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H_I 06-05-2009 07:47 AM

Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!
Ok Here it is! Please do not post in this thread , Post in this one.

If you like what you have read please use the thanks button, and leave suggestions VIA the above thread, or PM. The 1st Story will be up probaly Monday and go on for 1 week, Then the next writer will pick it up, so on and so forth. This will definitly be alot of Fun.

H_I 06-08-2009 10:53 AM

Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!
This Is By ShiverX, I just moved it here in this thread.

Naruto fan-fictional story by NarutoCentral members
Part 1: The past and the future.

"Shhh" this is what she thought, to the extent she actually formed her lips to the sound.
The silence was proof more than anything that there was something amiss.
Normally you would hear the bugs of the night or the distant sound of animals and people moving around, even at night. Many would consider Konoha to be a quiet village but it was not always so. And Nila often thought that it might be because of it's more "active" past that it never seemed to be completely silent. She could not remember one day in her entire fifteen year old life when she had heard total silence. The thought amused her and annoyed her at the same time. She loved to let her mind wonder but it was the same tendency that often got her into trouble. It was the same reason why she was still not Jounin. And there she went again!

Nila snapped out of her thoughts and focused on the sounds of the night, or the lack of them. Total silence. She could hear her self breathing while she sneaked up out of bed and up to the window. She opened the panels and peeked out. Outside the village was dark, no lights was shining like they used to, was there a power outage? She could still see quite clear though as the stars and the moon shone very brightly above. As she looked up towards the moon her eyes caught a glimpse of something red. She turned her head and there was something she had never seen in her life. A red meteor was burning through the atmosphere, or that's what she thought at least. She had only read about it in books.
Her eyes wide taking in this sight she felt somewhat drowsy. Letting the panels drop she backed into the room and sat down on the bed again, her head filled with ideas.

A second later she was up and filling her kit-pack with needful things. Kunai, scroll, some provisions her flute and some other tools.
She slowly opened the door and snuck out, focusing her chakra on her feet to step lightly as to not awaken mom and dad. She came to the stairs leading down to the first floor. She could hear the faint sound of someone breathing heavy. "Good, dad is asleep" she thought and jumped up on the side wall focusing chakra to hold her in place. Sneaking down and up to the door of their bedroom while hanging from the sealing Nila watched the slight opening leading into her parents room. They were both asleep. She smiled and continued to sneak away past the kitchen and to the front door. She made a hand-sign as she dropped to the floor producing wind-chakra under her feet softening the sound as she landed. It still made some sound though. and she made a face as she sat perfectly still listening to hear if someone woke up. Her parents had always been light sleepers in regards to her sneaking out. "Well, her mom at least" she thought. During the years she had gotten quite good at it. It was never to go out and do bad stuff or meet boys or anything like that that many of the other girls her age were doing, she imagined at least. No, she had always been a bit "awake" at night and just loved roaming the nature around Konoha. It calmed her and she often slept outside, to her parent's dislike. There she went again drifting away in thought from what she had to focus on.
She sighed. It seemed no one was awake still. She took her Night Jacket, the dark one, and sneaked out closing the door real silent behind her.

H_I 06-08-2009 10:53 AM

Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!
This Is By ShiverX!!

Outside she looked around at the now dark village. The moon was shining brightly and at the hight were their house stood overlooking the village she could see far around. Above her was the big bright red meteor falling and burning. Now when being outside she was consumed by the image. Her eyes wide she couldn't take her eyes of it. It was so close....and silent. In fact she heard nothing at all, it was unreal. Standing like that she lost track of time as the meteor spread across the sky. It was so close she could se it move at quite a speed. Following it's path it neared the mountain monoliths of old that hovered over Konoha looking down and for ever watching over the villagers. The stone depiction of the past and present Hokages. She stopped for a moment at her fathers face. It looked really young compared to now but still the likeness was uncanny. It even bore a somewhat goofy look with that grin it had. She had always found it funny how her goofy father could actually be the Hokage. She knew he was strong but sometimes he really didn't fit the description. She admired and loved her father but as a daughter it was hard seeing the very respected and even feared man in him.
The seventh Hokage huh. She glanced at the face before. More gloomy and spiky haired. He had only been Hokage for a short time but he was handsome. She blushed a little at the thought. She was not normally one to think such thoughts.

Her wandering mind was interrupted by a boom and a green flash! The meteor had shifted color and was rapidly speeding up, descending! She stood up and made a hand sign.
"Byakugan!" she exclaimed and her inherited eyes kicked in. She focused her eyes on the meteor and was immediately blinded by the green flames. She couldn't see past the flames! They were some sort of chakra it seemed. With her eyes she could follow the path it took in it's decent though. Noticing where it went down behind the tree's far away she took out her map and checked. It would probably be just outside the fire countries boarders. Putting down her map she didn't think twice about speeding towards the crash-site. This adventure was something she was not going to miss! And as the lights started to reappear all over the village she sped up towards the edge of the village.

kluang 06-18-2009 09:52 PM

Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!
Lightning Country, Near the Fire Country Border

3 hours after the Meteor Crash.

In the ruins of an old castle, a kunoichi approach a shinobi with slicked hair and a goatee and dress like an ANBU and carrying a large sword who was watching aimlessly at a starless sky.

"The Raikage want to see you Seijuro Ryu." says the female ninja.

Ryu turns around and says "Sweet. Now bring on the Sand chicks and cream soda."

The female ninja gives a deep stare at Ryu that makes him raises his hands up and give her a big grin before teleporting himself.

Cloud Village, 3 and a half hour after the Meteor Crash.

Its been 3 days after the chuunin exam and the villagers seems the celebrate it. With neon lights flashing around the village, some people just sits and enjoy sakes at sushi bars, some are trying to push their luck in gambling and some just lying around because of the hangover.

At the Raikage office, the new Raikage, a young talented kunoichi by the name of Hanabito Asao is doing some desk job when suddenly Ryu teleported himself in.

"Hey there smart sexy lady, typin' recipes?"

The Raikage look up at Ryu and smash his face with a huge bat.


The Raikage sits down and took a file from her drawer.

"Now for the reason why I called you here. Are you even listening?"

"So where's Mendo?" ask Ryu

"He took a vaction at a place called 'shut the hell up!' "

"Really I get post cards from there all the time!!"

The Raikage gave a huge sigh before opening the file.

"Something just landed just outside the border of the Fire Country and whatever that thing is, it scram most of our devices at the border. Your mission is to get whatever that is and bring it back."

"AWWWW, Can't I get a real mission like saving helpless sassy hot chicks from a sinking ship built by peoples that have a social structure in which a number of all male workers maintain their country under the rule of the Queen?" ask Ryu.

"No. Ready your things. You leave immediately."

“Alone?” ask Ryu

“You get in, take the goods and come home. This is a single operative infiltration mission. Your specialty.”

Ryu makes a face at the Raikage and then he left the office.

Cloud Village ANBU Headquaters.

Ryu entered an all female hot spring hotel and walks towards the hostess.

"Great Scott. My horny-sense is tingling."

"I'm sorry sir, but this hotel is all female. And dont try anything stupid again Ryu, the female ANBUs are here, watching." said hostess.

