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Dashingninja 06-30-2010 07:07 AM

Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo
Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo part 1

Chapter 1
Sasuke’s Returns.

After Madara is dead and all the Akatsuki are dead expect for Kabuto. Sasuke implanted Madara’s eyes into Naruto. Sasuke wearing Itachi’s old shirt that Itachi used to gave Sasuke a piggy back ride back home. Sakura was training with Ino and the other girls. When they noticed Flock of Crows flew by. They just ignore it. When those crows were by the Hospital. Naruto was looked so happy to see those and said, “My mission was a failure.” Naruto started thinking about what Pain said to him. {Flash Back} You can’t understand some one. If you didn’t experience the same thing.” {The end of the Flash Back} Naruto was thinking Madara had all 8 Tailed Beasts. He knew that he’ll have to train them himself. So He’d decide to leave Konoha for good cause he was finished and Sakura didn’t want him around anymore cause she got Sasuke back. He’d lay down the Necklace that Tsunade gave him for winning the bet. He also lay down a letter he wrote on his Hospital bed. That night he disappear from the Hospital.

Next Morning Sakura was worried about Naruto. So she check up on him. He was gone the only things was left was the necklace and a letter. She ran and bumped into Shizune. Shizune asked, “What’s wrong Sakura?” Sakura answered, “Naruto had disappeared! The only things he left behind was these a Necklace and a letter.” Hinata over hear this and started to cried. She’d asked herself why would Naruto-kun leave this village. Sakura and Shizune went to Hogake’s office in a flash. Hinata was following them close behind.

In the Hogake’s Office. Tsunade said, “Come in!” Shizune said, “Sakura went to check on Naruto!” Sakura yelled, “Naruto is gone!” Tsunade asked, “Do you have any prove of this?” Sakura replied, “Yes We do.” That’s when Sakura hold Tsunade’s necklace and the letter. Tsunade shouted, “Sakura round up your age group and Shizune you round up the ninjas that can help her team. I’m making this a code red!” At that moment a crow landed on Tsunade’s desk. Then they all was wondering what does this mean? A knock on the door. Tsunade said, “come in!” Sakura saw a familiar silhouette she could always recognized. The silhouette was Sasuke’s silhouette. Sakura said with a happy voice!, “You are Back Sasuke-kun.” Sasuke replied, “Don’t squeeze so tight Sakura.” Then Sasuke looked around and asked, “Where is the Dead-last scary-cat at?” Sakura replied, “He’d left last night.” Tsunade said, “Before we send out our ninjas to bring back Naruto.” Tsunade asked, “Shizune! What does Naruto’s letter say?” Shizune said, “The letter reads”

Dear Konoha,

I’d saw a signed that Sasuke had returned to Konoha. My promised to Sakura-chan and my promise to myself as well. After I saw that signed. I knew my mission was a failure that’s why I’m giving the Necklace back to Grandma, Tsunade. Tell that scary-cat Sasuke don’t worried about dead-last. Sasuke Accept Sakura feelings so you can revived your clan with her. Also tell Sakura –chan. I’m done interferring in your love. I don’t know anything about her!
I’m going training the new Jinnuurikis cause they need a family. I don’t want anybody to following me. If you do . I hate to say this but I’ll kill you all.
My father the Fourth Hogake, My Master Jiraiya and my fellow pupil Nagato wanted this Ninja System destroyed causes hatred. In my training trying to control Kyuubi. The fox show me how to do that. It’s not Madara’s Moon’s Eye Plan at all.

Signed The Former No.1 Hogake Candidate:
Uzumaki Naruto
Sakura-chan I’m passing my dream of become Hogake to you.
Tell Konohamaru I’m not at the end of any path towards Hogake cause I’d failed to bring Sasuke back.
Shizune said, “That’s the end of the Naruto’s letter!”

After heard this line from the letter: Also tell Sakura –chan. I’m done interferring in your love. I don’t know anything about you! She asked, “How did he knew about that sentence by word? The only one I told that to was Sasuke.” She looked up at Sasuke and asked, “Did you tell him that?” Sasuke had a confused looked on his face and replied, “What are you talking about Sakura? We’d never had that conversation!” When Sakura heard that from Sasuke himself. She’d realized that Sasuke was actually Naruto was in disguise as Sasuke. Sakura shouted, “I was wrong! He’d knew everything about me! ” She’s started to balling like a waterfall. Shizune was trying to comforted Sakura. Sakura cried out, “I’m the one who didn’t know nothing about him but He’d knew everything about me!” Tsunade said, “Go Now! ”

Dashingninja 06-30-2010 07:09 AM

Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo
Chapter 2
Kabuto’s Riddles.

Last night Naruto send all his clones in every direction to confused his former teammates.Naruto said to himself, “If Scary-cat Sasuke. He’s the only one who can catch up with me.” Naruto took a branch from a tree to make his tracks disappear. Naruto was ahead toward the Waterfall of Truth. Naruto send foxes to gave the other Jinnuuriki his location at and told them if they are not alone. He’ll killed them on the spot.

Back in Konoha. Karin asked, “Kakashi-sama. Can I help out? I’m a sensor-type shinobi” Kakashi replied, “Sure!” Team Kakashi members are Kakashi, Sai, Sakura and Sasuke. Team Guy, Team Kurenai and Team Asuma with Karin. They left on the mission to bring Naruto. Sakura said to herself, “I’m the reason Naruto left.” She’d started to cried once more. They all separated.
Sakura asked, “Naruto Where are you?” She’d bumped into one of Naruto’s clone and she asked, “Naruto! Come back home with me?” Naruto’s clone replied, “I won’t cause you hate me.” Sakura asked, “ Naruto! Please don’t say that.” Naruto’s clone said, “Your mom hates me cause the Kyuubi killed your father.” Sakura said, “I’d was blinded by my false loved for Sasuke.”

