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mashmas 12-07-2009 04:22 PM

One Piece 567 Spoilers
cant waith for more detail

Source: AP
Credit: Aohige_AP
Verification: Pending
白髭VS青雉、青雉が白髭を凍らせるが白髭には効かない。今度は白髭が薙刀に覇気を纏 わせ攻撃 するも青雉に は効かない。そこにジョズのタックル、青雉ふっとばされる。青雉の口から血がでている 。(白髭 かなり弱って いる)
一方ルフィーVSモモンガ、別の中将?。中将達は二人共6式使い。ルフィーはボコボコ 状態、さ らに黄猿に追 い討ちされ白目状態で白髭の所まで飛ばされる。白髭「お前はよくやった。 」
そこに赤犬登場。白髭VS赤犬。マルコはエースの所に行くがガープの鉄拳をくらう。ガ ープ「エ ースを助けた けりゃーわしを殺してから行け!」終

Whitebeard vs Aokiji. Aokiji freezes WB, but it has no effect on him.
Next, Whitebeard enchants his bisento with haki and attacks Aokiji, but it doesn't work on him.
(Apprentice might be just guessing here? It could be just the earthquake power enchant like last time?)
Joz tackles Aokiji, blowing him away. Aokiji's bleeing from his mouth.
Whitebeard looks very weakened.

Meanwhile, Luffy is fighting Momonga and another Vice Admiral? (Apprentice isn't sure)
Both the VAs are Rokushiki users. Luffy is getting pummeled.
Kizaru follows up with his attack also, and Luffy is blown away to where Whitebeard is, and his eyes turn white.
Whitebeard comments to him "You did a good job"
Akainu appears. WB vs Akainu. Marco heads to Ace, but recieves Garp's fist.
Garp: If you want to save Ace, you'll have to kill me first!

Kinako 12-07-2009 04:34 PM

Re: One Piece 567 Spoilers
Yeah this is leading up to something BIG. If Luffy is out at this point then that means an epic WB/Sengoku/Garp/whoever else battle. WB will prob die and leave Ace in command of his crew. The Marines will look like bitches and somehow the SH crew will get back together and hit Fishman island before hitting the New World. Maybe the other Supernovas will show up before all is said and done.

Mokito 12-08-2009 05:34 AM

Re: One Piece 567 Spoilers
As always the author is really a great story teller. However the spoiler is a bit short. Thanks to mashmas

Dagoro 12-08-2009 06:56 AM

Re: One Piece 567 Spoilers
Ummm....if these are the real thing i find it odd for Luffy to have so much trouble against Rokushiki users after taking down Lucchi.

But still, these look pretty good. Won't mind if they're confirmed.

mashmas 12-08-2009 09:34 PM

Re: One Piece 567 Spoilers
yeah thats one of the reasons why i thought it might be fake, after defeating blueno and lucchy, Rokushiki users shouldnt pose much of a threat to him anymore, but then again he has been fighting from since the start which has to have some effec on his stamina and strength, hopefully we will get better spoilers if at all

NiceShot 12-08-2009 10:09 PM

Re: One Piece 567 Spoilers
Here's one i found but it seems a bit different from the other one,it's a good read though :)


Credits: AP
Status: Confirm

cover: Franky is shown smiling and saying “Super powerful !” There’s a old man in a lab coat smiling also.

1st part: Crocodile is fighting Don Flamingo and it seems their powers are canceling each others out. The WB pirates & NEW world pirates are attacking the plaza thanks to Oars (who seems to be completely out). Garp and Fleet Admiral Sengoku have appeared before Whitebeard to fight.

A flashback in Garp’s mind of fighting Gold Roger is shown and then a flashback of Whitebeard fighting Sengoku years ago goes thru Whitebeard’s mind.
Whitebeard: “Its been a long time Sengoku… Garp?”
Sengoku: “Your reign over the seas ends today!”
Whitebeard: “Maybe… but my sons will continue even after me. Ace will be Pirate King!!”

Whitebeard swings his spear and the force pushes back Sengoku but stops. Garp jumps to the air to attack WB head on.

2nd part: Outside the plaza, Jimbei is planning to help Luffy rescue Ace off the platform. He sees Buggy in the water going deeper and rescues him.

Buggy: “AWWW! I almost died…” Buggy climbs up on a broken piece of ship in the water after Jimbei helped Buggy from drowning.
Jimbei: “Buggy I have a plan. Listen closely…”
Buggy: “Whhaaaaaaat!! You got to be crazy to do that!” In his mind he says… “But I will go down in history as the one who rescued Portgaz D Ace from the marines.”

Jimbei: “Prepare yourself !” Jimbei launches a pillar of water over the wall towards the platform with Buggy inside a broken piece of a ship. Buggy screams the whole way…
Marines: “Another pillar of water!!”
Kizaru: “Ooooh… he is still alive.”

3rd part: Luffy goes into 2nd gear again to get to the platform faster… but Akainu plans on stopping him when he sees Buggy being launched towards platform. Battleaxe Sentomaru appears to head off Luffy.
Sentomaru: “I have the best defense in the world. You will not get passed me”
Luffy: “I dont have time to waste on you… pant … pant!”
Sentomaru: “You will not live thru this fight. I know you are a rubberboy and so I will use my axe.” Luffy looks up and sees Buggy heading towards the platform on a pillar of water ~~ “Gomu Gomu no – Jet Scapegoat!!”
Buggy: “ Stop thaaatt!! Gaaaaaah!”

4th part:
A couple of pirate ships are coming from the distant… Few of the Pacifistas are being destroyed. Sengoku & Garp, the Admirals, Whitebeard, Ace, and Luffy are shown looking backwards on who they could be.
All the guns, swords, and mortars are starting to move and shake. Then suddenly they are floating away from the marine headquarters and towards the marine paddle ship in the distant.

New world pirates: “Whats going on…?”
Marines: “All of the weapons are leaving us !!”
Whitebeard: “….mmm! More brats!”

Whitebeard tightens his grip on his spear as he attacks Garp. The supernovas have arrived to the battle. Urouge, Drake, Hawkins, Apoo, Law, Kid, Killer, Bonney and Capone. They had stolen a marine paddle ship to get to Marineford as quick as possible.

Law: yells out “ROOM!” As a bubble forms around a couple of Pacifistas… and law removes their heads from their bodies. Two big explosions in the bay as the marine paddle ship arrives.

Last scene shows Eustass “Captain” Kid… yelling “REPEL!!” as he has collected a ton of guns and arms.

the_bargain 12-09-2009 06:38 AM

Re: One Piece 567 Spoilers
One Piece has gotta be the best manga, story wise and the character development is just flawless

Dagoro 12-09-2009 09:23 AM

Re: One Piece 567 Spoilers
Luffy is working gear 2 like a farm mule. He needs Haki desperately.

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