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SimonCP 10-13-2009 04:18 PM

The Case For ShinoHina
(Posted in Anime since most of the information in it is from the anime series -- and yes, I did write this. My sincere apologies for the Quadruple Post. It was too long to fit in one. Enjoy!)


In a few recent posts, I've expressed support for the ShinoxHinata pairing. This pairing is underrated, IMO. There are a lot of Hinata pairings. She's actually been paired up with just about every other male character that is her age (and a few who aren't her age!). Understandably, NaruHina is the most popular Hinata pairing out there. She has liked him from Day 1 -- in fact, being "the shy, nice girl who likes Naruto" is (sadly) her primary function in the series.

While NaruHina is the most popular Hinata pairing, the runner-up is KibaHina. This gets us into the "Team Eight" romance scenarios. From what we've seen, Hinata is the "younger sister" of Team Eight -- both Shino and Kiba show "looking after"-type care for her, but in different ways. Kiba is usually seen trying to tell her to back out. This is simply out of concern. Shino, however, shows his care for her in the opposite way. Rather than telling her to back out/give up, he is constantly expressing confidence in her and trying to get others to see her progress.

In the field of "Team Eight Romance", I'd say that Kiba cares for Hinata as an older brother would, not as a romantic partner would. Shino's way of caring for her makes it very clear that he may have a "soft spot", perhaps even strong feelings, for the shy kunoichi.


Shino Aburame

Shino Aburame is the quiet, highly intelligent heir to the Aburame clan (Known for it's insect-based fighting style). He has a cool, stoic exterior that rarely drops. Many consider Shino to be "strange" or "creepy" because of his quiet nature and his obsession with insects (and the fact that he has a swarm of them living inside him).

He cares deeply for his teammates, and gets along very well with his female teammate, Hinata Hyuga -- he has been one of the only characters who has expressed deep confidence for her, and tried to convince others to believe in her.

Hinata Hyuga

Hinata Hyuga is a quiet, shy kunoichi of the Hyuga Clan (Known for it's Gentle Fist fighting syle and Byakugan eye). She is very kind and compassionate. She struggles to become a stronger person so that she can earn respect as a kunoichi, impress her family, and impress Naruto Uzumaki, who she has had a huge crush on ever since childhood.

She tries not to antagonize her allies and is quite a pacifist when it comes to arguments. She has very low self confidence because of her father's disappointment in her abilities.

In her struggle to change herself, she has had one close friend and ally -- the usually stoic Shino Aburame, who she personally came to for help. He encouraged her, helped her train, and encouraged others to have faith in her.


What To Expect

Throughout the series, it's become clear (To me, at least) that Shino cares about her quite deeply. This post will use evidence primarily from the anime, since Shino and Hinata get more of a spotlight there (Because of fillers).

Some might argue that fillers aren't canon, but I disagree. Fillers are canon unless proven otherwise, and I haven't seen any proof that any of the fillers weren't canon. The fillers are canon plots that are made to allow the manga to move further. The manga series and the anime series are working in tandem -- if they weren't, there would be no fillers.

This post aims to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that:

A. Shino Aburame has feelings for Hinata Hyuga.

B. Hinata Hyuga does have some feelings for Shino Aburame (Even though these are drowned out by her massive crush on Naruto Uzumaki), or at least cares about him quite deeply.

C. Shino and Hinata are the closest of friends.


The NaruHina Intruder

Shino is frequently present during NaruHina scenes -- he doesn't interfere, but is always closer to them than Kiba is. Let's look at a few examples:

Picture #1 is the first NaruHina scene in the series. Notice that Shino is closer to the cam than Kiba is. He is 'in the middle' of the scene.

Picture #2 shows Hinata looking at Naruto, happy that he made it through the Forest of Death. Shino can clearly be seen behind her, emotionless.

Picture #3 shows Hinata twiddling her fingers and holding a healing tonic, preparing to give it to Naruto. In the picture immediately after this, we can see that she is blushing and twiddling her fingers. This is significant, since Shino appears to be watching her in this picture.

Is this weak? Yes, it admittedly is. These aren't the only examples of the "Shino: NaruHina Intruder" phenomenon, though. And read on, because that is not the only indications of ShinoHina that I have cooked up for you.

