wow Kiba you seem to have hit him pretty bad short before your Team left the village with Naruto. He still is unconscious and this even after 3 hours.”

Kiba don’t cooperates with her and argues; “Pah Ino, it was his own fault for awaking in the middle of the battlefield when he’s supposed to be outnumbered so we can safely leave.”

Ino does still not agree with that

“Still it was a little harsh don’t you agree?”

Sakura, seemingly not really worrying comments this

“Absolutely not, it is his own fault if he has to scream and head straight into trouble every time he sees an enemy so it was necessary.”

Another voice speaks relatively careless

“Besides of that Ino, you don’t know how hard Sakura can hit. Kiba won’t ever hit that hard in a million years.”

Sakura, angry and with clenched fist

“What did you just say Sai, I didn’t understand it?”

Sais slowly retreats while saying; “No-No- nothing, Oh it’s time I think I have to patrol.”

Sakura shouts

“Stop you now. I’m talking to you”

Just when Sakura wants to charge in direction of Sai Yamato interrupts

“Sakura calm down it seems Naruto says something.”

Still sleeping Naruto began to talk.

“Sakura, it’s so nice to see you all right I‘m so relieved.”

This surprises Sakura.

“Wow normally Naruto sounds and reacts different when we meet. Is it possible that he finally really matured while Training?”

The second after Naruto is mumbling something

”That’s my chance to hug her”

That loud thinking of Naruto let Sakura forget about what Sai said and focusing on Naruto

“Naaaaaaaaaaaaruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu toooooooooooo!!!”

The others cringe and Yamato tries to calm her

“No Sakura please not in here or do you want to reveal our position to Danzous pawns?”

But this won’t help to calm Sakura down and she unimpressed punches Naruto while screaming;


While most of the others are already out of the room Yamato was to far behind and couldn’t leave in time;

“Shit, she is even more violent and tempered as Tsunade. I never ever should make her angry”

Because of this punch Naruto scared and stunned wakes up while seeing Sakura facing him angry.

“Whoa Sakura, what, what happened and why does my head hurt like hell and WHERE ARE WE?”

The same moment he sees Yamato scared hiding in the corner.

“Huh, Captain Yamato why are you hiding in this corner and why is Sakura that angry?”

Sakura is near hitting Naruto again but Yamato fast says what happened.

“You were talking in sleep and you spoke something Sakura was not happy about…”

Naruto fast reacts and tries to apologize but Sakura won’t let him.

“Too laaaaaaaaaaaaate Naruto”

Sakura tries to smack him another time but he dodges. Then Yamato surprised comments

“Wow Naruto that was fast”

Even Sakura was buffed enough to calm down.

The others are hiding at the door and are buffed as well. Ino and Sai are most impressed by that and congratulate Naruto for being that fast. It also seems Sakura is back at normal.

(“Phew that was close one if I’m near to Sakura I must be even more careful than if I would face Akatsuki”) Cause to long I will cut it here and continue in the next post

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Re: My Fanfic: The Future of Konoha Part 1 Chapter 1
Chapter 7.2

“Okay I’m back now and even stronger than before but could please someone tells me WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED IN KONOHA and where is Kakashi-sensei?”

Suddenly all became sad and Sakura tries to say something but isn’t able to do so. During that Yamato jumps in and tells Naruto what happened.

“Well Naruto, it is hard but I will try to tell you.”

Naruto becomes suspicious and fears something bad.

“What do you mean?”

Yamato has problems to tell him what happened but still tries it.

“Well, Naruto the following has happened while you where away training.”

Now Naruto becomes impatient.

“And what was this?”

Finally he is able to spit it out.

“Okay, in search of you two Akatsuki members came to Konoha. Their names were Pain and Konan. Pain is the leader of Akatsuki and Konan, a girl is his Partner…”

This surprised Naruto but also angered him at the same time but Sakura asks first.

“It was the Leader?!”

“Yes, Sakura”

“No wonder Kakashi-sensai didn’t stand a chance against him”

Now Naruto asks

“What does this mean Sakura?”

But before she answered Yamato took the word.

“Please let me continue Naruto. Shikamaru could use Kagemane on him.”

