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Draseri 07-19-2005 04:39 PM

my first adobe p.7 sig, need hlep
ok im making my 1st adobe sig, and so far i have the bg down.

but i need to kno how to merge the pics in with the bg right, and how to make a border for my sigs. can someone help?

and were do i go to dl different fonts and stuff, and to make my fonts glow, and make the fonts also bend in with the bg.

please help thanks ^^

btw anyone kno how to make really really good bg's cuz i need to learn some good techniques.

((oo crap, how do i make it look smaller like 13 inch by 4 in this?, it looked normal wen i was doing it in photoshop.....)) SORRY!!!

Gemakai 07-19-2005 10:11 PM

okay, first do your best to remove the stock from it's origin and once you got that, put it where you want on the sig , then get the lasso tool and set the feather px to somewhere between 10 to 20 px. Then outline what you want of the stock to keep in the sig, right click, select inverse, and then hit delete. It should blend fairly well into the bg. You might have to mess around several time to get the position you want.

For fonts, check out

And something to help with BGs, make a BG with black and white brushing only and then go to Layer>Adjustment Layer>Color Balance and mess around til you get the color you like. It makes it look better. Also, try Layer>Adjustment Layer>Brightness/Contrast for... well... brightness and contrast.

I think that's about it.

ApatheticDimwit 07-20-2005 01:30 AM

I can't see it just my computer? o.O

OffTheChain 08-08-2005 04:47 PM

nope its the link, it seems broken

Dogoku 09-07-2005 07:10 AM

Hey dimwit, your LOTR sig is hilarious :D
Ok why dont u try a few of the following pages. Really good tutorials here. Most of them link you to other sites too.

I'm sure somebody in here must have already posted something similar

About merging all layers together (i guess that's what you want) just press Ctrl+Shift+E or from the Layer Menu=>Megre Visible

If you want to merge specific you can either just hide some layers and do the above by clicking in the layer's window the small box with the eye in it. Another way is to link layers together, by pressing in the layers window the box next to the "eye box". A chain icon will appear. Choose which you want to link together(this way the active layer will be merged also) and pres Ctrl+E or from the menu Layer=>Merge Linked

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