"C'mon, Let me in. I've been here a few times already!!!!"

"No. Without the password, you can't sir." reply the hostess.

"You really love to hear the ANBU password dont'cha. Well, here goes." said Ryu and he takes a deep breath.

"Need help! I live with my mom! NO MOTIVATING GOALS!!!!!" scream Ryu and then he looks around. The girls at the hotel whisper to each other and Ryu can hear whisper what a loser and mama's boy he is.

"You happy now?? Let me in!!!"

"Just follow me sir. Tee hee. That really made my day."

"Stupid bitch.............."

Ryu followed the hostess to a secret passageway where finally they stumbled to a large iron door. Ryu press his thumb to the door's knob and the door creaks and open. Inside there is the ANBU HQ. Where most of them either doing paperwork, practice their skill, buying weapon or items for their mission or just hanging at the bar.

The bartender saw Ryu and scream towards him.

"Hei Ryu, Wassup yo. Hows life treating you?"

"Hei Anto, you know if we put our HQ under an all girl hotbath hotel, doesnt that makes us look like pervert?" ask Ryu

"Nope. Its a perfect hiding place. By the way we can get good scenery from here. EHEHEHEHE."

"Never thought of that. Okay, I gonna get some stuff. See ya Anto."

From the shadows of Cloud Village, Ryu left in the darkness running towards Fire Country border, expecting to be a simple get and go mission. Not known to him, this will be one of his greatest mission.

The Special One 06-21-2009 07:27 PM

Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!
(Nila is coping with the current situation.)

-The Destination

(Nila continues her pursuit of the mysterious green flashes. She dashes forward. She pauses for a moment and takes out her map once more.)

“Wait a second. Judging from the scale and mass of the green flashes and the trajectory of the blast, the entire western border countries outside the Fire Country could be hit upon impact. All those casualties, and to think with the ending of the grueling 4th Shinobi war, something like this could happen. All the work my father and his allies put into settling it and bringing upon the current era of peace, it is such a shame that such a travesty is going to occur. I remember how everyone helped put an end to it when I was a kid. To think someone or something is capable of such destruction. This must be a planned assault, I don’t believe in freak accidents,” thought Nila.

(She marks the predicted countries that will be destroyed.)

“The River country, Ame, and Kusa. Those are the countries that the explosion is heading in. All of a sudden my body just locked up. I can’t move. Am I so pathetic? In moments millions will be killed and I am so powerless to do anything about it,” cried Nila.

“If I’m right about what is about to happen. Suna should have a clear view of it. Although, the meteor seems quite powerful, it doesen't have the sheer range and power to cause major damage to the Sand village or any other nation in the Wind Country, but surely the countries to the east of it, will probably feel it soon enough. Who would do such a thing? Part of me wants to go investigate, the other part of me wants to just escape from it. Ahhh! What should I do? Can I even call myself daughter of the Hokage? Am I even worthy enough to have such prestige? Father would be there in an instant, but look at me, I can’t even build up the courage to move an inch,” thought Nila.

(Automatically she has a flashback of herself in the Chuunin exam two years ago. She is battling top genius from the Sand Village. Nila’s legs are pinned down by an extremely powerful earth elemental ninjutsu. It is the Chuunin Exams' final round. The scene switches from Nila’s perspective.)

Next Time: Nila relives her strugglel during the Chuunin Exams. The Scene is two years from today.

-The Hokage and The Kazekage exchanges words

(Kazekage and Hokage are once again hosting the Chuunin Exams. The two powerful leaders sit side by side catching up. The cloaked Kazekage speaks. Nila can’t hear the discussion between her father and fellow Kage.)

“So. That girl’s your kid. Definitely reminds me of you in your youth. All that spunk, but against my top gennin, I’m afraid even your child can’t match him. He’s way more

The Special One 06-21-2009 07:29 PM

Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!
seasoned. Don’t get me wrong, your child is pretty amazing, making it to the final round an all, but a ninja who specializes in elemental ninjutsu has the advantage over someone who does not,” said Kazekage.
(The Hokage smiles.)

“It is really nice hosting these events like this old pal. Brings back memories of the days when we battled as gennin. However, this time around I don’t have to worry about you blowing my village up,” laughed The Hokage.

“Nice that you’ve changed the subject. You aren’t that sly Uzumaki,” said Kazekage.

(The Hokage smiles.)

“How unprofessional of you, I’d expect me to slip up and call out your name, considering that I’m not really classy. But to answer your first response, my master told me something once. It does not matter if you know one jutsu or 1 thousand. If you don’t have the guts, you’ll never survive as a shinobi,” said The Hokage.

“Really now,” said Kazekage. “For sure, it worked for me. As a kid I wasn’t anything special. But I always believed in my ability to become the strongest man in Konoha and my dream to protect everyone to the best of my ability is apparent. As a kid I’ve won against opponents well above my skill level, just because I never gave up and took slightest opportunity to win, where others would have given up and took the many excuses to justify failure. Look where it got me. I am able to speak and communicate with you on equal grounds. I now have the mind and the jutsu to back myself up. Nila, although not as much of a loudmouth and show off as I was, is really far along and has inherited the desire to never give up and do whatever possible to make better of the situation,” said Hokage.

(The Kazekage glances at Nila’s eyes. He thinks to himself.)

“She definitely has his determination,” said Kazekage.

“Nila! You can do it, I know you can,” yelled The Hokage. “Now you are out of character Uzumaki. Shouting out like that,” laughed Kazekage. (The Hokage pulls off the Kazekage’s mask, revealing a red-haired man with a tattoo on the left side of his forehead.)

“Hay, what are you doing Uzumaki,” yelled The Kazekage. (The Hokage smiles.) “You gotta learn to enjoy these events. Just relax and let loose,” smiled The Hokage.

Next Time: Nila fights viciously with the Sand's prodigy.

-Nila vs. Teru

(The battle commences. Nila screams louder as the rocks constricting her legs get tighter.)

“I can’t give up now that my father has put me out there. Gosh this hurts. I can’t move my legs, but I got to think of something,” said Nila. “Your legs gave you amazing speed, but now you can’t reach me with your jutsu. Why don’t you just give up? It would pain me to cause permanent damage to your legs, ending your career as a kunoichi,” said Teru.

(She fiddles her hands near her bag and pulls out two explosive tags and wraps them around the two Kunai she has mounted onto her forearms after taking them off.)

“She can’t reach me with those,” said Teru.

“My father told me a quote that I thought was pretty cheesy,” said Nila. “Your father is the Hokage right? He is a very gifted man. I aspire to achieve such status one day. Let me hear what he told you, perhaps I’ll use it to better myself as a shinobi, once I defeat you,” said Teru. “Why don’t you give up, on me giving up,” said Nila.

(Teru's eyes grow keen as he makes handseals.)

"Earth Style: Stalagmite," yelled Teru. (Chakra in his feet is transmitted through the earth and reaches Nila's location. Large spikes come out the earth from all angles, they attempt to strike her.)

(Immediately she strikes the ground with an explosive tag this causes the stalagmite to get crumpled as well as the earth type prison surrounding her legs. The crowd is shocked at her method. Teru is as well.)

