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Zanzonyx 05-30-2010 11:28 AM

Have we seen Urahara's Bankai?
Starting off;
When people learn shikai, they learn the name of their sword.
When releasing shikai, they say some sort of action + the name of their Sword,yes?
Madarame Ikakku's ''Grow,Hozukimaru''
Kuchiki Byakuya's ''Scatter, Senbonzakura''
Kisuke Urahara's Shikai is the Benihime we all know ( ''Scream, Benihime'')

In Deicide 7 we see some more talking and etc.
AND we see this:
Shibari Benihime.

As we know, when people go Bankai, their swords get a longer name.
Madarame Ikkaku: Ryūmon Hōzukimaru
Kuchiki Byakuya's: Senbonzakura Kageyoshi

Both get a longer name :)

That WOULD lead me to the conclusion Shibari Benihime is Kisuke Urahara's Bankai, especially because he also seems to fire some new attack.

Now here come the three big but's:
1. The next page, this happens:
He says yet another name ( Hiasobi Benihime ) with another new attack.
Personally I don't think both of those ''name-extenders'' are names of an attack, but one can't have 2 Bankai's either. ( Unless Kubo Tite is smoking something again)
2. I've seen numerous threads on Bleachcentral's forums on what people think Kisuke Urahara's will be. Though I haven't seen a single thread about these points yet.
3. The Bankai of someone like Urahara Kisuke is something that should deserve a whole separate chapter (according to KT anyways). And here, Urahara uses it casually.

Your thought about this?

PSJiraiya 05-30-2010 12:31 PM

Re: Have we seen Urahara's Bankai?
You also forgot that when someone uses Bankai they actually have to say "Bankai". Also in the case of Shibari they give the translation of what it means and "Crimson Princess Binding" is clearly the name of the attack he just used to bind Aizen and "Hiasobi Benihime" is translated as "Crimson Princess Playing With Fire", so both Shibari and Hiasobi are command words for Benihime to attack.

kael03 05-30-2010 03:04 PM

Re: Have we seen Urahara's Bankai?
Plus the final one translated into "combining attacks" when he had the binding ability of his Benihime combined with the playing with fire ability. Not all swords are limited to just 1 special attack. Tosen had 2 different release commands that did 2 different things (the tone that knocked out Ishida and the ability that made multiple blades rain down on Kenpachi)

ask me anything 05-30-2010 07:19 PM

Re: Have we seen Urahara's Bankai?
^Yeah, not to mention Rukia can do 3 different attacks with her shikia.

itachikillsnaruto 06-07-2010 02:16 PM

Re: Have we seen Urahara's Bankai?
oh u dont have to say bankai but kubo does have his characters say bankai if they do it for the first time cause if u look at ichigo he doesnt say bankai any more he varly says tensa zangetsu any more. i agree with kael03 there just special abilitys of urahara's shikai. ok kisuke urahara's shikai release name is awaken benihime and not scream benihime.

kael03 06-07-2010 02:31 PM

Re: Have we seen Urahara's Bankai?

Originally Posted by itachikillsnaruto (Post 1818111)
kisuke urahara's shikai release name is awaken benihime and not scream benihime.

^This. The "scream benihime" is the command for his red energy attack.


oh u dont have to say bankai but kubo does have his characters say bankai if they do it for the first time cause if u look at ichigo he doesnt say bankai any more he varly says tensa zangetsu any more.
This I may have to disagree with. Those that we've seen use bankai repeatedly say "Bankai" each time they've released it. Ichigo not saying it could be due to the fact that he either uses it off panel, or since his bankai is a compression of spiritual energy instead of a vast expansion of energy, he's able to sustain bankai far far longer than anyone else and just doesn't drop it when he goes through back to back battles.

itachikillsnaruto 06-08-2010 10:22 AM

Re: Have we seen Urahara's Bankai?
thats why i said characters that use there bankai for the first time say bankai. just gave ichigo as an example cause if u watch the anime there byalkuya and some of the others are just releaseing there bankai with out saying bankai. they would just say the name of the bankai and continue the attack.

