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Numinous 02-10-2010 04:14 PM

483 predictions/spoiler discussion
Time for predictions :) Starting this thread with mine

483: Too Late

(Kakashi Scene)
(Kakashi arrives to Sai, Kiba and Lee’s location)
Kakashi: (thinking) So it was true, she used a sleeping powder bomb on them. (approaches them and wakes them up)
Kiba: (opens his eyes slowly) Kakashi-sensei? (gets up quickly, as the others rise up) Sai, you…!
Kakashi: Knock it off, guys.
Lee: But…
Sai: We need to find Sakura.
Kakashi: Right. Kiba, can you pick up her scent?
Kiba: She seems to be where I spotted Sasuke, although is already feign…
Kakashi: As I feared. Let’s go, lead the way Kiba.
Kiba: Alright, let’s go, Akamaru!
Akamaru: Woof! (Kiba rides Akamaru and the group moves on)

(Bridge Scene)
Sasuke: You’re as annoying as you were, back when I left Konoha…
Sakura: But I changed, Sasuke-kun! I don’t care about Konoha anymore, I realized that my place isn’t there, it’s with you, helping you with your revenge.
Sasuke: Hmpf. (turns his back on her)
Sakura: You have to believe me!
Sasuke: Do you even know what my goal is?
Sakura: No, bu-
Sasuke: I’ll destroy Konoha. (Sakura is shocked) I’m not the Sasuke you knew once. Now, or you make yourself useful or you’ll end up like her. (turns to Sakura and points to Karin)
Sakura: (looks at Karin, who as one eye opened; thinking) What’ve you done, Sasuke…? (speaking) I’m a medical nin, I can heal both of you.
Sasuke: She has no use for me anymore, leave her there. It’s better for her to die.
Karin: (thinking) Sasuke… how could you…
Sasuke: So unless you want to be disposed of, don’t get in my way, Sakura.
Sakura: Y-yes. (Madara reappears in a vortex)
Madara: What is the meaning of this?! She’s still alive and… a Konoha nin?!
Sasuke: I’m not the kind of being bossed around. Karin is totally oblivious to our plans, and Sakura will perform the same role.
Madara: (steps forwards Sakura) So your name is Sakura… first, get rid of that hideous thing on your hair.
Sakura: T-the headband? (she unties the headband and throws it to the floor) Happy?!
Madara: Quite. Second… (gets behind her and puts his face above her left shoulder) If you’re thinking you can trick us to whatever trap you and your Konoha buddies orchestrated, I’ll get rid of you. And trust me, it won’t be pretty. (a drop of sweat slides through Sakura’s face)
Sakura: I came here alone just to help Sasuke-kun.
Madara: Good girl. (steps away from her and gets closer to Sasuke) Danzou damaged Shisui’s eyes, a terrible loss.
Sasuke: That doesn’t concern me. Let’s go Sakura. (steps away)
Madara: The light of your eyes is fading away, Sasuke, and you fought two intensive battles in a row. Besides, I bet one of the Kage’s team will arrive anytime soon, after Danzou, but since you’re here, they’ll hunt you down. I don’t think you’re in any condition to fool the sensor nins.
Sasuke: I’ll only go with you to get a chance to rest.
Madara: I knew you’d come. But first… (expels Torune and Fuu from the vortex, and disappears with Sasuke and Sakura in another vortex)

(Yamato Scene)
(Yamato wakes up)
Yamato: Well, time to go back, Naruto.
Naruto: (gets up) Yes, let’s go.
Yamato: (thinking) Something’s wrong with him… (uses Mokuton on Naruto to knock him down, he disappears in a cloud of smoke) As I thought… Naruto, you knucklhead… (exits the room)

(Naruto Scene)
Naruto: Yamato-taichou knows that I got away. I must haste!