Naruto said, “I’ll say the same thing that Sasuke told me at the bridge. Sakura Nothing you say can change my mind now. I am going to kill the Ninja System but one last gift for you from the former Konoha’s Knuckle-head ninja.” Naruto’s clone kissed Sakura’s forehead after that the clone disperses. Sakura started crying once again and cried out, “You truly loved me! I was blinded by my love for Sasuke. I’d didn’t see what was in front of me.” Sasuke sense something was wrong with Sakura so he told the teams to come back to where Sakura was.
They asked, “What’s wrong Sakura?” Sakura answered, “One of Naruto’s clone showed me that Naruto did truly loved me. Naruto send him to kissed my forehead.” Ino and Hinata said, “We’ll kept her company for awhile.” Sakura asked, “Hinata why are you staying with me?” Hinata answered, “Well….I….think….of….you….and….Ino….like ….my….big….sisters. That….I’d….looked….up….to.” Ino and Sakura was shocked hearing this coming from Hinata. Hinata started crying too. Sakura stopped cried when she’d saw Hinata started to cry. She clear her face from her tears and said, “Hinata you were able to see Naruto’s true feelings. I’d envy you for that but I also think of you like a sister.” Ino said, “Me to Hinata.” Hinata was shocked.

Naruto made it to the Waterfall and wrestle with all the animals there like Killer Bee did before Naruto met him. Naruto defeated all of them just like Killer Bee did.

Back in Konoha’s forest. Army of Naruto’s clones in Sage mode attacking Team Guy, Team Kurenai, Team Asuma and Team Kakashi. They all wondering where did Naruto go to. Kabuto appeared from behind a tree that caused every team to stop. Kabuto said, “Long time hasn’t Sasuke!” Sasuke replied, “I’ll killed you if you hurt Naruto!!” Kabuto replied, “I’m here and I have a riddle for you Leaf Ninjas to find Naruto!”

Meanwhile behind the Waterfall of Truth. Naruto was meditating. Naruto end up in his mind. Naruto said, “Itachi!” Itachi asked, “Naruto what do you want?” Naruto said, “ You saw Sasuke implanted Sharingan and a Rinnegan. Sasuke has returned to Konoha. I’m here to asked for your help to control the Sharingan.” Itachi asked, “Who will help you control the Rinnegan? ” Itachi was considering it. Itachi said, “I’ll teaches ya Naruto. But Who will help you control the Rinnegan? ” Jiraiya and Pain appeared and said, “We’ll teach him how to control the Rinnegan.”

Back at the Konoha’s forest. Kabuto said, “This is the riddles you have to face:
Fiddle dee Fiddle dumb
What has no eyes
What has no ears
What has no nose
What has no teeth
What has a mouth

when you have a big fall you’ll have to face this riddle:
It cannot be seen, cannot be felt
Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt.
It lies behind stars and under hills,
And empty holes it fills.
It comes first and follows after,
Ends life, kills laughter.”

Then Kabuto disappears. Sasuke was confused and said to himself ,“That’s weird even for Kabuto.” Kakashi summoned Pakkun to help from the Sand village and asked Tsunade for decode this riddle.

Dashingninja 07-02-2010 10:07 AM

Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo
Chapter 3
New Jinnuurikis

The other eight Jinnuuriki send out Raccoon or Cat or fast moving Turtle or Ape or Horse or Slug or Beetle or Ox. They replied, “We’ll be your pupils the son of the Fourth Hogake, Pupil of Master Jiraiya, Kakashi the son of the White Fang and a pupil of the Killer Bee.”

Kabuto was outside of the Waterfall of truth. Naruto said, “Kabuto how have you been? Are you still trying to control Orochimaru’s white snake?” Kabuto was shocked and was about to asked something. Naruto said, “You have to face the hatred inside yourself and when you are able to defeated your hatred. Then this cave will be open for you until you died.”

Back in the Konoha’s forest. They are stomped about the riddle. Back in Konoha village. Tsunade asked, “Tenzou can you decode this riddle?” Yamato said, “I’ll take a shot at it.”
Few seconds passed. Yamato said, “Naruto is at the Waterfall of Truth when Killer Bee trained him!” Tsunade said, “Yamato you will tell that you the teams that are already searching for Naruto and I’ll send word to Temari and Kankurou.”

Back behind the Waterfall. Naruto said, “Kabuto you have to face not just your hatred but you also have to face Orochimaru’s hatred as well.” Konan and Guren showed up. Both women said, “We’ll make your dreams to come true.” Naruto said, “Thanks You beautiful ladies. Our dreams Nagato’s and Jiraiya’s dreams of no hatred and no Ninja System.”
Kabuto said, “I’m done.” Naruto said, “Good job. With the power of the White snake, Guren’s crystal element and Konan’s sensor type shinobi. Now Kabuto find the bodies of Haku, Choujuurou, Momochi Zabuza, Hoshigaki Kisame, Kurosuki Raiga, Suigetsu, Kaguya Kimimaro, Hyuuga Hizashi, Saruboi Asuma, Ranmaru, Senju Hashirama, Senju Tobirama, Sarutobi Hiruzen, Namikaze Minato, Orochimaru, Shimura Danzou, All of the dead Kazekages, All dead Mizukages, all the dead Tsuchikages and all dead Raikages ”
Naruto said to himself no one will remember of this Ninja System at all when I join forces with all these powers into one Amnesia made modern. Naruto was done talking to himself. All the new Jinnuuriki just got there and Kabuto just left to get those bodies. What should we call this group of ours?

Dashingninja 07-02-2010 10:08 AM

Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo
Chapter 4
Old friends arrived!

Sakura, Ino and Hinata caught up with the teams. Sasuke said, “You are worse there Naruto. Both of you are so annoying and weak.” Sakura said, “I don’t want to hit you! But I’ll do it if you push my buttons.” Sakura was thinking for a few moments. Then Sakura asked, “Why do you guys need to pick fights with each other?” Sasuke answered, “Cause he’s like my brother, Itachi.” Ino asked, “What does that mean?” Hinata said, “Remember what Third Hogake said when we was still in Academy about the Will of the Fire.” Sasuke said, “My clan was going tried to over thrown the Village. But my brother didn’t want that so he’d killed my clan. Itachi sealed part of himself inside Naruto. Madara told Naruto that his clan is still alive. Naruto was shocked by the news.”