With a big question mark on the face he followed his order.


Naruto enraged a little.

“Hey what is this about Captain?”

With an apologizing voice he speaks on.

“Sorry Naruto, I can’t risk that you run into your doom right away. Well let’s continue. Pain is a user of the Rinnengan a Kekkai Genkai or to be exact a powerful Doujutsu.”

And again Naruto calmed and wondered what this is.

“A what?”

Then Sakura explained it to him.

“In other words it’s something like Sasuke’s Sharingan or Neji and Hinata’s Byakogan just with other skills.”

Yamato congratulates her for her knowledge.

“Exactly, but we don’t know much about it or its skills yet. We only know it allows him to control up the six different bodies with their own unique skill including all five elements. It also was Pain who killed Jiraya and badly hurt Tsunade before he destroyed the center of Konoha with one of his yet-to be-investigate Jutsus.”

Naruto now after hearing what Pain did Naruto starts to become Kyuubi berserk and Shikamaru has a hard time hold him back.

“Let me go Shikamaru. Pain and Akatsuki will pay for all what they did. With my new might I will crush them in no time”

All other at this point shout the same time; “CALM DOWN Naruto we understand how you feel but there are way more important things at hand than killing him besides we have no hint were they went now and they sure will come back for you and for that we have to prepare so we can let them pay.”

Naruto now calmed down a little.

“I’m prepared anytime to fight them”

Yamato praises him.

“No doubt about this Naruto you really have become much stronger and faster like we saw before but you haven’t heard the whole story and this will even anger you more but a headless search and destroy action will only kill you and doom what’s left of Konoha”

Slightly calmed Naruto asks what they have to tell them and what is about Kakashi

“Okay and May I guess Kakashi is trying to track them?”

Slightly saddened he speaks on

“Unfortunately not quite.”

Again Naruto is curious about this strange way of answering.

“What does this mean?”

“Before Pain launched the attack which blew the whole center of Konoha his six bodies fought, mainly in the outer skirts with different Teams of Konoha Shinnobi. One of em was Chouji, Choza and Kakashi. To rescue the village from Pains unknown abilities Choza and Kakashi lost their life so Choji could report to the Hokage. If Choji were not being able to tell a little of his abilities Tsunade surely had died later on and weren’t be able to safe so many villagers.”

After hearing that Naruto IS going Kyuubi berserk with three tails and additional Yamato had to use his Senjuu Jutsu to Shikamarus Kagemane to hold him back.

“Pain you will pay for this” While that Naruto already has his fith Tail approaching.

This scared Yamato so he lost control for a moment but still is able to keep Naruto.

“Incredible he is able to control the Fox up to five Tails.”

Now Sakura yells at him.

“NARUTO STOP THIS NOW or you will reveal our hideout to Danzou”

Cause of the surprise Naruto goes back to normal; “Danzou? Who is Danzou?”

Sai interrupts and tells him the rest.

“Danzou is the leader of an Elite Ninja group called “Roots”, Ninjas who were trained since childhood to loose emotion. I was also part of this group until I met you. But I never had thought that he was planning to take over Konoha and the trouble caused by Pain he used for this purpose. Danzou hided in the underground during Pains attack after that he took over the remains. All we could do was fleeing and hiding in this forest.”

Naruto heated up again and reacted to this very pissed

“So this was what you were talking about when you spoke about Konoha being doomed.”

“Exactly Naruto and before we can worry about Pain who actually should be on the Way to Myobuko Mountain to get you we should fell Danzou and rebuilt the city as much as we can before we can take care of Akatsuki.”

Naruto wondered how he could find this out and asked about this.

“Well he read it in Shizunes mind and did something to her we don’t know yet.”

Unusual calm Naruto commented; “Even Shizune… HE WILL PAY when it is time.”

Sakura sure was caught off guard and said only


A short time span of quietness later Yamato acted.