Shino: Worried About Hinata

Could the stoic Shino have special concerns for his shy, kind teammate?

Shino appears very concerned. What is the usually stoic Shino so concerned about? It turns out that he's concerned about Hinata. He does this immediately after Hinata coughs up blood, just before she goes into cardiac arrest.

Hinata: Worried About Shino

Could the shy, Naruto-infatuated Hinata have special concerns for her stoic, bug-loving teammate?

When Team Eight makes it to the second stage of the Chuunin exams, the second battle has Shino fighting Zaku Abumi, who is one of Orochimaru's low-level 'pawn' operatives. Before the battle begins, Hinata says:

"Do you think Shino will be alright?"

Some would dismiss this, saying that because the two are teammates and friends, she would, of course, hope for him to do well. She, however, has known Shino since the formation of Team Eight. She knows that he is highly intelligent and very strong. She is also under the impression (Like everyone else at this point) that both of Zaku's arms are broken. The fact that she would still be concerned for Shino's well-being certainly indicates that he means a lot to her. In the next section, we will see one of the reasons why.

SimonCP 10-13-2009 04:25 PM

Re: The Case For ShinoHina
Shino: Encouraging Hinata

Hinata's main conflict throughout the series is internal. She wants to improve. She wants to change. She wants to become strong and earn the respect of her comrades, family, and her hero, Naruto. Does Hinata have any external allies in this internal struggle to improve? Yes, she does -- we know him as Shino Aburame, the stoic bug-using ninja of Team Kurenai.

Listen to this private exchange between Hinata and Shino:

"Wow, it must be so nice to have something that you're good at and that you enjoy, like the three of you have."

In the original clip, Shino replies: "You'll find your strength too, Hinata"

In the flashback, Shino replies: "You should find something like that."


During the Bikochu arc, it begins raining, which is an indication that their time is up. Hinata begins crying, feeling like she wasn't any help. Shino appears and gives her hope, telling her that the conditions created by rain will make it easier for her Byakugan to detect the heat signatures of living creatures.

"Hinata.. The rain.. it might actually be to your advantage.."
"What do you mean, Shino?"
"Think about it. When the surrounding temperature cools, it's easier to see the heat signatures of living creatures."

Notice -- Shino appears near Hinata and gives her this information immediately after the tears stopped rolling from her eyes. Did he see her crying?

After this, Hinata is given a new wave of confidence, and she uses her Byakugan to locate the Bikochu. Naruto then catches it. From this timeline of events, it would appear that Naruto, who is usually her inspiration, was not the one who gave her the confidence to locate the Bikochu -- it was Shino. Shino really seems to care about boosting Hinata's confidence.

While Shino explains to Naruto how hard Hinata trained, several flashbacks occur. This is one of them. In it, Hinata is thrown to the ground by the attacks of Shino and Kiba. Kiba runs to her and yells:

"Hey! Maybe we should slow dow..!"

Hinata disputes this, telling Kiba that if he wants her to improve, then he has to come at her full force. Notice that Shino runs over to make sure that she's okay, but makes no indication that he wants to begin going easy on her.

He does not second Kiba's comment. Kiba frequently makes remarks that make Hinata feel less confident about herself. Kiba doesn't mean to make her feel this way, and is just looking out for her, but Shino never seconds these comments. He believes in Hinata's potential and is tactful enough to know how remarks like this affect her self-confidence.

When Kiba tells Hinata "not to go soft" (English dub: "Be strong for this, Hinata") she looks down, as the remark highlights her reputation for going soft. Shino stays silent. After Kiba is defeated by Naruto, he tells Hinata to forfeit if she is matched up against Gaara or Neji. This is, of course, something that would lower her confidence. Shino does the opposite during the exams, as the next picture will show.


When Shino finishes with Zaku, he walks back to his team. Kurenai is creeped out. Kiba and Hinata compliment him. Hinata stutters out a congratulations, and Shino says:

"See that you two do the same."

Based on his tone of voice and the demanding way he words it, one might conclude that Shino is being arrogant. This is what Kiba thinks -- however, based on other events in the series, I don't believe that.

While I can only theorize, I don't think Shino would have said this if Hinata was kicked out and only he and Kiba remained. Shino has known Kiba long enough to know that he's got plenty of confidence. I believe that his apparently arrogant words were a subtle cheer for Hinata, disguised as a message for both she and Kiba.

