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hoainam91 05-21-2010 12:52 AM

List of 3D film theater open in 2010
3D film technology is considered a "cure" for the Hollywood film industry seemed like nothing to exploit. In 2010 marked the premiere of a series of 3D film project was born from 2009 and even before that, chiefly the cartoons with an overwhelming number - up to 10/15 in 3D film released in 2010 .

1. Sanctum - Can not penetrate - (released Fall 2010 Fall 2010) - adventure genre.
2. Alice in Wonderland - Alice in the land of incredible - (rd March 5, 2010) - fiction, animation, family

A script was so well known stories continue to be filmed and animated 2D and 3D is one of the most awaited movie in 2010. She is now 19 years old Alice back in Wonderland world adventures in time her poetry. Here she met old friends and continue to learn more about her real mission: the brutal end of empire Queen Red Queen
3. How to Train Your Dragon - Dragon Tame - (March 26, 2010) - animation

A comedy adventure and fun of a fairy world of the Vikings athletic and wild dragons.
4. Piranha 3-D - Fish eating - (April 16, 2010) - Horror.

An earthquake under Lake Victoria has released numerous carnivorous piranha fish from prehistoric times, and then the series resistance of the local sheriff (Elisabeth Shue), who will overcome everything to save her hometown.

Product continues to be a 3D co-directed by James Cameron, the film is about a professional team divers exploring underwater caves through fear and death in the journey to the cave system ever discovered, Sharp is the way poor.
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