Meanwhile, Outside the of Waterfall of Truth. Naruto saw the Sunset. Madara told him Akatsuki stand for Dawn. So Naruto said, “This group is called Boshokuburakku! That means Dusk and black!” Naruto seeing that the new Jinnuuriki are fast learners unlike him and said to himself, “Sorry my brothers and sisters of the Beast! I don’t want anyone to face the same thing that I’d went through. Now I’m going to a new jutsu I’d memory when Mizuki-sensei tricked me to steal the scroll for him. I’d didn’t notices at the time. A Jutsu called. Modern from amnesia from Beasts (Modan kara kenboushou kara kyuu bijuu). ”

Back the Konoha’s forest Kankurou, Temari and Matsuri with Baki just made it. Matsuri said, “I want to thank Naruto for letting me see what Fifth Kazekage saw in him.” At the same time the Sand arrives Captain Yamato arrived as well. Captain Yamato said, “I’d do know where Naruto is. The island in Cloud Village where he’d training to control the Kyuubi. Raikage gave us passed to enter the Island.” Kakashi said, “Let’s head out then.”

Docked at the Island and Yamato said, “Be very careful this island is more dangerous than our own Konoha’s Forest of Death! The only way to survive is. The animals here are friends only to a Jinnuuriki.” Might Guy said, “Is That? Motoi?” Yamato said, “Yes it is! The marked on his neck is just what Anko talked about before the fourth war. That means Kabuto and Naruto might have just joined forces. ” Sasuke asked, “Who else does Naruto knew that are not from Leaf.” Sakura replied, “He knows two women out there. Konan a former Akatsuki member and Guren a former Orochimaru’s Prisoner. ”
Kabuto said, “You guys figure it out have ya! I’d see you also brought some Sand ninjas with ya too. This is perfect I have some ninjas that I reckon you ninjas will recognized them.”
Sasuke said, “Get out the way!” Kabuto said, “Always wanted your way! By the way Leaf Ninjas and Sand Ninjas! Here’s some gifts for you. Edo Tensei!”

Neji was shocked to see his dad’s coffin raising up from the ground but Hinata was shocked as well to see her Uncle’s coffin rasing up from the ground. In front of Kankurou and Temari were shocked to see their parents’ and their Uncle’s coffins raising up from the ground. In front of Sasuke the whole Uchiha Clan’s coffins are raising up from the ground.

Kabuto in a flash. He was next to Sakura and said, “Naruto doesn’t want to be called Naruto anymore. He wants to be called Karuto.” Kabuto drop Naruto’s headband in Sakura’s hands. Then Kabuto moved up onto a tree branch and said, “To Karuto-sama. Calling him Naruto is a insult to him now. He’d broken his promised to you Sakura-chan! That’s why he’d left the village. Told me if I ran into you guys. He wanted me to tell you this. He doesn’t want to change the Hyuuga Clan’s way and he’d found two women the accepted him for him. See ya around even dough it might be just your bodies I see next time. Before I go. Sakura-chan! You were the reason that he’d wanted to stay but you didn’t ever tried to stop him like you tried to stopped Sasuke when he left.” Sakura tried to hit Kabuto but she’d missed. Then she’d started to cried. Kabuto said, “Now Naruto have the Madara’s Sharingan and Nagato’s Rinnegan with the Kyuubi’s eyes and Sage eyes. He could actually destroyed All three of the Sannin if he’d had the power back then.” Kakashi said, “Naruto was former Prankster remember!”

Sakura realized that her love for Sasuke was the reason that Naruto made Sasuke his rival. She also realized that they only reason he’d acted up was for her to noticed him. Ino yelled, “Sakura Big forehead!” Sakura yelled, “Ino-pig!” She’d realized that Ino was Sasuke and Sakura was like Naruto in their friendship. Sakura said, “Ino I want us to become friends before we had a crush on Sasuke! That’s the reason Naruto left and I don’t want you to left too.” Ino asked, “Are you saying you don’t want us to be rivals anymore over Sasuke?” Sakura just nodded her head and said, “We both know that Sasuke doesn’t want either of us. I’d had a better chance with Naruto than I had with Sasuke. If I can’t saved Naruto this time. I’d killed myself.”
The Real Naruto appeared and saved Sakura. Naruto said, “You shouldn’t do that cause your become the next Hogake! Sakura you have big and wide forehead. It makes me want to kiss it.” Naruto turned around and Hinata was standing was about to cried. Naruto moved in and kissed Hinata on her lips. Hinata pushed Naruto away cause she was shocked.
Shikamaru said, “Naruto! We never battle before haven’t we?” Naruto said, “Yes we haven’t battle out yet! But I’d know your limits but you don’t know my yet!” Shikamaru thinking he’s right. Ino said, “Shikamaru, It’s my turn.” Ino did her mind transfer to Naruto’s mind.

In Naruto’s mind. Ino sees Nagato, Asuma, Madara, Jiraiya, Itachi, Third Hogake, Haku, Fourth Hogake and Naruto’s mother standing around Naruto and the a small Kyuubi. Ino said to herself, “He had more personalities when I fought Sakura in the First Chunin Exam.” Ino looked around and noticed that Naruto is focus on. What these people were saying.
Haku said, “I’m a boy but Do you have some one important to protect?”
Nagato said, “You can’t understand some one. If you didn’t experience the same thing.”
Fourth Hogake and Kushina said, “We believe in you!”
Jiraiya said, “I’m counted on you to get rid of the Hatred.”
Madara said, “Naruto! Your clan is still alived.”
Itachi said, “I’m not here to captured you at all.”
Third Hogake said, “Naruto you have the Will of the Fire.”
Asuma said, “Focus!”