“I hope you understand and Danzou now surely is alerted after the fight on the south gate between Team 8 and the two Root member we have to plan it out well. Luckily many have survived thanks to Tsunades Katsuyu and we’re in advantage of numbers. The problem about this is only that the Roots and Danzou are way more skilled than most of us and in addition has tons of more experience than we have. At best we could say we’re equal but I doubt this. The only chance we have is that Shikamaru is at our side to come up with a plan but he needs more Information to do so. Therefore we have to gather them the next time.”

Naruto in his thoughts.

“I see Captain.”

While that Sakura under tears speaks to Naruto; With Kakashi-sensei dead and Tsunade outnumbered you’re the only one who can conflict Danzou and stand a chance now but only one-on-one and this is the reason we need to make a plan.”

But there is more, we heard some disgusting rumors…

Which rumor does Yamato speaks of and what does Danzou know. The next chapter will tell.

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Re: My Fanfic: The Future of Konoha Part 1 Chapter 1
Chapter 8

Naruto is now aware of the Situation in Konoha and he is extremely angry about it. He swore Pain will pay for what he did but he knows they first have to get Konoha back and out of Danzous wrap. Right now they are holding a summit about this issue.

Naruto is arguing;

“And why don’t we sent Sai to gather information if he is one of the Root?”

Yamato replies

“We can’t because he isn’t considered as Root anymore”

Naruto confused

“I don’t understand”

Sais comment.

“Naruto I’m not a Root anymore since I refused to obey Danzou and tried to safe Sasuke-kun with you. Back then my actual Mission was to kill him or did you forget. But you and Sakura persuaded me not to do it and all who once disobeyed him will from that point on be seen as traitors. The other Roots probably already get the order to kill me on sight or get killed. In fact he doesn’t even hesitate to wipe out an entire Clan if they don’t obey him or get in his way. He’s a Logical military Genius but also cold and heartless.”

Naruto suspicious reacts to this like a child reacts to unknown regions.

“An entire Clan? What do you imply?”

“It is only known in Root and was a secret the Third took to his grave but you surely remember the Uchiha Massacre?”

“That which Itachi killed the whole Clan and only let Sasuke life?”

“Correct, he faked the orders of the Hokage to fail him later and to degrade him so he can take over the title. This failed cause Itachi learned about it and told Sarutobi before leaving as a nuke-nin to protect the village of Danzous grip.

Of cours this let Naruto left confused.

“But if the third knew about Danzous plan why didn’t he arrest him?”

Then Sai told him more.

“He just couldn’t without any proof. In any case Itachi and the Third were to be blamed and if a respected man like Danzou was getting incriminated by the two obviously guilty who would believe them, even if it was the Third.”

Naruto won’t accept this and let his angere free going.

“But the Third who protected the village for so long would never do something like ordering to wipe out an entire Clan how could people believe such words.”

Sai continues and tries to explain this to Naruto.

“Because everything spoke against him. Trust won’t help in such a situation where only they both can be blamed if nothing else can be proofed. I already told you Danzou is a logical Genius and you have to consider that later if you fight him. He planned everything out so well no one could blame him that easily. The only choice Sandaime and Itachi had was to blame Itachi if they wanted to safe the village and he agreed cause he felt guilty. Since that Sarutobi got very careful and so Danzou didn’t get a second chance until Akatsuki and Orochimaru showed up. Then he made another plan he now could commence.”

Naruto buffed reacts

“Whaaaaaaat?! So Danzou is also responsible for what Sasuke got through and put him in danger to get swallowed by Orochimaru. I will never forgive him.”

Yamato uses his Senju Jutsus to hold Naruto back;

“I understand how you feel, so many things happened and in only a few hours you learned about the destruction of Konoha, that you sensei died and the revolutionist who took over the rest of the village is guilty for the sorrow you and your best friend had to go through but we need to plan out very well how we attack and retake the village or we are doomed to fail.”

A few hours before this in the improvised Hokage office the two Root members who fought against Team 8 reports to Danzou.

The first root starts to report.

“Here we are to report what happened during patrol. Nothing spectacular happened at start and most of the route we were on as well but later short before our patrol ended we encountered a unknown group of 3 people.”

The second route continued at this point.

“While we passed the South Gate we saw Three Ninja which seemed to be member of Team 8. The user of Byakugan Hyuuga Hinata, the bug master Aburame Shino and the trace tracker Inuzuka Kiba. They obviously were scouting and gathering information.