sry about the scream benihimie i misunderstood what was said when i was reading it.

imawesome97 09-11-2010 09:19 PM

Re: Have we seen Urahara's Bankai?
Imagine a Bankai with an deadly mist with a hint of blood that makes the rivals skin oversensitive to the extent that moving too swiftly can get you a slash wound, and a special move like that makes the zanpakuto start draining blood out of the enemy's wounds and using it to create a barrier around Urahara, and perhaps a blood-forged zanpakuto. When the zanpakuto penetrates the skin, the wound cannot be healed. The longer the fight drags (which Urahara does since he likes to play around, as shown with Yammy, and as noted by the extensive trash talking), the weaker the enemy gets due to bloodloss, and the more blood that spills the stronger Urahara's shield/blood-forged zanpakuto/and spiritual pressure grow, to the point where no matter how strong the enemy is, he can't slash through Urahara's defenses, he can't outrun him, is being drained of spiritual pressure and becomes extremely vulnerable.

Another ability could rely on the fact that Uraharas blood flows through the zanpakuto. And when the zanpakuto cuts the opponents skin, blood from Urahara can flow through the zanpakuto and mix into the enemies blood stream. This will permanently poison the enemy and can also allow Urahara to completely control the victim both mentally and physically (only those with spiritual pressure lower than his own.) This will also cause Urahara's awareness to enhance and will allow him to know where his opponent is at all times. He could also use it the other way around, he can absorb some of the opponents blood and with this power, he could absorb the essence of the opponent. It could be anything related to the creature, such as enhanced physical attributes (sight, speed, etc. ), skills, and even superpowers. But the abilities will only be up to 50% as strong as the original. Furthermore, if his opponent can somehow escape, the remains of Urahara's blood in his bloodstream will cause a plague among him and his comrades.

A third effect his bankai will have is that when Uraharas blood mixes into the opponents bloodstream (previously explained above) each time Urahara gets hit, the opponent will take damage equal to the damage Urahara took from the attack.

The ability to turn Urahara's blood into acid. When activated, This turns his blood into acid and causes it to burn through his veins. Then he can throw it in someones face, burn through restraints, stuff like that. This power is mainly for when he is attacked, if Urahara's blood gets on the enemy when he attacks the blood will start to burn a hole through the stained area. And if Urahara is poisoned etc., the boiling of his blood will cause the harmful particles to die out. Of course this power is crazy painful. If I didn't couple it with some form of regeneration, no one would want it, so I did just that. When deactivated, the lost blood turns into a vapor and returns to your veins, which heal some of the internal injuries very quickly, but some injuries will still remain. And, if it remains activated for to long, he might melt down completely.

The bankai will also also him to turn his blood on the surface of his skin into solid crystals which can be used as an armor, for defense along side his blood mist shield. He can also use this crystallization into offense by creating sharp blades on his fists.

His bankai will make his zanpakuto extremly strong. The blade of the sword unfolds from the top of the shaft, goes behind his head and hits his shoulder. The sword then absorbs enough blood to function. In the 1st form, the blood is concentrated on the blade, making it bigger, thicker, and adding spikes to it. It can be used to defend or attack. The blood from the blade can also flows to the end of the handle, and transforms into a blade the same shape and size as the main blade of the scythe, except it is facing a different way. Now, the scythe can be thrown at opponents, and it will spin as it flies, its flight and intensity can be controlled at Urahara's will. If the opponent manages to destroy the zanpakuto, he can manipulate blood (of his enemy or his own) to revive it.

You can create any number of creatures out of your blood. They are a hive mind with you at the center, so you can communicate with them in a cell-phone like way, but with better reception, and move their muscles as your own. They have no minds of their own, so they cannot disobey you, doesn't need food, and are immune to pain. Also, you can mutate the blood even OUTSIDE of your body. The weakness to this is that, Urahara's powers and spiritual energy will be divided among these creatures.

Along with these he will have a splicing ability. The Splicer ability allows him to splice any thing living or non-living together by allowing his blood flow into the object. (Like he can splice himself with a rock to turn his hand into a rock causing powerful punches.)