Outside Naruto’s mind. Shikamaru said, “Let’s have a seat shall we?” Naruto said, “Sure.” With a smirk on his face. When Naruto sat down. Then he’d just went into Sage mode. The Sage mode cause Ino’s mind to go back to her body.
Kakashi said, “Master Jiraiya told me. To enter the Sage mode. Him and Naruto have to be standing still.” Shikamaru said, “He’d used me. That little troublesome brat!” Shikamaru turned his head back to Ino and asked, “Ino! What did you see?” Ino answered, “I’d saw Nagato, Asuma, Madara, Jiraiya, Itachi, Third Hogake, Haku, Fourth Hogake, Naruto’s mother, Kyuubi and Naruto.” Kakashi said, “Hinata and Neji block every chakra points even the Kyuubi’s chakra’s points as well. Sasuke and myself will go inside Naruto’s mind.” Sakura said, “We all want you to become the Hogake now.”
Karuto said, “Pethic Sakura! Specially coming from you!” Sakura said, “I’m not going back until you coming home with me.” Karuto said, “You are ann.” Sakura Interrupted by saying this, “Don’t say it! My heart is already broken in half.” Karuto replied, “My heart is just dust now. You were the only one that could clean it up but you never care about me.” Karuto threw a big Amnesia bombs. Naruto took off Kakashi’s maskes to reveal his true face. Sasuke and Sakura was shocked to see Naruto did that. Karuto said, “We’ll meet again.” Two tears roll down his cheeks. Naruto said, “Unless Team 7 true can say we saw Kakashi-sensei’s face. That mission is now compete.” Naruto went into his mind and asked Madara and Itachi to cast an illustration in all the Konoha and Sand ninjas’ mind of failed to get me back. They made Kabuto the one who killed Naruto in the Illustration.

Dashingninja 07-02-2010 10:09 AM

Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo
Chapter 5
Naruto’s Plan!

A Cloud ninja arrived but they was to late but she notices they are still breathing. So She’d summoned them back to the Konoha and Sand Hospitals. At the Konoha Hospital Sakura just woke up. When Tsunade and Shizune was about to check up on her. Shizune brought Sakura Naruto’s picture of Team 7. Sakura asked, “Whose the blonde kid in this picture? I’d know Sasuke and Kakashi-sensei!” Tsunade said, “It’s worse then I thought. It wasn’t just a knockout gas but it was also a Amnesia gas.” Shizune asked, “When did you learn that trick?” Tsunade replied, “I guess when I drug Jiraiya to be able to talk with Orochimaru.” Shizune asked, “What’s Naruto’s big plan?” Tsunade replied, “If I know Naruto has well as I think I do. He’s going have some thing more bigger than the Madara’s Moon Eye plan.”

Sakura sit up and asked, “Whose Naruto? Is he the blonde kid in that picture?” Tsunade answered, “Yes it is!” Shizune asked, “Why?” Sakura replied, “When I looked at him and I started to cried. What happened to him? And who was he to me?”
Tsunade said, “He’d loved ya so much but you didn’t realized it until it was too late. He was gone.” Sakura asked, “It’s he dead!” Shizune answered, “In the word yes from our Knuckle-head ninja but he’s not truly dead yet.”
Sasuke woke up and sat up and said, “I’m not revived my clan cause this cursed Sharingan is just a pain and I don’t want my kids to have it.”

Behind the Waterfall. Naruto leading against the broken statures of the previous Jinnuuriki. Thinking to himself. Sakura only you can stop me now! I want you to truly confess your love for me. Kabuto slapped Naruto’s face and said, “Snapped out of it Karuto-sama.” Then Konan asked, “What’s your big plan Karuto-sama?” Karuto replied, “Thanks Kabuto. My plan is to erase my name from all the villages by having a giant bomb of Amnesia. So they won’t be look for me. After that I’ll use a jutsu called Modern from amnesia from Beasts. You guys jobs are to make sure no one interrupts my plan.”

Dashingninja 07-02-2010 10:09 AM

Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo
Chapter 6
Naruto’s Returns

Few years Kakashi became Hogake and Captain Yamato took charge of Team Kakashi. Karin join Team Asuma. Tsunade retired from be Hogake. Naruto is in his 20’s now.
Sakura was chasing a mysterious ninja in a hooded cloak. Then Sakura said, “Show yourself before I’d hit you!” The mysterious ninja stopped and turned around. Sakura said, “You are Blonde kid in my team 7 and Team Kakashi pictures!” Naruto said, “In my case Former Team Kakashi!” Naruto asked, “Sakura Why are you here?” Sakura replied, “My love brought me here.” Naruto asked, “What really brought you here?” Sakura said, “What?” Naruto asked, “Konoha sent you didn’t they?” Sakura said, “Naruto We all want you back to bring us some joy in our life.”

Naruto laughed and asked, “You are joking right? Beside you always way Sasuke by your side instead of me. The village hated me. I’d never see you hit Sasuke like you do me.” with smirk on his face. Sakura said, “I want you to be there!” Naruto asked, “To be Sasuke’s replacement Right? I’ll never be good enough for you will I? How pathetic Sakura!” Sakura said, “I really miss you Naruto and I’m sorry if I’d ever hurt you.” Naruto said, “That’s a lie for sure.” Sakura interrupted by yelled, “NO! It isn’t!” Naruto said, “I’m done interfering with you love and I’m been out of your way cause I’m annoying to you.” Sakura interrupted by yelled, “Naruto! Please let me finished. All I’ve ever done is take from you. I’d never given anything!” Naruto interrupted, “You gave me some things. You gave me my broken heart, You gave me my Scars and bruises.” Sakura said, “But Now I know what I can give you Naruto doesn’t hurt you!” Naruto said, “Sakura!”

