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Dagoro 07-24-2009 01:15 AM

Naruto 458 spoilers/predictions thread
Predict away

Silverblade 07-24-2009 01:19 AM

Re: Naruto 458 spoilers/predictions thread
I predict Sasuke will trigger a fourth ninja war. :cool: In the upcoming chapters.

However, for 458 there will be a discussion how to Eliminate Sasuke and the rest of Akatsuki.

Kishi sets thing up in a weird fashion. Make it seem like Naruto is Goku. (The hero arrives late.)

Naruto convinces the cloud trio to bring back Killerbee so Raikage can change his decision. The panel switches to Kisame looking at some object with bright lights. Chapter ends on Killerbee. He is singing with a mic in his hand wearing a cape.

Dagoro 07-24-2009 01:31 AM

Re: Naruto 458 spoilers/predictions thread
The summit will be interesting. Raikage will be pushing hard for Sasuke's demise while Gaara will be trying to down play it for Naruto's sake.

Danzou will be staring at the Mizukage's boobs while master yoshi takes a nap.

The Mizukage doesn't have a voice since shes a girl, so she'll go fetch the men some snacks while they talk.

platinumrug 07-24-2009 01:34 AM

Re: Naruto 458 spoilers/predictions thread
I am actually really fucking excited for the next chapter, I am so glad Raichu didn't get the Naruto mind fuck and he is right. A ninja shouldn't be so willing to bow before someone for another's life, especially one that has done the deeds Sasuke has. But the cloud are huge hypocrites thanks to their Hyuuga incident.

I want to see this development, I really do. I want to see what the other kage's have to say about Sasuke and the cloud's incidents, it'll definitely be a discussion worth reading.

nuckinfutz 07-24-2009 02:14 AM

Re: Naruto 458 spoilers/predictions thread
next chap will be all discussions between the kages...we'll see naruto again talking with kakashi and Yamato then leaving to somewhere saying "I won't give up! that's my way of the ninja!", and maybe some more sasuke...

Docki 07-24-2009 02:24 AM

Re: Naruto 458 spoilers/predictions thread
i am very excited , i hope a lot of predict will come up this week
for next chapter i beleave there be a quick judgement of sasuke then some speach of naruto kakashi and yamato and sasukes plan on taking down danzo

Docki 07-24-2009 04:37 AM

Re: Naruto 458 spoilers/predictions thread
well here is my prediction it is not special but i just wanted to write it :-P

The kages meeting

It starts in room where all kages assemble

Right after mifune give word to kages raikage start talking

“we must hunt down all of akatsuki, they have become a serious threat”

Tsuchikage : “I would really like to know the reason for this actions, what happened to cloud that you want to hunt down akatsuki? “

Raigake : “ sasuke uchiha of the akatsuki kidnapped my brother, eight tailed beast . I want to hunt down uchiha sasuke as a first akatsuki”

Danzo : “konohagakure will fully cooperate with you on hunting down and executing this uchiha brat”

Raikage : “I am very pleased to hear that”

Garra : “as I agree with hunting down akatsuki I am stay for forgiving sasuke, he is only being controlled by everyone, and I believe he will be saved by naruto”

Raikage : “NARUTO?!?! This brat intercept me right before meeting, he was bowing before me and begging for sasukes life and I don’t think this guy will save anyone , I thinh he will die soon.”

Danzo : “NARUTO SPOKE TO YOU?!?!?! No one is supposed to leave village while kage meeting, once I return to village I will punish him hard!”

Raikage : “I heard from my subordinates that he is your host and he recently defeated the leader of akatsuki (flashback of samui telling him about naruto the savior of konohagakure) , I would really like him to save my brother like he offered, I could make him this offer like he intercept me but I didn’t know it before.”

Danzo : “ you have no rights to offer weapon of my village any missions , we will help you with your weapon and executing of sasuke uchiha but uzumaki naruto WILL STAY IN THE VILLAGE!!!”

Mizukage : “I don’t see a reason why to call jinchurikies weapons, of course they have tailed beasts inside them but they are still humans, however village in the mist will also help with akatsuki and sasuke uchiha execution.”

Tsuchikage : “ rock village will also participate in akatsuki execution.”

Mifune: “ok it looks like you all have agreed with akatsuki execution now we can move on planning”

Scene switches to naruto

Naruto : “ I cant believe how cold-hearted he refused me”

Kakashi : “ you didn’t expect him to change his mind right away did you?”