Also, notice -- While Kiba is advising her to forfeit and telling her 'not to go soft', Shino is telling her that he expects her to shine as bright as him.

Shino: Encouraging Others To Believe In Hinata

Generally, others look down on Hinata as "weak", "hesitant", "weird", etc. -- even Naruto considers her a "dark weirdo" when they first meet. There is another voice, though, telling these 'others' how strong she really is. That voice belongs to Shino Aburame.

During the Bikochu arc, Hinata is kidnapped and the rest of the squad is trapped in a wax created by Suzumebachi Kamizuru's Queen Bee. Shino looks over to Naruto and asks him if he's worried about her. He says that he is, and Shino replies in a very serious voice:

"She's strong you know.. Hinata.. Much stronger than you think."

Just before Naruto is about to be attacked by Jibachi Kamizuru, Hinata throws an explosive-wrapped kunai in between them, and appears after the smoke from the explosion clears. While Naruto believed that she was dead, Shino's lack of concern (and even apparent submission to the Kamizuru siblings' goals -- "Okay, you win..") after hearing about her 'death', despite the fact that he was seriously concerned when she went into cardiac arrest during the Chuunin exams, shows that he believed in her the whole time and knew that she was alive.

The picture depicts Shino beginning to explain Hinata's training to Naruto. He begins this after Hinata performs "Protective Eight-Trigrams, Sixty-Four Palms" and Naruto expresses disbelief that Hinata could be capable of performing such an amazing technique.

"The Hinata you know is from long ago.."
"What are you talking about?"
"It's been awhile since the Chuunin exam and you've learned many new Jutsu since then, while in that time, Hinata has been developing as well."
"She's been training especially hard."
(Flashback of Hinata asking Shino to help her train)
"Hinata was so concerned about her purpose as a ninja. She wanted to be able to offer something.. unique."
(Flashback of Hinata getting thrown around by the attacks of Shino and Kiba during training, then telling Kiba not to go easy on her)
(Flashback of Hinata training in the water)
"After months of harsh training, Hinata discovered her own style, and her own special jutsu. What you're seeing is the result of that training."


"Because of her hard training, her Chakra control has improved dramatically.. and you just saw the jutsu she's perfected.. Protective Eight-Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms. Hinata took her superior flexibility, and combined it with fine-tuned Chakra control, defend off attacks from all directions at once. It's the ultimate defense jutsu. But it's different from Neji's technique. It's Hinata's own jutsu. She pushed herself hard, and it finally paid off for her."

That's quite a mouthful for the normally quiet Shino Aburame. In my opinion, simply by breaking his normally quiet nature and giving Naruto a detailed explanation of how Hinata became stronger, he is showing how much he cares about her, and how much of his heart he put into training her to this point.

His speech isn't finished, though. The final part of it is so interesting, in relation to ShinoHina and Shino's influence on NaruHina, that it deserves it's own little segment.

Shino concludes his "Hinata Is Awesome. Believe it!" speech with:

"Through it all, she wanted to win the respect of her father, the respect of her fellow shinobi, and especially, the respect of you, Naruto."

Tell me I'm grasping at straws, but his voice changes and becomes more solemn when he says "the respect of you, Naruto" -- Is Shino jealous? Is he trying to clue Naruto in for Hinata, and that's why there are signs of sadness in his "Get a clue, Naruto! She likes you!" statement.

SimonCP 10-13-2009 04:33 PM

Re: The Case For ShinoHina

Suzumebachi Kamizuru summons Queen Bee and orders it to attack Hinata. She is thrown to the ground by the attack. Naruto runs in to help her, but Shino stops him. When Naruto is shocked that Shino stopped him, Shino says:

"Wait.. have faith in her." (English dub)
"Believe in her!" (English sub)

This is one of the ShinoHina "smoking guns" -- this shows just how much faith Shino has in Hinata and how much he wants her to shine. He wants Naruto to see what she can do, so that he can appreciate her as a well-trained, formidable kunoichi, rather than "the girl that the boy needs to save".

There is no reason why he would stop someone in his squad from aiding Hinata, simply to allow her to show everyone what she can do, if he cared about her solely as a teammate. The least this event indicates is that Hinata means a lot to him. Hinata, of course, then epically owns the bee.