(Bridge Scene)
(Ao is picking Fuu up by his collar, Choujuurou is holding his blade near Torune’s neck and Mei is aiding Karin to get up)
Ao: (yelling to Fuu) Speak, you bastard! Where’s Danzou and the two Uchiha?
Fuu: I only know Danzou-sama is dead because Uchiha Madara captured his corpse into the dimension we were in and released it seconds later. I don’t know anything more.
Mei: We should go to the nearest town, this kunoichi needs medical attention.
(Kakashi, Kiba, Lee and Sai arrive)
Kakashi: (thinking) What the hell happened here?
Kiba: The scent trail ends here.
Sai: We’re too late.
Kakashi: I’m too late… again. (thinking) Another student of mine, gone. Why this keeps happening?
Chouujurou: Hey, isn’t that…
Ao: (drops Fuu and turns to Kakashi) The Copy Ninja, Hatake Kakashi.
Kakashi: I see my reputation precedes me. (speaks to Mei) Mizukage-dono, do you know what happened here?
Mei: (holding Karin) Not really, when me and my guards arrived only this two Konoha nin were here. They say that Danzou of Konoha is dead. Probably either Uchiha Madara or Uchiha Sasuke killed him.
Kiba: What?! Uchiha Madara? Are you nuts?
Kakashi: He’s that masked Akatsuki.
Kiba: What?! I fought Uchiha Madara? No way!
Kakashi: Hmmm, did someone actually Uchiha Sasuke leaving.
Torune: It was for a few seconds, but we saw Uchiha Madara leaving with him and a pink-haired kunoichi.
Lee: They kidnapped Sakura!
Sai: (spots something shiny near them) I don’t think so. (walks towards it and picks it up) It’s her headband. (gives it to Kakashi)
Kakashi: That means…
Ao: Someone’s coming.
Naruto: (appears abruptly in the bridge) Kakashi-sensei!
Ao: (thinking) What an huge chakra… he must be the Kyuubi’s Jinchuuriki.
Naruto: Where’s Sakura-chan?
Kakashi: She… (shows the headband to Naruto) She left Konoha to go with Sasuke. (Naruto is shocked)

Next Chapter: Strangeness

mops1337 02-10-2010 05:19 PM

Re: 483 predictions/spoiler discussion
sakura better die, thats all i got to say. sick of her character... crying over everyhting, cant make up her mind on anything...

thegodfather2450 02-10-2010 05:33 PM

Re: 483 predictions/spoiler discussion
no it's actually better this way for the storyyet harder on naruto

liondemon 02-10-2010 05:53 PM

Re: 483 predictions/spoiler discussion
Sakura will likely die but not by Sasuke. It will be a Danzou/Karin or Yahiko/Negato, or Zabuza/Haku type situation. Sasuke will will show no remorse for her death, protecting him. Naruto will beat his ass brutally, straight "taijutsu" and make Sasuke cry with his words like Naruto did Zabuza. Sasuke will come back to the light. Sasuke will be a changed person, same way kakashi was changed after 1st disserting his teammate, and then being reminded how teammates should be treasured. He lost Obito because he didnt act on saving Rin sooner. Maybe allowing Sakura to die will change Sasuke once Naruto gets in his shit about it.

Nerox 02-10-2010 05:58 PM

Re: 483 predictions/spoiler discussion
good prediction nominous, but one thing that pisses me off ( sorry xD can't help it) is that karin will live...and if you let her join up with naruto i'll be raaaaaging as fuck :>

lamps123 02-10-2010 06:16 PM

Re: 483 predictions/spoiler discussion

Originally Posted by Nerox511 (Post 1787391)
good prediction nominous, but one thing that pisses me off ( sorry xD can't help it) is that karin will live...and if you let her join up with naruto i'll be raaaaaging as fuck :>

what the problem what has she done wrong?

uchihamadara 02-10-2010 06:36 PM

Re: 483 predictions/spoiler discussion
I just can't believe that sakura would go that far to please sasuke. It's bad enough that naruto is always going to be her second choice. and now she is leaving, naruto should just sage mode both of them and date hinata. LOL

Nerox 02-10-2010 07:13 PM

Re: 483 predictions/spoiler discussion

Originally Posted by lamps123 (Post 1787405)
what the problem what has she done wrong?

i thought kishi took the kindergardenstory up a notch, but noooo the bitch lives again...just like hinata and shizune...that is fucked up

BLOOD_GOD 02-10-2010 07:25 PM

Re: 483 predictions/spoiler discussion
Guys, Sakura isn't trying to team up with Sasuke. She's trying to get him to believe that she will betray Konoha, but in actuality she's trying to get in with him to kill him. She's made her mind up and she's just acting right now, IMO.

