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Zas1993 02-16-2010 04:40 AM

ONE PIECE 575 Spoiler
Source: Apprentice
Verification: pending
Translation: Aohige_AP

02/15(月) 13:07
575話 言葉なき怒り
赤犬も応戦するが二発でやられる。二発目のパンチは赤犬ごと海軍本部まで 大ダメージ。
そして今まで一部始終を見ていた?3人の伝説の囚人+一人+シリュウを連れて、黒髭海 賊団登場 。



Chapter 575: Anger without words
Luffy is at a loss, Akainu takes the chance to attack him, but Marco blocks him.
Whitebeard, who was observing the situation, attacks him without saying a word.
Akainu fights back, but is taken down with two attacks. The second punch sends damage to the entire HQ, and not just Akainu.
Blackbeard pirates, who appears to have been observing the whole deal, appears with three legendary prisoners + Shiryu + another character.
Blackbeard: Iā€™m glad I made it in time to see your death, pops.


mashmas 02-17-2010 06:37 AM

Re: ONE PIECE 575 Spoiler
pics are out

finally akainu is geting pounded to a pulp

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