The infamous NaruHina intruder does his thing and arrives first (before Kiba) when running to Hinata to make sure she's okay. This gives him a close view of what happens next -- Hinata blushes and nuzzles Naruto's arm. Poor Shino. Though, I think that while feelings of jealousy/sadness may disturb his hive while he watches this NaruHina moment, these negative feelings are being balanced out by feelings of great pride in Hinata.


Could Shino Aburame have a streak of dislike for Naruto because of Hinata's infatuation with him?

Throughout the Bikochu mission, Shino makes it very clear that he doesn't like working with Naruto Uzumaki. About three times, he says "Naruto -- I am the leader of this mission, and you will follow my orders" while getting in his face, and giving him a cold glare.

What's with his intense dislike for Naruto? Neither of them have interacted at all prior to this. Based on the other evidence of Shino's feelings, I feel that his dislike for Naruto stems from the fact that he is jealous over Hinata, and thus, he can't help but have his skin crawl when he is in Naruto's presence.

Naruto turns to Kiba, who is walking by, and says:

"Kiba.. how you put up with this weirdo is beyond me."

Kiba makes a comment that half agrees with Naruto:

"Yeah... you get used to it."

Hinata, however, says:

"I'm sure things will be great when you get to know him."

This is Hinata's way of stomping on this "Shino Bashing Party" and speaking in his defense, while simultaneously not upsetting her crush. She doesn't mumble or stutter at all when she says this, even though she's talking to Naruto. She wants the "Shino is okay, Naruto!" message to be heard.

Hinata and Shino: "I Like The Way You Think"

Shino and Hinata have many things in common. They are both quiet. They both appear to be quite kind. They are both considered 'weirdos' by others. Are they truly on the same wavelength? In battle, do their lines of thinking go along together or work well together?


In the Forest of Death, Kiba and Shino are having an argument over how to approach the situation:

"And now we're going to be the first ones to reach the tower!"

"Don't get overconfident. That's a dangerous mistake to make. No matter how small a bug is, it still has to guard itself at all times. We have to make sure that we don't encounter any enemies. That's the only way to be safe."

"Yeah, I know that, Shino, but as usual, you gotta say it in a weird, vague way. Bug nerd!"

(Shino growls and his eyes narrow -- you can tell because of the movement of the eyebrows)

"Yeah, but, Kiba.. What Shino said.. He does kind of have a point, you know."

"Yeah, I know, just come on!"

Hinata usually avoids taking sides in the arguments. She tries to be a pacifist who doesn't antagonize her friends. In the second stage of the Chuunin exams, Hinata wanted to cheer for Naruto, but didn't let herself cheer openly because she didn't want to hurt her friend Kiba by cheering for his enemy.

However, in an argument between Shino and Hinata, Hinata takes Shino's side.


A few seconds after the previous argument, Kiba detects enemies up ahead. Hinata confirms this and then Shino determines that there are six of them. Kiba wants to move in and steal other teams' scrolls in order to cut other teams out of the competition. Shino thinks this is a bad idea. Again, Hinata, though she isn't really able to get a word/sentence in, clearly takes Shino's side.

So, pacifist Hinata, who doesn't like to take sides in squad arguments, openly takes Shino's side twice in just a few minutes, even though she wouldn't even openly take sides when Kiba was fighting Naruto, who has been her crush since Day 1. Does this not indicate that Hinata's line of thinking works along with Shino's?

It's also interesting that after Kiba decides to move in, Shino says to Hinata:

"He's the kind of guy that even the hungriest insect would stay away from."

By complaining about Kiba to Hinata, he's clearly indicating that he feels she's someone he sees eye to eye with, and is thus 'on the same level' with him.

Other Hints

Hinata is perfecting Protective Eight-Trigrams, Sixty-Four Palms with her friends when the trio takes a lunch break. Kiba compliments her progress and then this exchange between Shino and Hinata takes place:

"I owe it all to you guys. It's so kind of you to help me train like this everyday."
"We're a team. When your comerade is in a fix, you offer a helping hand. It's only natural."
"Comrade, huh?"