As for Karin, Sasuke said "See ya" in a very grim way leading me to believe he killed her.

And as for Madara, wow! a whole motherfuckin room of sharingan eyes!!! Holy shit.

And as for Naruto, glad to see something from him again! He's always tricking people, and did a great job with Yamato. I don't understand why Yamato was locking him up in the Mokuton prison...I know Naruto wants to go after Sakura but he didn't have to use that Jutsu on Naruto. Asshole.

killerrabbit9 02-10-2010 07:26 PM

Re: 483 predictions/spoiler discussion
My prediction!


Sakura: Sasuke-Kun! I'll follow you, I'll leave Konoha!

Sasuke: Sss, and I what use would have for you?

Sakura: I can lead you, I know things!

Sasuke: Really? Would you tell me about Naruto?

Sakura: !

483: Confrontation! Sasuke and Kakashi!

Kakashi is running through the forest. His hands are making a seal.

Kakashi: (thinking) The others! (reaches Sai and the others) (talking) So sleeping gas, Sakura? What are you planning? This means I'm almost there.

Kakashi runs off. Scene change to Naruto.

Naruto (still in Sage mode): He stopped, but now he's moving again. !

Naruto reaches Sai and the others.

Naruto: Darn! Why would he? Wait where's Sakura? (Naruto concentrates) I feel Kakashi and he's moving towards someone...!

Naruto steps forward and is caught by a very familiar trap.

Scene change to Kakashi

Kakashi: (thinking)What a baka! He fell for it, again.

Scene change to Sasuke

Sakura: I... I don't know.

Sasuke: Idiot! You think I'm going to fall for this.

Sakura: What!?

Sasuke: You plan to join me and then lead me into a trap, isn't that right!

Sakura (looking desperate): No!! I.. Why would I..?

Sasuke: Because you've already decided, you're going to kill me.

Karin: (thinking) This girl makes no sense, she seems to know Sasuke, yet she thinks she can kill him?

Sasuke: I guess I'll get rid of two more bugs today. (Charges a chidori)
A voice: After all this time, the same chidori, I expected more from you Sasuke.

Sasuke: Kakashi!

Sakura: !

Kakashi has a Raikiri and his sharingan is exposed: (thinking) No sign of Danzo, he must be dead.

Kakashi: Sasuke, by abandoning the village you became a missing-nin. As acting Hokage I must pass sentence. Normally, this would be death.

Sakura: No, Sensei, this is between me and Sasuke-kun!

Sasuke: Shut up both of you! I already know pain worse than death,

Kakashi: I know, death is too good for you, as our apparently your friends and teammates. I repeat those who break the rules are scum, but those who abandon their friends are lower than scum, which is why I will give you a fate worse than death. (Kakashi gives his scariest face yet.)

Scene change to Naruto:

Naruto is hanging by one foot to a tree.

Naruto: Kakashi-sensei, you think this will hold me? (A Naruto bunshin appears and cuts the rope with a Kunai. Naruto falls)

Naruto: Now.. wait! (talks to the clone) You go first. The clone walks ahead, but nothing happens.

Kakashi: Don't worry, I only had time to make one trap this time.

Naruto: ! I thought you went to Sasuke-kun?

Kakashi: This is clone. Listen, the real me is going to lead them away. He's weak. Now is not the time to fight him. Madara disappeared but I don't think he'll let Sasuke get captured.

Naruto: But..

Kakashi: You can fight Sasuke later, Madara is the real enemy now. He's responsible for all Sasuke's done, think it about!

Naruto: Well, I guess but what am I supposed to do?

Kakashi: Listen, when I was approaching, I sensed a dying ninja. After I lead Sasuke away you must take him to Yamato and the village. Whoever it is they've been with Sasuke and Madara and they have info which we need. Got it? Good, I'm guessing the real me needs this chakra. (the clone dispels)

Naruto (looks disappointed): Why do I have to? I didn't sense anyone else.

Scene change to Kakashi and Sasuke

Theres been a scuffle, Sasuke looks hurt.

Sasuke (thinking) Damn, Madara was right, I'm too weak. I have to get away. (talking) Kakashi and Sakura, like old times, except someone's missing. Where's Naruto?

Kakashi: You don't need to know. (rushes Sasuke who dodges and vanishes) Hm, (looks left) got you!