“There is no doubt the need as many Information as possible to plan how to take the village back.”

“As you ordered we immediate attacked them but they were stronger than we thought and used their Techniques to escape but we are sure they could gather not a tiny bit of information.”

Danzou is not satisfied with this and argues.

“But you failed killing them and I don’t need weak Shinobi. What shall I do with you now?”

There is a slight appearance of fear within their face though they shouldn’t have any emotion.

“I see. It appears your no true Shinobi only skilled fighter so it is no wonder you failed. I will attach you to the re-built work for now. I don’t need useless fighter but you at least can be used for labor to build defense and then later I will think what to do with you. Dismiss.”

They appeared to be relieved and leave.

“Thank you sire.”

After they left Danzou he noticed something.

“I see, Tenzou and ‘Sai’ are under the survivors. This means I must prepare and I will increase the amount of patrol to delay them as long as possible. If everything is built according to my plans there won’t be any opening for them to attack. Even when I know none of em could stand up against me anyway but I learned to be prepared for everything during my lifetime.”

The two Roots already away.

“Sento what do you think?”

“We’re dead Hato, it’s just a matter of time till he will kill us. Just remember the Uchiha accident.”

The second Root, Hato listens very nervy and asks back what Sento would suggest.

“I don’t know yet but for now we should help the people. Further you already told me you would prefer to help the remaining villager on rebuilding the village instead of patrolling so you should be okay for now.”

“Well back then I though nothing will happen anyway but right now this doesn’t matter.”

And so they both are heading straight to the building site.

Danzou awaits the Konoha Shinobi to sneak around the ruins of the village to discover weaknesses and already took action while start to planning ahead and two of his subordinates were dispatched for labor but they started to doubt him. What will happen now? See in the next Chapter.

Freakout 01-28-2009 06:09 PM

Re: My Fanfic: The Future of Konoha Part 1 Chapter 1
Chapter 9

The Roots arrived at the building site and it looks like the rebuilt of the village works smooth.

After seeing this Sento comments;

“Well at least we must give Danzou credit for being good at rebuilding the village at a high speed”

Hato’s reaction is more disappointed then happy; “True but what he build isn’t a village it is a fortress and the villager has to live in tents of rubbish while that.”

Sento is curious about this.

“Who knows he may have information at hand even the most of us Roots aren’t aware of. After all he talked with the leader of Akatsuki quit some times. It is very possible that he prepares for a war their leader told him about.”

Anxious Hato wonders.

“You have a point if they gather the Tailed Demons they surely have something in mind. I just hope we won’t get to much involved in that.”

Sento’s calm answer calms Hato a little.

“Me too but honestly I don’t believe we could trust Akatsuki, not after what this Pain did to Konoha”

Hato with a thoughtful sentence; “Is it just me or are we actually not like we supposed to be and should neither think about that nor have any Emotions and just have to obey orders like a tool?”

Sento reacts in a similar tone.

“You’re right but I just can’t stop to wonder about the situation we’re in.”

Hato states an unsure comment;

“Me too and it looks like either we’re just not meant to be true Shinobis or it is impossible for a human to just become a tool for others at all.”

While that both looked around and determine the situation of the rebuilding process. Hato states a little angry what he think about this all.

“Seems pretty good despite the part inhuman way they get traded if the speed remains that way it will at highest take six months till the Crater is not to see anymore as well as the waste in the village outer skirts.”

Sento also has his opinion for this

“And if there really a war will break out we’re surely prepared which wouldn’t be possible if our village would be still like it was build before Pains attack. This may be also was planned by Danzou and the Akatsuki leader.”

Hato confident agrees with this.

Sento add something else.

“So we weren’t told where exactly to help so I recommend helping with the hospital which surely is an important building with or without war.”

Hato just agrees.

“Agreed, let’s start right now but we shouldn’t forget to think about something to safe our asses from Danzou who surely executes us at latest if he doesn’t need anymore people to rebuild the village.”

One of the ruined houses caves in and disrupts them for a moment but they just continue there dialog, where they speak about all the possibilities.