Also Since Urahara's bankai drains blood, when he cuts his opponents it absorbs the blood and as time passes it will have drained enough blood to immobilize the effected body part. Even though blood is pumped from the heart and the deprived body part will be filled with blood again, the blood will have no effect and wont fix the immobilization of the body part and will continue spilling out of the incurable wound.

An additional ability can be to self destruct (causing pain to yourself, but creating an massive and strong explosion) and then gathering your blood to reform.

Lastly, when enough blood is drained from the enemy he will be granted two major abilities.
He can make the blood form into a "Dragon Crimson Princess" (because his zanpakutos name is "Crimson Princess") to make the final super high powered blow which will instantly kill anyone it touches by causing them to explode.
The other ability will enable him to create a burning crimson rainstorm which will rapidly burn and disolve everything it touches, that affects all things everywhere and can hit several times before disappearing. But if it gets out of hand it can kill everyone including himself, (probably will be his hardest power to control).

Bankai's Weakness:
Since Urahara's bankai is so extremely deadly, there is going to be a short limit to how long he can use it.
Since his Urahara's zanpakuto is running due to his blood, using it for too long can kill Urahara himself, so he needs to keep track of how long he is using it.
Also for the power to turn his blood into acid, it is extremely painful and difficult to control and can completely burn Urahara alive, if used to long. After he stops using his bankai, his speed, stamina, and strength will suffer for a prolonged period of time. These powers will also increase villainous behaviors and wantings.

k-lai 10-03-2010 07:10 AM

Re: Have we seen Urahara's Bankai?
^dude are u all about blood, blood, blood n blood...?

Gakure 10-03-2010 07:33 AM

Re: Have we seen Urahara's Bankai?
When I saw the title I thought Kubo did an outrageous thing by revealing Urahara's bankai somewhere.

Thanks for bringing a dead thread up.

k-lai 10-03-2010 01:33 PM

Re: Have we seen Urahara's Bankai?
^If that was to me then u're welcome.

NeoKakarott023 10-03-2010 09:38 PM

Re: Have we seen Urahara's Bankai?
Kubo's been crapping on his fans for a minute, MOST of the 'uber' Capts/Characters haven't used Bankai. Yamamoto never used his, and he's supposedly dead, Soi Fong can only use hers twice in a battle and thats pushing it, Gin just used his and it didn't work, to be honest Ice Boy, Renji, Foxy Capt., and earlier in the manga Byakuya's (plus Ichigo's) were waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy overused. I used to be pissed at Ikkaku for 'hiding' his Bankai, but most of the Capts. do the same thing. The 2 Capts. that were fighting Stark, didn't show their Bankai's and went out of there way not to. The vice-Capts. and seats seem to not be able to achieve Bankai which is wack, Ikkaku, and Renji can, but Boobs for Days with the ash, Blind Fools ex-Vice Capt, Blondie with the square sword, and many others seem a loooong way off before that achievement. Others like Kenpachi, and Unohana, dosen't even seem to have the ability in their arsenal, Ken's too bull headed to address his sword, and with Unohana's make up, if she says 'Bankai', every character that has died from chapter 1 will be revived, or something dumb, healing, and uneventful. Bankai used to be a 'hot' move, but nowadays their overrated, and anti climatic.

k-lai 10-04-2010 07:28 AM

Re: Have we seen Urahara's Bankai?
^u're right about that,lol...

NeoKakarott023 10-05-2010 08:51 AM

Re: Have we seen Urahara's Bankai?

Originally Posted by k-lai (Post 1895198)
^u're right about that,lol...

That's why I said Kubo is LAZY. For example in Soul Eater, EVERY main character had at least 1 Soul Resonance, which is equal to Shikai/Bankai. And there were more 'main character' students in that manga, as Captains/Vice-Captains/Seats in the Soul Society.

k-lai 10-05-2010 01:36 PM

Re: Have we seen Urahara's Bankai?
Exactly my point .

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