Naruto : “ I didn’t but this refuse was far behind my expectations”

Naruto sadly stand up and start walking toward a hill

Yamato : “ kakashi-senpai this didn’t go well at all”

Kakashi : “ no it didn’t , in my opinion we have made it much worse, I just hope naruto wont take it too much , what bugs me more now is that Danzo will probably know that we left village against his orders, we must think carefully about next steps.”

Yamato : “ I fully agreed with you senpai , maybe we should consider leaving village, as much as I hate thinking about it may be the only option for us.”

Kakashi : “ but where will we go? Maybe travel like jiraya did and trying to achieve narutos goals. “

Naruto walks down from hill to kakashi and yamato again

Naruto : “ I am leaving village I don’t expect you to come with me and please don’t try to stop me”

Yamato and Kakashi look at each other and nod their heads

They both say : “we are going with you”

Naruto : “well then prepare for long journey we wont see home for a long time”

Scene switch to sasuke

Sasuke : “ we will wait till kages meeting ends and then we will follow hokage to safe distance, when there wont be anymore interferences I will take care of Danzo and the rest of you will take out his bodyguards.”

Suigetsu : “ that sounds like a promising plan sasuke.”

White zetsu : “ are u sure u can take out Danzo on your own? I mean he opposed sandaime in hokage election .”

Sasuke : “ of course I can … he is crippled and I have new powers , those can do it in an instant”

White zetsu thinks : he is too overconfident in MS techniques well this will be interesting

While sasuke is looking for a good spot for ambush Mifune states :
“in nine days from here on akatsuki hunt down mission will start, in these nine days every village will share all the info they have and assemble all their ninjas, the kage meeting is now dismissed”

Gaara and co.

Kankurou : “at last we can take revenge on what they did to you gaara”

Raikage and co. : “ just wait my brother I will revenge you and yugito as well.

Tsuchikage and co. : “ we must hurry to the village some big preparations are awaiting for us”

Mizukage and co. : “ ao assemble remaining swordsmen we will need them as strategist.”

Danzo and co.: “ well, well sasuke uchiha will finally be killed and then only one uchiha will remain, this pathetic clan will stop exist and it will be me who will erase them, torune go forth and bring uzumaki to me, he must be punished.”

Few moment after in narrow valley sasuke and co. awaits hidden for danzo

Danzo steps inside the valley

Sasukes eyes suddenly turn on MS while danzo give hands on his bandages

The end.

Ironclad 07-24-2009 04:52 AM

Re: Naruto 458 spoilers/predictions thread
Probably we will get a glimpse at what exactly Sai reported to Danzou, or what exactly Sakura has to do in the meantime.

Probably some NaruSaku hint. This is going to trigger a shitstorm of shipping again...odd that Naruto did not recollect Hinatas words...

Or instead he is a fucking idiot with the memory of a retarded goldfish and Miss Background Prop is going to rip his spinal cord out of his ass. That would be the day.

nuckinfutz 07-24-2009 04:53 AM

Re: Naruto 458 spoilers/predictions thread
^ nice!! Everything seem to follow the story, so it sounds believable, except for naruto leaving the village, although it was the part i got excited! lol even if he leaves the village I think it's too soon, and I'd really like him doing so...and i hope he does...him leaving the village is an opportunity to develop, kakashi and yamato as well, and not only by themselves but as a team too, they are a super mega powerful team together...
also an opportunity for others in the village to develop...
again, great prediction, if that comes true next chap will be great...

Konnaha_yellow_flash 07-24-2009 05:44 AM

Re: Naruto 458 spoilers/predictions thread
Next chapters probably going to be nothing but talking, but the fourth ninja war will be started after danzou sneezes cutting the tsuchikages ancient ass in half while the raikage reveals he has a Byakugan in his right eye just to find everyone else at the meeting has SGs "garas third eye has a SG in it".

Docki 07-24-2009 07:14 AM

Re: Naruto 458 spoilers/predictions thread

Originally Posted by nuckinfutz (Post 1735670)
^ nice!! Everything seem to follow the story, so it sounds believable, except for naruto leaving the village, although it was the part i got excited! lol even if he leaves the village I think it's too soon, and I'd really like him doing so...and i hope he does...him leaving the village is an opportunity to develop, kakashi and yamato as well, and not only by themselves but as a team too, they are a super mega powerful team together...
also an opportunity for others in the village to develop...
again, great prediction, if that comes true next chap will be great...

thanks :-) i just love the idea of naruto leaving village IDK why i just like it

Miranda 07-24-2009 07:23 AM

Re: Naruto 458 spoilers/predictions thread
Docki's prediction it really cool. This manga needs another timeskip to help Naruto reach his goal. I don't think that this is too soon for him to leave because there is nothing left for Naruto to do right now.

