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Naruto.Haruno 02-20-2009 03:31 AM

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 325


Originally Posted by ANN
Kenchi is and average guy who was bullied through out his life. To not get bullied through his highschool year he joins the karate club. Soon though he realizes he way in over his head. He is all the sudden sucked into the world of martial arts. He almost falls into despare when a girl named Fuurinji Miu. Miu is a transfer student that wanted a friend. Kenchi and Miu soon start a friendship. The manga is about kenichi trying to fit in and learn the world of martial arts.
Kenichi, a high school student that always gets bullied seeks to learn martial arts to be able to defend himself. By chance, he stumbles upon the granddaughter(Miu Fūrinji) of the owner(Hayato Fūrinji, also known as the invincible superman.) of Ryouzanpaku. Ryouzanpaku is a dojo where martial artists who have mastered their line of martial art gather together. However, there are only six of these martial artists in the dojo, all of them skilled in different arts. The Masters take Kenichi as their disciple, and Kenichi is resolved to learn martial arts in order to protect those that he loves. However, Kenichi is sucked into the problems of the Ryouzanpaku and its enemies and he is forced to participate in their mission to stop any evil forces.

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