“Good thing the earth used in the jutsu was so strong, otherwise I would have blown my legs off,” said Nila. (Teru is amazed by her rashness.)

“How reckless. I suppose it got you free though,” said Teru. “Oh, you haven’t seen anything yet. I’ll show you how reckless I can be,” smiled Nila.

The Special One 06-21-2009 07:29 PM

Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!
(She rushes toward Teru. He does a string of handseals. Immediately stalagmite spikes come at her from all angles as she dashes up and down and around and around. She then produces chakra near her hands, palming the spikes that she can't avoid, destroying them in her wake. She gets closer to him.)

"Amazing. She has quick reflexes. So that's the Konoha's gentle fist in action. Earth Style: Wall,” yelled Teru. (Teru touches the ground, which forms a large wall separating themselves from each other. She tosses the explosive kunai that she was hiding at the wall, shattering it. She reaches to Teru’s location.)

“So that’s her plan with Kunai. She’s fast, but I’ll have to restrict her before she reaches me. Then I’ll extend my distance and strike from long range,” said Teru. (He strikes the ground with two hands, causing the earth to constrict her legs, stopping her in mid air.)

"I don't have enough chakra or time for stalagmite. If I continue I can constrict her entire torso. (Teru notices that her belt has shuriken wrapped around it and Nila is grabbing for them.) This however leaves her hands open to toss projectiles while I'm distracted manipulating the earth. I'll retreat for now," said Teru.

(But before he can pull away effectively, he notices that she switches her action and is placing an explosive on a Kunai. She hits the base of the earth structure holding her in mid-air with that kunai.)

“Last one. I’ll make it count,” said Nila. “Damn it,” said Teru. (The explosive breaks her free and since she’s in mid-air, the explosion pushes her forward.)

“She closed the gap,” said shocked Teru. (Nila thinks to herself.) “I’m not a pro with the gentle fist and with my chakra being so low, I won’t be flashy with it. But he’s tired, it should be enough to win. Also, based on what I saw from him in battle, he could probably only use earth elemental ninjutsu while he's only connected to the earth, that means he can't defend himself with earth elemental ninjutsu,” said Nila.

(Teru is in mid-air)

"Damn it. She saw through my weakness," said Teru.

(She forms slight chakra around her left palm and immediately strikes Teru’s chest, knocking him forward. Everyone cheers as she grasps victory. The announcer walks over to Nila and raises her hand.)

"And the winner who has claimed total victory over the Chuunin Exam, is Uzumaki Nila," said Announcer. (Everyone cheers.)

(She walks over to Teru and helps him up.)

“You were a really tough opponent. If it wasn’t for those tags of mine, you would have won,” said Nila.

“No what ifs. You won because you had the better game plan. Still, to be able to change the tide like that when faced with such adversity, you are indeed something else. To make a dire situation a circumstance you can prevail in. That’s an admiring characteristic you have there,” said Teru.

(She slightly blushes.)

Next Time: Decisions are taken into account.

-The Decision

(Hokage and Kazekage make their way to the panel of judges.)
“So, what’s the verdict,” asked Kazekage. “I haven’t seen a Chuunin Exam this explosive in a good while,” smiled The Hokage.

“Brilliant match, you should be proud Lord Hokage of how well your child performed. Ahh, such a refreshing match; that must be how you did things when you were younger. What do you think Sensei,” said Sarutobi

(Sarutobi touches the next guy’s shoulder.)

“I’ve told you about calling me that. It was most certainly a nail biter. Really fast paced. They’ve both done exceptionally well, the other contenders too. The last match was definitely one for the records. Not a single wasted move. I tried to get my kid to take the exam, but he keep telling me how uninterested he is in becoming a ninja, and dazes off with the flick of a wrist. What a drag, he’s a handful,” said Shikamaru.

“Pretty amazing wouldn’t you say? It seems my training over the girl paid off. Although, she likes to explore a little to satisfy that curious mind of hers, it is truly an honor Uzumaki Sensei to train her. But what could you expect, right? Daughter of the Hokage and trained by his number one pupil. The kid’s bound to be something special,” said Hiro.

“That Teru kid is also something astounding. Elemental ninjutsu, B ranked at that.. His timing was precise. He's a genius for sure. The Sand hasn't been slacking off in these times of peace," said Sarutobi.

The Special One 06-21-2009 07:30 PM

Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!
"Like I always say, there are always darker times ahead. We're always prepared," said Kazekage.

"That is why we village leaders still hold these Chunnin Exams. Although a little competition is good, it is always self assuring to have the next generation ready to step up. It seems some things never change with the times," said The Hokage.

“We’ve arrived to a decision. Teru we’ll be promoted to Chuunin. His skills in ninjutsu are above average and he maintains a healthy level of chakra throughout the battle, this makes him a reliable asset to his teammates when they need to rely on him. He is also versatile in multiple situations, changing his jutsu strategy to match the playing field. Nila will also be promoted to Chuunin. Her ability to use ninja tools to increase her chances of victory while being aware of the potency of damage and capacity shows us that she knows how to manage equipment during missions and can provide accurate judgment on where to place traps. Her fast reflexes and timing are also excellent," said Shikamaru.

"Good. It is settled then," said The Hokage.

"We'll go discuss it with the advisers right away," said Sarutobi.

(The scene switches back to the present day. She thinks back to what Teru told her before he left for recovery.)

“He’s right. To make a dire situation a circumstance that I can prevail in, perhaps that’s the only thing that I can do. But it is better than sitting around and doing nothing. Many villagers may end up dead. But I can do whatever I can to help those that struggle to survive. The hidden Sand should would most likely aid the cause. I can't wait around for Konoha and my dad. I want to do things on my own for a change. I want to be known for my own talents, not just known because I'm the Hokage's daughter. That is my mission,” thought Nila.

(It has been seven years since the last shinobi war. The shinobi world has known peace for nearly a decade. Though the world is in an overall decent state of peace, villages still trains their shinobi to the best of their abilities, so they'd be prepared if a war would to breakout. However, there are always those whom reject salvation, as typical missions to ease the forests for travelers must be taken into account. Well until just recently, the shinobi world is shaken with a huge threat.)

Background information:

Hiro: He was once a gennin under The Hokage's tutelage. The whereabouts of his other teammates are unknown. He is a Jounin and wears the typical Jounin-Chuunin attire. He carries two extremely wide short swords, a sheath on each side of his legs. He has short spiky hair. His face is very manly, kind of gaunt like, and holds a strong chin. He's calm and collected and is a very powerful shinobi. His abilities are unknown. He is slightly cocky, but his modesty makes up for it. He's muscular but not quite hulky. He's tall, about Jiraiya's height. He is the squad leader of Nila's team. He's a fairly young man.

Shikamaru: Favors how his father looked like during the current series of Naruto due the number of years that has gone by. The only exception is that he does not have any scars on his face. He is The Hokage's aid.

Sarutobi: He looks very much like a young Asuma however, his face is slightly thinner and his hair is laid to the back (think Aizen after revealing his true nature). He wears the typical Chuunin-Jounin attire. Whether he is Jounin or Chuunin is unknown. He carries Asuma's Chakra knives. Has a small bit of hair under his chin, like how the 3rd Hokage had it. He is kind of carefree, but he remains focused in times of need. He is of average height and has slight bulky build, kind of like Asuma, but slightly thinner in mass.