Sakura interrupted by saying, “No just let me talk. I found out that I was dumb to think Sasuke was the perfect prince for me. He was everything I’ve ever wanted. Suddenly you left village just like Sasuke did. Sasuke never smile at me like you did. He’d never look at me like you did. He used to be my whim but you are my future. I’m pegging you to come back with me Naruto!” Naruto said, “It’s too late for me! Besides If I did return they’ll exact the beast from inside me and I’ll be dead for sure.” Hinata was hiding behind a tree. Naruto said, “Come out here Hinata!” Hinata said, “If….that….does….happen….Narut o-Kun. I’ll….revive….you. That….I….can….be….one….with you….that….way. If….I….can’t….be….your….wife .” Sakura said, “Yes I’ll married you Naruto!” Naruto said, “That’s lie Sakura. I’ll believe it when you hit Sasuke as much as you punched me.”

Sasuke show up and punched Naruto in his face. Naruto said, “I’d was itching to fight today. Sasuke!” Sakura said, “Sasuke! I was about to reach him.” Sasuke asked, “Who is this dead last?” Naruto said, “Sasuke I’d been waiting for you!” Sasuke asked, “How does he know my name?” Sakura answered, “He’s the one that’s in our Team 7. His name is Naruto!” Sakura punched Sasuke so hard that he’d went flying back to Konoha’s hospital. Sakura said, “Sasuke this is all your fault.” Sasuke asked, “What are you talking about?” Sakura answered, “My love for you ruined your friendship with you best friend. If you wasn’t so darn handsome.” Naruto said, “Great performances! I still don’t trust you Sakura. Show me you really care about me?” Sakura said, “If you me to prove it. Fine here’s your prove!” Sakura was remembering how Naruto stole Sasuke’s first kiss and how mad she was at him. Now you are the one who is gonna steal my first kiss as well. How ironic. Sakura kissed Naruto on his lips. Naruto was shocked.
Naruto said, “You are too late I already have three wives. Shion, Konan and Guren.” Sakura and Hinata asked, “Do you have anymore room for us!” Naruto asked, “Why?” Sakura and Hinata replied, “We won’t go back to the leaf without you again.” Shion, Konan and Guren came out with their Naruto’s kids. Shion, Konan and Guren replied, “You can joined our family.”

Nine months later and after Sakura and Hinata gave birth to Naruto’s daughter and Naruto’s only Son. Sakura and Hinata was picking berries. Naruto said to Konan and Guren, “It’s time! Don’t mention my plan to Hinata or Sakura or Shion.” Konan and Guren nodded their head in agreement. Naruto said, “When Shion wakes up. Sakura-chan and Hinata returns. We’ll head towards Konoha!” Hinata and Sakura returned to the cave. Naruto said, “Sakura-chan and Hinata-chan. I’d decide we all should head back to Konoha at Dusk!” Hinata and Sakura was so happy to heard that. They hugged Naruto.
Now Kotetsu and Izumo have gray hair. They notice three familiar silhouettes coming when Naruto, Hinata and Sakura returned it was at Dawn but they also see three others women silhouettes. They also saw five little silhouettes. When they passed the visitor log stand. Kotetsu reported Izumo this to Kakashi-sama Right away!!” Izumo said, “Sure!”

Team Kakashi, Team Guy, Team Asuma and Team Kurenai was eating and all sudden a small roaring of crowd and began to became louder and louder. So they rushed out of the restaurant. They saw Naruto, Shion, Guren, Konan, Sakura and Hinata had return finally. Ino notices Sakura was holding a baby. So was Hinata. Tenten saw Konan have a little girl on her shoulders. Rock Lee saw Guren have a little girl on her shoulders as Well. Shion have a little girl on her shoulders.
In the Hogake’s office. When Kakashi saw his old students had just returned from the window. He said to himself, “The No 1 Hogake candidate as returned. I’d promise that Nothing will go again.”

Sakura and Naruto went up to Office and asked, “Kakashi-sensei can you summoned Shizune and Tsunade. We want to asked you three a question?” Kakashi replied, “Sure! Tsunade and Shizune.” Tsunade asked, “What do you want now Kakashi?” in a foul mood cause she just woke up from gambling and drink last night. Kakashi replied, “Sakura and Naruto has returned and they want to asked three a question.” Sakura was embarrassed and she said, “We wanted you guys to named our baby boy. Will you named?” Naruto said, “Jiraiya picked my name for the Fourth. It’s just seems right.” Tsunade, Kakashi and Shizune was talking. They came up with the name Dajato. Sakura said, “That’s a beautiful.” Naruto said, “Yes it is.” with smile on his face.

Naruto in a flashed he was with Hinata that was waiting for him to come to help her to asked Kurenai-sensei to name their baby girl. Kurenai opened and door and saw Naruto holding hands with Hinata. Kurenai said, “You don’t have to asked me. I’ll name your baby if that’s what you really what.” Hinata said, “Yes. Sensei.” Kurenai said, “About this Nirata?” Naruto said, “Sounds go to me!” Hinata said, “If Naruto likes it. I’d do too.” Kurenai said, “That mades me Godmother. Asuma is the Godfather.”
Konan’s and Naruto’s baby daughter’s name is Yanan.
Guren and Naruto’s baby daughter’s name is Gurshina
Shion and Naruto’s baby daughter’s name is Mushina.

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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo
Chapter 7
Kabuto’s Returns!

After the Naruto’s kids joined the Academy. Naruto said, “I’m going to see a old friend of mine,” to his kids.
In outskirts and in Sasuke’s house. Sasuke and Naruto with Kabuto. Are you guys ready? Kabuto asked when he’d enter. Now Naruto’s and my dream come true. Sasuke whispered to Kabuto and Naruto said, “My father died young too. This is my clans’ cursed like Uchiha’s cursed Sharingan.”
Naruto said, “Our dreams are coming true. Sasuke I’d want you to accept Sakura’s feelings for you and take care of my kids.” Sasuke said, “I will.” They all divide from each other. Kabuto was hidden underground.