Did they guess right, does Danzou really know things he don’t even told the Roots. Has he really made business with Akatsuki and Madara? Questions over question, which will be answered in the next Chapters, you will see.

Freakout 01-28-2009 06:10 PM

Re: My Fanfic: The Future of Konoha Part 1 Chapter 1
Chapter 10

Danzou is sitting in the just finished Hokage office Danzous designed like a military base.

“Well, well the rebuilding process comes along as expected, with that speed the 7 month deadline surely will be enough till Akatsuki starts their war. I made business with them but they didn’t think how much I gained and I will crush them with my strategy when they attack, poor fools. Now I know about their strength and have all information about their leader, Pains Technique and already came up with a counter. Then Konoha will be the ultimate military force in this world with me at their top.”

Somewhere in a cave a shady figure laughs evil and mindless.

“Hahahahaha, Danzou really things he could stand against Akatsuki but he don’t know who their real leader is, it is me and soon my plans will be fulfilled and grant me the strongest body. A body that is invulnerable and untouchable like I am. Then finally I will be able to let all know how strong the Uchihas are and make them realize a Ninja is meant to fight, battle is his only purpose, to battle and crush the weak until he himself got crushed.

But I must thank you for the blueprints of the old Konoha you gave me this sure made it easier for Pain to get in and search for the Kyuubi, though for him to crush Konoha it ruins a Part of my plan and it seems he disobeyed me so I should talk to him but the Kyuubi kid will crush him anyway and if it isn’t him than Sasuke will do it cause of him destroying Konoha what Sasuke want to do. Anyway Zetsu or do you prefer to be called Obito? I order you to track Pain and tell me anything he does.”

“Obito would be nice master Madara”; “My name is Zetsu, Madara my Obito half only exists because he was still alive when I get rid of his body.”

(“so he still has the main control of the mind of this body after all Obito is a weak Uchiha with not even the Sharingan cause he gave it to Kakashi when he was about to die or so he thought. Anyway this doesn’t affect my plans at all especially since the main thread of Copycat Ninja Kakashi was killed by Pain at least one good thing he made well during the search for Kyuubi he also killed Jiraya some time before at least a few useful things he made after all to spare me some sweat.)

After this Zetsu left and Kisame came in to report.

“Master Mizukage I’m here to report about the current situation in Kirigakure. The preparation for the war runs smoothly they will be finished at time. The Hidden Stone also agreed to ally with us against Konoha; the Tsuchikage himself declared he will fight in front to finally solve their problem with Konoha from the last Shinobi war. While Raikage didn’t say anything it is absolutely clear that Sunagakure will ally Konoha, after all the current Kazekage was safed by them from us.”

He takes a small break to get some breath and then continues.

“Hidden Rain and Hidden Grass will ally with us too but Hidden Sound with Orochimaru gone and the new government said if war breaks out the will either fight alone or ally with Konoha for them have freed them from Orochimaru.”

Another break before he speaks on.

“The Hidden Star, Hidden Waterfall, Hidden Snow, Hidden Wave and some other small countries said they don’t want to start another war. But they would ally with Konoha as well cuz they helped them out big time in the past. In all, the most Countries either said they try to prevent another war or would ally Konoha for them being peaceful all along and helped them many times.”

“But the good thing is they all don’t like Danzou for his military deeds so some of them may change their mind if Danzou will be still in charge then.”

Madara does not really care and only speaks of how small this issue is.

“So all we have to do is assure that Danzou will be still Hokage in 7 months? Not really a problem. Okay Kisame you are dismissed but try to convince the other countries or at least some to participate in the war. How you make it, I don’t care.”

“As you wish master Mizukage”

Now Kisame turns and leaves the room.

“Well, well so it has started and Zetsu will bring me Naruto when he fought and killed Pain and is outworn and then my new body will be complete.”

Danzou and Madara think they are in advance and the first preparations for war were made. Alliances were merged and Kisame tries to emit as many Villages as possible in war but what is happening in Konoha, if Danzou won’t be stopped all will ally against Konoha and this surely would be the absolute end. Look forward to the next chapter.

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