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Vengeance 10-18-2010 07:05 PM

Who will be the final villain of Claymore
Basically I wanted to get an idea on who people think will be the final villain of the manga.

Priscilla: Former Claymore #2 during the time of Teresa who became an awakened being while fighting Tersesa. Priscilla has been Clare's main motivation for becoming a Claymore after she killed her mentor Tersesa while Clare could do nothing but watch.

Raki: Originally introduced as a frail boy who followed Clare around & built some sort of relationship with her. He has since been traveling with Priscilla for 7 years while getting sword training from Isley. Raki has grown into a strong man who is actually able to kill multiple Yuma by himself which has rarely been seen by normal humans. Raki has recently been infected by the Destroyer Virus(fusion of Luciela & Rafaela) & has shown the ability to resist its effects from taking over his body.

Louvre(Rubel): Introduced as the handler of Clare it was later revealed that Clare went to Louvre with Tersesa's head requesting to have her genes implanted inside of Clare's body. In the more recent developments it is revealed that Louvre is actually a spy for enemies of the Organization.

The Destroyer: The fusion of Luciela & Rafaela which has been creating chaos as of recently. The Destroyer has absorbed Clare however there are signs being shown that indicate that Clare may have taken over as the dominant personality.

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manta 10-18-2010 07:56 PM

Re: Who will be the final villain of Claymore
Priscilla honestly it has to end with her, but I don't see any ending to that chaotic world.

Vengeance 10-18-2010 08:28 PM

Re: Who will be the final villain of Claymore
I would have said Priscilla about 5 chapters ago however since Priscilla is already on the move & is in a confrontation with The Destroyer(Clare) I see her lasting much longer far less likely. In the grand scheme of things Priscilla is simply one of many victims of the Organizations experiments. If The Destroyer(Clare) is actually able to kill Priscilla now the manga would not end. Not with the recent developments of Raki becoming infected & Louvre's true role in all of this.

I can see a situation where The Destroyer (Clare) ends up killing everyone but is somehow stopped by the remaining Claymores & possibly Raki.

I can see Raki becoming a mindless berserker to become the final fight Clare has. In this situation Clare would die to save Raki.

Louvre's role in the story kind of reminds me of Kyouji Mujo from S-Cry-Ed at this point which if you followed that anime you should come to understand my reasoning on the possibility of a Louvre final villain situation.

In short there are still many different directions this manga can take for an ending. As we have seen no one is really fully protected for the sake of the plot which may include even Priscilla.

itachikillsnaruto 10-26-2010 02:25 PM

Re: Who will be the final villain of Claymore
the final villain to claymore will be the russian dude from call of duty moden warfare. lmao.

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