Kazekage: Wears the traditional Kazekage uniform, mask included until the Hokage takes it off. His face has gotten rougher, in a sense that's he's aged more. He doesn't look as menacing as his father did, but the resemblance is stronger. He seems a bit more open than he did all those years ago however, he retains some of that mellow nature.

The Hokage: Does not wear the hat that the previous Hokages wore. He wears a cloak similar to that of the 4th Hokage’s however, underneath he wears a kind of loose clothing similar to that of Jiraiya's, however the style is slightly different, being a light blend. Like the Kazekage, the Hokage's face is much rougher, in a sense that his face has been aged. However, the look doesn't make him seem weak, it gives him a sense of charisma, although his nonchalant behavior may change all of that when he opens his mouth.

(Look based off two years ago.)
Teru: The Sand's most promising shinobi since The Kazekage himself. He is considered a genius by many. He is very modest and loves to give credit when it is due. He apparently has high regard for the Hokage. He is of average height for a young man his age. He wears a black short shirt with a long black coat over it that reaches his ankles. His pants are black as well. He carries all his ninja gear and equipment in his coat's slots. His coat is unzipped. He has short brownish-blackish hair which is smooth in texture. His eyes make him look serious. Facial structure resembles a kind of fusion between Gaara's and Sasuke's face.

The Special One 06-21-2009 07:31 PM

Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

(Based off current look. The only difference from two years ago, is that her hair is longer and she wears fish nets and is slightly taller.)

Nila:The Protagonist of the series. Her face resembles Kushina’s in the cheeks while moving down to her chin favors Hinata’s chin, when Hinata was younger. Her eyes look mostly normal, being blue in color. When she activates the Byakugan, a second layer extends from the pupil. Her Byakugan looks different from that of the other Hyuuga clan members, perhaps due to her being a cross-bred. She is of average height for a girl her age. She has long hair which is auburn colored, it reaches her waist. In missions she usually has it tied up into a pony tail. She carriers her bag on her hip. She wears caprices with fish net covering up the rest of her shins. She wears a tank top, fish net covers up to her elbows. She dresses in blue. On her belt contains safely mounted shuriken all around. She has Kunai sheaths on the back side of her forearms. Despite being the number one contender of the Chunnin Exams two years ago, she is not considered to be the village’s most talented for her age, there are at least a few others however, she is definitely not far behind..

She is however, definitely skilled. It is noted that she could have become a Jounin, but her reputation as someone who couldn’t remain still and focused for too long because of slight interferences, caught up to her. She is extremely curious and often that behavior may lead her into more trouble, especially during missions. At heart she is a good girl with a lot of potential. She is often assumed to be great due to her father’s name, much to her dismay, but she holds high respect for her father’s skill although, often questions his reputation due to his silly nature.

She is said to be very fast in battle and is a weapon expert. She is skilled in taijutsu, but she states she’s nothing special in the gentle fist style. It is noted that she is adapt at ninjutsu, but her style and type remain unknown. The current whereabouts of her other teammates are unknown. Hiro thinks that she can sometimes be a handful, although he takes pride in teaching her. She is very perceptive when she is not distracted and takes the time study to the environment around her.

Next Time: Nila proceeds with her investigation.

kluang 07-30-2009 01:20 PM

Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!
As Nila is examining the situation, a figured swoop behind her and tapped her shoulder.

“AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!” scream Nila.

“A ninja shouldn’t scream like that, kid.” Said the figured.

“Shun is that you?” ask Nila while asserting the figure. The figure came forward and she can see clearly a large muscular Konoha ninja with short spiky silver hair with a goatee and violet caring eyes and carrying a pair of circular blade on his back. “You know who your father is right. There are people who will get to your father through you. What are you doing here?” ask Shun.

“I should ask you, Shun, one of Hokage’s guards. Aren’t you supposed to guard my father? Care to tell me what he’s doing?” ask Nila.


Scene turn to hours ago as Shun, a chuunin and the Hokage at the bar.

“Told ya Hokage. No one beats me in a poker. Full house again.” said Shun to the Hokage and collects his rewards.

Scene switch back to Shun and Nila.

“Resting. So what are you doing?” ask Shun.

Nila frowns. She knows Shun since she was an academy student, a respectable ninja with remarkable skill in tracking and hunting and his strange weapon, the circular blades that can act as his shield and weapon at the same time. He uses all his five senses and his summoning animals, the eagle who acted as his eyes on the sky. Because of his skill he is promoted to be a special jounin and usually on mission to seek out missing nin.

Scene switch to when Nila was an academy student and because of her curious nature she wanders near the Forest of Death looking at the forest while imagining she participate in this event. Shun who was loafing around after a mission is lying next to a tree didn’t notice Nila wanders dangerously close to the gates of the forest.
“Wow this forest is huge. Father always said, teamwork, their abilities at accomplishing a mission and adhering to guidelines will make them pass these stages. Wonder what he means.” Says Nila as she wanders around near the border. Then she stops when she see there is a broken gate, much like something just broke out from the forest. She comes closer to the gates to examine it, oblivious there’s a giant snake behind her.


“What the……” mumbles Shun as he was awaken by a scream. The heard he scream again. He looks behind and saw a giant snake attacking Nila. He quickly jumps and gives a kick to the snake’s head and jumps in front off Nila. He turns to Nila and look at her.

“What the hell are you doing here kid?” Asked Shun to a confused looking Nila. The snake gives a scream and charges towards them. Shun quickly grabs Nila and jumps to avoid the snake. “You know this area is off limits kid.” Said Shun as he puts Nila on the ground. He faces the snake and took out his pair of circular blade and charge the snake. He jumps over the snake and slash the snake back that makes the snake screams in pain.

The snake wriggled and desperately to attack Shun but he dodges them easily. Shun jumps back and throw his left blade right into the snake’s mouth that went through it and turns back around to Shun like a boomerang. The snakes give one last scream before fell down and die. Nila who watches the battle looks at Shun wit amazement. She came running to Shun excited to see a real ninja fight for the first time.

“Mr, that was amazing. I thought most ninja use elements jutsus to defeat monster that size.” Says Nila as she looks at Shun with respect. Shun puts his blades on their straps on his back and look at Nila.

“Now kid explains. What are you doing here?” ask Shun. “I want to see the Forest of death myself and when I get strong I will become a chuunin.” Answer Nila. Shun give a warm smile and pat Nila’s head.

“Being a chuunin isn’t all about ninjutsu or who is stronger. It takes more than that. You’ll understand soon enough.” Said Shun. Then they heard someone screaming Nila’s name. They turn around and saw Ebisu looking for her. Nila hold Shun tightly.
“Ebisu-sensei going to scold me.” Said a shaken Nila. Shun smile at her and told her it will be alright. Shun confronts Ebisu stating he who took Nila here and if Ebisu got a problem, he will have to take it on him. Ebisu who was ready to punish, back down, after seeing Shun handy work with the snake, and he return back to the village.

“Thank you Mr. Shun.” Says Nila as she bows to him. “Never mind. Let’s go home shall we? And stop calling me Mr.” says Shun as both of the walk backs to the village.