"It's only natural" -- Do I sense defensiveness? "It's only natural! It doesn't mean anything, Hinata!" ;)


After Hinata shows how worried she is about Naruto, and how much she wants to help him, Shino tells her and Kiba about the Bikochu beetle. Shino later admits that he wasn't crazy about the mission. If not, then why did he even bring it into the discussion?

He brought it into the discussion and signed onto it because of Hinata's feelings. Yet another indication that he cares about her.

Also: Look at how close Shino and Hinata are sitting together compared to where Kiba is. ^_^


"I wanted.. you to help me train"

When Hinata wanted to become stronger, she personally went to Shino, not Kiba or Kurenai, and asked him to help her. This proves that she has respect for his skills as a shinobi and feels quite close to him -- for, only those two things would result in her trusting him enough to personally go up to the stoic, somewhat intimidating bug-user and ask him to help her train.


After Hinata is kidnapped by the Kamizuru siblings, Naruto complains about having to give up the Bikochu, after all the trouble it took to get it. Shino then says:

"So, do you think we should desert Hinata?"

This causes a strong outburst from Naruto, who is backed up by Kiba. The viewer is doubtlessly saying "How could such a close friend of Hinata's talk of deserting her like that?" -- while Shino looks like he's being cold and thoughtless, a few seconds later, we find out that the opposite is true.

While it doubtlessly pains him to bring up the idea of putting the Bikochu first (Based on other events in the series), he is trying to do what she would have wanted. He tells them about how this mission was her idea, and he is unsure that she would want them to blow it for her.

Knowing that he cares for and believes in Hinata, it's also quite arguable that he's putting a lot of faith into Hinata with this thought. Perhaps he's thinking that she can handle herself. Regardless, by the end of the exchange, it's clear that he's not thoughtlessly putting the mission before her, but rather thinking about what she would want and trying to do it.


Explaining why this mission is important to him, Shino says:

"It's the first time Hinata has ever volunteered for a mission. For that reason as well, I want us to succeed here."

Shino again shows personal care for Hinata. He knows that if the first mission she ever volunteered for was a failure, it would hurt her confidence. Again, we see that she means a lot to him. No matter how you interpret this, it's clear that Shino is expressing care for Hinata.


Suzumebachi Kamizuru poses as Hinata. Both Kiba and Naruto fall for the trick. Shino realizes it though, noticing a difference in Hinata's personality:

"Shino, what are you talking about? That's Hinata, remember?"
"No, it's not. If it was, she would have gone red in the face and passed out after hugging you."

Shino seems annoyed while he says this. Either way, it's kind of an indication that Hinata and Shino are very close -- out of the three members of the squad, Shino was the only one who could tell a fake Hinata from the real McCoy.

SimonCP 10-13-2009 04:34 PM

Re: The Case For ShinoHina
Arguments And Counter-Arguments

Argument: Shino only cares about Hinata as a friend -- that's it! He's an older brother to her!

Counter-Argument: Shino has shown many indications that he has feelings for her.

-Special faith in her which he, in many cases, tries to hide. If it was a sibling-style thing, why would he be embarrassed of specially caring about her success? Evidence of "Covert care" can be found in the aftermath of his fight with Zaku, where he addresses the message to both of them, but is clearly directing it at Hinata.

-Strong dislike/annoyance when it comes to Naruto Uzumaki, who Hinata has a crush on.

-Caving in when she really wants something, even if he feels it isn't the wisest move. If she was a simply a younger sister to him, he wouldn't always do this, especially if he felt that it wasn't tactically the best thing to do. He and Kiba felt that it would be better to take on missions that would help the village after the Sound/Sand invasion. When he saw how badly Hinata wanted to do something for Naruto, though, he caved in and brought up the Bikochu, and then got the word from Tsunade. Even though Shino seems like a bit of a by-the-book type, he makes it clear that one of the main reasons (if not the main reason) he's gone on this mission is Hinata.

-A surprising desire to get others to see that she's strong. Kiba behaves more like an older brother in the sense that he tries to get her to steer clear of situations where she might get hurt. Shino, on the other hand, wants everyone to see that she's strong enough to handle relatively sticky situations herself. When Naruto expressed concern for Hinata's safety, Shino told him that she's "stronger than you think". When the Queen Bee attacked Hinata and Naruto tried to intervene, Shino stopped him, because he wanted him to believe in Hinata. He wanted Hinata to have the opportunity to show how strong she had become.