Tsunade and Kakashi with the Council and all the Kages. Naruto said, “I’m your 8 Hogake!”
Kakashi said, “Actually you are the 6 Hogake starting now. I was just acting as Hogake until you returned.” Tsunade gave Naruto her necklace that Naruto left behind. Kakashi gave Naruto the Hogake’s hat.

Few months later. Naruto after finding out that Hogake’s job was doing all the paper work that he hates.

Kabuto returns and his revenge on Konoha. Naruto said, “I’m the Hogake. I have to go.” Sakura and Hinata said, “Don’t go! He’s too powerful!” Naruto whispered, “You are free and run to Sasuke. He’ll promised me that he’ll watch over my and your children! I won’t becoming back. What’s my now is Sasuke’s.”
Kabuto and Naruto had a Big battle and Kabuto killed Naruto.

After few months later Kakashi find out that Kabuto and Sasuke was doing the same thing that Third Hogake find Orochimaru was doing. So Sasuke left for good this time. Sakura said, “This time he’s gone for good. I’d don’t love him like I’d used to.” I’ll leave too she’d told herself. Hinata said, “Can I come too?” People thought Konan and Guren died in the battle.
When Sakura accidently drop the necklace that Tsunade gave Naruto twice after leaving a had two daughters with Sasuke.

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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo
Chapter 8
Revenge of the Jinnuuriki!

Behind the Waterfall of Truth The Jinnuurikis got done training. They sense their master Karuto has been killed. Now they are able to control their beasts. Kabuto said this to them, “Konoha killed your sensei! Now let’s show them what happens when you mess with one Jinnuuriki!”
Jinnuuriki started a war over Naruto their sensei!
Hack can control the One tailed legendary Beast, Jack can control the eight tailed, Zack can control the Seven tailed, Runade. She can control the Six tailed, Lizune, She can control the Five tailed, Furen, She can control the Four tailed, Nat, She can can control the Three tailed and Fakura, She can control the Two tailed.

Some where in a dark cave. Naruto’s voice mutters, “It’s time! Blast from the Past Modern from amnesia from Beasts no jutsu!” The whole ninja world disappeared and was replaced by Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools and Colleges.

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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo
Chapter 9
Elementary School!

Sakura’s just moved in to neighborhood. Ino was Sakura’s next door neighbor. Ami was the bully of the neighborhood. Ami saw Sakura was a new person to pick on. Ino came to her rescue. Ino asked, “My name is Ino What’s your’s?” Sakura answered in a shy voice, “Sakura.” Ino asked, “Does that stand for Cherry Blossom?” Sakura was shocked to hear that from some one of her own age. Sakura asked, “How did you know that?” Ino replied, “My family owns a flower shop and a tree orchard.” They started to hangout and having sleepovers.

One month later. School started. Senju Hashirama the Principal of the Konoha Elementary. Sakura’s teacher was Iruka. Sakura’s classmates were Chouji, Shino, Ino, Hinata, Kiba, Sasuke and Shikamaru. Ami was also Sakura’s classmate as well. Ami noticed that Sakura and Ino was staring at Sasuke.
At Lunch time. Ami whispered, “Ino loves Sasuke too.” Sakura was shocked and decided to make Ino her rival. That’s when they started calling each other Ino-pig and forehead freak. At Recess all the girls was chasing Sasuke and training to kiss him but he’s one step ahead from them. After that they all went home.

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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo
Chapter 10
New Friends?

The next afternoon at School. Iruka said, “ Hey Class! We’re gonna to have a new classmate. His parents are a military family. They moving around a lot. So be nice to him.” All through the day the kids who could this new classmate be? In Suzume’s art class. Sakura drew a baby fox.

That afternoon. Sakura was playing in the park. First grade kids was picking on her from the Sand School. Three more First grade kids showed up. One of the boy has a bowl cut and the other boy thinks he knows everything. There was girl with 2 buns in her hair. They asked, “Why are you picking her and what’s your names?” One with four pigtails said, “You have to introduce yourself first to lady like myself!” The one thinks he knows everything said, “Fine My name is Neji Hyuuga.” One with four pigtails said, “That’s much better. My name is Temari these are my little brothers, Kankurou and Gaara.” The girl with 2 buns in her hair said, “My name is Tenten, The one with fuzzy brows his name is Rock Lee. We suggest you get out of here now if you don’t want any trouble.” Gaara, Kankorou, Temari, Neji and Tenten left.

Sakura was bending down to pick up her stuff. Rock Lee was trying to help her and said, “You know my name but I want to know yours!” Sakura replied, “My name is Sakura.” Rock Lee said, “That’s a beautiful name.” She said, “Thank you.”

All suddenly they heard. A little kid cried for help. So they lost no time to see what’s going on. The saw Kankorou pick pocketing Konohamaru. A Blonde hair and blue eyes kid asked, “Leave that kid alone or you’ll get your behind whip.” Kankorou asked, “What if I don’t put him down. You little runt?” They start to fight! In an instant. Kankorou was on the ground with blood and asked, “What or Who are you?” Blonde hair and blue eyes kid answered, “If you want to know my name. My name is Naruto Namikaze!” Naruto was picking pocket Kankorou to gave the money back to Konohamaru and said, “Tell your Grandpa I’d said hi!”Konohamaru ran home.

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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo
Chapter 11
The New Classmate

At school next day. Iruka said, “Before we started our class today class. Here’s our new classmates Naruto Namikaze!” After Naruto sat down. Ino notice Hinata was looking at Naruto and Naruto was looking at Sakura. Sakura was looking at Sasuke.

After the class. Naruto and Sakura bumped into each other. They both were embarrassed. Naruto noticed that they both forgot to zipped up their backpack. When they bumped into each other the papers was floating downing. They bumped their heads together when they were trying to help each other picking up each others paper. Sakura noticed a drawing that Naruto drew was a picture of a Cherry Blossom tree. Naruto noticed a drawing that Sakura drew was a picture of a baby fox. Naruto said, “You can have the Cherry Blossom picture.” Sakura said, “In return of your kindness. You can have my drawing of the Fox.”