Sasuke is running he sees Kakashi behind him.

Sakura: You guys, damn! Sasuke, wait for me! (she runs after them).

Karin (thinking) (she is crying): Sasuke, why? All this time (flashbacks to old Team hebi/hawk scenes) I wanted you so badly, (flashback to Danzo's death) but I guess in the end you really didn't want me, well in that case I'm glad I'm dying... (she closes her eyes)

Karin is slapped!

Voice: Don't give up so easily! I could be fighting Sasuke, but instead I'm saving you, so don't die!

Karin (weakly): Who are you? (adjusts her glasses which had been dislodged again) you!

Naruto: You know me?

Karin: I remember in the forest, Sasuke killed one of your clones. You know Sasuke!

Naruto: Of, of course I know Sasuke, he's my friend!

Karin (angrily): Then leave me, I won't be saved by anyone who friends with that.. that..

Naruto (calmly): I know Sasuke's change, but you've been with him, you can help us. I remember you too, from that clone. I know we can save him!

Karin (thinking): Maybe this guy isn't so bad still...(talking) I don't care, I don't care about.. about..

Naruto: That's not true, you do care. But it doesn't matter, (smiles) I'm not giving you a choice.

Naruto picks up Karin, she struggles.

Naruto (annoyed): Would you stop that? You might get injured even more, you're already in bad shape.

Karin: No!

Naruto: Fine.

Naruto knocks Karin out and runs off.

Naruto won't get to fight Sasuke, instead Kakashi takes him on!
Next Time: 484: Kakashi's Strength

AOTKorby 02-10-2010 07:38 PM

Re: 483 predictions/spoiler discussion

Originally Posted by Nerox511 (Post 1787420)
i thought kishi took the kindergardenstory up a notch, but noooo the bitch lives again...just like hinata and shizune...that is fucked up

The only way Karin not dying will not suck is if she is used to show Sasuke's transition to complete evil, which in of itself would really darken the tone of the series.

jeanericuser 02-10-2010 07:52 PM

Re: 483 predictions/spoiler discussion
483: Awakening of the beast

Sakura is looking at Sasuke while Sasuke seems surprised at her appearence.
Sasuke: "So you have come here to help me?"
Sakura: "Yes I have realized that there is nothing I have left in Konoha. My place is by your side."
Sasuke: "Try as hard as you may Sakura but you were never good at bluffing. You are here to kill me."
Sakura face goes to a nervous look and she pulls out a kunai.
Sakura: "You are coming back with me to Konoha."
Sasuke: "And if I refuse?"
Sakura: "Then I shall take you back, dead or alive. You are still coming back home with me."
Sakura tries to throw a kunai when suddenly she realizes she can't move.
Sakura thinking: "I can't move! Some kind of genjutsu."
Sasuke: "Then I guess I will just kill you here right now but first I must tie up some loose ends."
Sasuke walks over to Karin and Karin looks up at Sasuke.
Karin: "Sasuke...."
Sasuke stabs karin in the heart with his katana and Karin lets out a yelp before dieing.
Sasuke pulls his katana out of Karin and walks over to Sakura. Tears start to stream down Sakura's face.
Sakura: "No! Not like this."
Sasuke: "Farewell Sakura."
Sasuke gets into position to behead Sakura.
Kakashi: "Sasuke stop!"
Sasuke moves away as he sees Kakashi heading into the clearing.
Kakashi: "Give it up Sasuke! Enough is enough! It is time you gave up!"
Sasuke: "So are you here too to capture me as well or are you just here to kill me?"
Kakashi: "If I have to."
Sasuke: "What will do you about Sakura? Can you save her now and stop the bleeding or are you gonna sacrifice her to capture me?"
Sasuke throws a kunai hitting sakura in the chest, then turns around, and runs away as Kakashi runs over to Sakura who has fallen limp to the ground. Kakashi cradles Sakura's head in his arms.
Kakashi: "Im sorry Sakura. I should have tried harder to stop you."
Sakura: "Tell nnnnNaruto Immmm sorry. I sssshhhhould have lissstened to him."
Sakura slumps over as blood pours from her mouth. From in the tree tops Sasuke watches and a tear drops from his eye as he watches her die in Kakashi's arms.
Sasuke: "Farewell Sakura."
Sasuke runs off as Kakashi still sits there cradleing Sakura in his arms. Naruto arrives to find Kakashi cradling sakura's head on his lap as she lays dead. Naruto walks over as tears start to stream down his face.
Naruto: "No! No! NNNNNNNOOOO!!!"
Kakashi: "I am sorry Naruto. I wasn't able to save her in time. Sasuke killed her."
Naruto's expression goes from a sad face to an extremely enraged face. Naruto explodes with red chakra in three tails mode with sage eyes that change into kyubi eyes. Sasuke suddenly stops and turns around with a shocked look on his face.
Sasuke thinking: "What is that chakra?! Its insanely huge! Its naruto!"
Naruto yells so loud that it echoes through the forest that Mizukage, Choujiro, Ao, and Sasuke all stop to listen.
Naruto: "Hear me sasuke! No matter where you run I will find you! No matter who you ally with I will kill them all! From this moment on I will not rest until I have avenged all those you have murdered! I will not stop until I have killed you and all that remains of akatsuki!"
Ao, Choujiro, and Mizukage all have shocked looks on their faces.
Choujiro: "Who the hell was that?!
Ao: "Whoever it is he is just ahead."
Mizukage: "Lets go immediately. I sense there is trouble ahead."
Kakashi is shocked as Naruto's is covered in a massive amount of chakra energy flowing from him in an explosive inferno of fiery chakra. Naruto has an extremely enraged look on his face.