Scene switch back to Nila and Shun.

“We must stop that meteor Shun-san.” Said Nila while pointing at meteor. Shun just look at it sighs.

“And I can’t change your mind right?” ask Shun. Nila just shake her head.

“So where will it hit?”

“From my calculation, it will be the River Country……” Explain Nila

“Not that place again. I’ve been tracking a missing nin who seems to be hiding there.” Said Shun

“From where?” ask Nila.

“You know my job kid. Classified.” Said Shun.

“Now we must focus how to stop this disaster. Two ninjas of Konoha are better than one.” Said Nila.

“The question is this natural disaster or someone sends it?” ask Nila.

“Not now kid. Saving those people is the top priority.” Said Shun.

Nila nods and begin thinking a plan while Shun looks at far eastern corner from where they are.

In that direction, someone is watching both Nila and Shun. A ninja, with long black hair, wearing a white cloak that covers a blue gi. With his demonic eye watches them from afar then his attention turns to the meteor.

“Like always, the next generation will always pay for the sins of the previous one…..”

He turns his eyes and both he and Shun looks at each other. With a few hand seals he disappears in a puff of smoke. Shun looks at the meteor.


Shun: A ninja from konoha, one of Hokage’s body guards. He carries two circular blades on his back and despite his appearance he’s a big softie especially with Nila. Not having to solve everything with the quick answer, but making the hard choices others could not is what his principle is. An expert in tracking and hunting he is promoted to be the Hokage’s bodyguard and usually received top secret tracking or hunting mission from the Hokage himself.

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!
-Konoha's Aerial Hatchet

(Nila and Shun continues their pursuit of the large meteor like figure in the sky. Their destination, The River Country.)

"Nila, I hope you understand the dangers that this little side-tracking holds," said Shun. "I know, but I can't sit around and let millions be meet their undeserved end. I might not have amazing jutsu like my father, but I would consider myself a disgrace if I just sat back and let disaster occur without lifting a finger. If I can't stop that meteor, I'll just help evacuate as many people as possible," said Nila.

(Shun smiles.)

"You definitely has his spirit. I foreseen ahead of time the kind of destruction this monstrosity could have on the shinobi world so, before I set out to complete my original mission, I decided to enlist some back-up," said Shun with a grin.

"No joking? Sweet, I always knew you were the cautious type. So, you saw this coming after all. So, knowing you, you probably have dozens upon dozens of Anbu black-ops on the job as we speak," said Nila with a smirk.

"Nah, just one man," said Shun jokingly. (Upon hearing this ridiculous statement, Nila crashes into a tree. Shun goes to check her out. Nila stands up.)

"You should probably watch were you are going," said Shun. "You sure did a half-assed job. And I thought you were the all perceptive mr.know it all," said Nila. "Hey, what did you mean by that," asked Shun.

(They get up and continue their pursuit.)

"When you said you made big arrangements, I thought you bought the whole calvary, but just one man. You're such a downer. All that respect I had for you, gone. If I were the Hokage, I'd have you removed from my chambers," yelled Nila.

(Shun soon appears downsized.) "Hey, don't say things you don't mean. I know you don't mean it, right," asked the sorrowful Shun. "Sigh. Let's move on then," said Nila. (They continue to press foward, jumping up and down, and around and around through trees and branches.)

"Um. By the way, who is our back-up," asked Nila. "Hmph, I don't want to tell you now since you think I'm such an undermined fool," said Shun. (Nila gives Shun the girle-puppy dog eyes.) "We need all the help we can get.. At least tell me who it is Mr. Shun," said Nila all peachy like.

"Cmon I told you about calling me that. Those eyes and that face. I can't say no to that. Alright I'll tell you," said Shun. (Nila smiles again.) "The man I asked for is none other than your father's most trusted man," said Shun. "Most trusted you say? Why are you speaking in codes, tell me who it is already," said Nila.

"How impatient, just like your father. Anyway, I believe a little history lesson is in order," said Shun. "Hey, I'm not in the academy," said Nila. "QUIET," yelled Shun. (Nila is shocked.) "Fine, be that way you big meanie.. I'll be silent so I don't have to hear you break my ear drums," said Nila..

"Now, where was I? Oh yeah. This man is perhaps the second most powerful shinobi in the village. Being second to none other than your father and some people question that he is now on par with your old man. He, like your father, is revered on the battlefield and carries a title that beats fear and despair into those he meets," said Shun.

"Wow, is there really such a man in Konoha," asked Nila. "Oh, you know him well," smiled Shun. "Really? Alright, tell me who this amazing shinobi is," smiled Nila. (She is finally interested.) "Looks like I've captured your interest. Anyway, seven years ago, he established his name as Konoha's Aerial Hatchet during the 4th shinobi war. One of your fathers direct pupils and the squad leader of your team," said Shun.

"My squad leader? You don't mean, Hiro Sensei? I know he was strong, but I had no idea he was so powerful as you describe. He must be hiding his nature, or you are exaggerating his strength," said Nila all surprised like.

Next Time: Shun reveals the past.

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!
-Shun's past

"I know he may not seem like it, but he is as devastating as I make him out to be. If anything, I'm probably belittling him," said Shun. "Really, well go on, if he's as powerful as you say, I'd feel even more honored to study under him. Heh, maybe I could sneak a few moves from em," smiled Nila.

"He was in a squad under Team Uzumaki. He was accompained by two other squad members however, their current locations are unknown to me. Hiro was outstanding, even as a child," said Shun.

"Oh yeah, that's right, he studied under my father. He often brags about that, but he is always secretive about his techniques and what my father taught him. Sometimes I'd think he was bluffing," said Nila. "Nah. He is just very modest. And many of his skills would probably be way above your ability to comprehend or master. That is probably why he is only showing you the basics," said Shun.

"That bastard. He thinks he is so cool. I'll have to slap him upside that macho head of his when he gets here," said Nila. "He is most certainly your father's student, that's for sure. You can see the signature in his fightning style. He is extremely powerful. He's more of a brawler than your father anyday," said Shun.

"Are you serious? You think he's better than THE HOkAGE, my father," asked Nila. "No, that's not what I'm saying. You know your father's talent better than anyone else; defeating opponents with least amount of moves possible and choosing the most viable option to elminate opponents with the most accessible ease. Besides, you do know there are probably shinobi even more powerful than your father," said Shun.

"I know, I know. It is just that I wouldn't have expected Hiro to be as powerful as you describe," said Nila. "Fine, I'll talk about what I've seen from my own eyes. Back during the last shinobi war, when I fought back to back with your father," said Shun.

"Wait, Hiro was in the war too? He couldn't have been more than 18-19 years old back then, as that was not a place for people still wet behind the ears. And I had no idea you were war buddies with my old man. I guess you are worth more credit than I give you," smiled Nila. "Whatever. Yeah, Hiro was young, only three years older than you are when he fought in that war. I'll tell you about how he became to be known as the Aerial Hatchet, an amazing shinobi warrior who beat fear and terror into the eyes of his opponents as he left dismembered corpses of their fellow allies," said Shun.

