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Buck09 12-02-2010 10:43 AM

For all the One Piece fans
Hello fellow One Piece fans. I remeber that during the big timeskip there was loads of ideas thrown around thes place and I honestly cant remember if anyone mention the one Im about to go on about so please if it has been please just drop a friendly post.

Well in the latest manga we saw Luffy showing us his ultra cool Haki powers in Gear Thrid was very very impressed. Now when I think of the past One Piece fights and how everyone will rank up, e.g. The best example being Staw Hats Vs CP9, Luffy would fight the top dog and then Zoro the second strongest, Sanji the third and so on...

But I would just like to see Zoro having some Haki skills, I mean he trained with Hawk Eyes, who has been stated as the worlds best swordsman, if that guy doesnt have Haki then he cant have that title only fair to think he taught Zoro about it, even just a little ?

And other swordsmen in One Piece who Hawk Eyes has fought with Haki, the two best ones being Shanks and Whitebeard Pirates 4th Commander Vista of the 'Flower Swords'

So the question I am really asking is dont you think its appropriate that Zoro has Haki or even gets Haki in the future ? As I think by the end of One Piece he should at least be able to beat or take on an Admiral by himself like Rayleigh.

Gakure 12-04-2010 04:37 PM

Re: For all the One Piece fans
I personally believe the monster trio all have Haki to a certain degree as at now

Luffy all the three. CoC, CoA and CoO

Zoro with two. CoA and CoO(will aid him alot being a swordsman).

Sanji only CoA

ask me anything 12-04-2010 07:33 PM

Re: For all the One Piece fans
I would rather he doesn't learn haki, and has pure swordsmanship. I do think he'll develop more badass skills along the lines of his Asura technique, that don't need haki to use.

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