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markhansavon 07-04-2010 04:21 PM

Astralojia - Kind of like a cartoon series...
________________________________________ _____


Plot Summary: Takuto has failed the entrance exam to the magic school he's wanted to get into 3 years in a row. Returning to Oak Wood, meeting up with his friends Juno and Mina, he will try for his 4th time.

Genres: action, comedy, drama, fantasy
Themes: martial arts, magic, school
To sum up Astralojia: You might ask "So, you're going to animate this right?" or "You're going to fill this in, right?" or "You're going to improve the quality of the samples (for the music), right?" or "There's going to be voice acting, right?" or "You're going to find a producer for this, right?"

And I would reply "If no one ever fills it in, produces it, voice acts it, or remixes the music, this is the finished product."

Updates: Every friday with the exception of the release of the first episode on independence day.

Watch Episodes Here:
Episode 1 Part 1
Episode 1 Part 2
Episode 1 Part 3

- Critique and Criticism goes: here Changed from a forum to a chatango group. (As well as in this topic)
- If you'd like to volunteer your services (drawing, music, voice acting, etc...) there'll be opportunities in the future. Please contact me for more details.

Episodes as they are released:
Episode 1 - July 4th
Episode 2 - July 9th
Episode 3 - July 16th
Episode 4 Part 1 - July 23rd (Subject to Change)

I hope that you enjoy Astralojia, a project that I have been working on for more than 4 years. It's drawn in a simpler style, which allows me to release one episode a week, so that I can focus more on the story and music side of things.
On average I draw 30-40 cels of a working day over the course of 4-8 hours. Shots are drawn very quickly.

The experience is a lot like reading a manga or webcomic online. It's a lot like a cross between an animatic and a comic. My goal is to release all 78 episodes in this form.

________________________________________ _____
Updates Every Friday...

Thanks for your time.

________________________________________ _____

kluang 07-04-2010 04:49 PM

Re: Astralojia - Kind of like a cartoon series...
You know putting this in the spam zone is like putting 10 ton of meat in a shark infested water.

Well at least you're doing it. Unlike the other guy who says he's going to make a comic but I see is just a page of a bearded guy and that makes me wonder.

Is he honestly doing it or he's just riding dicks?

Jaxon 07-04-2010 05:12 PM

Re: Astralojia - Kind of like a cartoon series...
Oh man, so much to pan, so little time/patience.

1. Bullshit did you spend 4 years on this. Spending 3.9 years thinking about it and drawing the occasional character does not count as working on it.

2. This is same thing as every other cliché wapanese webcomic piece of crap. Making it into a fucking slideshow with the most ear-bleedingly annoying music ever to come out of GarageBand or whatever the fuck you used just means that instead of reading a shitty comic at my own exceedingly fast pace, I have to sit through slow pointless shit with no animation to redeem it.

3. "Drawn in a simpler style". This translates as "shat out as quickly as possible because I am fucking lazy and couldn't draw anything decent anyway". Seriously, even the logo for this abortion looks like the signature of a brain-damaged child. 30-40 of those in eight hours? Are you doing them while you jerk off to better drawn and animated hentai?

I haven't even started on the obnoxiously obvious tropes and clichés of your actual "story".

I'm out.

Miburo 07-04-2010 11:13 PM

Re: Astralojia - Kind of like a cartoon series...
^I'm out of semen after busting a gargantuan nut from this post.

Edit: Also, enable comments so I can call this shit gay.

manta 07-05-2010 01:36 PM

Re: Astralojia - Kind of like a cartoon series...
It's crap lets go to his site and troll the boards

markhansavon 07-07-2010 02:12 AM

Re: Astralojia - Kind of like a cartoon series...
I took the forums down, and I did feel that I kind of said to people "shut up, I don't care what you think." which was pretty....harsh I guess...

I do understand what people say when they see it as being really unfinished. It definitely is, and it's probably not even 'good enough' to be done over professionally storyboard/animatic-wise, but I have to draw this anyway, no matter how bad I am at drawing. x_x

So, if anyone wants to leave a message now I've created a chatango instead, and as usual you can just reply in this topic and I'll get back to you.

Thanks. :)

Mal 07-07-2010 08:21 AM

Re: Astralojia - Kind of like a cartoon series...
And here I was thinking someone just really didn't know how to spell "Australia," and tried to do so phonetically.

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