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Marlboro 07-07-2010 02:57 PM

One Piece 591 spoiler
Thanks Ohana for the one piece 591 confirmed manga spoiler

One Piece Chapter 591 spoiler: Confirmed
Credit: Ohana

One Piece 591 Raw scans Cover: Rayleigh & Crocus in a bath drinking sake.

Rayleigh has swam his way to Amazon Lily
Seems like his ship was damaged by a storm
Law’s subordinate commented “there shouldn’t be any storm in the Calm Belt…”

Hancock was bringing food to Luffy

Jimbei appeared, carrying Luffy, and they met Rayleigh.
Jimbei’s feeling the jitters from meeting Rayleigh.

Law has set sail from the island

Rayleigh got to know from Kuma the location Luffy has been flown to
Furthermore, knowing Hancock’s character, he heard from Shakky who knew she would hide Luffy, so he came to the island.

Nyon noticed Rayleigh’s presence
Hancock’s siblings are also glad to be able to meet Rayleigh

Nyon starts to read the letter from Shakky

Usopp is becoming increasingly fatter
Tries to tilt a beetle over but no matter how many times he try, it just wouldn’t fall
He is stopped by Heraculesun

Newspapers are being dropped excessively by the news-gull
Usopp reads one, finds out the death of Ace and starts to cry
Chopper got on friendly terms with the humans on the island
As he wants to meet his nakama soon, he bids farewell
He wants to heal Luffy’s injuries
And so he rides on a bird, and at the same time, the news-gull arrives with the newspaper, and he reads it..
“Luffy… why again?!”


Kinako 07-07-2010 03:15 PM

Re: One Piece 591 spoiler
They are about to get back together HELLLLL YEEEEEEEAH!!!!!!!!

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