-Many things that he has in common with her. Both are quiet, both are seen by people who don't know them as "dark weirdos", both are very kind, and both clearly have the same approach to many situations. Despite being a pacifist, Hinata took Shino's side twice in a few minutes during two arguments with Kiba. Shino showed signs that he felt like she and he were seeing eye to eye, and, in another arc, Shino encouraged her to voice her opinion and say what she wanted to say.

There is more I could post, but all of the above information (and by that, I mean everything in the thread) certainly does suggest that he has feelings for her.

Argument: Hinata's infatuation with Naruto is too extreme for her to be able to consider anyone else.

Counter-Argument: We don't know that, as we've never seen anyone else make any kind of move on Hinata. That is an assumption, and when it comes to Shino, it seems quite incorrect.

Hinata, knowing Shino's strength, was concerned for his safety when he went up against a guy who she thought had broken both of his arms. This wasn't out of lack of faith in Shino's abilities -- she knew how strong Shino was (and congratulated him after the match), so this must have been out of very deep care. You have to care about someone a lot to be worried about them when they're up against what you are presuming to be a guy who can't use his arms.

She defended Shino when Kiba called him "Bug nerd" during the beginning of the Chuunin exam and she defended him when Naruto said "How do you stand this guy, Kiba?" at the beginning of the Bikochu arc. When she felt that she needed to get stronger, she went up to Shino and asked him if he could personally help her train. It's clear that the two are very close and that she cares about him quite deeply.

It's also quite clear that Hinata's self-confidence is so low that one of her goals is to just be noticed and recognized by others. It's absolutely clear that, in addition to caring deeply for and feeling close to Shino, she also respects him as a very formidable shinobi. If she learned that someone like Shino Aburame had strong feelings for her, then it's safe to say that she would consider him. After all, the two are very close already, and she has shown signs that she cares about him.

Argument: They don't work well as a pair/couple at all.

Counter-Argument: Actually, they have plenty in common. Both are quiet, both are seen by others as 'shy, dark weirdos', both are kind and humane, and both respect one another very much.

Shino appears to have recognized Hinata's confidence problem. He has no known goals or dreams in the series. At this point, from what we've seen, his goal appears to be to bring Hinata to her full potential and make her an excellent kunoichi. He also wants others to recognize Hinata for her strength. Hinata's goal is to be recognized and become a stronger person. Hinata and Shino have the exact same goal, and it's a non-competitive one.

Hinata and Shino see eye to eye on the battlefield, as well. Hinata prefers Shino's "Stop And Think" approach over Kiba's reckless "Everybody Start Kung Fu Fighting" approach, as can be seen in Episode 37 and can be seen in her personality. This is interesting, because Kiba's approach is more-or-less the same approach Naruto takes when tackling most battle situations. This means that, if on the battlefield with him enough, Hinata might not always see eye to eye with her crush when it comes to tactics/strategy.

Argument: You just hate NaruHina because it's a popular pairing. You're one of those people who always tries to be different by going for the weird ones.

Counter-Argument: No I don't. I can support NaruHina -- I'd just rather see ShinoHina. I think it's a better pairing. If I was 'trying to be different', I'd have picked a crack pairing that has nothing behind it and no chance of ever becoming canon -- for example, ItachixHinata or LeexHinata. This argument is coming from someone who feels a strong attachment to both Shino and Hinata, and cares about those characters. I'm not saying that because I think it gives my opinion more validity, but because it shows that I only have the characters' best interests at heart! ^_^


When I wrote this, I was not aiming to attack those who like NaruHina or KibaHina. I understand that those, being the #1 and #2 Hinata pairings, took a few shots in this post (Especially KibaHina). I don't mean to be a pairing basher or anything -- I was just trying to make my point.

After reading this, I think anyone who didn't become a full-fledged or kind-of supporter of ShinoHina would at least conclude that ShinoHina is good and is not a 'crack pairing'.

ShinoXHinata FTW.

P.S: This is the fanfic that first got me thinking along the lines of "ShinoHina is awesome":

Read her sequel too, though she hasn't updated that in a long time.


