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Vengeance 09-06-2010 02:47 PM

Fairy Tail 199 (Chinese Scan)
No script sorry. Just for anyone interested.

Duo 09-06-2010 08:39 PM

Re: Fairy Tail 199 (Chinese Scan)
Ha I knew something like this was coming right at the start of this past arc. I didn't understand what it said, but itmade me tear up a little at the end!

Vengeance 09-07-2010 01:55 AM

Re: Fairy Tail 199 (Chinese Scan)
Basically Lisanna never died she simply got knocked out & was sucked into the anima. She awoke to find herself in Edoras & wondered into fairy tail. The Edoras version of Lisanna was already dead so Edoras Fairy Tail simply accept her as their own. When Natsu & Happy came to Edoras she did not realize that that was her actual BF Natasu from Earthland because happy was wearing a mask. Once Happy took it off she realized who they were & panicked & ran out. She went back to try to find Natsu & Happy but they had already left. Bla bla bla She gets sucked back into the anima with the others while trying to stay. Mirajane & Elfman are happy that she's able to go back home & say some shit about enjoying the time they were able to share together. At the end of the chapter the real Mirajane & Elfman are at Lisanna's grave where Lisanna calls out to them like Mirajane Elfman!!! After that not much is really said. Tears & shit & the chapter ends.

kluang 09-07-2010 05:37 AM

Re: Fairy Tail 199 (Chinese Scan)
The english isnt out yet.........

Vengeance 09-07-2010 07:43 AM

Re: Fairy Tail 199 (Chinese Scan)


by Fake Draft
My chinese isn't the best but I can try. :

[First panel]
Lisanna: What is this cat? A trespasser? (I think it's trespasser but I'm not sure. xD)
PatherLily: I am Panther Lily.
Gazille: Do you have a problem with my cat? Huh?!
Natsu: Lisanna...
Gray: How is that possible...
Erza: Lisanna?!

[Second Panel]
Happy: Why....
Charle: Don't tell me this is Edoras's Lisanna
Lucy: She came here?!
Wendy: Wh....What should we do?
Lisanna: NATSU!!!!!

[Third Panel]
Lisanna: Finally seeing you again...
Natsu: .....
Lisanna: It's really you, Natsu

[Fourth Panel]
Lisanna: Happy!! It's me! Lisanna!!
Lisanna: Erza and Gray too, long time no see! Ahh... I've missed you all
Lisanna: Are they new members of the guild? Don't tell me it's Lucy... and small Wendy?
Gray: wait, slow can't be...Earthland's Lisanna?!
Lisanna: .....Yes

[Fifth Panel]
Everyone: What.... No way!!
Natsu: She revived!!
Erza: Wait a minute... You should've died two years ago...
Lisanna: I... didn't die.
Lisanna: Two years ago, in the middle of the job with Mira-nee and Elf-nii-chan I lost my senses/consciousness.

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