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Black_fiber 12-29-2009 01:53 AM

Black_fibers Signature request loung.
me Black_fiber =D

none =(

1. Until i get people helping me with this i will only take on 3 signature requests.
2. Size is not an option, sorry to say but you will be stuck with the size you get. (it won't be too big)
3. Please give me one picture to work from. And not a small one, make sure it's not pixilated and at least decent enough for a signature.
4. If my make a request out of line it will be ignored until i have a spot open, in which you must then repost your request.
5. Please use this for requesting signatures.

Name/Text- Name on sig and addition text
Picture- (desired picture) i will accept up to two pictures to put into the sig, but most of the time that just makes it too cluttered. 1 picture is preferred
Color- Desired color (note that if the color doesn't work for the picture and makes the sig look bad i will change it to better suit the sig.)
details- Anything small you want added in. I am only a single person at the moment and am not the best effects person so if i can't fulfill your detail request just like you want then i am sorry.
Here are some examples of my work so that you know what to expect.

The tin man is my most recent one, all the effects of the lighting are done by me, as are the effects and backgrounds in all of the other signatures. I still need to work on my text =*(

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