I'm Done. That's my last one. If merging is possible, then feel free. I apologize for the "quadruple post", but it was the only way to get it all in. I had to turn some of the images into links because of the restrictions on how many images can be posted.

balmung5000 10-13-2009 04:43 PM

Re: The Case For ShinoHina


SimonCP 10-13-2009 04:46 PM

Re: The Case For ShinoHina

Originally Posted by balmung5000 (Post 1760911)


Indeed -- one who is not trained in reading long-winded arguments in support of a pairing should fear this post.

TL;DR Indeed. I remember working on this for at least an entire day and then a morning. :cool:

balmung5000 10-13-2009 04:47 PM

Re: The Case For ShinoHina


rokudaime_hokage 10-13-2009 05:01 PM

Re: The Case For ShinoHina
besides nobody cares about those characters
this anime/manga
is all about sasuke

SimonCP 10-13-2009 05:14 PM

Re: The Case For ShinoHina

Originally Posted by balmung5000 (Post 1760915)


Hey, it was a rainy day on Summer Vacation. Cut me some slack! :)


besides nobody cares about those characters
this anime/manga
is all about sasuke
Well, sir: I strongly disagree with what you say, but I would die defending your right to say it.

I care about Shino/Hinata a lot more than I care about Sasuke. Not saying he's a horrid character, but I know which characters have emotionally affected me more.

Mal 10-13-2009 05:14 PM

Re: The Case For ShinoHina
Fuck yeah! Sasuke!

He should get all the ladies. Hinata would be like the perfect rape victim for the guy. Perfect.

SimonCP 10-13-2009 05:24 PM

Re: The Case For ShinoHina

Originally Posted by Mal (Post 1760932)
Fuck yeah! Sasuke!

He should get all the ladies. Hinata would be like the perfect rape victim for the guy. Perfect.

Yes -- but only because he wouldn't be able to have anything to do with her any other way. SasuHina FTL. :/

And, in my humble opinion, Shino wields a far greater amount of awesomeness than Sasuke. This includes, but is not limited to, the fact that Shino is a freaking genius. Brains, friend -- one needs them.

balmung5000 10-13-2009 05:29 PM

Re: The Case For ShinoHina




Jaxon 10-13-2009 05:35 PM

Re: The Case For ShinoHina
Yeah, when the manga became Sasuke I started reading it again. Because he's so cool.

Also, never happening, Hinata tells Naruto she loves him in part 2.

Oh yeah, and that's a spoiler. Warning.

Mal 10-13-2009 05:38 PM

Re: The Case For ShinoHina

Originally Posted by SimonCP (Post 1760939)
Yes -- but only because he wouldn't be able to have anything to do with her any other way. SasuHina FTL. :/

Because Hinata's not worth anything in any other way. She's only valuable for her inherent rapability.


Originally Posted by SimonCP (Post 1760939)
And, in my humble opinion, Shino wields a far greater amount of awesomeness than Sasuke. This includes, but is not limited to, the fact that Shino is a freaking genius. Brains, friend -- one needs them.

Sasuke is also a "genius":

With Sasuke's character being that of a "cool genius," Kishimoto feels he has created the ideal rivalry.

SimonCP 10-13-2009 06:11 PM

Re: The Case For ShinoHina


Nope, I evaluate characters based on how I would think of them if I knew them in real life. I do that for everything -- movies/books/games. That's the most reasonable way to evaluate a character IMO.





Yeah, when the manga became Sasuke I started reading it again. Because he's so cool.

Also, never happening, Hinata tells Naruto she loves him in part 2.

Oh yeah, and that's a spoiler. Warning.
Interesting argument, but I suppose this question comes down to whether NaruHina is a surefire canon. NaruSaku was hinted at later. Though, yeah, I believe that NaruHina is going to be the final pairing for Naruto -- I'm making an argument as to why ShinoHina isn't a crack pairing. It's also arguing from the point of view that Shino likes Hinata -- Remember, Naruto liked Sakura, but Hinata liked him.


Because Hinata's not worth anything in any other way. She's only valuable for her inherent rapability.
I was thinking about a witty line to respond to this blasphemous, trollish, evil tomfoolery, but I'd rather be eating Raisin Bran or Corn Flakes or some other badass cereal -- This will suffice:


Sasuke is also a "genius":
Shino is unarguably more "genius" than Sasuke in terms of intelligence/strategy/tactics. He's up there with Shikamaru, in that respect.

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