484: A terrible promise

xxblackice 02-10-2010 08:20 PM

Re: 483 predictions/spoiler discussion
Sakura plans on deceiving Sasuke into thinking she's gonna join up with him but will likely attack him in the next chapter when(if he) lets his guard down and thats when Kakashi & friends will show up to save the day. Although my real guess would be that Sasuke uses his chidori blade on Sakura like he did to Karin then leave and when Naruto see's Sakura wounded he will give up on Sasuke and finally decide to take him down himself.

The Special One 02-10-2010 08:31 PM

Re: 483 predictions/spoiler discussion
This one was kind of tricky to make, but here goes…


Another Specialist Prediction

-Sakura’s betrayal?

(The scene continues from where last chapter left off. Sasuke and the half-dead Karin are dumbfounded by Sakura’s claims… Sasuke, with his chidori still activated proceeds to walk slowly towards Sakura’s location… The panel then closes in on Karin’s face.)

Karin (in thought): Is he really going to go with her, just like that? Is he going to just let me die here?… He’s going to abandon me in this critical state… Why Sasuke?… (A tear from Karin’s left eye rolls across her face horizontally. The focus is then on Sakura as she watches Sasuke slowly approach her with his chidori still activated.)

Sakura: *Gulps*

Sakura(In thought): Does he still consider me a threat? (Sakura ruffles in her pocket, which is shielded by her cloak) I have just one more left (referring to sleep bombs)… No, this won’t work on Sasuke… I’ll just have to play it cool… He’s probably still testing me, after all, he’s a missing nin and I’m a Konoha shinobi… He has all right to suspect me… I just can’t make any sudden movements…

(Sasuke is now within three feet of Sakura… Both he and Sakura lock eyes with each other… Sasuke then smirks and snickers away…)

Sakura: You think that was some joke? I, I, I, I Meant what I said!

Sasuke: Oh really?

Sakura: I love you…


Sakura: I’m willingly to abandon my village and become a missing-nin just so that I can be with you Sasuke! Really, I mean IT! (Sakura then rushes in to embrace Sasuke… The Scene switches over to Karin, despite being in such a state, she’s able to make such an annoyingly obnoxious expression. The scene switches back over to Sasuke and Sakura…)

Sasuke: Let go…

Sakura: But I…

Sasuke: Let go, or else… (Sakura quickly lets go, and now they are back to where they were before Sakura embraced him.)

Sakura: You, still don’t trust me?

Sasuke: Tsk… You say you want to follow me and that you’ve abandoned your village, yet you still wear a Konoha forehead protector… To tell you the truth, Sakura, I don’t believe a word you say… (Close up on Sakura’s face show’s that she’s worried. Sakura pulls the band out of her hair and tosses it on the ground.)