(Flash back to seven years ago. The scene takes place on the outskirts of the former Whirlpool Country. Tents are set up around Konoha's territory. A young Hiro, younger Shun, The Hokage, two new unrecognizable faces, and 4 Anbu sit and talk around a fire, discussing the current situation.)

"How's the situation? Is the area all clear yet," asked Hokage. "From what one of Shun's scout hawks picked up from the checkpoint, there are still enemy troops lying in wait a kilometer north of this position," said Anbu 1. "They're just sitting there, not moving at all," asked Hiro. "It appears so. I got the same idea from about the same distance you said earlier, only south," said Anbu 2.

"I sensed some strong chakra sources in the North quadrant. I'd recommend we keep our eyes out for them," said Shun.

"Hmm, interesting. Then it must be," said The Hokage.

"It is true, we're surronded. The others here reported the same findings from east and west in about the same distances as described. If we take oneside to strike down, the othersides will strike us, or our safe house, the classic flankin technique, but this time the odds are greater due to the high scaled assualt. They must have some talented scouters and trackers to be able to pin-point our location like this. What do you suppose we do Lord Hokage," asked Shun.

"How many are there," asked The Hokage. "Are you planning on us to take them all down," asked Shun. "Yeah, but we are going to be strategic with this. So give me a number immediately," said The Hokage. "I saw 9 of them," said Anbu 1. "Same here," said Anbu 2. "Yep, definately 9," said Anbu 3.

"No need to go any further," said Black Haired Girl. "The fourth direction must also have 9," said Blue Haired Guy.

"So it is a total of 36 shinobi to deal with. If we travel as we are, we might have a chance. But, if we wake up the others, we might get discovered more quickly due to our large numbers, less mobility and the fatigue they are facing at the moment. Can I trust you guys? Right now, you guys are the only ones not injured or resting. Team Uzumaki is the best team at my disposal, Shun is my best scout, and I have four of my best Anbu-op forces on the job. We are still outnumbered 4 to 1, but if perfectly executed, we can stop the enemy from claiming anymore of our comrades. We need every man and woman healthy for the morning so we can offically clear out The Whirlpool Country, and meet up with allied forces so we liberate it from this mess. What we face tommorrow will be a whole new experience," said The Hokage.

(They all agree.)

"Shun your high level of scouting skills and rapid succession with your weapons allow you to take down opponents without causing much of a fuss, will be enough to aid Hiro. Hiro, the enemy has surely warned themselves of you and myself due to the fact that we've taken out more of their allies than anyone of us. They'll be extremely cautious of you. Don't let anyone one escape with information on your ninjutsu," said The Hokage.

"Heh, Hiro is only getting praise because he's had more oppprtunity to fight. Killing the enemies before I had a shot at em. Ha, ha, I could take you no sweat," said Blue-haired Guy. (Black-haired Girl punches him in the gut.) "It is no time for your silly rivalry. This is serious," said Black-haired Girl. "Guys, calm down, we need to focus," said The Hokage.

"You two ally yourselves with an Anbu for scouting purposes. Since neither of you are experts in the field," said The Hokage. "AH, whatever," said Blue-haired Guy. "Just do it ok," said Black-haired Girl.

"You, the other three black-ops will stay together. I'll go by myself. I'm my own squad," said the Hokage. "No question there heh," smiled Shun. "Before we set up the directions, I'll leave a shadow clone here to guard the fort," said The Hokage.

(THe Hokage leaves his shadow clone to watch over the hideout.)

Next Time: Mission Commences

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!
-Mission Extermination

"Dispose of all enemies in the quickest and most viable way. Leave no trackers behind. I'll go south, Hiro and Shun with go north, Rina, Dosa, and the lone Anbu with go west, and finally, Team Anbu will go east. Split," yelled the Hokage.

(They scatter as the Scene switches over to Hiro and Shun.)

"How much further," asked Hiro. "Not far now. It seems they've been waiting for a signal of some sort in order to ignite the attack," said Shun. "Then that means there is one more out there you guys missed," said Hiro. "Possibly. But the Hokage left a shadow clone back at the camp. He'll dispose of him before the attack comences. By the way, aren't you a little worried about Dosa and Rina," asked Shun.

"No. Although Dosa can be a hot headed jerk, he's pretty strong himself. Rina may not look like it, but she's the only one who can keep that guy in line. That hints at how strong a woman she must really be," said Hiro. "I sure hope so," said Shun.

(While Shun aids Hiro, more of the past unravales. Scene switches back to the camp. A mysterious man is hidden within the shadows.)

"So, it seems everyone is resting. Time to crack this bad boy open," said Undentified shinobi. (Before he can open the flare. A kunai comes rushing at blazing speeds into the guy's neck, effectively killing him.)

"So, this guy was the one to signal the attack. Mission failure for him," said the smiling Shadow clone.

(Switch Scene to Dosa, Rina, and Anbu op. They see 9 shinobies' backs.)

"Stand back, let me handle it," said Dosa. "The Hokage told us to work together," said Anbu op. "Right, listen to him, don't go doing anything rash," said Rina. "Ha. If you want in on the fun, you'll have to cut in before I get rid of all of them," said Dosa.

"Oh brother," mumbled the Anbu op. "Fool, though if he dies it will do us all a great favor," said Rina.

(He rushes in and pulls out his weapon. Dosa carries a scythe. He pulls it from his back and cleanly cuts off heads of 4 shinobi silently and swiftly. He pulls back and then jumps into the air, blood sprays everywhere, the shinobi get on guard and prepare to attack him from all angles.)

"What the hell just happened," asked Shinobi 1. "We didn't even reach the signal," said Shinobi 2. "Kill him," yelled Shinobi 3. "So, it seems the mission is a failure. You guys go on ahead back to the camp. I'll handle this one," said Commander of the squad.

(Dosa is falling to the earth at rapid speeds. He strikes, but the commander escapes with rapid reflexes. The Commander whips out a scroll and pulls a huge Fuuma Shuriken from it and attempts to strike with it while dashing at him with the enlarged tool. Dosa parries the weapon with his own scythe.)

"It seems this one may put up a battle," said Dosa. (The other four shinobi try to escape, but are cut off by Rina and the Anbu op.)

"End of the line," said Rina. (She makes a handseal, soon a wall of fire surronds the enemies in a spiral that tunnels high into the sky.)

"Damn it, we're trapped," said shinobi 1. "This girl, to produce such a powerful fire elemental ninjutsu at such an age," said shinobi 2. "We'll escape from above," said Shinobi 3. "Aahh," said shinobi 4 screams as they attempt to get out from the small exit at the top.

"You got it, or do I have to jump in," said Anbu. "No way. I'm fine. I'll show you why I'm called Konoha's Elementalist," said Rina. (She does a series of handseals as a gust of wind forms and prepares to collide with the spiraling flames. Switch Scene to Shun and Hiro, they are surronded.)

"This must be their tracker squad," said Hiro. "Yeah, they covered us almost immediately when we stepped within range," said Shun.

