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Mistress_sfc 06-23-2005 04:52 AM

Favorite x-men character
Who is your favorite x-men character and why?
Mine is Rogue. I love her hair and her name. But she's also strong and she can fly! :D
Storm is also cool. :cool:

Blizg 06-23-2005 05:47 AM

Oh me My Favorite Characters are Kitty Pride/Shadow Cat, Kurt/Night Crawler, Ororo/Storm!^^They rock!I love to walk through walls then teleport fly and weather Control!^^

ian_mizan 06-23-2005 05:55 AM

i like Gambit...the way he throws a card looks soo cool...

Swtvi3tboi08 06-23-2005 06:56 AM

go wolverine. i like regeneration powers with his metal claws.

Tsuna 06-23-2005 07:15 AM

rogue...and for pretty much the same reasons as u.

DaRk_DaNTe 06-23-2005 09:09 AM


kazu_chan 06-23-2005 09:11 AM

storm al the way..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
though i liek gene too hehe..!!!

Blizg 06-23-2005 10:24 AM


Originally Posted by kazu_chan
storm al the way..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
though i liek gene too hehe..!!!

Hehe Correction Kazu_chan!^^Jean not Gene your spelling of Gene is the Gene for Biology^^...

Oh yeah Psylocke Rocks too!^^Shes cool with her Psychic Knife and all!^^

Tenten 06-23-2005 11:34 AM

Storm - because shes Halle Berry ^^
Rogue - i like her hair and her powers
Jean - o.O shes flys

DaRk_DaNTe 06-23-2005 11:42 AM

Anyone here read the actual comics?

Roy Mustang 06-23-2005 12:56 PM


Originally Posted by DaRk_DaNTe
Anyone here read the actual comics?

no i but i used to watch the old version of it..

my fav characters are kitty she's hot >.<



those apocalypse robots

and magneto

DaRk_DaNTe 06-23-2005 01:01 PM

Those Robots are called Sentinels..Oh and i forgot Magneto..He's friggin badass..

Aburameman 06-23-2005 01:16 PM

Well I am a friggin genius for X-Men and pretty much every otehr comic book out there. And my favorite person in X-Men is Nathan Grey. He is the son of Jean and Scott.

And his powers a telekensis and Telepathy. His telepathy is so so, but his Telekinsis is uber crazy. It is so powerful that he can literally rearrange someone's molecules to make them melt. Needles to say he is the most powerful X-men so far. Hell I think he is one of the most powerful person in Marvel period.

DaRk_DaNTe 06-23-2005 01:21 PM

Last time i read of Nate he was getting owned by the Hulk..

colini 06-23-2005 01:38 PM

I like Wolverine and Angel/Arch Angel

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