At Namikaze’s house hold. A gang called the The Legendary Beasts killed Naruto’s family. Mr. A was the head of the police department and said, “Let’s see who could raise him?” Jiraiya was just walking and peeking into the house. Mr. A said, “I’d guess he have to do for now. Hey peeking Tom!” Jiraiya said, “The cops are on to me now.” The Cops ran with the Naruto to catch Jiraiya. Jiraiya asked, “What do you wanted?” Mr. A said, “This kid’s parents was just killed by the famous gang called the Legendary Beasts. I suggest gave him a new last name. ” Jiraiya asked, “Hey kid what’s your full name?” Naruto answered, “My name is Naruto Namikaze.” Jiraiya said, “From now on you are be name Naruto Uzumaki.” Naruto said, “I’d like that name.” Naruto and Jiraiya left the neighborhood.

Before Naruto left the neighborhood. Naruto and Sasuke became best friends. That night before Naruto left. Itachi killed Sasuke's family. Madara Uchiha took him in as his own son. That's where Naruto and Sasuke created the Oath of the Brothers of Solitude. The will of the fire will always burn in our hearts cause when we are close or far way. This bond will never go away. They fist bumped each others' fists.

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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo
Chapter 12
University of Konoha.

Years laters. Sakura is going to be a College student now with her old classmates sense Elementary School. She thinking of all the good times she’d had. She was thinking about her Konoha Middle School. Middle School’s Principal was Senju Tobirama. Then she thought of her time in Konoha High School. Her High School’s Principal was Sarutobi. She hear rumors that a new headmistress is more strict than in High School.

All of the Freshmen have to go to the Football field for the Orientation. Kakashi introduced the New Headmistress. Tsunade Senju. Tsunade said, “You guys! You had my Uncle and my Grandfather as your Principal. I’m more ruthless and more strict than anyone you ever see! For those crybabies or Lazy buns. Will work even harder than you did in the pasted. Now go to class now you losers!”

Kakashi whispered, “In few months we are gonna have a new rolled in transfer student. They say that his parents died in a gang war. He’s on a vengeance quest and he’s a prankster. I also heard that a Mob is trying to make him join them.” Tsunade said, “I’d also heard about him too but I think these Freshmen need to have a reality check! He’s gonna be prefect for that.” Kakashi is shocked. Tsunade said, “I’d brought three new professors but almost strict like me.” Kakashi asked, “Who are those new Professors?” Shizune ran up to Tsunade and said, “Anko Mitarashi, Danzou Shimura and Ibiki Morino are here!” Kakashi was more shocked and said, “Those Wild cards?”

After two months went by. After class Ino, Tenten, Hinata and Sakura with a new friend Isaribi was heading towards the Konoha’s mall but they heard some boys fighting. They all rushed over to see whose fighting. When they got there. They saw a spiky blonde hair and blue eyes stand over a bloody body of small time gangster. The kid looked straight at Ino, Tenten, Isaribi, Hinata and Sakura then he’d saluted with his right middle finger and his right index finger touching his forehead. All suddenly he’d disappeared in a cherry blossom petal breeze.

Isaribi said, “I’d know him.” Ino, Tenten, Hinata and Sakura asked, “How do you know him?” Isaribi answered, “I don’t actually know his name but I know what’s his reputation. But for sure I know he’d saved me.” Ino asked, “What’s his reputation?” Isaribi answered, “He’d has three nicknames. The first one is Legendary Gang Killer. The second one is Legendary Changer and the last one is a Monster!” Sakura asked, “Why do people called him Legendary Gang Killer and Legendary Changer?” Isaribi replied, “I’d don’t know but I’d know this for sure. Where ever he goes. Trouble isn’t far behind him.”
Hinata said, “He’s kinda handsome isn’t he?” Isaribi said, “The only thing else I know about him is his blood family got caught in the crossfire of a Gang war.” Then leave that arena.

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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo
Chapter 13
Sasuke’s smiled

Next day before classes started. Tenten and Hinata was walking towards the University. They saw Sasuke smiling to some one behind a pine tree. Tenten took out her camera to take a picture of Sasuke’s smiling from the side view of course. When they got closer. They saw the same blonde hair kid from yesterday bumped fists with Sasuke Uchiha. Tenten wondered how do they know each other? Tenten asked herself. Hinata whispered, “Looks like they are lost long buddies.”

In Anko’s class Anko said, “Before we started the class today. I’d want to introduced Naruto Uzumaki.” When Naruto came into the class. Cherry blossom petals also just came in from the window and landed on Sakura’s and Hinata’s desk. Naruto said, “If you think you are tough. Bring it on. My biggest dream is to become the Leader of the gang.” That’s when Sasuke said, “You still are annoying as ever.” The whole class stare at Sasuke in Shocked. Naruto grabbed Sasuke’s shirt and said, “I’m warning you Scary-cat!” Sasuke pushed him down and said, “Don’t call me that!” Anko said, “Sit down you maggots! Sasuke cause you’ll volunteer to be Naruto’s guide.” Sasuke wrote note that tells Naruto and he’d wants to fight him after they get done eating at lunch time. Naruto stared at Sasuke and then nodded his head with a smile.