Sakura: Sorry, force of habit… Look, your arm… I’m a medical ninja and can fix that, see? (Sakura touches Sasuke’s injured arm and repairs the incision near his shoulder… ) All better… Your partner over there… I can fix her too… Please, let me be of service…


(The scene switches over to Kakashi’s location… He notices that three figures are collapsed on the ground.)

Kakashi: It must be them… (He rushes in and notices that Sai, Kiba, and Lee are all unconscious.) Huh… It must be sleeping gas… But those aren’t part of standard equipment… Could she have taken them from Shizune’s possession? Welp, in any case they’ll be out for a while… I should probably pinpoint Sakura’s location asap… (Kakashi makes the dog, boar, monkey, bird, and sheep hand signs and summons Pakkun. Pakkun then jumps on Kakashi’s head.)

Pakkun: What is it this time? Another Sasuke retrieval routine…

Kakashi: Ha, ha, very funny… But you aren’t too far off from the truth… I need you to locate Sakura’s scent for me will ya pal?

Pakkun: Right… Umm… (Pakkun begins to get nervous.)

Kakashi: Are we too late?

Pakkun: Well north from here, about 1 km away is Sakura and two other scents…

Kakashi: Hmmm…

Pakkun: Sasuke and one of his allies…

Kakashi: Not good… We need to get a move on… Sakura, what gotten into you?…

Pakkun: Umm…

Kakashi: More bad news?

Pakkun: Well, I smell a scent from 6:00 coming in really fast… You won’t believe this Kakashi, it’s Naruto…

Kakashi: What in the world!? I thought Yamato was keeping tabs on him? He must have managed to escape… Heh, the number one unpredictable ninja strikes again…

Pakkun: What are you blabbing about?

Kakashi: Never mind, how far is Naruto from us?

Pakkun: 600 meters…

Kakashi: (in thought) That’s close… He must be in Sage Mode…

Pakkun: Are we waiting for him?

Kakashi: No, the longer Sakura is with Sasuke the more likely her life is at stake… I’m going to leave a shadow clone behind… It’ll fill Naruto in while we proceed to save Sakura… If all goes well, it’ll be Naruto and me against Sasuke… We’ll be able to take Sakura back… Sasuke would be a fool to fight both of us…

(The scene switches over to Naruto’s location… Naruto stops as he picks up on something.)

Naruto: What the heck!?

(Naruto goes into thought): Kakashi Sensei’s chakras split in two… (The scene switches over to Naruto’s shadow clone and Yamato’s location… They are heading back to Konoha.)

Yamato: Don’t worry Naruto… How about when we make it back, I’ll treat you all to some Ramen, that’ll lighten up the mood…

Naruto: Uhh… Yess… It’ll… Be great… (Naruto tries to smile.)

Yamato (in thought): He’s not excited about ramen?… Could his mind be on something else? What’s wrong with me?-Naruto just been through the ringer. It’s normal for him to feel this way.

(The Scene switches over to the real Naruto, he comes into contact with the Kakashi shadow clone…)

Naruto: Kakashi Sensei, I’m sorry, but…

Kakashi: I understand… (Naruto looks to the distance and notices that Sai, Kiba, and Lee are all unresponsive.)

Naruto: What happened to them!?

Kakashi: Sakura hit them with sleeping gas… They’re fine, but we need to get a move on, Sakura’s already- (Kakashi gets cut off.)

Naruto: I know, I can feel Sakura, yours, and two other chakras north from here… Sasuke must be one of them…

Kakashi: Indeed… We’ll I’m going to disperse… Naruto, make sure you leave a shadow clone behind to watch over those three while we take care of business..

Naruto: Just for precaution, it would be better to leave two...

Kakash: Sage Mode, I see... Naruto, I’ll see you there… *Poof* (Kakashi’s shadow clone disperses.)

Naruto (in thought): Sakura… I’m on my way… Sasuke…

Next time: What will come of this? Naruto is hot on Sasuke’s trail!

lamps123 02-10-2010 09:01 PM

Re: 483 predictions/spoiler discussion

Originally Posted by Nerox511 (Post 1787420)
i thought kishi took the kindergardenstory up a notch, but noooo the bitch lives again...just like hinata and shizune...that is fucked up

Thats your opinion although shizune's revival wasn't called for but i think hinata would be important in the long run,i can't see anyway naruto would date anyone else apart from her.

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