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Kagami Kyoji 07-14-2005 02:10 PM

I was creating a How-To section on L9I Anime but figured I could do the same here. This is where I will answer many of the FAQ. And yes, we do have a FAQ already but, its not only not updated but its welll, useless.

Now expect updates here!

Kagami Kyoji 07-14-2005 02:34 PM

User Titles:
- Normally, you start with NO custom title which means it is a blank space which goes right underneath your username. You can change this by...
A) Being a moderator or admin
B) Buying it using the store hack. More on that in the Store Hack section!

User Rank:
- Your user ranks are defined by your posts. The more you post the higher label you will be given. The ranks are...
Academy Student 0
Genin 50
Chuunin 300
Jounin 750
Hunter-Nin 1000
ANBU 1400
Special Jounin 2000
S-Ranked Shinobi 2500 (Access to the private download section )
Sennin 3500
Kage 5000

- A signature is when you add something to your posts. Below every of your posts there will be the items that you choose to display. If you look at my profile you can see my signature. My signature has images and text. In yours you can include text, hyperlinks, text, etc. There are rules however,

1. Dimensions of a single pic should be no larger then 150px x 500px
2. The total amount of pics CAN NOT be greater then 300px in hieght, so you can have 10 pics where each are 30px tall, or 3 pics where each are 100px tall
3. You may have text in your sig, but no more then 5 lines at normal font size, if your pics are 150px or less in hieght then you may have 7 lines of text, and if you have no pics, then you may have 10 lines of text.
4. No offensive/racism content in your signature.
5. I dont really care about provocative content in sigs, ie. semi-nudeness; but if its way too far, it will be dealt with, aswell as if we recieve complaints about a sigs content.

If we see a sig that is in violation of these rules, or a sig is reported to us, we will give the member a grace period to change it, before we give them a warning.

Since these rules are new, and are very different then what we have been allowing, we will give everyone 1 week from today to get their sigs cleaned up before we start jumping down your throats.

If you have any questions or comments about these rules, please msg me or Daisuke over one of our various messaging programs, or just drop us a PM, whichever :P.

Uploading your Signatures/ Avatars!:
- Alright kiddies...this is for everyone who keeps asking the same do I create a sig or avatar.

First: Simply find a picture or image (that is not too big) to use. Then upload or host the pic off a site. Like PhotoBucket or Image Shack.

Second: After uploading or hosting the images you will then need to get the image url. An example would be like For things like photobucket and image shack they are already provided after uploading has been completed.


Next: Gather the code and copy it then click on Naruto Lounge CP (Control Panel) menu button to access your signature editing options. Click edit signature.

After: Paste the code (the http code) into the white space provided. Then you simply insert [img] in front of the http code then after the .com you insert [/img]


Next: Gather the code and copy it then click on Naruto Lounge CP (Control Panel) menu button to access your avatar editing options. Click edit avatar.

After: Paste the http code OVER the already listed http code there then click save. (Make sure you do not have 2 http codes)!


Finally: Save the the code then walla your done. The image should be fixed. If anyone is having any problems with this then simply post a reply. I will try to clear up any misconceptions or misunderstandings!

P.S. You can also avoid all of the hassle by getting a custom signature or avatar made at Level9Industries Team Thread or teh ph3 Shopness thread.

Spam Zone Rules and Regulations:
The following are in effect immediately.


- No flaming, the rules on flaming apply to the entirety of NarutoLounge now. You can not get away with flaming anywhere on this forum.

- Try not to wander too far off topic, like if the thread is about toast, it shouldnt get to the stage where it's "oh hey sherri, do you like my new hair style?"

- Don't make the same topic over and over. One of each topic is fine, if the topics not had anyone post in it for a month or so, then feel free, just try and not make too many pointless topics.

- Have fun and don't take things too seriously. This place is for you to chill out. If theres an issue that you want a debate over, go to the debate section, if there's a personal problem with someone, either ignore them, or talk to them about it in PM, don't go erupting over it.

- People have been asking whether a NarutoLounge channel exists or not, well now it does.