"What do we have here? Two lone Konoha hounds up to be put down. Although, we didn't get the signal, we'll gladly eliminate you," said Commander. "The chakra I'm feeling from these guys is pretty intense. I didn't want to say anything, but The Hokage knew to place us in this direction after I confirmed that the chakra from this location was more intense. We might actually have to get a little serious. We might even get a scratch or two. How about finally using those ridiculously wide short swords you have there. It is a better time if any. We've never seen you take them out," said Shun.

"Wait a second. Commander. Doesn't that guy fit the description," said Shinobi 1. (The Commander zeros in on his weapons.) "You're right, it is him," said Commander. "Nah, that's not the Hokage of Konoha. So there's nothing to be worried about, right," said Shinobi 2. "No. But he should not be underestimated, this man has done a great deal of damage to our allies. Take extreme caution," said Commander.

"They look strong. Hell, there might be one or two capable of putting up a fight. But, we can defeat all of them in one shot. That is all it takes. Even the stronger shinobi can fall if they drop their guard and underestimate his opponent. That is exactly what they are doing to us. That is one of the most precious lessons I've learned by studying under Uzumaki Sensei," said Hiro.

"No time for a for one of The Hokage's words of wisdom, what is your plan," asked Shun. "Are you familure with the Kage Bunshin Shuriken jutsu," asked Hiro. "Yeah, but such a technique lacks the kind of potency against opponents who can probably defend and avoid the shuriken. I'd just be wasting chakra," said Shun.

"I can control winds and shape them into blades that can move at subsonic speeds. But who is to say I shouldn't add wind chakra into weapons? I'm sure you know that Wind-weapons are levels sharper than regular weapons. My chakra control at the moment won't allow me to create two sets of Kage Shuriken, but with your help I should at least be able to have enough. And with hundreds of small projectilces moving at such high speeds, our opponents will be unable to defend and avoid. Even if they try to block them, the shuriken will pierce through their defeneses," said Hiro.

"Now I see why you're called Konoha's Aerial Hatchet. Nice plan," said Shun.

"Let's go, surrond them," yelled the Commander. (Shun and Hiro begin making handseals.) "Kage Bunshin Shuriken technique," yelled Hiro and Shun. "Alright, work your magic," said Shun. (Hiro stops the shuriken in the air created by both of them, with both hands, then he makes a shadow clone, which takes over for Shun's Shuriken that are suspended in the air. The enemies are shocked at the expertise of Hiro.)

"Fuuton: All Direction Shuriken," yelled the two Hiro. (Everywhere bodies are pierced by Shuriken. Bodies hit the ground as Shun is left in awe at Hiro's ability. The scene soon switches back to the present.)

"Over the years Hiro has developed his ninjutsu to frightening levels. His godly ability to manipulate the wind element has given him the ability to reduce cliffs into pepples and rock and stone into dust. The two large and wide short swords he carries, he calls them Mountain Cutters. To this day, I haven't seen him use those things. Perhaps no one was strong enough to bring him to the point in which he needed to rely on them," said Shun.

(Nila shakes as they continue to rush forward. She has her Byakugan active.)

"Ww, wow. Well, I'm glad he's on ourside. Wait... I see something. There's 10 of them. 2 in each direction and they're closing in fast," said Nila. "Yeah, I thought I sensed something on the way," said Shun.

"What could a tracker squad be doing at this time of day? It seems very suspecious that we are being targeted," said Nila. "Hmm. Rogue troops? I agree, something about this just doen'st make much sense. I didn't think I'd be fighting so soon, at least not until I've approached my target in the River Country," said Shun. "Well, looks like you'll get a little warm up. Can't wait to see the skills of a Hokage body guard," said Nila. "Right, but don't depend on me to watch your ass (Shun is smirks.) You know what to do. Brace yourself," said Shun.

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!
Background information:

Team Uzumaki: Dosa, Hiro, and Rina were all students under the Hokage years previously. The three students were recognized for their excellence as shinobi and were praised for their bravery and strength during the 4th shinobi war. They were among the youngest of shinobi who fought in that war seven years ago, being at 18 years old.

Dosa: He was known as a very lethal shinobi. Unlike the calm and collected Hiro, or the respective Rina, Dosa was very harsh and often times enough, a jerk. He and Hiro held a strong rivarly from childhood up until their early adulthood. How Hiro regards him now is unknown due to the fact that Dosa's current location is not stated. Although, he appears cold and resentful of Hiro, he also holds a kind of jelousy towards him due to the fact that the Hokage took a keener interest in Hiro than in himself, which led to Hiro being trusted with more difficult missions.

With that being said, Dosa was considered a rival of Hiro, which hints at his skill as a shinobi. He carries a sycthe on his back and can quickly and swiftly defeat opponents with little ease. His movements come as a shock to his opponents and allies due to his reaper like stances. He is not to be underestimated. He has medium length blue hair that is mushroom styled. He wears a gray jacket with the typical chuunin-jounin attire undernealth. His eyes are black and his facial features are subtle in comparison to Hiro's. Think of a more manlier Sai looking face. Ninjutsu style is unknown.

Rina: She was noted as an extremely specialized Kunoichi. She has long black hair that reaches her back. Black eyes and a more slender Kurenai type facial structure. She is the one who always pulled the two boys apart when The Hokage was tired, or unable to keep up with their silly disputes. Rina acted as the conscience behind the group keeping their morale high during missions. But don't let that fool you, she is an explosive ninja. She knows many handseals and controls elements of fire, wind, and water, all which she is very proficient in. She called herself Konoha's Elementalist; whether the village regards her in that right, or if it is a self-proclaimed title, is not certain, but due to her high level of chakra manipulation, the title does her justice without a doubt. She wears the typical Chuunin-Jounin attire for females. Her current location is unknown.

The 4 Anbu Black-Ops: These guys were apparently the best of the best from the entire unit, handpicked by The Hokage himself to serve him on his most dangerous missions. They each are considered to be highly trained and experienced trackers and ninjutsu users. Although, their abilities have yet to be seen in battle, these are not the casual run of the mill Anbu-officers. Perhaps one day their masks may be revealed and their role in the story may become more apparent.

Next Time: Shun and Nila faces off against 10 advasaries. What will come about this confrontion?

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!
-Nila and Shun's Encounter with 10 unknown advasaries

(Nila and Shun land on the branches of a tree. Shun notices that Nila is scouting the area.)

"What's up? Are they nearing our location yet," asked Shun. "Yeah, but if we fight them in these quarters, they'd have us straggled due to all of the trees blocking our movements," said Nila. "Yeah, this is not a good place to take on a large amount of opponents," said Shun.

"Got it. There is an area just a short distance away. There is a wider open plain. Let's go there," said Nila. "Sounds good," said Shun. (Shun is going over something in his head.) "She's spot on. Though we give her a lot of stress about being distracted by the particular areas of interest, she definately has a knack for detail and planning," said Shun to himself.

(Nila and Shun land in a wide open area. Trees circle the area however, they are far enough away that gives the area a feel that it is a plain. With her Byakugan she constantly scouts the area. She immediately faces Shun and lets out a battle cry. She pulls off her jacket, revealing seals on the backside of her wrist and more seals secured on her fish net moving up to her shoulders.)

She pulls out mulitple shuriken and expertly parries various Kunai and Shuriken that prepared to strike the backside of Shun. Amazingly, Shun was not hit or touched by oppossing or supporting projectiles.
Shun turns around and pulls out his circular blades and rushes to take on the two advasaries. The two enemies flee.)