And he has to hide from his shame and humiliation we saw in 457. He looked so silly >__<

Numinous 07-24-2009 07:59 AM

Re: Naruto 458 spoilers/predictions thread
Here’s my prediction for chapter 458. I hope this time I get something right (PS: damn you Docki, posting a prediction with things I was thinking to post! I’m kidding :P)

458: The Fate of Akatsuki

(Kage Scene)
Mifune: The meeting will now begin.
Raikage: (stands up) First of all, thank you for coming with such short notice. (sits again) Second, I’ll be direct to the point: we, the Five Great Ninja Villages, got to eliminate the Akatsuki threat. (everyone stares in tension) They’re assaulting our villages, kidnapping the Jinchuuriki and killing for whatever reason they have!
Gaara: They are collecting the Bijuu inside them. For what purpose, I don’t know.
Raikage: How can you know that?
Gaara: I was a Jinchuuriki once (the Kages faces turn to Gaara). They took me from Sunagakure and extracted the Shukaku that dwelled inside me. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my village, with the help from Konoha. (bows his head a little for Danzou)
Raikage: Is that so? I wouldn’t be so fond of the Leaf, because one of its missing nin will do the same thing with my brother (stares at Danzou with a menacing glare)
Danzou: Are you accusing me of this incident?!
Raikage: You’re not the only one that doesn’t take care of their missing nin…
Tsuchikage: What in hell are you implying?
Misukage: Those are serious accusations you’re delivering, Raikage.
Raikage: Oh… from the data my ninja collected about Akatasuki, every village here besides mine has at least one missing nin that became part of that group: Sasori from Sunagakure, Deidara from Iwagakure, Kisame and Suigetsu from Kirigakure, and the biggest offender here, Konohagakure, with Orochimaru, Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Sasuke. If you Kages did take care of their missing nin, Akatsuki wouldn’t be such a big threat, or even existed at all!
Danzou: Preposterous!
Tsuchikage: I was never so insulted in my life!
Misukage: Are you blaming us for Akatsuki existence?!
Mifune: Please calm down. I do not want war to begin within these halls. (everyone calms down)
Gaara: Did you said Uchiha Sasuke?! (stares at Danzou) Does Naruto know this?!
Raikage: Do you know that whiny brat?
Gaara: Of course, he was the one who saved me from Akatsuki. He’s the Kyuubi’s Jinchuuriki. (Raikage looks shocked)
Raikage: He’s a Jinchuuriki?! So why his so called “friend” Sasuke took away my brother, Kirabi, also a Jinchuuriki?
Gaara: I don’t know. (looks away)
Raikage: Thought so. (looks at Danzou) What are you going to do about your missing nin, Konoha?!
Danzou: I already ordered my village to assume Uchiha Sasuke as a target to kill on sight.
Raikage: Good. I think it’s wise for all the villages to do that as well, for all Akatsuki members.
Tsuchikage: I think it’s wise too. The Stone will follow your advice.
Misukage: The Mist will do the same, since we still have our missing nin issue to attend to.
Gaara: The Sand will follow too… except for Uchiha Sasuke.
Raikage: What is the meaning of this?!
Gaara: Naruto saved me… twice. And I didn’t return the favour from the second time, so this is my way to thank him.
Danzou: Do you want the Sand end up like Konoha?! A giant crater where once was a proud village? (Everyone is shocked)
Gaara: What?
Danzou: One of Akatsuki members, named Nagato, assaulted our village in search of that Naruto you admire so much. All we got left is a giant hole and a village to rebuild. You’re inviting the same event if you let an Akatsuki roam free in your village.
Gaara: I’m not worried (everyone is apprehensive) I know Naruto won’t make that happen.