People who have the standard mIRC Client:
Join #NarutoLounge on Rizon (

People who have no clue what IRC is:
IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, it looks very confusing to some but once you get to know it, its quite easy to use.

Basically there are networks and channels. A network consists of several channels, in our case, the network is Rizon (where most anime channels reside) and the channel is #NarutoLounge

Most people do not have the IRC client and don't know how to use it, so i've setup a JAVA IRC APPLET which allows you to connect to a network/channel through your browser.

You need the JAVA VM for this to work, most computers will already have it but if you don't you can Download Here

Click here to open the applet, enter a username and connect.

If you use the Java Applet, you will be prompted to accept a certificate, accept it or you won't be able to make a connection from your computer to the IRC network through java.

Questions + Answers
Q: Help! I got kicked out of the channel by an operator, how do I get back in?
A: You can use the join command, type this in the input box along the bottom: /join #NarutoLounge

Q: Once i've connected, how can I change my nickname?
A: You can use this command: /nick Newnick

Q: For some reason my nick is autochanged to Guest###
A: This is become someone has registered the nickname you picked, read below on how to register and identify a nick so that its always yours.

Q: Can I use colour, bold, underlining etc?
A: NO! Type !rules in the channel to see what you can and cannot do.

Q: How do I chat to someone without everyone else seeing it?
A: You will notice by default that anything you type will just display in the channel window, for everyone to see. To Private Message someone else in the channel, you can double click on their nick to bring up a new window or you can type: /msg NickName YourMessage

Registering and Identifying your nick
If you try and use a popular nick like "Naruto" there is a high probability that the nick has already been registered by someone else. This is to allow only the person who registered it to be able to use it. Once you've got a unique nickname that no one else uses, you can REGISTER it. This can be done using Nick Services (a feature of Rizon network). It's probably a good idea to use the same nickname as you do on the forum, just change your password for security.

To Register:
1. /msg Nickserv REGISTER makeupapassword
Lets break up this command, firstly we message Nick Services, input the register command, a password followed by an email.

2. Once you've done that, you'll see: A passcode has been sent to, please type /msg NickServ confirm <passcode> to complete registration.

Self-explanatory, a passcode has been dispatched to the email address you entered, open the email and confirm with the passcode: /msg NickServ confirm yourpasscode

3. Congratulations, you've successfully registered a nick ;)

To Identify:
Each time we connect, we need to identify that we are the owner of that nick, to do this, type: /msg NickServ IDENTIFY yourpassword

There, hopefully that will help, if you have any questions then you can ask in this thread.

Premium Service (Private Downloads):
- Tom just got the premium service up and running on Naruto Central. Theres quite a few series to select from, more will be comming soon. Its $5 a month, but all of our normal media is still free, just need to be registered. You can find out more by going here. I dont know if hes going to integrate into the forums, so dont ask me.

Editing Posts:
- I'm sure some of you have once wondered, "whyfor is there an edit button?" and then blissfully ignored it, having no reason to touch it. Well, wrong be you! Let's look in more detail.

The edit button looks like this and it takes you to a screen, similar to the advanced post screen.

If you've made an error in your post, or someones posted somethign you want to reply to while you were typing yours out and you want to make a response to it, instead of just making a new post, press the ol' button and edit your post as you see fit :) This will also keep the mods and admins off your back, and help us keep the forum tidy.

Who are Mods?:
- The mods can be found by clicking here!

18+ Section:
- To get to the 18+ password section PM a mod to get it. Before you first must prove your age to them which can be done in different ways.

Who Run's Things? The Boss?:
- Tom is the owner of NC and NL. Shino is the head webmster at Naruto Central and is the admin of NL along with Dasiuke. For all final opinions go to them.

Downloads Section?:
- The downloads section is basically shut down for now. The downloads and private downloads can all be found on the main site!

What is the main site for Naruto Lounge?:
- Naruto Central is the main site and can be found by clicking here!

Photoshop Tutorials, Fonts and Stocks!:
Click below link to get to the link with all that information on where to download and find fonts, image stocks, and tutorials.

Shino 07-14-2005 02:37 PM

Nice, I was thinking that there should be something like this, but Im too lazy to do it myself :D. Thanks Kyoji.

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