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cheanster 01-28-2009 06:39 PM

Naruto Awards Idea (vote)
Hey everyone. i had a idea for something alled the.... Naruto Awards. It would be right here in the Naruto section. If you know the NL awards its kind of like that but different.

The Naruto Awards is where you vote and supprot your favorite character or thing in the naruto series. Exapmles are...

Best leading Male
Best Leading Female
Favorite Fight
Best summon
Saddest Moments
Best OVA
Favorite Pairing
Favorite Arc
Best Akatsuki Member

And you would all vote for the nominees. So I will announce the categories, and then you get to nominate 3 people or things for that category. You may use manga characters, just spoiler tag them. Then after a few days they will get tallied and the top 5 nominees will be on the official nominee list. SO i dont make a whole buch of threads with polls, PM me your votes. In about a week I will hold the awards ceremony and announce the winner, you may take in that thread too.

So what do you think? Answer in text or poll, poll would be helpul too.

Also, if you think you have good skits PM it to me and you could be a presenter....

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