After class. Naruto bumped into Sakura, Ino and Hinata. They all were in embarrassed. Naruto smiled and said, “Ino, Hinata and Sakura-chan. It was just a accident.” The girls were shocked that he knew their names without them introduced themselves.
At Lunch time. Naruto and Sasuke went outside with all the guys and started to arguing. Sasuke said, “I’d don’t want to be part of our Brothers of Solitude anymore. I’d was stupid back then.” Naruto asked, “Sasuke do you know the punishment for betraying our oath?” Sasuke replied, “Yes! Cause I’d created myself but you never can lay a finger on me. Naruto…N..” Naruto Interrupted and whispered, “That Naruto is gone. That Naruto became Naruto Uzumaki!” Sasuke whispered, “If there’s Naruto Namikaze then both of us betrayed the oath.” Naruto said, “Now you and I are no long friends but rivals.” Sasuke said, “That oath haunted me for ages. Now I’m free of that oath. Besides I’d always wanted to test you in a fight!” Naruto started running and kicking he’d miss or got blocked by Sasuke. Same thing happens when Sasuke punch and kick. Both of them were shocked how strong that are now. Sasuke tripped over something and Naruto accident tripped too. That cause Naruto kissed Sasuke. Sasuke asked, "What the heck are you doing?" Naruto said, "Hey that's my line!" They both said, "They'll gonna killed each other."

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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo
Chapter 14
Uchiha’s and Uzumaki’s past

At University. Shizune came on the speaker and said, “Our first dancing.” Naruto is the most popular cause his reputation in the gang world. Sasuke is popular cause his mysterious and his charm. At lunch time Naruto was eating alone and depressed. Sakura went over to Naruto and asked, “What’s with you and Sasuke-kun?” Naruto said, “We were best friends in the begin.” Sakura motion to Ino and Hinata to come over. Ino asked, “Did you just said that you and Sasuke were best friends?” Naruto just nodded his head. Hinata asked, “Naruto-kun….What….happened….between….yo u….two?” Naruto said, “I’d don’t like to talk about it.” Sakura asked, “What’s that bad?” Naruto replied, “More than think.” Naruto left the table to go to the restroom.
Back at the table. The girls was wondering how can a beautiful friendship like those two had. All sudden become rivals. Ino and Sakura stared at each other. Ino and Sakura thinking could it be over a girl? Then they said, “No way.” Hinata said, “It….could….be….family matter….between Uchiha and Uzumaki.” Neji came up and asked, “Can we sit here with you girls?” They said, “Sure and Naruto is sitting with us.”

Neji said, “ Naruto’s named some how I’d I’d heard his name some where else before.” Rock Lee said, “When Neji and Tenten with myself was in the first grade. I heard a rumor that Uchiha Family member tried to killed the Namikaze’s family.” Tenten asked, “Do you think Naruto Uzumaki is cousins to Namikaze’s Family?” Ino asked, “If that’s so. That might means Naruto Uzumaki is on mission to killed the Uchiha’s family for revenge.” Hinata said, "If the Uzumaki and Namikaze families are clare war on Uchiha. We have to fight with Uchiha cause we are related." Hinata gulped.

After Naruto got done using the restroom. Naruto decide to go outside. He saw Shino looking at bugs, Chouji was eating chips and Shikamaru was looking at the clouds above. Naruto asked, “Can I joined you?” Shikamaru said, “Sure.”

After school. They girls asked the guys. The guys said, "We can't our families are visiting us." The girls understood and so they went to the mall. The girls heard a unfamiliar voice said, "Naruto Namikaze Come with me to find out what truly happen on that day!" The girls also heard a very familiar voice answered, "I'd don't trust a Uchiha! You are Sasuke's brother." The girls ran over. They saw Itachi standing over Naruto. Itachi was wearing a black Leather with the Red Cloud on the back of his trench coat. The word above the red cloud was Akatsuki. Itachi said, "We're meet again soon Naruto Namikaze!" All of the girls were confused. Sakura said, "I'd thought that your name is Naruto Uzumaki?" Ino said, "Tell us what's your real name Naruto?" Naruto replied, "When we're all in the Konoha Elementary School. My name was Naruto Namikaze. After my parents died. My guardians are Jiraiya and Iruka. Jiraiya took me in as his grandson and Iruka took me in as his foster son. So they gave me my mother's last name before she'd married my father."

Naruto looked down to his crystal necklace. Hinata asked, "What's….that…?" Naruto answered, "Jiraiya and the Headmistress Tsunade. They gave it to me. They told me. This necklace will show me. Who should I'd married." Sakura said, "Hold up! " Sakura drag Naruto to her house and showed him that picture Naruto Namikaze made. Naruto said, "That's my drawing alright but it was my best at the time. Oh here's a better one for you to hang up."
Sakura said, "Here's a better picture of my fox." Naruto tossed down and said, "I'm sorry. A Legendary Beasts killed my parents. One of the animals on their jackets was a Fox." Sakura said, "Sorry I'd didn't know." Naruto said "That's okay. I'd need to tell some one the truth about this world." Sakura asked, "The Truth of this World?" Naruto said, "This necklace if it breaks it'll go back to the old world. That's why all the gangs and mob are after me and I'll be gone for good." Sakura said, "If you died I'll kept it for you."

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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo
Chapter 15.
Return of the Ninja System

While Naruto and Sakura was just walking home. Naruto's dorm was across the street from Sakura's. Naruto said, "I'll take you to your dorm." When they got closer. Tobi said, "It looks like Naruto Namikaze has a girlfriend." Sakura asked, "What did you just say?" Tobi replied, "I'd said that you and Naruto are boyfriend and girlfriend." Naruto said, "You'll shouldn't say anything like that towards Sakura-chan." Sakura punched Tobi's masked off.

Naruto said, "When are guys going to learned that I'd won't accept that offer." Itachi replied, "This time isn't a offer." Kisame said, "Man. I'm go wild on this one." Deidara said, "This will be a bang."
Sasori said, "I'd hate waiting and for you Naruto made me wait. I'll make you pay for that." Zetsu asked, "After we get done can we eat him?" Hidan said, "After I'd do my ritual." Kakuzu said, "After we get his girlfriend's money."

They started fighting and in the middle of the fight. Naruto get knocked down every time. Naruto was just getting up. Itachi grabbed Naruto and if him on his shoulder. Tobi asked, "Can I have his necklace? Itachi?" Itachi replied, "Sure!" Tobi drop it and it breaks. Naruto disappeared.

Now every thing was back to the Ninja System and the Ninja World. Who every died in the old Ninja system was once again dead.

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