"So, they are trying to separate us. I'll be back Nila. It shouldn't take me long to finish these guys off," said Shun.

(Then she goes into a spin which slowly begins to erode the earth, tossing shuriken and kunai at rapid succession towards her back right, left, and up while they counter them with their own weapons. She continues to spin, tossing projectiles at her enemies using her Byakugan to effectively pin point her opponents' vitals.)

"Damn this girl, we can't get any closer," said Enemy # 1. "Just keep knocking them away. There are 8 of us, she'll run out of weapons soon enou-," said Enemy # 2 before catching a Shuriken to the throat. "No... Now I can't," said Enemy # 1 before catching a Kunai to the face.

"Good. That's two down. Shun, hurry up. The Kunai and Shuriken projectile seals will only last so long," said Nila.

(Switch Scene to Shun. The two enemies are being constricked by a large spiky vine that causes them to bleed. The two enemies are wearing gray trench cloaks that zip all the way up to their necks. Their head protector has a type of unity symbol.)

"These guys were stronger than the run of the mill seakers. I hope Nila is alright. NOW, Speak! Why are you attacking us," asked Shun. "Uprising! United we stand," yelled The both of them. (They countinue to chant strange words of bizzareness.) "They must be under some sealing jutsu. It is no use," said Shun before he discovers something strange mentioned by them, which causes him to stay his hand.)

"Face the wrath of the Reborn SNA. And then. And then Like always, the next generation will always pay for the sins of the previous one…..," said The two shinobi.

(Shun is immediately stunned.)

"Was that one of the special units The Hokage had under his command? I know there was a national SNA program that improved gifted shinobies' jutsu in order to prepare for war in various villages. Hiro was part of that branch; but these people are talking about the SNA unit that was dispanded... Could they be referring to the Globalized SNA?

"THE SNA. It can't be. The Global Specialized Ninja Association. But they've been disbanded years ago. Could they be responsible for the meteor? And that man I've locked eyes with. He must be with before I started to travel with Nila, must be with them. I need to send these guys to the Hokage for debriefing. Crap! Nila... I have to do this quickly," said Shun.

(Shun makes several hand seals and summons two large hawk like creatures. Shun uses his circular blades to carry the trapped shinobi unto the summoned birds.)

"Take them to the code breakers," said Shun. (Shun then places a scroll in each of the Bird's beaks.)

"That should cover it. Nila, I'm on my way," said Shun.

(Switch Scene to Nila. She is hiding amongst the bushes. She is covered in bruises and is panting horribly.)

"Just four more to go," said Nila. (Nila has her Byakugan activated. She listens in on a conversation.)

"I'll check this area. You go on ahead and check the west in a kilometer radius," said Enemy # 3. "Yes. We'll get her. She used up a lot of chakra on our comrades, she should be tired by now, make her pay," said Enemy # 4. (He leaves the area as Nila notices another one of the enemies getting closer.) "Just a little closer. Cmon," said Nila to herself. (The enemy continues to get closer as Nila heart beats faster. Soon enough, the enemy is electrocuted by a shock barrier.)

-Once the person steps on the area that is marked by a special rite, anyone caught in the blast field is shocked to death.

"Got em... Wait a second. The remaining enemies are converging on my location. Damn! He must have been wired by radio... I don't have enough chakra to finish them off. Shun, where is your lazy ass when I need you. Shit... I guess this is where it ends," said Nila. (She closes her eyes for a stagnant pause, then opens them and activates Byakugan and scans the area.)

"They should have had me by now. What, they are not approaching me. It is like someone has taken them out," said Nila. (She slowly gets up. Limping to see what's going on. She notices the two enemies are dead.)

"Shun is strong but these enemies were no joke. It would have take him a hot minute to do this. And where is the third target? And what if it is not Shun who has done this? What if another enemy is out there that wants these guys dead as well? I could be in trouble. Damn it, I just had to go see what it was," said Nila all scared like.

(Nila activates the Byakugan again.)

"Someone behind me," said Nila. (The last enemy instead rushes past Nila as if he was being chased.) "What the hell is he running for? AND WHAt the hell is this chakra I'm feeling from behind? It must be the killer," said Nila. (Nila then hears a familiar voice.)

"What are you running from, it's one on one," said Mysterous figure. "That, voice," said Nila. (Immediately an extremely built shinobi with two extremely wide short-swords on each of his hips races in front of Nila.)

"Hiro Sensei," said Nila. "You've done well. Let me handle the rest," said Hiro. (The Shinobi tries to escape but is immediately stopped by Hiro as with amazing speeds he manages to get in front of him.)

"You will be punished for this if you don't stay away from me you monster," yelled Last Enemy. "May I see you again, as I torment your pathetic soul in hell for hurting my comrades. Now parish," said Hiro. (With a single sweep of his Kunai, Hiro amazingly slices the head off his opponent with relative ease. The air blast from the impact even shakes Nila's body. She falls to her knees.)

"With one swing of a Kunai? He didn't even channel wind chakra into the blade, yet he was able to sever his head. What strength," said Nila. (Hiro rushes over to Nila's aide and catches her before she falls.)

"You did good. You've taken out 5 of them. I'm impressed. These shinobi weren't your average either. Shun is probably sending data to your father. It appear as though something big is going down. And it may be connected to that meteor in the Sky," said Hiro.

"Are you here to help us," asked Nila. "You're hurt right now. We are taking you back to Konoha. Let the bigwigs handle this, I've already requested for immediate aide from your father once I saw the figure in the sky. You've done enough," said Hiro. "But, I, the meteor is soon to," said Nila before passing out.

"Hmm. She's asleep. I'm very proud of you Nila. Just wait until your father hears of your bravery. Though I'd think he'd be slightly annoyed at you for leaving at this hour and a lone at that, but deep down, he probably know that he'd have done the same thing if he was in your situation," said Hiro.

(Flashback to before Hiro rescued Nila. The scene is somewhere at the end of their converstation.)

"So Nila is involved as well. And you said you've already notified Code breakers as well? In Nila's case, I'll handle it. On another note I've already recieved word from Uzumaki Sensei that he had sent in immediate word to the surronding countries in regards to this thing here in the sky. You go find that missing-nin of yours. He may play an imporant key to all of this," said Hiro. "Yeah, I still have a mission after all. Be sure to tell Nila that her business with me is done for now. I don't want her dragged too far into this investigation," said Shun.

"You just worry about yourself at the moment. Watch yourself out there," said Hiro.

"A kid telling me to take care. Heh, heh... I'll be fine," said Shun.

(Shun smiles which causes Hiro to smirk and then Hiro leaves towards Nila's location.)

"I'm on my own again. Feels wierd, but she was never technically apart of the mission to begin with," said Shun.

(Scene is back to the present. Hiro is carrying Nila in his arms. Shun catches up with him, while he proceedes in the opposite direction. He gives Hiro the thumbs up and goes on his way to the River Country, alone.)

Next Time: Shun proceeds with his mission alone in the dark while Nila is rushed to Konoha. How will The Hokage respond to the current situation?

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