(Naruto Scene)
(They are traveling through the trees’ branches)
Naruto: Why?
Yamato: What bothers you, Naruto?
Naruto: Why don’t people see? All this hatred, this revenge… this cycle will only repeat over and over if something isn’t done to stop it.
Kakashi: Don’t expect people to comprehend that at first. Don’t forget we live in the world of the Shinobi, hatred and war are commonplace.
Naruto: But why, why people won’t do anything to stop it?
Kakashi: Some people never lived without war. It’s difficult to stray from that.
Naruto: But… (his face saddens) I understand…
Yamato: We should return to the village as swiftly as possible. Danzou will be not pleased to know we fled from it.
Kakashi: You’re right. Let’s return to Konoha.
Naruto: (Naruto stops) I won’t return to Konoha.
Yamato: (Yamato and Kakashi stop) What?!
Naruto: I won’t give up on Sasuke. I won’t cross my arms and see Sasuke being chased and executed like a criminal. I know Sasuke, he isn’t like that, he’s being used. If nobody will be on his side, I will. I’ll save Sasuke from Madara, even if it takes me to the end of the world or takes away my life. I made a promise and I will fulfil that promise.
Kakashi: There’s no stopping you from that, is there, Naruto? (Naruto smiles) Thought so… well, take care!
Yamato: What? Kakashi-senpai, you’ll let him do that?
Kakashi: Why wouldn’t I? Naruto has already chosen his path, we shouldn’t interfere.
Yamato: But, Kakashi-senpai!
Kakashi: Don’t worry. If he took care of Pein, I’m confident he’ll take care of himself, isn’t that right, Naruto?
Naruto: Right!
Yamato: (preoccupied) If you say so… (Yamato and Kakashi leave, Naruto follows them)
Kakashi. I thought you were leaving…
Naruto: And I’m leaving, but I got to say goodbye to someone in the village.

(Kage Scene)
Mifune: So it’s settled then. All the Villages will begin the operation to bring to justice Kisame and Suigetsu of the Mist, Zetsu of the Grass, Konan of the Rain, Karin and Juugo of the Sound. And all Villages, except the Sand, will also bring to justice Sasuke of the Leaf. This operation will begin in seven days and the primary target will be Amegakure. This summit is now concluded. (everyone leaves the table, Raikage approaches Gaara)
Raikage: You know, Kazekage, it isn’t too late to change your decision.
Gaara: I’ll not change my mind, as much sorrow as it gives you.
Raikage: Hmmph. You know what is best for your village, but don’t come to the Cloud begging for help.
Gaara: I’m sure I won’t need any. (they separate)

(Sasuke Scene)
(The group is hiding in a secretive high point)
Suigetsu: Now that’s good.
Karin: How can you say it’s good?! Our heads are on the line!
Suigetsu: More people to fight with!
Karin: You reckless knucklehead!
Sasuke: Stop it. Don’t lose focus on what we have to do.
Karin: R-Right!
White Zetsu: At least they don’t have information on Tobi. As long as he remains unknown, the better. (Sasuke grumps)

(Danzou Scene)
Danzou: Torune, get back to Konoha. Declare Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato missing nin.
Torune: Yes, my lord. (he vanishes away)
Danzou: (gives the scroll to Fu) Get rid of this scroll. In the wrong hands, Konoha might be the next target of other village’s wrath.
Fu: Yes, Hokage-san. (vanishes away too)
Danzou: (thinking) So, Madara is alive. I haven’t heard that name in quite some time. So you came out of the hole you crawled all these years? This will be interesting.

Next Chapter: The Ambush

Edit: I forgot the word stop on Yamato line, silly me

ACt 07-24-2009 10:45 AM

Re: Naruto 458 spoilers/predictions thread
Points of discussion:

Does Naruto make it to the meeting or respond to fighting that occurs? I think there is potential that the whole bowing thing was to distract them to somehow gain access to the meeting, too. Not sure how this works beyond using Shadow Clones, but it would cause a very interesting chapter. Gaara would have is back for one.

Does Sasuke interupt or wait? I'm leaning towards wait, but who can predict it? Someone made elsewhere a link to Sasuke being set up - well, duh.

Have any of the other Kage's made use of this meeting to set up any power-plays? I'm looking at Danzo particularly as the other Kage's seem humourous rather than dangerous, but there is also that potential. However, Danzo is really looking to be recognized more than gain an advantage over the other nations.

How many chapters until the Raikage puts his fist through someone's head? Please??

saiyaman 07-24-2009 10:48 AM

Re: Naruto 458 spoilers/predictions thread
Those were some really amazing predictions from Docki and Numinous. Hats off to you both for a great read! ^_^

I guess Sasuke has already been noticed by those Samurai somehow. Would like to see one of them fight it out to show why that piece of land is a place which ninjas avoid.

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